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Small Disclosure

I’ve struggled with weight all my life. Sometimes I am down, sometimes I am up and other times I am way up.  I am in one of those way up phases at the current moment, but I am hoping to change that soon. The thing about me is that I like to eat and I truly enjoy food. Especially comfort foods.  Noms.

When it comes to cutting back, though, the real trick is not cutting out the things you love, it’s eating less of them and with the help of The Perfect Portion Cookbook I am learning to do just that.  The Perfect Portion Cookbook includes 150 Guilt-Free Comfort Food Recipes using Happy Days’ TV star and director Anson Williams 100-Calorie Counting System to Stay Fit and Healthy.


This cookbook was inspired by Happy Days TV star and director Anson Williams’ own challenge to remain healthy, fit and energetic at the age of 65. It is a first-of-its kind, food-loving guide that tackles the timeless question of how much to eat with a simple idea of a 100-calorie counting system applied to the best-loved American comfort foods. Co-writers Bob Warden, a New York Times best-selling cookbook author and Mona Dolgov, a top nutritionist have made over 150 guilt-free recipes from mac & cheese to lasagna that are clearly shown in simple 100-calorie portion servings. Now you can eat what you want in the portion that is right for you.

What they did was create a simple calorie-counting system that’s built right into every recipe.  You can actually see the size and quantity of a 100-calorie portion by using kitchen tools such as soup ladles and ice cream scoops to help visualize and measure meals in 100-calorie increments. Once you see the 100-calorie size, you can choose the number of units to include in your perfectly portioned meal or snack. Breakfast or dinner might be a 300, 400 or 500 calorie portion, depending on your eating preferences.

In the Perfect Portion Cookbook you will find comfort food favorites like chicken pot pie, chili, sweet & sour meatballs and Maryland crab cakes.  And don’t worry, each recipe denotes the suggested serving size.  Single 100-calorie portions may serve as snacks, while 400 to 600-calorie portions of protein, veggie and sides make an ideal dinner serving. For example, The Perfect Portion Cookbook’s Quiche Lorraine has 12 slices and each slice is 100-calories. The recommended breakfast portion is 2 slices, or 200 calories.

One of my favorite recipes in the cookbook are these 100 Calorie Brownie Bites:


Perfect Portion 100 Calorie Brownie Bites Recipe

Just as important as not making portion sizes difficult, the authors didn’t want to create “diet” food, or deprive you of small portions. Rather, they wanted to create recipes with old-fashioned comfort-food taste, PLUS healthy swaps, and taste-enhancing new ingredients to provide the best, satisfying recipes.

Where to Buy: Available on Amazon: http://bit.ly/PerfectPortion

So now you actually can have your cake and eat it too!

  97 Responses to “Eating Better By Using Portion Control”

  1. Love the idea of a cookbook with portion sizes that really fit! This looks like a great one.

  2. I love desserts and this is so important to eat them in moderation. Thanks for letting me know about this book.

  3. I am trying really hard to do portion control what I eat. I don’t need a huge amount to start off with so I guess that helps. I’m trying to get my husband to do that too that’s a little harder LOL.

  4. Portion control is the KEY…along with the right food. Many people would be totally surprised at the size of a correct portion.

  5. Portion is the key in losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. Great article, may it help many stay on track to eating proper portions!

  6. My husband has been all about portion control these days. He’s got a hefty weight loss goal and the adjustment has been rough for him. But he’s doing good and losing weight!

  7. Portion control is part of my issue! This sounds like a great book, once I get on track I can do pretty good it’s when I fall off plan I tend to have problems getting back on track.

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  8. Oh this is my biggest problem. I’ve started eating off smaller plates but I get seconds and thirds! Lol

  9. Portion control really is what it’s all about. I was STUNNED to learn just what a proper serving size of pasta actually is when I did the 21 Day Fix. No wonder I was gaining weight! Now I fill up with a healthy salad first, and then have the pasta. If you always control your portion sizes, you can still maintain your weight even though you might be too busy to exercise for a few days. That’s a huge point for a busy mom.

  10. I have been using portion control for awhile. It is really helpful to prevent over eating

  11. Struggle with the very same weight issue, so much so I wrote a book where the main character has to over come this. This cook book is very much needed, would be great to control what I eat for a change.

  12. I have this book and it is really great, especially for a diabetic that HAS TO watch her sugar and portion intake but loves some sugar

  13. This a pretty cool concept. It can be so tough to find something that works without leaving you feeling deprived, which reminds me. I’ll take two of those brownie bites, please.

  14. What a great cookbook! This will be perfect for the kids for the summer. We need this to help keep everything properly portioned.

  15. I constantly struggle with portion sizes. I grew up with a grandmother who thought a giant plate full was a single portion, lol.

  16. Portion control can be tough especially if you’re used to cooking for a large family. I think this is a great way to keep track of your calorie intake as well as keep yourself from eating too much food, whether it’s healthy or not. Perfect for people who are trying to lose weight!

