Nov 062010

Everyone has a Facebook account these days, right?  Well, do you ever wonder why some people have waaaay more friends than you do?  Or why you get a friend request from some random person that has no connection to you or anyone you know (I get those all the time actually)?  If you’ve ever wondered about any of those things, Dave Nierman has some answers for ya.

Dave’s the author of a book called Facebook Rules in which he talks about how Facebook has changed how we communicate with each other and in a relatively short period of time as well as sharing his experiences with his own friends.   He provides some insight into getting the most value out of Facebook and things like who you should friend and who you should avoid like the plague.

I’ll admit that I am pretty picky with who I will accept as a FB friend.  Part of it is because I post pictures of my kids on there and I only let certain people have access (notice I never, ever post pics of them here on my blog?) and part of it is, I hold grudges.  I got a friend request from my class bully over the summer and thought to myself  “there is no way in hell this dude is finding out anything about me”.  DENIED.  Anyway, I digress.

Do you know what a WOFR is?  Well I didn’t…until now.  It’s a Worse Off Friend Request = someone that is worse off than you, so you know they will accept your friend request. Come on, we all have them.  Don’t we?  Admit it.

Anyway, in addition to Facebook Rules, there is a flippin’ hilarious 2011 Facebook Rules wall calendar based on the book, which Dave was nice enough to send me (along with a super cool Facebook Rules engraved pen).  It’s a 16 month calendar and each month has hilarious cartoons, which are illustrated by cartoonist Randy Glasbergen.   Besides the hysterical cartoons, there are actual “rules” underneith the illustration that coincide with the topic of the cartoon.

This calendar is so witty and funny, it makes me wish that I worked in an office, instead of at home, so that I could share it with a bunch of people.

There is an awesome website for Facebook Rules that has a place where you can share your own rules, ask Dave a question or take the “what type of friend are you” quiz.  The calendar and/or book would make a fantastic holiday gift for a friend or co-worker.  It would even be something fun to put in a yankee swap.

I think Facebook Rules is a must have for anyone with a Facebook account….and who doesn’t have one?  Seriously.  Check it out.  Trust me, if the calendar is any indication how good the book is…it’s going to be on the best seller list in no time.  You can purchase the calendar, pen and the book, which is available starting 11/30, on the website here.  Huge thanks to Dave for the chance to review this.

**I received a calendar and pen in order to write a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.  No form of monetary compensation was exchanged**

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