Jun 212016

Hello Hello!! So today this sums up the day :


Rain, Rain, and more rain……. And I have 2 kids saying I am bored and 2 dogs that refuse to go outside…….. So to entertain the kids at least I decided to make some home made playdoh.

Here is the recipe I finally decided on:



I added all the ingredients to the pan, no certain order, then stirred them all together. Once I had them pretty well mixed together I turned on the stove at medium heat.


Keep stirring the mixture because it will start to thicken up. This is why I suggested a sturdy spoon. Mine was not so much sturdy and I had to swap out to help stir the mixture.


Once it is a big lump remove from the heat and knead the mixture some to finish mixing it.

Now ***DISCLAIMER ALERT*** you just removed it from the stove, it will be HOT. Please be careful with the mixture. I dumped to the counter and let set for a few until i could knead it without burning myself. Also make sure the kids do not instantly want to grab hold of it if they are helping you make the playdoh.

It may start out a little sticky just keep kneading it together and it will start to feel like regular playdoh.


Now you can stop here and it is ready to go. I opted to make it an aromatherapy style playdoh and I added essential oils. I waited until the playdoh was cooled and kneaded it into the playdoh since heat effects the essential oils. I made a little divot, added a few drops of oil and then kneaded it in. I did this until I had the desired smell I was looking for.

I flopped it on the table and the kids were so excited for the playdoh, then my daughter smelled it and got even more excited because I added oils to it.


Once they were done I put it in a ziploc bag, removed the air and zipped up to store. Next one I make I want to add some glitter to the mix πŸ˜‰ Hope this helps on your next rainy day πŸ™‚

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  1. I have some natural food coloring that’s about to expire. This sounds like a great way to use it up. I’m thinking I’ll start with pink!

  2. We had the rain earlier this month and it was sooo depressing. I never knew you could make your own play dough. I have the grandchildren next weekend and I’m always looking for fun activities – this is on the list! Thank you.

  3. My kids at preschool loved homemade play dough!! It was always a hit when we brought it out and its such good sensory play!

  4. we used to have to make a batch of this for our preschool each year. So easy and you can add scents too.

  5. This is such a great idea. A fun way to enjoy sensory while on a budget.

  6. That sounds like fun. I’ve got these play dough stamps with all the letters on them, but no play dough. I need to make some at home & let the kids go wild.

  7. We used to make ours all the time when the girls were little. I miss those days!

  8. You have boys – so I see where the playdoh comes in – I have girls – we bake when it rains!!

  9. What an easy way to make play dough at home, thanks for sharing this recipe. I will share it with my friends!

  10. My mom just sent a huge bucket of play-doh making toys…sans dough. I am going to make some of this tomorrow. Thanks

  11. I used to make this – except for the essential oils! I love this addition. What a great idea to add an extra sense to the playtime.

  12. I remember as a kid my mom making play-doh. I like your recipe with the added essential oils.

  13. I never thought that you can do your own playdough. My son will love this, I will make our own.

  14. First, let me say that I hope you don’t have any flooding issues in your neighborhood. Second, playdough is such a great idea! I remember doing the same with the kids i used to babysit. One time was really hilarious because I didn’t tell tell the mom I was going to make it and I had explicit directions to not do the dishes. I made the same color dough that you did. She did the dishes the next day and I got a phone call asking me what i fed her kids, lol.

  15. That turned out quite nicely! I could even make this gluten-free, if I wanted to!

  16. This is perfect for a hot afternoon, when we are hanging out indoors. Thanks for the idea!

  17. Oh this is so doable. I’m saving this and tryin it this weekend. Such fun I will have haha. Awesome post robin chan. Thanks for the fun idea.

  18. I bet you could add glitter to this to. The world is better with play doh and glitter.

    • Yes. I wanted to but did not have any on hand πŸ˜‰ and was a little wet to run to the store lol

    • That’s so fun! My kids love glitter, and all things sparkly. I need to see if I have some before making my first batch.

