Dec 042013
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If you are my friend on Facebook, then you already probably know that I had something pretty cool planned for my family’s Christmas cards.  Actually, I went so far as to say that it was EPIC and I really think they turned out awesome.

First thing’s first, though.  Although the idea for the pictures was our own, we never could have pulled it off without the help of my good friend Denise McDonuts.  Her and I met through blogging a few years ago when she started stalking me, but she’s become a real-life friend.

Let me start by saying that our original plan for pictures didn’t pan out for a couple of reasons – which are boring and you probably wouldn’t care anyways, so I’ll spare you.  What we ended up doing was a spin on our original idea and we knew with Denise’s help, we could make it happen. You see, Denise is a make-up artist and does the make-up for the monsters, zombies, etc at the Hanover House of Horrors (in Hanover, MA) at Halloween time. Chris and I knew this and asked her if she would do our make-up for a family Christmas picture and thankfully, she agreed.

Are you curious about what the heck we did for our pictures?

She sent me a list of a few things we needed for our shoot, which I was able to get at a costume shop in Plymouth, MA:


Ok, I won’t leave you in suspense any more. We all got made up as zombies. Well, at least some of us did…..

My six year old wanted NO part of getting his make-up done, so Chris, my step-son, my nine year old and myself got zombified and I bet you’re wondering how we managed to make the pictures work with only four out of the five of us made-up?  Keep reading because we actually did make it work.

But first, I wanted to show you some pictures of us in progress so you can see all the work that Denise put into making us look amazing.

Here’s my step-son:



And here is the finished product:


I was up next:




Here is what I ended up looking like:


Here’s my nine year old:



Here’s how he ended up:


Chris’s make-up was a bit more extensive, plus, he had an area on his shoulder done, so there are more pictures of him in progress.










After all was said and done, we took the fake blood and poured it over some old t-shirts to make the picture look more realistic. It was freezing outside that day, but we all braved it and it only took a minute or so to get the right picture.

So, are you ready for the big reveal??

I just know you’ve been sitting there wondering how we made it work with the little one. Well, here ya go.


He was giggling through most of the pictures, even though he and I practiced making scared faces beforehand & that’s why it took a little while to get the right picture.

The card itself said Ho, Ho, Braaaaaiiiiinnns by the way.

I’m sorry, but I think we totally outdid ourselves. What do you think?

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  66 Responses to “EPIC Christmas Card Photo Shoot”

  1. Very cool… sort of. lol. I must say you are not a “normal” family but then that’s what I like about you all.

  2. That is hysterical! Will shock a lot if your recipients I’m sure!

  3. A great time and awesome card

  4. That is really, really cool. You HAVE outdone yourself!!…..It will be hard to top that – She did an excellent job on the make-up! I hope you guys went out as a family like that??? (You hate to waste all that work for just a couple of pictures!)

    • We didn’t go out like that, but while we were getting our make-up done, we ordered pizza from Papa Gino’s. I answered the door with my make-up fully done and the delivery guy didn’t even flinch. I was totally expecting a reaction and he acted like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

  5. Haha! Love it! I must say I like this better than the zombie wedding I saw on TV last night!

  6. WOW! Your cards came out AwESOME!!!! I adore them.

  7. I love it!!

  8. That is some marvelous makeup job that woman Denise did!! That is certainly a unique family photo, one that your family and friends will actually really look at and read-all while shaking their heads!!

  9. Lol–that’s a hilarious card. Denise is very talented! I can’t believe how realistic the “wounds” look!

  10. Truly awesome and seriously such a clever idea!! 🙂

  11. Wow, she’s definitely a talented make-up artist. Everything is so realistic looking!

  12. That’s crazy that she can do that with makeup! I love the little man being scared in the pic, he did good w/his role. 🙂

  13. Um, this is just a whole bunch of awesomesauce! EPIC Christmas pictures!!!!!!!

  14. LOL – I’m a little scared right now.

  15. Yep, you outdid yourself! What a lot of work, but thanks for the behind the scene shots!!

  16. Joining you from over at A star in my own universe’s site. Such great pictures, so much effort must have gone into them. Still not as big here in England as in America, looking at these we have even more catching up to do in the Halloween stakes (pun intended) than I thought. Nice to meet you, I’ve enjoyed my visit.

  17. without a doubt EPIC and kudos to four outta the five being good sports — guaranteed i would not have those odds with my brood!!!
    merry ho ho ho braiiiiiiins!

