Feb 062017

My sister & her hubby just bought a new home in 2016 and do you know what they’re lacking in?  Decor!  Especially holiday decor. They had a great apartment before they bought the house, but now that they have a whole house to fill – I wanted to help them fill it. Cue this easy DIY Conversation Heart Frame for Valentine’s Day. Not only is it super easy to make, it’s adorable!

I actually ended up making them two frames so that they could have a matching set & you can, too!  This DIY Conversation Heart Frame is an awesome way to decorate your home or workspace for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s what you need:

  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • Conversation hearts
  • Craft sticks
  • White craft paint
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush

Here’s what you do:

1. Using hot glue, glue together your craft sticks into a square shape with the craft sticks being doubled on each side to make a frame.

2. Paint your frame white with your white craft paint and let dry (or use a hair dryer for a quicker dry).

3. Once your frame is dry, you can start carefully gluing your conversation hearts all over the front of the frame and even layering the hearts to create dimension.

4. If you don’t want to use yours for a photo, a fun idea would be to cut a piece of pastel paper a 1/4″ bigger than the opening of your frame And carefully hot glue it to the back of your frame and write your own message or glue a photo to the back.

So what do you think of my DIY Conversation Heart Frame?  For me when it comes to DIY/craft projects, the easier the better & this one definitely qualifies as easy.

This DIY Conversation Heart Frame is an awesome way to decorate your home or work-space for Valentine's Day! It's easy to make and it's super cute, too!

There is still plenty of time before the 14th rolls around, so why not make one for yourself?  If you do, I would love for you to send me a photo of how yours came out.

  98 Responses to “Easy Valentine’s Day Decor: DIY Conversation Heart Frame”

  1. Oh my gosh, that DIY Conversation Heart Frame turned out so cute! I’ve never been a fan of how those conversation hearts tasted but I’ve always thought they were so cute.

  2. I always try to find something to do with those cute little conversation hearts during February. Your DIY frame is perfect for showcasing these little cuties.

  3. That is so cute! It would be a really fun craft to do with your kids too. I used to love getting conversation hearts at Valentine’s Day, but I haven’t had them in years!

  4. That is such a fun looking craft. I love getting ideas for easy crafts that don’t take a lot of time or money to make.

  5. Super cute indeed, Robin..and it’s manageable to do it with the kids as well

  6. Great way spend afternoon with grandkids crafting. Easy and fun.

  7. My son would love doing something like this. He is always looking for crafty stuff to do and this one is super easy. I know we could do this.

  8. Those are super cute, Robin, and a perfect way to use up all the leftover conversation hearts we always have. I think this would be fun to do with the kids also.

  9. Oooo how cute are these frames! I bet my daughter would have a blast making these!

  10. The pretty things you can make with those conversation hearts are endless! I recently saw refrigerator magnets with conversation hearts. Your DIY frame is so cute! And it is an easy craft to make with the little ones.

  11. This is an adorable craft for Valentine’s Day! I love conversation hearts!!

  12. What a cute little valentines craft! My neice is coming over this weekend, we will have to make these.

  13. Sych a simple yet adorable idea. I’m not very crafty, so I would have never thought to do this.

  14. That is a really cute and fun project for kids. It is also the best use I have seen for those candy hearts.

  15. Thanks for this idea! I will definitely try this at home, nice to share with some friends to do it as a group too! Yey!

  16. That is a super cute project for kids…. easy to do, inexpensive to buy all the pieces, and great gift for mom or dad with a photo tucked inside. love it! Happy Vday! xoxo Robin

  17. OMG these are sooooooo CUTE!! 🙂 Reminds me of grade-school!

  18. What a pretty and fun valentines heart frame, it sounds like it is fun to make and would be so cool on the day. Dont know who would eat the most candies as you make it.

  19. This is something I could actually do with my daughter. I struggle in the craft department and I’m always looking for easy crafts to do.