  19. Even though I have three grown children, I have never made homemade playdough. I will have to give it a try with my grandchildren.

  20. Love-love-love play-doh! I am all about play-doh and used to be able to play with it for hours and hours as a kid! Its a perfect rainy day activity!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  21. Thank you for this! We were looking for a recipe the other day. I want to make more things like this with the boys this summer.

  22. We just made a list of things to do this summer and I’m going to add this to the list. This is perfect for a rainy day.

  23. I love the idea of home made play dough. My kids used to love playing with that stuff, but they never shut the lid tight enough, and it always dried out. Home made would have saved me lots of moolah.

  24. This made me smile–it brought back memories of making it for my girls. 30 years ago we didn’t know about essential oils. How smart of you to think of it. I can see this being used for a calming tool.

  25. As much play dough as my kids went through when they were young I should have learned to make it myself. Great job with the instructions!

  26. I love this play dough recipe. I add my essential oils while I am heating it up, I don’t know if it matters or not, though. Interestingly, my kids liked spearmint and lavender the best!

  27. Oh my goodness, I never knew there was a way to make your own play-doh. It’s just so simple and easy, and perfect for the food coloring and glitter I can never seem to get rid of!

  28. I need to make some for my boys. I think pink would be a great color.

  29. Making homemade playdough is so fun. My kids always loved making it and then playing with it.

  30. I love to save money on summer activities for the kids any way that I can. This is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  31. I love making play dough with our kids.
    It’s the perfect rainy day quiet time activity. There is something therapeutic with squishing dough in between our fingers!

  32. We love making our own play dough. I have to try your recipe. It sounds so easy. We love making our own craft materials and play dough is a wonderful sensory activity for the kids.

  33. Ekk I hope the weather gets better for you soon, there is something about home made play dough – I love it when it is still warm from baking. x

  34. Around here it’s not that we have many rainy days, but extreme heat so we are inside a lot in the summer. We love to play with Playdoh! I love to create things with my kiddo to so this would be fun to do.

  35. Looks like they had a lot of fun. And to make the dough was a time saver, or should i say a sanity saver.

  36. Fun, cant wait to make play doh with my little one!

  37. What an awesome idea! I think it would be fun to make some. The essential oils are a nice touch.

  38. Wow, such a great idea. I like how you added some aromatherapy to the play-doh so it smells nicer than the store bought.

  39. I love homemade play dough, but especially like how you added the optional essential oil for scent. That is a wonderful idea! I would add lavender and hope it makes my kids take a nap! (jk) πŸ™‚

  40. What a great idea to break up the boredom! My kids are getting sick of the same thing everyday so this would be a perfect way activity for the afternoon.

  41. Never made my own play dough, I’ve made paint though. This sounds like a great activity to make with my little man!

  42. I’m not the most hands on mom around so this looks great – very easy, creative and fuss free! Will definitely be trying this especially when we are stuck indoors or during school holidays.

  43. We always made our own play doh when my kids were younger. They loved being able to pick out their favorite colors.

  44. Homemade play dough is the best! We do an outreach at Christmas time and made containers to give away. It was a big hit!

  45. Rainy days are always fun until the kids get bored, when the tv and toys aren’t enough it’s always nice to keep them busy with some arts and crafts! I love the recipe, the one that I have always end up dry the next day.

  46. Well I suppose that is one way to entertain kids. Looks like an easy recipe and you all had fun!

  47. We like to make play dough at home. Especially when we were in India it was so much cheaper.

  48. Homemade play doh is the best!!!! We make it all the time because my daughter can have the color she wants.

  49. This is cool. I didn’t know that it was that easy to make play dough. This is something that even grown-ups would enjoy doing if you ask me.

