Jan 312014

While we were visiting with Chris’s sister and her family last week, they took us to the Fish Family Farm in Bolton, CT to feed some baby cows.






My sister & brother in law take their two year old there often, so the people on the farm know them and let them go back into the barn to see the cows. All of the kids were able to feed some hay to the baby cows, which were just born earlier this month.

The Fish Family Farm has a Dairy Store, too.  They are actually one of the state’s few remaining dairy farms that milk, pasteurize and bottle their own milk!

As we were leaving, we made a quick stop over at this chicken coup:




One of the farmers came over & brought us some corn to feed the chickens because it was lunch time.



The little guy was cold, so he opted to wait in the car while my oldest, Chris and my niece fed corn to the chickens.

Oh, and the Fish Family Farms sells homemade ice cream during the summer, so I definitely want to get back there to try some this summer.

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  1. As long as they have coffee ice cream

  2. Awwe! Those baby cows are so cute! Since having our chickens, I’ve learned that corn is just about one of their favorite things. I would def. be back for the ice cream. Sounds great!

  3. That looks like such a fun time! Glad the boys were able to spend some time with the farm animals!

  4. So awesome that you got to feed baby cows! Landon would have loved that. He has a huge love of cows after we went to the dairy farm for the first time last year. When we went back in Oct… he was over the moon. Someone said he should be in the 4H cause he had a way with the cows lol.

  5. Looked like a fun time and hope you get back their in the summertime for their ice cream, too 🙂

  6. MMMMMMmmm Homemade ice cream…. and it was probably make with real cream instead of the stuff they put into the ice cream you buy over the counter.

  7. I so need a break. I looked at the title and thought, why are they feeding baby crows? Looks like you had fun with the COWS.

    Do you know how to fix a broken feed?


  8. Ohh I would go for the ice cream too. The day looks fun, despite the cold. 🙂

  9. {{{heartexplosion}}} How Adorable! You find the neatest things to do to keep your family entertained. Take me next time, okay? 😀

  10. I love farms like that and that sell the homemade ice cream 🙂

  11. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww … I love stuff like that!

  12. aww…those baby cows are so sweet! I feel like squeezing them.. lol I bet you guys had a great time at the farm 🙂

  13. It looks like everyone had a fun day! I absolutely love baby cows they are so cute!

  14. Oh wow what a lovely fun day that looks like – I have to admit even now I love feeding the animals when I visit farms x

  15. What a great experience for your kids! One of my work parties was at dairy farm and we actually witnessed a cow giving birth! It was awesome! (well somewhat and kind of gross too!)

  16. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon–with some baby cows –hard to think of them as cows they are so darn little and CUTE!! Hum-hungry chickens–lucky they were penned!!

  17. What a great and fun experience. The boys look like the really enjoyed feeding and visiting the farm. I absolutely love the pictures. I’m very family orinented; I get all mushy when it comes to family post. lol

  18. How adorable! I would definitely be waiting in line for that ice cream.

  19. We love visiting local dairy farms. My son always wants to buy fresh cheese. It looks like you all had a good time!

  20. That is so cool! When we lived in Kansas we took the kids to visit the local dairy farm. It was so fun for them to see it all and get to feed the cows.

  21. This is right up my alley! I would loooove to feed a baby cow. I feed chickens all the time haha 🙂

  22. feeding baby animals is fun I grew up on a farm and that was the best thing ever was taking care of the babies

  23. This gives me such sweet memories of the farm my grandma used to run when I was little. She didn’t have any baby cows, but feeding the chickens was always fun! I bet the boys loved their little farm experience!

  24. Awwww! We met baby cows once at a diary farm. They are cute but smelly!

  25. That’s a good experience. I bet my boys would love to go there.

  26. Those calves looked so cute. I think your sons had lots of fun, didn’t they? Love seeing your family adventures! God bless! 🙂

  27. You do have to go back and get the ice cream. Feeding baby cows sounds like such a fun treat!

  28. Oh my goodness! Those little cows are so cute. Sounds like a great time for the whole family!

  29. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun! Wish we had any farms here, where we could see some animals with my daugter.

  30. The baby cows are so cute. My son loves visiting the zoo and feeding the animals. Dont think he ever fed a chicken though

  31. every summer of my young life. cows. chickens. horses.
    If you think it would get boring after years —- you’d be wrong!! ha
    It was such an amazing life – even if it was a lot of work too. I wouldn’t change a thing, and my own kids love animals and being out in nature too, so it’s not a bad legacy to pass on in this tech crazy world.
    That is one amazing chicken coup though! I don’t recall having one like that.

