Sep 282016

We have been back to school for just over a month now and we have had 2 of our last ever milestones in our house!!!!! The youngest is in underwear!!!!! No more pull ups!!!! Yay!!!!! Everyone happy potty dance!!!!!! And then this past week we had our last “first” field trip. Does that make sense? Our youngest had his first ever field trip and bus ride. So with no more kids, that is a final “first” chapter in our house!!!

Our Pre K took a field trip to one of the local apple orchards here in Illinois. We went to Broom’s Apple Orchard! I have been to this apple orchard many, many times and love it every time we go!


I have a picture of all my kids with this sign!!! Love this family tradition when we go there. Now the day before we went to the orchard we had a downpour of rain so we did not venture into the corn maze or pumpkin patch. It was just a smidge muddy.

But while we were there, they gave a tour of the building and saw where they sort apples and store them in the BIG fridge.



He was trying to warm up in the fridge.

After the tour we got to pick a 1/4 peck of apples.



Daddy and Colton finding the perfect apples.

After we had picked our apples we headed to the store for some fresh apple cider!!! It was super nummy. Mommy also got some raw honey.


After the apple orchard we hit a local park for a picnic and play time before heading home.


With it being fall I would encourage you to find your local apple orchard and check it out. And if you ask they may give tours 😉 I know our kids enjoy the tours for sure!!!!

On a side note. My husband and I sure remember the school bus seats being a lot bigger when we were little.


Happy Fall Everyone!!

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! I know many schools have fit in the educational and fun trips when they can…but you are rights…seems early!

  2. I love going to the apple orchard during the Fall so I can get my pie ingredients. I had to smile at your pictures, brings back some great memories.

  3. Congratulations on your family firsts! I’ve enver been apple picking, it looks fun.

  4. I love going to the apple orchard. I have not been to one in years because where I live we do not have them, but when I go visit family we always try to make a stop at an orchard.

  5. This gets me so excited for fall! I have to bring the kiddos to an orchard. It looks like you all had a blast!

  6. I wish that we had an apple orchard near us. This sounds like such an amazing day!

  7. What an awesome experience to be able to spend time with you little one on a school field trip. I remember going to the apple orchard when I was young and having such a great time.

  8. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Apple picking is such a great fall activity.

  9. This would be so fun to go too! And I love apple cider.

  10. It looks like you guys had an amazing time. Apple orchards have always been a favorite of my family.

  11. I’ve always loved visiting orchards and other “you pick” farms like this. It’s such an adventure for the kids, and I love to see their excitement.

  12. Looks like a blast! We were just talking about going to an orchard yesterday. We saw a huge sign that said HONEYCRISP APPLES HERE, if we weren’t on our way to our kids’ practice I’m sure my husband would have made a U-turn. 🙂 Honeycrisp apples are his favorite.

    I love that you have a picture of all your kids in front of the same sign. 🙂

  13. Looks like fun! It’s been a few years since I’ve gone apple picking. May have to do that this year. Thanks for sharing your day!

  14. What a fun trip. Very cool that you got to ride on the school bus, our school wont let parents on the bus with the kids.

  15. Looks like a fun trip! We always visit Apple barns and apple orchards during the fall. It’s a family tradition.

  16. I love apple orchards, they are some of my fondest memories with my little little kids!

  17. I wish we had amazing apple orchards down here. They were a highlight of living up North.

  18. That place is like heaven! My son loves apples, he would enjy a trip like this one for sure.

  19. Apple orchard trips are always fun. How great that you were able to enjoy with you family, a beautiful and fun memorable trip for sure.

  20. How fun. Please send me some fresh picked apples please. I miss getting fresh apples from up north now that grandma has passed.

  21. How fun and adorable is this field trip! It’s always nice when the parents are involved because you get to spend more time with the kids! This is such an awesome place to visit during the fall.

  22. I’ve never been apple picking but I do look forward to a trip to the farm. It is one of the things I love the most about the fall seasons.

  23. Brandi that sounds like a great time! Loveeee fall and can’t wait for some fresh apple cider myself.

  24. You guys had a great time for what I can see! that’s a beautiful place, perfect to unwind and relax with family

  25. What a lovely tradition to have during your visit to take that first shot!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  26. My son had a field trip to an apple orchard this week too. Looks like you all had fun, love this time of the year

  27. It is always fun to go to the apple orchard. It was always my favorite field trip to chaperone with the kids.

  28. That looks like such a cute and fun field trip for sure! Love it.

  29. I just love this time of year! We always do a family apple picking day as well here in Maine. I just love the apple cider donuts and being out in the cool, crisp air with my family!

  30. This is so perfect for me to read today since my son told me that he went with my 2.5 year old granddaughter on her first field trip to the apple orchard. She was so excited about it.

