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ere is a list of 35 Fall inspired activities for you and your family to enjoy!

Looking for fun activities for you and your family to do this Fall? Check out this Fall bucket list for families, to help you stay entertained this Fall and create lasting memories! With the crisp cool air, beautiful colorful leaves, beautiful mums, and pumpkins. And if you are a pumpkin lover you can find pumpkin everything to snack on and drink! Same goes for delicious warm apple cider, one of my Fall favorites!

Below is a list of 35 Fall inspired activities for you and your family to enjoy! Create those memories and have fun doing it with this list! I love the idea of letting your kids pick a few items they absolutely want to do, and then have fun checking them off the list!

35 Fall Inspired Activities For Families

ere is a list of 35 Fall inspired activities for you and your family to enjoy!

1. Apple Picking at an Orchard
2. Decorate Your Porch or Entryway with Fall Inspired Decorations
3. Visit A Pumpkin Patch
4. Pick up fallen leaves and create fun Fall Crafts
5. Drive around and look at the Fall Foliage
6. Visit a corn maze
7. Go for a hike
8. Bake fresh baked goods for friends and family
9. Go for a hayride
10. Tailgate at a football game
11. Learn to knit or crochet
12. Visit a Fall Festival
13. Rake leaves and jump and play with them in the yard
14. Paint or carve pumpkins
15. Make hot cider or cocoa for the whole family and sit outside on a cool day and share fun stories
16. Let your kids make their own Halloween costumes
17. Go to a spooky graveyard tour
18. Stay in a bed and breakfast and enjoy nature for a weekend
19. Build a Bonfire
20. Throw a themed party for Fall – monsters, woodland, etc.
21. Bob for apples, even if in your backyard
22. Create Thanksgiving crafts for table centerpieces, each table, etc
23. Scavenger Hunt – find colorful leaves, pine cones, and all things Fall
24. Paint pinecones
25. On a rainy day throw on rain boots and play in rain
26. Play a game of football in the yard or park
27. Go to a haunted house
28. Paint pottery
29. Go take up a new hobby and take classes as a family
30. Get up early and go get donuts and eat them at the park
31. Camp in the backyard
32. Make a scarecrow
33. Go for a hot air balloon ride
34. Visit a sunflower farm
35. Watch Hocus Pocus and other Halloween inspired movies

What is something you and your family enjoy doing during the Fall months?

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  58 Responses to “Fall Bucket List For Families”

  1. You have no idea how excited I am that fall is here! I can’t wait to enjoy the crisp fresh air and the beautiful colors. I will be doing some of these activities as soon as fall gets here.

  2. I love the Fall season! We take our grand kids to the pumpkin farm every year (this will be our 3rd year coming up). Our family usually gets together at my brother’s and sister-in-law house for apple pressing to make cider, which I normally make cups of hot apple cider, after doing work outside, provided it’s chilly outside! Commenting for Ladonna Dennis Maxwell

  3. That is one ginormous list! I love it! Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s just perfect.

  4. That is one ginormous list! I love it! Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s just perfect.

  5. We love going to the apple orchards, and pumpkin patches. We also like to do haunted attractions.

  6. Great list. Here in Florida we really do not have a Fall season. We went apple picking for the 1st time a few years ago in NY.

  7. This is a great list. I have so many of these on my list this year. The pumpkin patch is always something fun to do.

  8. Apple orchards and hiking, plus checking out the fall leaves are all at the top of our list. I love fall… it means I can wear flannel and sweaters.

  9. I really have to go check out some of the local mazes this year. A Fall party would be super fun too.

  10. These are fun activities for fall. I haven’t been apple picking in years. A definite this year.

  11. These are all fun fall activities to do with your family. We are looking into a a new hobby we can do together.

  12. Apple picking is my must do every fall! Those in season apples are the flavor of autumn to me. I like the idea of an early morning donut and park run though – may just make that a tradition too.

  13. We have LOTS of these on our bucket list for this Fall! We might need to drive up North a weekend so that we can do some apple picking. Not something we can do here in the South, but we would love to drive up for some cooler weather too!

  14. Apple cider and apple picking is by far my favorite Fall activity- we don’t get to do it so much on this coast though 🙁

  15. Visiting pumpkin patches is my absolute favorite thing to do in the fall! I am loving this cooler weather, starting to feel like fall!

  16. Great list of activities. Very kid friendly for active kids.

  17. Hot Air Balloon ride? I have to see where we can do that, that sounds like so much fun. Love this list!!

  18. I adore this time of year! It’s cool, the scents are comforting. I can’t wait to try all of the items on your list!

  19. My family was talking about getting together and going to our favorite apple picking orchard. They have the best apple cider doughnuts. They are so worth the splurge! Great list!

  20. Such sweet ideas! I love fall–ways to make it even more fun are a win! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love these ideas. Apple Picking is one of my favorites, along with looking at the fall foliage. Now that I live in a more rural area, I don’t have as far to go :).