    • Same here. I am not that crafty but this heart frame is easy enough for me to make with my granddaughter. I will let her pick which conversation heart she wants on the topmost layer!

  20. What a cute idea! Holiday decor is so fun! We also just moved and I’m super motivated to decorate for all the holidays, especially since I have little kids.

  21. What a cute frame and I like that it looks simple but effective to make. Plus it is perfect for V day too!

  22. That is so cute! I love crafts like this that take a holiday and make it so much more personal. Great job!

  23. That is awesome. It’s cute, which is great, but it’s also easy. I’m all about the easy.

  24. This is super cute! I bet my daughter would love doing something like this

  25. That’s actually really fun! I love the double layer of candy hearts.

    And the fact that none of them tell me that I suck. Those do exist, you know.

  26. This is such a fun and creative craft to make with my granddaughter! I wish my brain had some little bit of creative side to it, I never think of these things but them I see them and think, wow, so easy!

  27. This is super cute. I don’t like to eat conversation hearts but they would be perfect for this craft.

  28. Love this! It’s so easy and I can use this in our new home as well. I have great ideas stewing in my head!


  29. That is one of the cutest craft ideas I have ever seen. That is so cute! The came out really nice.

  30. Oh gosh this is adorable! I would have such a hard time not eating the candy! Definitely sending this to my sister-in-law to make with her kids

  31. So cute and so easy. Those are my favorite Valentine candies.

  32. Wow that looks super easy and yummy LOL I also like craft so I think I’m going to try to make a frame too. Thanks for the idea

  33. I love this! My daughter made something like this in school when she was in second grade. I need to try it out with her again.

  34. I’m so lazy I’d buy 2 frames from the Dollar Store and then glue the hearts on, lol. But it’s an adorable idea and I can’t wait to try it!

  35. Finally, a good use for those candy hearts. Goodness knows they are not worth eating. Bleh! At least in this frame they look good.

  36. I think it’s really cute! It’s definitely something that you can do with the kids because it’s easy and it doesn’t require a lot of materials! Love the idea!

  37. This is a fun idea, my daughter would love this one. Eat some glue some, eat some glue some. lol

  38. Too cute! Im going to do this for the daycare-thanks!

  39. This is such a cute idea! I know my three would love it! I need to pick up some hearts!

  40. This is adorable and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing a great gift idea for the grandparents.

  41. I love to make fun crafts like this. I will have to get the kids to help me make a few this weekend.

  42. What a cute idea! I’m pretty sure my kids would try sneaking off with this to snack on though, lol.

  43. I will have to pick up some candy hearts so I can make this craft. It is so cute for Valentines Day.

  44. This is such a cute and simple idea! I love how it turned out! It’s a perfect little Valentine’s Day craft.

  45. Popsicle sticks are so great to keep in stock! You never know what craft you can use them for! Love how this turned out

  46. This is so cute – I could see them done in all sorts of ways for different holidays or occasions. Birthday ones with little gifts, etc. And I like that it’s something easy for kids to do, too, so they can get in on the action.

  47. Yeeey thanks for the idea! I think I have all these materials so the girls and I can work on ours before Vday!

  48. This is so super cute. What a really fun and crafty idea. My kids would love to make a few of these for their rooms, especially my girls!

  49. These simple crafts are something I really enjoy doing. This is something I would do with my 6 year old daughter because she loves doing art projects.

  50. Such a cute craft! I’m with you- the easier the craft, the better for me 🙂 This is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  51. I think this will be a perfect craft for my preschoolers. Love how cute it turned out! Thanks for sharing!

  52. What a fun craft for the little ones, I really love valentines especially for the little ones!

  53. I love how sweet and simple and perfect this craft is! I can’t wait to get all the materials and recreate it with my kids for Valentine’s Day!

  54. This is really fun! It’s adorable and it’s perfect for Valentine’s day! I love that kids can easily do this too. It’s a great idea!

  55. What a cute Valentine’s Day project! I love that it’s kid friendly too.

  56. this is so cute! and looks like very easy to do! materials are affordable! very nicce idea!