  18. definitively a very different card! so real and gory it was difficult to get all the way to the bottonm of the post lol

  19. WOW! That makeup is absolutely incredible! You really did a great job.

  20. ” Ewh!!!!! that’s disgusting!!!! Ewh!!!!! ”

    That is what I was saying on each photo as I scrolled and this post built and built. Great work …but very graphic. Poor little guy doesn’t have a chance. hahahahaha

  21. Hah I love it! The makeup is amazingly gross! Looks so realistic. And I love how you made it work even though the little guy didn’t want to be made up. He’d better start running though…. 😉

  22. Hahaha… cute card. I bet this is one your youngest son will remember for awhile.

  23. Roflmbo.. I love it.. perfect for ya’ll and I would expect nothing else than epic and awesome…

  24. Wow! That is extensive and impressive. I love how you worked the little one in — just perfect!

  25. Denise you are amazing and talented, and as far as the cards…You win! What a fun idea I hope I get one this year! LOL I love it you can tell you put a lot of work into the theme and your friend Denise rocks too!

  26. Wow! That’s some intense makeup. You guys look awesome.

  27. Wow that is really awesome makeup! You guys look awesome

  28. What fun! My youngest saw your post and said you look awesome! Your friend did an amazing job on the make-up!

  29. Wow that is so cool. Awesome makeup job! I love the finished product, your little one is being scared by all the zombies.

  30. Perfect halloween photos as well. OK I’m not so sure about Christmas, when I think Christmas I think cheery and bright and not blood and brains. lol

  31. Definitely not your average christmas card! Looks like lots of fun though!

  32. Looks pretty cool, actually. I would rather get a Christmas card like this than one of the long letters about not much of anything.

  33. LOL I love it!!! She did an awesome job. We went as zombies for Halloween pretending to get Zoe, who also wanted no part in being bloodied up lol.

  34. This was an awesome idea. The photo came out great and I’m sure everyone will love getting these during the holiday season. I love when people “color outside the lines.” 😉

  35. You all look so disgusting- which is the highest compliment I can give for how freakin’ awesome this idea is! She is so talented with the makeup!

  36. That is definitely an epic photo. I cannot believe how real it looks!

  37. wow this is cool. the first photo made me jump a little, not even gonna lie! But I love the after look o the family photo

  38. Haha I love it! Very original & something people will talk about for a while 😉

  39. THis is great! I have been working on our Christmas cards and it does involve a fire breathing Santa

  40. Awesome. Simply not the usual, but it works in so mamy ways. I adore your family and how you got together for this one.

  41. This is such a funny card! I would be shocked to get it!

  42. That is definitely different, glad you all had fun doing it – even if you could not get everyone with scary faces.

  43. definitely epic. I think your little guy should have gotten a crossbow 😉

  44. Great Job! I am sure the people opening your cards will be terrified! or laughing! 🙂

  45. This seriously wins for coolest Christmas card… EVER! I love this idea!

  46. I think that I’m going to shoot this idea over to my friend who will likely flip out that she didn’t think of it first! Kick ass!

  47. This is positively disgusting and completely FABULOUS! I love you guys!

  48. The only trouble is, is next year you are going to feel like you have to top this years. How do you do that? Love it!

  49. OMG! The make up skills you have for the zombies is so cool and almost realistic! Awesome!

  50. OMG you did amazing work!!! I would never be able to do half as good as you. You did so well.

  51. EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK thank you everyone for your comments about my makeup 🙂

  52. Sooooooo festive 🙂

  53. I’ve always knew makeup can do that.. but it still always fool me lol.. I mean, haha! I’m out of words haha so shocked and fascinated at the same time!

  54. OMG that is wickedly cool. Thanks for sharing!

  55. That is some seriously awesome makeup work! What a cool card!

  56. Cool effects. Chris should really see a dentist 😉

  57. That is one unique Christmas card!

  58. That’s hella awesome! Your friend did a good job with the makeup. I especially like your 9 yoa son’s makeup job. Very creative and unique idea for Christmas cards.

  59. Wow, love the makeup. What a unique idea!

  60. Honestly, I am not “into” all the zombie stuff but for those who are … wow, WHAT a makeup job! The end result was amazing. 🙂

  61. I think you totally freaking rocked it!

    My youngest Caden SOOO would be the same way.