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Energy efficiency is paramount to anyone who wants to save money every month. Homes that aren’t zipped up tight can cost you more money every month in electricity and natural gas, because they don’t function as efficiently as they should or could. HomeSelfe is an app designed to help you save money every month by allowing you to see where you could improve your home’s energy efficiency.


Energy Efficiency Evaluation Made Easy

It’s the Year of the Ruehrweins, and we’ve been making the most of it. It’s been such a fun-filled changed from the hum drum we normally do, and we’re all thoroughly enjoying it. To keep enjoying it, my husband and I are continually looking for ways to save money. One of those ways is making sure our home is as energy efficient as possible, so we avoid paying more than we have to each month on heating and cooling.

HomeSelfe is an app designed to help you easily evaluate your homes’ energy inefficiencies and give you solutions on how to change them. What’s great about this app is that rather than having someone come in and charge you a few hundred dollars, you can do it yourself. And you can do it for free. I like free.

How HomeSelfe Works

This fun, easy, and free application was developed in cooperation with local, state, and national public utilities and is designed to give you the best possible energy efficiency audit results for your home and your wallet. With this patent pending app, you can create a digital mock up of your home, and you’re provided with a simple questionnaire which you can answer at your own pace. Once your HomeSelfe is complete, you’ll instantly get a free, easy to understand report providing a clear assessment of your home’s energy efficiency, where you need to improve, and what upgrades are most important to your home.

After that, HomeSelfe further helps you improve your home’s energy efficiency by connecting you with skilled and qualified local contractors and provides information on special offers and rebates that you could receive from your local government. I love that because it means I can quickly and easily get started on saving money in the long term and getting a little back in the short term.

My Home Energy Efficiency Experience with HomeSelfe

After I downloaded the free app, I set up an account which only took a few seconds.


Once I was set up,  the app took me through each room in my house.


There were a series of questions to answer for each room in my house.


It only took me a few minutes to provide information about all of the rooms in my house, but don’t worry, the app will keep track of which rooms you do if you can’t complete it all at once.


Once you complete your profile in the app, it will calculate your report for you.



It gives you specific areas in which you could improve upon and it also tells you what you are doing well.


You will also get a complete guide to savings.


HomeSelfe is the Best Selfie You’ll Ever Take

I was thoroughly impressed with HomeSelfe and its ease of use. With all the events and fun stuff the family has planned for the Year of the Wuehrweins, we’re looking to save money wherever we can, and energy efficiency at home is a big part of that. If you’d like to see your home’s energy efficiency – or lack of it – in action, download HomeSelfe and get started today.

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  15. There’s an app for this?! Wow! We had to pay for a guy to come and it cost us $100, but it was really more and our electrical company paid for part of it which is surprising – I guess they wanted to encourage energy efficiency. I’m so glad this is an app going to use it in the future as we make home improvements.

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