  50. I used to make playdoh for my son, it is so easy and for some reason I never felt as bad when it dried out.

  51. I love this idea. I think my teenagers would love it as well. It looks like the kids had fun playing with it.

  52. Amazing, I didn’t know play dough could be easily done at home

  53. Play dough is always fun to play with, happy to see such an easy DIY recipe for those long boring days!

  54. Wow, I would love to try this play dough recipe. I bet my son would love this

  55. Homemade play dough is one of the funnest things to make. My kids always love it.

  56. Wow, I bet this is really fun and my two boys would enjoy this so much

  57. This easy homemade play dough is indeed a lot of fun for the kids to play with on a rainy day. I am going to have to make this for my niece’s kids when they come over. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  58. This looks like a lot of fun.
    It’s a nice project to do with my niece.

  59. It was raining and storming like crazy for us too. My 4 year old came home this week and told me her teacher was making play dough. She was so excited, that evening I asked how it went and she said her teacher didn’t do a good job. lol

    Maybe I need to share your recipe with her so the kids can enjoy it. They were a bit upset.

  60. We’ve had stormy weather here as well and the kids are bored all day long. I can’t wait to make some of this for them and I just might add glitter to it.

  61. This looks like a fun activity to do with the kids this summer. I can think of so many colors they would love to do.

  62. I love homemade play dough versus the store bought stuff. I like knowing exactly what is in something because my son tends to put everything in his mouth.

  63. Great idea for rainy day fun! I never heard of adding essential oils to the playdoh – but I like that idea. Add a little lavender to make the kids calmer πŸ˜‰

  64. This is a fun rainy day activity. We love play dough at my house and have made it before but not like this one. Good idea!

  65. WE love making playdough. It is our absolute favorite thing to do on a rainy day! We will have to try this recipe!

  66. This is a fantastic idea. I will have to try making some the next rainy day we have.

  67. im so sick of buying the stuff! i would love to start making it on my own.

  68. My niece and nephew are coming for a visit next weekend. I’m hoping the weather holds up, but if not this homemade playdough will definitely come in handy.

  69. We used to make this recipe all the time when the kids were little. So much cheaper than the store bought.

  70. I’ve tried to make play dough WITHOUT fire because of limited resources but will have to check this recipe out. This would be so much fun to play with!

  71. Oh, this is so easy to make! I want to try this and I hope my kids will like it.

  72. This is so nice and easy to make! I want to make some for my son, he will surely like it!

  73. I never knew you could make your own playdoh. That’s pretty cool. I would do this for my son but I really hate clay hahaha. Maybe I could have him do it on his own and I can just guide him.

  74. My kids go through playdoh so fast, drives me nuts to buy it! So I just make it now too. This is a great recipe, I haven’t used this one. TY!

  75. I wish I knew this when I was a kid πŸ™‚

  76. This is something I need to try. I’ve made all kinds of other fun things like amorphous liquid and silly putty, but I’ve never tried to make play dough.

  77. oh cool. i used to play with dough all the time as a kid. this would have saved my mom tons of money if she would have made it herself.lol

  78. We LOVE homemade playdough. It works so well, and my kids love to participate in making it. I haven’t tried this recipe, definitely going on the list!

  79. My son loves playing with play dough. He would be so excited to learn how to make this own. Thanks for the recipe.

  80. This is the perfect activity for rainy days, it will keep the kids busy for hours! I really like this recipe because you can simply store the dough once they’re done playing! Some would just turn rock solid and it’s such a waste of ingredients.

  81. I’m hoping we don’t get any rain days now that school is out for the summer. If we did, though, this DIY play dough recipe would be so much fun to do. I like the idea of adding glitter lol

  82. It is always fun to make homemade play dough on your own. My mom usually does all that job when she comes here to meet us. You recipe looks easy to make sure I can put my hands to give it a try.

  83. What an awesome idea! Adding some natural food coloring would be awesome too

  84. My mom always used to make us playdoh! It’s definitely not the same consistency but just as fun!

  85. Making Homemade play dough is a good idea! I’ll do this when my 1 year old becomes a little older. I’ll bet she would love it.

  86. This is a good idea! Play dough is a fun activity for preschoolers and sure they will appreciate this especially during rainy days when they can’t go outside and play.

  87. It’s storming here today, I watched the Outcast Marathon and that’s pretty much it! LOL πŸ™‚