  57. That’s such a cute craft idea!! So simple and adorable. It’ll be the perfect gift!

  58. This is so adorable!! I’ll try this with my kids! Such a great activity for Valentine’s Day!

  59. So nice! I love your creativity! I think that this kind of thing are very relaxing and satisfying

  60. Oh my this is so adorable! And so easy to make, I’m loving all your DIY ideas! You could perhaps even make it into a heart shape! Awh x

  61. This is the cutest picture frame! I never really liked those candies before so I’d much rather make something like this with them.

  62. This is so cute! What a great idea. I would love to do this craft with my girls this year – in fact I think I will! Great gift idea for the grandparents!

  63. Oh this is really cute! My daughter would to create something like, too bad we can’t find these little heart candies in Ecuador. They were always my favorite Valentine’s treat!

  64. What a perfect craft! My son would love to make one of these for Valentine’s Day.

  65. This is adorable! I have to do a craft with my son’s class on Friday. This would be perfect! Thanks so much!

  66. This is really cute! Such a great and sweet gift!

  67. How easy! I bet kids would have a blast making something like this for Valentine’s Day.

  68. Oh my goodness this is so cute! What a fun DIY, I love it! So fun!

  69. This is too cute. I love the simplicity of it. And it doesn’t cost much either.

  70. That’s so cute. My kids would love to make this for grandparents!

  71. Candy hearts in the mouth = yuck. But candy hearts stuck to a frame = Awesome Valentine’s craft idea!

  72. This is pretty lovely ! Really nice! Great for Valentine’s indeed!

  73. We have all seen those cute little conversation hearts before.
    You utilize them in a colorful and fun manner here!

  74. So cute & what a great kid friendly Valentine’s Day craft! Saving this!

  75. So cute. This would be a fun activity to do with the kids for V-day. It’s the perfect holiday for DIY.

  76. What a fun craft! This will be something to do when my kiddos get a bit older.

  77. This is such a cute idea! The only problem is that I am addicted to those little heart candies…and I don’t know if they would make it onto the frame…or I might attach them with some type of frosting so I could eat them later 😛

  78. THis is a cute a simple craft to do with the kids. My son just found the awesomeness of a glue gun.

  79. This is SO cute I can’t handle. I love how simple it is, you could do it with your little ones!

  80. This is such a cute craft and simple. I love that I could make these up quick…maybe for a cute Galentine’s Day Gift!

  81. I just love this idea! I am so going to make these with the girls!

  82. I love to eat the conversation hearts. But I agree that this is the perfect and easy DIY to show them off. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  83. So cute and crafty. This can be a great gift for a friend too.

  84. That is sooo cute. I love the idea and i want to make one for my daughter.

  85. My daughter would love to make this for a craft project. It is very cute. Cheap, cute and easy to make, its a winner!

  86. That is so cute! I would love to plan a little lunch party for young girls and make this as a fun craft. I love it!

  87. I love this cute little DYI! I think my daughter and I will make this for my husband, he will love it!

  88. It’s so cute and looks easy to make. I can do this with kids.

  89. This looks super easy to make! It also a fun activity with children.

  90. You cant have V-Day without Conversation hearts! I love this and super simple. I would preserve it with modge podge!

  91. You cant have V-Day without Conversation hearts! I love this and super simple. I would preserve it with modge podge!

  92. I love easy crafts and this is so stinking cute! I would love to do this with the kids or make one for my hunny!

  93. How adorable! I’ll admit that I don’t really like conversation hearts as a candy, but I like crafts like the DIY Conversation Heart Frame.

  94. This is so darling and such a great craft to do with kids. My little ones would love picking out the hearts and painting the popsicle sticks.

  95. This picture frame is so cute! I think I might my kids make these tonight!

  96. This picture frame is so cute! My daughter would enjoy making this.

  97. Wowie. This is such a fun DIY. Looks absolutely fabulous. My girl will fall in love with this one, just as I have!!