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Easy Rainbow Cupcakes #recipe

Birthday parties, holiday weekends or school bake sales can be so much fun. Friends, family an neighbors gather in your home after cleaning, cooking and baking your way to the brink of insanity. The collective praises of your party guests somehow make it all worth the effort, but these cute cupcakes are so easy.

Using your favorite colorful candy, you can whip up these Easy Rainbow Cupcakes without stressing. They are foolproof and don’t require the skills of a chef which means you can employ your children to help out!

You Will Need:

1 Dozen of Your Favorite Cupcakes

1 jar of white hued frosting

1 large bag of colorful candies – Skittles, M&M’s, Sixlets all work well

Blue Sugar Sprinkles

Easy Rainbow Cupcakes collage

Here’s what you do:

1.       Whip up a batch of your favorite cupcakes, any flavor works. (You can also pick up a batch at your local bakery or grocery store. Just make sure to ask for unfrosted cakes! We won’t tell. Promise!)

2.       One at a time, frost each cake with the white icing. It ddoesn’thave to be an immaculate or smooth finish. It will be covered in the next step.

3.       Gently push each candy into the frosting. Begin creating arched rows starting at the bottom using the reverse order of the rainbow colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and then red. (For the cupcake seen in the image, turn Skittles on their side.)

4.       Shake the blue sugar sprinkles over the entire cupcake.

5.       Store in a cool place or serenely serve to guests while enjoying the sweet admiration.

Easy Rainbow Cupcakes #recipes

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  112 Responses to “Easy Rainbow Cupcakes”

  1. Looks very easy to make but I would use just orange and purple skittles my favs

  2. What a fun cupcake! I’ve actually been looking for something to bake with my girls. I bet they’d love this!

  3. That is a great idea. Love how easy to do. Very nice for quick gatherings…

  4. Those are so cute! What a fun way to decorate cupcakes.

  5. These are so cute and totally want to try soon!!! Thanks for sharing at the Pin It Hop, too 🙂

  6. Such a cute and super easy idea. I can see my son helping make (and eat) these cupcakes.

  7. These look really fun.I might have to make these for my older son’s birthday this month,Will have to keep him out of the way else they will be eaten before they are done lol.

  8. Those turned out awesome. I bet they’re fun for the kids to help decorate too (I’m thinking birthday party activity!). 🙂

  9. Talk about kid-pleasing (and Liz-pleasing)! These look scrumptious!

  10. Yes to the skittles! I’ll have to say, I am so upset that they changed the green from lime to green apple. They are AWFUL (but I could stomach them in this pretty cupcake!)

    • OMG Lindsey. I LOVE Skittles but didn’t realize they changed the flavor of the green ones. With all the various packages of “tropical” or whatever, I hadn’t even noticed the original was different. Eeks.

  11. Cute! I will have to save for St Patricks Day!

  12. These turned out so cute! This would be a great treat to make with my girls this summer.

  13. Those are very cute! I absolutely love them!!!

  14. What a cute idea! I bet this would be fun for the kiddos to help with.

  15. These are just way too cute! I absolutely adore cupcakes! =)

  16. Unfortunately, i have to report I did not receive any free cupcakes for my good review. Review being given with no compensation. Review: oh yum. Great, festive idea! Two groovy thumbs up!

  17. I love cupcakes, and these are so fun!

  18. These look fun and delicious! I should bake these with my niece and nephew. 🙂

  19. This is such a fun cupcake to make with the kids!

  20. Y’all are just so creative!
    My kids would love to decorate this cupcake with me.

  21. These are darling! My daughter would love them!

  22. Just melt me in there as well! Anything with chocolate and you have my interest! Yum!

  23. Those look so stinking cute! I need to make those cupcakes for my kids. they would love them.

  24. I would make these with M&Ms. But that does look like fun!!

  25. Those came out adorable. I bet the kids would enjoy helping out and making the candy rainbow!

  26. Looks very yummy! The kids would go crazy over these yummy cupcakes!

  27. They are cute! These would be perfect for St. Patty’s Day.

  28. Love that this is a cute way to sidestep complicated frosting!

  29. What a fun treat for a party! They are so cute!

  30. These are precious – they remind me of My Little Pony or the Care Bears, my daughter would love them!

  31. I love how those turned out! The kids would have fun decorating these.

  32. Totally adorable! These would be great for St. Patrick’s Day too!

  33. These cupcakes look amazing, I really need to try making them.

  34. That is adorable! We could have used these for my daughters last birthday. I’ll remember for next time!

  35. Looks like a fun recipe! Have a terrific day!

  36. Cute! This makes me want to attack those bags of Skittles in my cupboard!

  37. Those are very cute! I think I’d end up eating the skittles instead of putting them on the cupcakes!

  38. These are so cute and colorful and look easy to make which is a huge plus for me!

  39. Super cute! Maybe I can get my birthday girl to go for them this year.

  40. These are so cute! A perfect activity to do with my little ones!

  41. looks like a great idea! great for b-day parties – my daughter would love – she loves cupcakes!

  42. Awe – these cupcakes are so pretty, I bet they are a hit with the kiddies. I would love to decorate cupcakes and make them look colorful, but I usually don’t get past the frosting. I love cupcakes!

  43. You had me at easy! These look really good and I bet they taste good as well.

  44. These are cute. I will have to make these for the kiddos.

  45. Awww so gorgeous!! I’m really into cupcakes right now and these are super cute!

  46. You gave me an awesome idea, my youngest son is turning one this month and I am searching for cakes or cupcakes that looks colorful and fun like this one you got. Thanks

  47. These are such cute cupcakes. Thank you so much for sharing!

  48. These are so fun and colorful! I think we will try these this weekend 🙂

  49. Super cute idea! I love cupcakes and rainbows and sprinkles and Skittles….so I think everything about this sounds great.

  50. these turned out great, love the skittles perfect for so many allergies to.

  51. very cute. i love how a simple addition can make a big difference.

  52. I love how colorful those are for summer. Those would be great for St Patrick’s Day, too!

  53. These turned out so cute! I bet my kids would have fun decorating them.

  54. how fun are these! great idea, and i am a huge fan of cupcakes

  55. I am in LOVE, these look so delicious. I bet my kiddos would devour them!

  56. These look so delicious! I might have to run to the store for some Skittles!

  57. This is such a cute and easy way to decorate cupcakes! These would be perfect around St. Patrick’s Day.

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  64. Looks good, but my husband is the only one who would eat them.


  65. Those are super fun!! I’m sure they are a huge hit with the kids!

  66. Those are adorable. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day but also just for luck. Maybe I should make them then buy a lottery ticket.

  67. They look so much fun! And I bet they are delicious, too. We definitely need to try this out with my son!

  68. These are so cute, can’t wait to try them! Cupcakes are my favorite.

  69. I love how you said “it doesn’t have to be immaculate” and yet you would definitely wow the guests. I am not sure how someone got the idea that everything was supposed to be perfect in order for people to like it. I loved how relaxed you are… what a great example of having fun, inviting joy, and being a positive example.

  70. My boys would love M&M rainbows on chocolate cupcakes and have a ball decorating them!

  71. Messy but adorable!! will add this to our must-do this summer

  72. The rainbow cupcakes would be perfect for a rainbow birthday party or St Patrick’s Day. How fun.

  73. I love these cupcakes– they are so festive!

  74. my kids would be thrilled to have a few of those! Very pretty design!

  75. Sp cute, Robin- I pinned them for St. Patricks Day next year!

  76. So cute! My hubby loves Skittles – he’d be all about these!

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