  22. This all sounds like fun. We love to watch Hocus Pocus! I’ll have to see if there’s an area where we can go apple picking. I’ve never tried that one.

  23. We have so much going on every weekend during the fall. Great to get outside and enjoy everything.

  24. I definitely need to go to a pumpkin patch and I need to do as many other festive things as possible. I actually told my husband that I really want to go to the mid-west to visit his family around Halloween… BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE THE LEAVES ON THE TREES! haha!

  25. We love driving to the apple orchard. There’s one not too far from our home and it’s a perfect Fall weekend activity.

  26. These are all fun ideas for family activities for fall. We have to drive a ways to get to an orchard or a pumpkin patch, or visit a corn maze…Living in Florida there aren’t any of those things around. 🙁

  27. I love these suggestions! Fall can be a beautiful time of year, and these ideas are sure to make your fall so much more exciting.

  28. What a fun list. I’m gonna try that bob for apples one, I think the kids will like it. Thanks for all the suggestions. Maybe we’ll bake too!

  29. This list of activities is really nice, I would love try a few of them.

  30. Fall is literally my favorite time of year. All these activities are super fun and now that my son is four he can actually enjoy most of these.

  31. I just love fall. It’s my favorite time of yeat. Thanks for giving me some more great ideas for things to do.

  32. I haven’t been on a hayride in years. We always try and pick apples and even visit a corn maze.

  33. woohoo! bring on fall! cooler temperatures makes it easier for us to enjoy the fall sports too! now i have more i have to schedule into my fall! thank you for taking time to share!

  34. Even though I’m more into summer, fall probably my second favorite month. The gorgeous fall leaves, cozy sweaters and boots and pumpkin everything makes it popular at our house.

    Thanks for the great list of ideas!

  35. This is a great list for fall fun family activities!! Great time of year with beautiful weather to have some fun! A lot of things on the list we do already but love the other items too!

  36. I love hiking. And once a year, we tend to drive about an hour out of the city to go apple picking. They also make cider there, and of course it is always delicious. You’ve got lots of great ideas. Maybe I’ll decorate my porch. People really don’t do that where I live so it would be lots of fun to be the one to set the trend.

  37. I see so many of my favorite fall activities on this list! It’s one of my favorite seasons and I’m so glad its almost here. I can’t wait to go to the cider mill.

  38. I can not wait to tackle our Fall fun list. There are just so many things to do this time of year.

  39. I’m working on my fall bucket list, too. I see a couple of things I need to add. That sunflower farm is great and there is one near me!

  40. I went apple picking with my youngest a couple of years ago and it was fun. I;ve always wanted to go to a corn maze.

  41. What a great list of fun activities this Fall. I would probably want to learn to crochet. It would be so nice to make my own table runners, centerpieces and doilies!

  42. Since the kids were little, our usual fall activities are going to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. Like most families, we carve pumpkins and make pumpkin pie and apple pie. Fall is my favorite season. It may be chilly, but there are more heartwarming activities families can take part in.

  43. Fall is my favorite season and I can’t wait to do stuff with the kids! I think this bucket list pretty much has everything we need to make this Fall memorable amd fun.

  44. So many fun family activities to do on the weekends all season long! What a great list of ideas!

  45. Wow! So many ideas to do! My first pick wil be: Pick up fallen leaves and create fun Fall Crafts and trying to learn how to crochet!

  46. I love fall! We take our kids apple picking at Belkin Family Lookout Farm every year and bake some apple pies afterwards. Their set up is really nice. They have a train ride that takes you around to get apples then afterwards they have a corn maze, farm animals and some activities to do with the kids, they love it! It became a family tradition for us.
    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  47. There’s an Apple Orchard here I want to go to. They actually have a festival.

  48. Oh I love this list. We love to do all kinds of fun outdoor activities as a family during this season. You gave me some more great ideas.

  49. that’s an aesome list. i will have to check a few of these out for my family.

  50. i have done some of these and my family loves it, especially picking apples.

  51. Fall has always been my favorite season, but your bucket list makes me excited about it even more! One of my favorite things to do in the autumnal season is hiking. 🙂

  52. I have always wanted to take my kiddos to do apple picking. Sounds like so much fun!

  53. We would love to pick apples! In Arizona it’s still a little too warm to spend the days outside but a couple of hours north is perfect fall weather!

  54. This list makes me super excited! I don’t have kids yet but I will pick out a few and do with friends 🙂

  55. I have always wanted to go apple picking and never have. I need to take my family to do this.

  56. Ooh I can’t wait to start marking these off with any kids this year! I love Fall and it’s always been my absolute FAVORITE!

  57. That’s a lot of great times! Can’t wait to drive along the States and enjoy the Fall foliage

  58. My favorite part of autumn is anything pumpkin!!!! These ideas are all great and perfect for all ages. In Texas, our state fair is another activity my family participates in.