  32. That would be a fun trip, do you get to see how they process the milk. If so that would be a great thing for the kids to see.

  33. Those baby cows look so cute! Hopefully you can get back there this summer. Homemade Ice Cream sounds great!

  34. I love being able to feed farm animals. We do at the zoo all the time.

  35. I could totally be happy on a farm…until it was time to go shopping or out to eat. Then, I’d totally rethink that. I love all the animals though!

  36. Oh what fun! I would like to do this with my kids! I grew up with farm animals but my kids are clueless

  37. Aww, looks like tons of fun and how adorably cute are they!?

    i’ve never tried homemade ice cream, but I will next time I find a place that does it around here!

  38. It’s so nice to know that you and your kids are going from places – and everything is full of fun and adventure – the experience here is well worth remembering – I wish we had all those kind of experiences when I was younger too.

  39. my kids love all animals. they’d love feeding baby cows.

  40. Those little guys are so cute! I’ve visited Ronnybrook Dairy Farm here in NY and it’s such a treat to see such well-treated animals. Love their yogurt, too 🙂

  41. That is so fun that you guys visited a farm. So neat to see lots of chickens and those healthy baby cows.

  42. Farms have always had a very special place in my heart because I lived on my grandparent’s farm when I was really young! Even as an adult, I get all teary eyed when we visit petting zoos. I bet your boys had so much fun!

  43. My kids always love to check out baby animals. During our fall fair, our kids spend hours in the animal barns looking at (and petting) all the different animals. They would be over the moon if they actually got to feed baby cows! 🙂

  44. Looks like they had a blast. Growing up, we always had hens so every day we would go collect the eggs. My grandparents lived next to a cow pasture so we would always feed them green grass.

  45. Oh how cute. My kids would absolutely love hanging out with these little animals.

  46. what a fun way to have the family together and learn the importance of hard work! I love it!

  47. What a blast! I think we’d have stayed there all day, and had daily multiple requests to go back. I’d love to find a place here that I could buy fresh milk from!

  48. Aww, they are so cute. I think this is a great way to teach the kids how to care for and be kind to animals.

  49. Baby cows are so cute! I would love the fresh ice cream, too!

  50. My boys would have a field day with this and my toddler would run away. She’s a scaredy cat, probably scared of her own shadow. Your boys look like they really enjoyed it.

  51. This is really cool! I’ve never been to an actual farm before. The animals are too cute. 🙂

  52. Shut UP! I live like a mile down the road from Fish Family Farm. We love going there.

  53. Aww how cute! My girls would totally love that place!

  54. That is so much fun. When my teenager was 3 years old my hubby & his friend bought a baby cow to raise & kill for meat. After my little guy & myself fed the baby cow every day with baby bottle & named him all their plans were ruined,lol 🙂

  55. They are so cute! We usually get to see baby cows when the state fair is here. I really want to get chickens though!

  56. What a neat experience! My 3 year old would love to feed the baby cows.

  57. I’ve always loved cows for some reason, maybe their eyes because they look so soulful. I’m not a chicken person, all those feathers – ick. I love local farms that produce for the general public – I’m sure that ice cream they make is super delish!

  58. This is great, us city folks do drive in to the country to take our son to farms, he loves the animals, he would love feeding cows!
    thanks for this!

  59. My great grandparents have a dairy farm and I Just love going there to feed their baby cows. It’s so much fun!

  60. This is super sweet! I grew up in Westport, Ma and loved feeding the baby cows so much! I have such fond memories of feeding our small farm animals.

  61. such a super sweet day with your boys! i got to do this with my girls a few months back in amish country

  62. The cows are cute, but I’m terrified of birds, so I would have been freaking out with those chickens LOL

  63. Ah, I love this! What a fun experience for the kids.

  64. That’s too precious. Of course I live with a duck so I’m used to it!

  65. You know what I miss? Milk in glass jars delivered to your door. I could do without the delivery to my door if I could just find it in a glass jar. I wonder if a dairy farm would offer something like that.

  66. I love visiting farms around the area. We have milk delivery around here, but sadly we don’t drink enough to make it worth the cost.

  67. Now, I’ll take some ice cream and a few cows. The pictures brought back memories of my mom’s chicken coop and the fun we had helping her…

  68. I miss having farm animals sometimes, but don’t miss all the work related with having them. I would rather do this & go visit 🙂

  69. They are soooooo cute