  17. Those bits look amazing! I always over eat! Would be nice to have a inspiration and help on portion control!

  18. I love that with portion control you don’t need to actually count calories. Once you realize what a portion actually is I think it makes eating better easy.

  19. Our portions are out of control. I am trying to cut back without limiting what I eat. I think this is the perfect answer. I am going to check out this cook book.

  20. I try to use portion control quite a bit, because it keeps me from eating a lot more than I should and it keeps eating healthier! Now telling my husband is a whole ‘nother ball of wax.

  21. If only portion control were easy. I’d end up making a batch of bite-sized brownies and then eat the whole batch! Haha

  22. I think portion control matters a lot! I like the little plates for the kids so they can visually see the amounts they should be getting of each food group. Maybe we adults need those sometimes too. 😉

  23. A portion control cookbook is such a great idea! I’m definitely going to have to find this for my house.

  24. I hate weight loss programs or diets that require you to avoid your favorite foods. I like that this one lets you eat what you want, but in reasonable portions.

  25. Portion control is SO important! I’ll have to check out that book!

    Nellwyn | http://www.thecardinalpress.com

  26. This is just the book I need, I’ve been in the up stage for too long. My favorite part is how it shows you what 100 calories look like because its not always easy to see.

  27. You will not lose weight if you don’t manage your portions, that’s for sure. It was one of my secrets for losing 55 pounds in the last year. I need this cookbook, though. I would love to have some smaller sized recipes. It’s just my husband and I. This would help us tame his portions a bit.

  28. Those look really tasty. I love that I know exactly how many calories are in them, too. It’ll keep me from downing too much!

  29. I think this sounds like an excellent resource! I agree that portion size is the most difficult thing to do. When I eat something I love, I want to swim in it, literally and figuratively. I haven’t learned to back off when my portion is done. Seconds, please?

  30. I agree with what a lot of others have said – I struggle with portion control, too. I recently started getting really serious about my body and weight and have made it a point to focus on what portion I should actually be eating as opposed to what I want to eat. It has sort of helped, but I always want more than one serving of dessert 😉

  31. I think this is a very useful cookbook. I always end up cooking much more pasta then I should and end up eating it all, which is never good for a healthy diet. It’s great that you can find delicious recipes in the book too, like french toast or chocolate muffins.

  32. Portion control sounds really convenient, I want to check out that book

  33. Yes, way too big portions are my downfall. I need to get smaller plates lol

  34. I’ve got some portion control plates ordered to help me with eating better. I think this cookbook would help me as well.

  35. I’m definitely with eating what you want, but just in smaller quantities. Thanks for the tips!!

  36. I really do like the idea of portion control. I honestly do no mind eating less, I only mind having to cut out all the food I love. This is a great tip and wonderful suggestions for still being able to eat what you want

  37. I need this! I need help losing my pregnancy weight from
    Just having the baby.

  38. Portion control is always a great way to keep calories in check. I don’t use any complicated methods. I just look at the serving sizes and adjust accordingly. This is a great reminder of the importance of portion control.

  39. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. It’s really what we all should be doing. No eliminating entire food groups (in my opinion), but instead just better monitor portions. I’ll check out this cookbook – looks so amazing.
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  40. I have always struggled with my weight. Portion control really is the best way to lose and maintain.

  41. I love the idea of this cookbook. My whole way of eating changed when I realized I could still eat my favorite foods, I just needed to eat a smaller portion of them. I still sometimes mess up for a while but overall it is the way that works. Moderation is always a good word. 🙂

  42. Controlling portion sizes really is important. I know that everyone struggles with it when eating or drinking something they really love. Will have to look into this cookbook.

  43. This cookbook sounds fantastic! Portion control is a great way to control calorie intake while not depriving yourself.

  44. Now this is what I need! Portion control is obviously important, and people should be more aware of it and the best way to go about it!

  45. Portion control is a HUGE issue for me. I would really love to check this book out, I think it could be a great help!

  46. I have the same struggle over my weight, so I think it’s true it’s all about cleverly control the portion. I love the idea that presented on The Perfect Portion Cookbook. We don’t really need to cut down drastically the food we love, just control the portion.

  47. The brownie bites look AMAZINGLY delicious! It doesn’t look like you have any weight issues, so you just go ahead and eat 5 or more for me! 😉 I can’t wait to check out this book!

  48. Portion control is something that my WHOLE family can benefit from. I always encouraged my family to eat until they were full but now I am pushing for my family to eat healthier. The Perfect Portion Cookbook will offer a great start.

  49. This cookbook looks amazing. Portion control is key to eating healthy but not something so many understand properly.

  50. Portions are so important to a healthy diet. I will look for this book for sure!

  51. I need to work on portion control. I tend to eat big portions.

  52. This cookbook would be so helpful to me. I really like that they make it easy to see approximate calorie counts and portions.

