May 212015

Families. We’ve all got one, but these days they’re starting to look less like The Cleavers. Am I right? The once traditional “nuclear” family has evolved into a kaleidoscope of possibilities.  Start with parents (maybe two dads, a single mom, or a stay at home dad…), add a dash of half/step/full/adopted siblings, a side of grandparents, a pinch of aunts, uncles, cousins, a splash of pets, topped off with close friends (and all the combinations thereof). Now you’ve got a modern family — each uniquely quirky — yet picture perfect in its own way.

Most of you already know this, but my family is blended.  I am divorced from my boys father & when I married Christian five years ago, I gained a bonus son (who actually just turned 18 and is heading off to college in September).  We have lots of great memories as a family unit and it makes my heart happy that everyone in the house gets along.  For the most part…..

The five of us may not have been together for that long, but we have some awesome memories together. Sometimes we even get a little silly, and those are my favorite times.

zombie family photo

Speaking of blended families, Grace and Frankie, Netflix’s new funny and fearless original comedy featuring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, is a perfect example of how today’s families can shift, rearrange and blend in unexpected ways. When Grace and Frankie’s husbands leave them after 20 years of marriage—to be with each other—the women find themselves facing a change that they never expected, but they shift their perspective to get through it together with the support of their new blended family and, of course, a sense of humor.

What is it about your modern family that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world? Explore the things that make other families unique by watching one of the titles in our list below — whether it’s the Gilmore Girls’ dynamic mother-daughter duo or puppet brother in Crash & Bernstein. Then, ask your kids what it is that makes your family special. After all, family is what you make it.

Here are some great family themed programs available on Netflix:

stream team 1 strem team 2

stream team 3

So tell me, what have you been streaming on Netflix lately?

Note: I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam.  As part of the #streamteam, I have received product and complimentary service, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. Definitely wanted to see this movie and glad you reminded me here today!! 😉

  2. You have FOUR amazing guys in your life – a beautiful family of Zombies! lol We love your card btw! As far as streaming on Netflix, I watched some true crime documentaries that are so good. Have you seen TallHotBlond? You MUST see that………the twist in that will blow your mind!!!!!

  3. We are a blended family, too, and it has definitely been an interesting ride! I saw this show pop up on Netflix last night after we watched that Side Effects movie, and I definitely want to check it out. It looks very interesting!

  4. Thank you for this list because I am always on netflix and never know what to watch or even where to begin. Family is very important and if you can’t have fun then you are boring and who wants to be with a boring family lol

  5. You’re right, there’s no more nuclear family image in today’s times. Not sure I’d want to be June any old way. 😉

  6. I love reading out blended families. I wish I could have a Netflix account. If you could make it so it would work overseas without a VPN, I would love that.

  7. Great zombie photo-lol. The series Grace and Frankie looks so fun. I saw saw an interview with them on the Today Show.

  8. You are so right, family IS what you make of it. If you don’t take the time to do family things (like watching movies together), you miss out on all those great bonding moments.

    • Family movie night is our favorite! It’s amazing how the daily moments like that outweigh the huge trips in their memories.

  9. I just love your family photo! lol…I think Grace and Frankie sounds like a good show too. I’ll be looking for it on Netflix. I’ve got a blended family too…my husband had a son before we were together and then we added 3 girls to the mix. lol Yes, it’s a madhouse.

  10. I love that more folks are embracing the blended family ideal. Sounds like a great show to watch on Netflix!

  11. Netflix is the best! My daughter and I are on season 5 of Bones right now. It is quite addicting! Thanks for sharing about Grace and Frankie. I saw that it was added to Netflix.

  12. Those are some great shows to watch. My daughter loves Netflix and I love that they have a Kids version.

    • Me, too! I just wish we could set it so that the kiddo couldn’t just click on the parent icons. Hubs and I have our own so that our Netflix pics are to our own liking. But they should be password protected so kiddo can’t get in. I have yet to see a way to do this on the PS3, iPhone or iPad or even the website. If its there, I’m missing it.

  13. It totally take a village to raise kids, And I’m thankful everyday for the help I get from not only family but friends who become family.

  14. I love this and that photo of your fam! You guys are awesome. Okay, I have a confession. I made my husband watch Grace and Frankie with me on the weekend when my kiddos were in bed and by Monday morning we had watched the whole season. it’s INCREDIBLE!

  15. I miss Netflix. We canceled it almost 2 years ago because we had so many movie channels already. I may consider it for next year. Btw, Grace and Frankie is the kind of movie I’d be interested in watching :).

  16. Robin, I so have to ask — what did you all use on your faces and clothes? I just keep wondering if your clothes area stained? That is anal part of me! LOL

  17. Grace and Frankie sounds like a great movie so I’ll be sure to check it out. I love the photo of all of you, reminds me of the time we got out the paint guns and had a blast with some friends although my aim is the worst.

