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Easy Halloween Treats Brain Cupcakes

That cold snap in the air followed by pumpkins appearing in grocery stores and aisles of costumes ranging from adorable cartoon characters to questionable nurses wearing short skirts and fishnet stockings can only mean one thing – Halloween!

Autumn is approaching and so is one of the holidays Americans will spend billions on when it comes to decorations. According to a consumer reports and retailers, in 2013 shoppers spent a total of $7 billion on costumes, home décor and party supplies. Halloween spending is second only to Christmas. (Link to consumer report via NPR:  http://www.npr.org/2014/09/03/345575950/the-business-of-halloween-means-you-can-buy-an-arm-and-a-leg)

You can save yourself some cash and stress with these easy, fun and affordable Brain Cupcakes that will please any ghoul at school or ravenous haunted houseguests.

You Will Need:

*Your favorite cupcakes, cooled and ready to be iced

*1 tub (per dozen cupcakes) of white-hued frosting

*Cupcake wrappers (You can buy them or create your own with construction paper.)

*Piping Bag

*Red food coloring

Brain Cupcakes Collage

To Create Brain Cupcakes:

1.  Mix one drop of red food coloring into your chosen white icing. If you’d like a deeper pink color, continue adding drops one-at-a-time until you have the desired brain-pink hue. (Don’t be afraid if it isn’t thoroughly mixed and you have deeper-colored ribbons running through the frosting. It will look more realistic!)

2.  Using a spatula, transfer brain-pink frosting into your piping bag.

3.  Snip the tip of the bag. Depending on the size of your cupcakes, you will need to adjust the size of the cut.  Start with a small test ribbons and trim more off until you rich a thick-string consistency.

4.  Start squeezing a solid line down the center of the cupcake making sure you continue in a smooth line.

5.  Begin a zig-zag pattern in thick, tubular strings to avoid a ribbon appearance. Continue in a solid pattern until you have filled half of the cupcake.

6.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the remaining un-iced half of the cupcake.

7.  Chill the cupcakes and then place them in the wrapper sleeves or leave as they are.

Get the kids involved in the fun. Have them cut strips of construction paper and color in skeletons for DIY cupcake wrapper sleeves.

Easy Halloween Treat  Brain Cupcakes

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  1. These look delicious and such a cute idea and easy to make.

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  47. Very intersting! I never thought to make brains out of icing before.

  48. These are popular every year. I see the kits on sale right now at Walmart for $5- well worth it for an activity the entire family can get involved in!

    • I agree. Projects like this are a great activity around Halloween. It’s so much fun to get the whole family in on it.

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