  53. What a great looking cookbook! I love recipes that taste great and are better for you. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Great article. I may have to try some of the recipes. I’m all for living a healthy lifestyle! Thanks!

  55. I love the idea of being able to be in control more of portions! Thanks for this!

  56. Sounds like a great cookbook. A friend and I were just talking about this very thing… portions and moderation.

  57. Yeah I believe in eating in moderation rather than total elimination too. Makes life that more enjoyable even when keeping a healthy lifestyle!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  58. I’ve those pretty brownie cupcakes! They look too good to eat!

    | yvonnesowell.com |

  59. What’s amazing about this cookbook is that it doesn’t deprive you of good food. You still get to eat the things that you like without worrying about overeating of anything like that. I love this, it’s definitely worth having!

  60. Ok, first of all, how cool that Anson Williams helped write this book! Second, I really stink at portion control. I’m trying to figure out some healthier eating because my weight is getting out of control, at least for what I care to weigh. I could use some help with meal and food ideas, so this seems like a great place to start.

  61. This is is my kind of thing, using healthy swaps and portion control. I am going to have to try this book out!

  62. Sometimes the reason diet fails to deliver results is because it eliminates things in our diet that we usually crave for. I have tried different kinds of diets but the one that worked best for me is portion control. I can eat up to 6 small meals a day of everything I want and I maintained my weight. Yay.

  63. I have struggled my whole life myself with my weight too and this looks like a cookbook I would enjoy.

  64. My whole life is full of foods. I think i dont need to eat better but to eat a lot.hehe.

  65. Portion control is something I struggle with a lot. I will have to get this book to learn how to use better portion control.

  66. Portion control is something that I have issues with often! This sounds like an amazing book to read.

  67. Thanks for the suggestion, I was running out of ideas for a baking galore at my friend’s home this weekend and our own current cookbooks aren’t doing us any good. If I have it shipped overnight that would be excellent. Those 100 bite-size brownies sure are cute, I’d snag a bunch once I can make those!

  68. I need this idea. Sometimes, I can’t control what am I eating especially with sweets and coffee.

  69. This sounds awesome! I was told the other day at my OB office that my chance of type 2 diabetes after baby is much greater and I need to really start watching what I eat when baby comes so I need stuff like this!

  70. This cookbook looks really good! I need to head over to Amazon to check it out. Those brownie bites….YUM!

  71. I have been working on portion control. I use smaller plates and measure things out. This sounds like the perfect book to help me stay on track with this getting healthy journey.

  72. We’ve been trying to eat more veggies, and less of everything else. Americans eat too much overall. Whenever I go out to eat at a fancier place, I have 1/2 my food left over for the lunch the next day.

  73. Portion control is such an important part of having a healthy diet. It allows you to still enjoy some of the foods you love without overdoing it.

  74. Portion control really is key! I’m just convinced the American normal is way too much food. When traveling abroad you see real portion sizes.

  75. Oh man, I have always struggled with portion control. It’s what I struggle with most when it comes to dieting and eating right. It’s a crucial concept to master.

  76. Great tips, all of them are so true. Thanks for sharing these!

  77. This book looks interesting.
    I think it spells out a do-able system that would be effective for weight management.

  78. Portion control can be so helpful when trying to lose and/or manage weight. I try to be mindful so that I don’t over-indulge and end up feeling sick.

  79. I have struggled with weight most of my life as well. I think portion control is a huge factor in getting your weight under control.

  80. Portion control is definitely something important to consider, especially if you have indulgency issues, like I do 🙂

  81. This is very helpful to me. Sometimes it is really hard to control especially if we are talking about my favorite foods!

  82. I struggle with weight. I just like food way too much! It is a daily struggle every day.

  83. This cookbook sounds like a nice gift to someone who is conscious about his weight. Great share!

  84. Portion control is my biggest issue when it comes to eating right. This cookbook sounds like a great way to get on the right track!

  85. I need this wonderful cookbook. I love that it includes 100 calorie choices. I’m counting calories at the moment and trying to cut carbs where I can.

  86. Portion control is a huge issue for me. I always over eat with everything. This would be a great help.

  87. I like this cookbook, portion control can be really hard especially on cheat days! This is a must-have.

  88. Wow, love the idea of this cookbook. I have struggled with portion control for as long as I can remember. When I love a food, it’s hard for me to stop eating! Definitely want to give this cookbook a look.

  89. I am horrible at portion control – even with healthy foods! This looks really good though. I am thinking of getting some containers to get my meals planned out in advance so I just need to heat them up instead of fixing something when I am starving.

  90. I don’t believe in calorie counting but portion control is a must!

  91. Oh wow, I totally need this book. It sounds perfect!

  92. I wish I could stick to something like this in my life. I am so overweight now and I really need to control my appetite.

  93. I have been trying to eat with portion control. It is very difficult but I manage to lose weight for doing that way for two weeks.

  94. This is perfect for people who are health conscious but loves to eat. Will consider buying one for my mother-in-law.