  18. Grace and Frankie has an intriguing premise. I’ll have to check it out! Right now we’re watching White Collar on Netflix. It’s got interesting story lines in an FBI setting, but without the typical gore. I really like it!

  19. I really need to check out this movie! Anytime we have family movie night, we load up Netflix and find a good film. I’ll add this to our que!

  20. I am proud to say that we basically are the Cleavers 🙂

  21. Your family seems like a lot of fun. I keep seeing Grace and Frankie pop up. I think I’ll have to check it out!

  22. This looks great! I’ve been looking for a new series to watch and I will definitely look this up later!

    • I have been too. I just finished the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and now I need something new to watch.

  23. I love how you gained!!! We have been streaming Orange is the new black

  24. The family I am part of did not become blended-somewhat-until I was 19 or 20. I get along with my steps–but rarely see them!

  25. Haha! Love that picture of your family! How fun! I love Netflix, they have so many good shows all the time!

  26. I haven’t heard of this show, but I love that cast lineup!! I need to check it out!

  27. I’ve been meaning to check out Grace and Frankie, as Netflix keeps suggesting it for me after I finish something. Thanks for highlighting what’s new!

  28. Netflix is a family favorite. I was an early adapter, getting it over a decade ago. I’ve heard great things about this series. I’ve watched most of their original series too. They’ve done a great job choosing content.

  29. We love Netflix in our family! One of our favorites is Once Upon a Time!

  30. It is wonderful that there are so many different families represented on Netflix. Family is a great source of drama and of comedy.

  31. that show sounds really interesting! the most important thing about families is the love you get from one another, and I see that love and happiness shining through a lot in yours 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  32. We are also a blended family. A messed up one at that. My 7 year old is my biological son whom my husband adopted. The 3 year old is ours and then I have an 11 year old step son.

  33. You are so lucky that everyone get along. We are not a blended family and my kids don’t get along most of the time….

  34. We love spending family time watching Netflix. We’ve seen a lot of these, but there’s always so much being added.

  35. I love that modern families encourage each other. It’s nice to have that support from the ones you need it from the most.

  36. I didn’t know it was even possible since my whole house hold is Netflix obsessed…. But you listed a show I have never seen before! Definitely going to have to check out Driftwood Bay next time my daughter wants some Netflix time!

  37. This was such a great post.
    I am a young adult and I still love streaming the fosters. The show really puts in perspective for me, someone who wants to adopt some of the challenges and benefits of having a mixed family (different backgrounds, cultures, and personalities). It’s such a heartwarming show!

  38. Right now I am streaming The L Word. Jason is streaming Trailer Park Boys. That’s great your blended family gets along so well. I had a lot of blended family growing up (mom was married 5 times!) and we didn’t always get along lol.

  39. Sounds like you guys are a pretty fun-loving family. That new series sounds hilarious and I totally need to marathon it 🙂

  40. Oh wow it’s also a good feeling to have a blended family because there are more interesting experiences and lessons you can share. The important thing is to appreciate each other and make more memories as a harmonized unit.

  41. We’ve been binge watching G&F and are on the last one, boohoo!

  42. Your family is totally my type of family. The family that Zombies together can definitely watch a great movie together.

  43. Ha, love the pic! We loved Raising Hope, glad I can watch it again on Netflix.

  44. It’s nice that they came up a series on blended families. It’s a lot more common now and a lot more people can relate.

  45. I have 2 stepboys myself and treat them as my own! I call them my sons

  46. i love netflix!! i’m excited for fuller house and hope it’s really good.

  47. Blended families are awesome too! I will have to watch Grace and Frankie, we love our Netflix. I’ll have to watch The Tigger Movie with my youngest tomorrow.

  48. That family photo ia very funny. It’s nice that your blended family gets along. A family is truly how you make it.

  49. Love that photo of your family. 🙂 You guys are so funny.

  50. Silly times are the best – aren’t they?!? Love the picture. Fun memories!

  51. I love the fun pic of your family. I can’t wait to watch Grace and Frankie.

  52. My internet is rural and slow so my Netflix addiction had been out on pause. But before I was binge watching friends

  53. My husband laughs at me because I’ve never used Netflix. I’ll watch a movie with him, but I need to learn to operate it myself. We have 5 kids and one is adopted. He is mixed race and strangers will try to figure out who he belongs to and think he is mine from a previous relationship. 🙂

  54. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this show, I’m definitely going to watch. The cast is phenomenal, I bet they had a great time with the characters they portray.

  55. We have a Blended Family as well and I love it! Netflix is the go too for us and movie nights!

  56. What is special about our family is that we have FUN! We do lots of silly things that are FUN!

  57. We miss Netflix, luckily there is a chance we can get regular internet soon! Family movie night is not the same without it.