  31. Fall is the perfect time for taking the kids to the apple orchard. Looks like you guys had a great time exploring and enjoying some tasty treats.

  32. It looks like a fun trip! I have been wanting to take my kids apple picking this season!

  33. Looks like so much fun and A great experience with your son

  34. What lovely, fun filled day this must have been for the three of you! It’s so nice that you got to go apple picking and you also learned a lot on what process the apples go through after they are picked.

  35. Apple picking looks fun. I’ve only been cherry picking before.

  36. Aw, what an awesome experience! My kids have never been to an apple orchard, but they love apples and would love to go.

  37. It sounds like you all had a blast at the apple orchard. We have never been to an apple orchard but we have just went out apple picking in the open fields. Thanks for sharing your little ones first fun field trip experience.

  38. How cute is that?!? Looks like the first field trip was a blast. i need to take my kids apple picking.

  39. I love the photos by the sign – those are such great memories! I’m eager to visit our local pumpkin patches and take my grandson.

  40. Looks like lots of fun was had! I haven’t been to an apple orchard in such a long time, I would love going with my kiddos!

  41. We LOVE going to the orchard. We have the same photo of my husband lifting my toddler so he can pick an apple. It’s so much fun.

  42. Apple picking is one of our favorite things to do in the fall. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  43. What a fun field trip!! My son loves going to places like this, it’s a great family bonding activity too!

  44. I love to pick apples. Fresh for making pies. Though apple orchard is an hour away from me, it still fun to do it one a year.

  45. I love working at home so I can attend the kids’ field trips. Apple picking is definitely one of my favorite ones to attend!

  46. This looks like so much fun! I think we have an orchard in my area. I need to check into that for my kids.

  47. I used to love going on field trips to the apple farms up north. I wish they had them down here so my boys could experience it too.

  48. The last time we had a trip like this was years ago. My son was so happy picking apples.

  49. Wow! I wanted to go there. My son will surely love to pick apples, I hope we have an apple tree in our backyard.

  50. Oh, what a lovely trip. My in-laws lived in Canada and they told me that my kids will enjoy a trip like this.

  51. I have always wanted to go apple picking! I can’t wait until we get to go this season! That sign is the cutest thing and a great way to keep track of growing kids!

  52. I wish there was an apple orchard around my house!! I need to get to the east coast for fall!!

  53. Love that sign! Apple picking is a nice activity, every kid should be brought there.

  54. Those last firsts are always memorable. I think this is a fun place to field trip too. Oh, and high five on the pull-ups being gone! 🙂

  55. Aww how cute. I love that sign! and I love apple picking!!!! All kids should have this experience at some point 🙂

  56. Aww how cute. I love that sign! and I love apple picking!!!! All kids should have this experience at some point 🙂

  57. Preschool field trips are always so much fun!! This looks like a great place for a trip.

  58. My kids will have an awesome time to bring them in an apple orchard. The sun and the surrounding definitely says it all.

  59. Sounds like a wonderful experience with lots of fun as a family. Apple picking is one fall activity that any kid would love so much and my kids would love one such Apple orchard trip right away!

  60. Going to the apple orchard with the family is one of my favorite things to do in the fall. It’s a great time for the adults and the kids alike.

  61. I love the places that have the fun measuring things! It is so much fun to see how much they grow year to year!

  62. What a fun first field trip! I wish we had apple orchards near us so we could go apple picking, it seems like a great fall activity! .

  63. I love taking the kids to visit the apple orchard this time of year. That’s so cute that you’ve taken photos of all the kids with that sign. Keeping up traditions is so much fun!

  64. I would have enjoyed making that trip. I haven’t had fresh Apple Cider and it would be nice if I could try even one glass.

  65. I have never been to an apple orchard but it looks like a fun experience! What a neat field trip

  66. How exciting! I so want to visit an apple orchard. My youngest just went on her first field trip to a historic park with an old schoolhouse and log cabin. She loved it.

  67. Apple orchards are so fun! Love this, great pics too! It’s such a fun family event!

  68. Great pictures. I also want to visit an apple orchard in Kashmir; however things are not well in that region

  69. Love this. We went to a corn maze last Fall in North Georgia and had a ball.

  70. Happy Fall to you! We wanted to go apple picking this year but haven’t had the time.

  71. omg what a fun field trip!!!! We just took a family trip to a apple orchard last weekend. So fun

  72. Oh this looks so fun! I really want to go apple picking

  73. Thanks everyone!!! This coming Tuesday we head to the pumpkin patch!!!! I’ll have more photos ‘)

  74. Fun trip indeed! Yay for education /enjoyable kids trip 🙂 I wish I have an Apple tree in my backyard ^ ^ Spell JEALOUS 😀 ha-ha

  75. We haven’t had a chance to go apple picking this year. Looks like you all had fun!