  58. I love netflix! I really want to see Grace and Frankie, My family are very important to me.

  59. Haha, you guys are so silly! By the way, I love that new show, I’m watching it now!

  60. I haven’t been streaming much of anything lately. But I LOVE Gilmore Girls!

  61. Those are some great selections. That’s what I love about Netflix. They have so much variety.

  62. I think our family is pretty average…until I see everyone who comes for a family gathering. Then we’re pretty modern LOL I’ve seen the plugs for this on Netflix, too. Looks cute!

  63. I had no idea there was a new Richie Rich! I will have to check it out!

  64. I haven’t heard of this one yet! Love Netflix!

  65. These are so great! My kids love Pooh Bear!

  66. awwwww…how fun! silly moments with the fambam are the best moments. I’ve never heard of the show.

  67. My kids used to love Spy Kids. They wished our family was more like theirs!

  68. We just have a TV with no extras. We have been having our kids watch Full House though. They love it. Travis thinks it’s so dumb, but I keep reminding him that we’re not their target market for when the show was made.

  69. I saw that move advertised on netflix the other day and am excited to watch it. Thank you for reminding me!! I LOOOOVE my netflix!

  70. I would love to watch this show. I am a huge Netflix fan and I am always looking for great shows to watch

  71. I would love to watch Grace and Frankie. I could use a good laugh in the upcoming days.

  72. I pan on watching Grace & Frankie this summer. Fun is definitely important 🙂 My family is large (I have five boys) and blended too, having fun and making memories is definitely important.

  73. Netflix’s is always coming out with very interesting shows. This would be a show definitely worth watching. I need to renew my subscription.

  74. It’s awesome when mixed family get along so well. It’s a difficult thing to achieve sometimes but it’s possible.

  75. I saw the ad for this on Netflix but I have not had a chance to check it out yet. I will definitely have to spend a day or two watching this new show.

  76. My friends have bee recommending that new series for me. I used to tease my husband that he would leave me for his best friend when we were dating, lol.

  77. Your family seems super awesome! I’ve actually never seen the series but have been meaning to!

  78. I really want to watch Grace and Frankie. It’s on my summer list.

  79. Netflix is really pumping out great original shows. I am adding Grace and Frankie to my queue now, and this reminds me that I need to get back into Gilmore Girls!!

  80. I am a huge fan of Netflix, I always love having a show I can just binge watch when I am free. This show also sounds super good, I would love to give it a shot.

  81. I never heard of this show but we love Netflix and plan to watch some binge series this weekend

  82. Congrats on your blended family. Have to check out this show.

  83. We LOVE Netflix! We love it even more with the app on our tablet so the kids can watch what they want and we can still control our TV lol

  84. I love the zombie picture. Grace and Frankie looks like a great show. I also have a blended family but the love in this house is great!!

  85. Although I have Netflix I haven’t watched it in like forever. I will have to check out Grace and Frankie.

  86. We haven’t been watching television series shows lately. My sister-in-law has recommended Netflix, also.

    Mhar Sefcik

  87. I am loving the new Grace and Frankie show. Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are brilliant in it.

  88. This sounds like a great show. I will definitely check it out. I am watching Dexter right now on Netflix.

  89. My family is also a blended family. My kids have always loved their step Dad. I love binge watching on Netflix. i am watching the Tomorrow People right now.

  90. We’re a big blended family also, and big netflix fans also. We don’t even have cable, no point when there are so many gems on netflix, plus great new original stuff.

  91. I saw Jane Fonda on the Tonight Show and her new show looks really great. We actually just signed back up for Netflix and have been watching almost all kids movies. Time to find something for Mom to watch.

  92. We love Netflix! I have heard good things about Grace and Frankie but I haven’t seen it yet. Looks like I’m going to have to add that to my list!

  93. We are huge Netflix fans. I’m sure we’ll be watching plenty this weekend.

  94. My family love Netflix too! I love that I have peace of mind when my son watches it in his room. I know he is watching age appropriate shows and movies.

  95. I just read about Grace and Frankie and it sounds like such a fun series. I love how Netflix now offers so many choices… I will totally be watching this one.

  96. I love hearing about all the new shows on Netflix. Right now my Netflix fav is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – love that show!

  97. Ah.. you have a cute family. Good thing that your kids and your husband’s son get along so well. For me, i guess the spirit of sharing in our family is ssomething i would never trade.

  98. These are great shows to watch! That is a great photo!

  99. I love that family photo of yours, you guys look so funny & involved. Netflix always comes with some great shows & “Grace and Frankie” sounds like a good one on the cards. Will look in to it.

  100. This show looks like a must watch! I love Gilmore girls and my kids always want to watch the Tigger movie!

  101. We use Netflix all the time! They have a ginormous selection. It’s pretty awesome.

  102. I will begin rewatching OITNB in a couple of days. I want it to be fresh in my mind when the new season starts in a few weeks!

  103. I was just thinking of this show a try. Thanks for sharing.

  104. Thank you for allowing me to learn something new as never heard of this movie and will be on the looking! A perfect suggestion for today!

  105. I just finished Glee season 5, I can’t wait until season 6 gets on netflix so I can finish it!

  106. We love Netflix! One of my favorite series is Orange is the new black, and my daughter loves Every After High!

  107. Oh wow! With a cast like that, how could it not be a hit? I’ll be watching this one for sure!

  108. I realize that with my blended family everyone (from my perspective) is much better off than the would have been in their nuclear families. That says something.

  109. I cannot wait to watch this show. I am a huge Netflix fan and I am always looking for recommendations

  110. I already watched the entire first season of Grace and Frankie and LOVE it!

  111. I am always happy with the Netflix Original series. I will have to check this one out for sure!

  112. I am so excited to see Gilmore Girls on that list. I am working my way through my 3rd round of binge-watching. LOL I saw that new series Grace and Frankie pop up on my real. I immediately saved it to my list so I could watch it. I love Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin.

  113. You have a beautiful family! It’s great that everyone gets along. I can’t wait to start watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix! My husband and I just started watching Army Wives from the beginning last night. We’ve seen all the episodes, but wanted to watch them over again because we love the show so much!

  114. That sounds like a fun show most especially that Jane Fonda is in it. Sadly, we don’t have Netflix. We have cable. Looks like we are missing a lot of good shows on Netflix, huh?

  115. No Netflix for us! We have enough trouble being less than a month behind normal shows on TV we have recorded. Two very young kids will do that to you!

  116. Netflix is AWESOME!! I’m “this close” to dropping Cable all together. I haven’t heard of Grace and Frankie, it sounds like a fun show!

  117. My brother is part of a blended family, which I suppose I am now too – with 2 step nephews, and 2 nephews that are from him. We’ve cherished each moment with all the boys and consider them all 1 family. 🙂

  118. Your family is so much fun! I always admire that you guys spend so much time together

  119. I’m not from a blended family, but I’m just about the only person I know. Some of the closest, tightest families I know aren’t related by blood!

  120. Sadly I do not have a Netflix account but I am intrigued by the Grace and Frankie show you mentioned. Ii feel like I am missing out on some awesome shows!

  121. I love Netflix! It’s a life saver for this mom since my kids enjoy so many shows they provide, I love how easy it is for them to access their accounts through so many devices.

  122. I have been catching up with Daredevil on Netflix lately. So clearly, this family is very much owned by Marvel. 🙂

  123. My sister recently remarried and gained two stepchildren. The family all gets along well and that makes me happy for her and her girls. Every family is unique.

  124. I really enjoyed your promo post, I love Netfix streaming! I am definitely adding many of the titles in your review to my list of MUST WATCH on Netflix!

  125. ALL about Netflix originals! Love Daredevil right now!

  126. Sounds like there are a lot of good shows on there! I will have to think about getting Netflix!

  127. I’ve been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls lately. It makes me so jealous- I wish I was super close with my mom and/or that I had a daughter! But you’re right, family is what you make it!

  128. Great lists. I love Netflix because we can find so many great movies for the family to enjoy together.

  129. Netflix is my summer treat! I dont have much time during the school year but summer starts in 4 days and I am all over this. Thanks for the show suggestions

  130. I hadn’t heard of this show yet. Netflix has a lot of stuff I need to start spending more time on there!

  131. We are really starting to watch Netflix more that regular TV. I love watching the series one show after another.

  132. I love Netflix, we cut the cord and we are obsessed!

  133. We are addicted to Netflix. I just started watching Grace and Frankie.

  134. I just binge watched Grace and Frankie. It was a really sweet show! I hope they have a second season.

  135. Lately we have been watching a lot of Netflix – I love watching series show after show – the season in just a few days.

  136. Littlest Pet Shop is super cute. We love Ella the Elephant and Strawberry Shortcake, and my hubs and I are into Mad Men and always love repeats of Parks and Rec!

  137. WE just recently got netflix a few months ago, and I have never turned back. My brother introduced us to it when he moved in with us. A different kind of fam dynamic, but still fun!

  138. I have been binge watching Grace & Frankie lately. I seriously hope they’re up for another season!

  139. Even though we don’t have netflix, I would watch out for Grace and Frankie. Do you think I would be able to watch it anywhere else?

  140. I so loved the zombies you guys did!

  141. don’t have netflix here. but i am so happy for you guys. it’s nice to see happy families.