Mar 042014
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Because I have a small obsession with watching the news, mostly for the weather reports, I watch New England Cable News (NECN) often. It’s local (New England) and it’s 24 hour news station, so I can get my weather reports pretty much anytime I want.  The weather around here changes from day to day – literally – so we really don’t know how to dress unless we check with the weather people.  True story.

About three weeks ago, I got an email with “media request from New England Cable News” in the subject line.  I happened to be sitting on my laptop at the time the email came in and honest to god, I couldn’t have opened it any faster.

The email asked me if I would be interested in helping Leslie Gaydos, NECN anchor/reporter with one of her Does it Work segments. I was told that they were searching for a  multi-tasking mom to test out a device that is supposed to hold your smart phone while you drive.

Um, let me think about that for a second…..


I emailed them back telling them that I was very interested & we worked out a date for them to come to my house to film a short interview & then take the product out with us in the car to see how it worked.

Chris was home that day and here are a few of the pictures he snapped of the interview they did in my kitchen:



We drove around for a little while testing out the product, which was The GripGo universal car phone mount.

Leslie sent me these pictures that the camera man took after we got back from testing the product out.





Want to know if it works?  Well, you have to watch my segment to find out!  You can watch it here.

It was such a fun day and Leslie tests out these types of products every week, so if you’re interested, be sure to watch NECN on Wednesday nights in the 9 o’clock hour.

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  109 Responses to “Filming a “Does it Work” Segment for New England Cable News”

  1. That’s so cool!! You did great, and that’s a cool little gadget!

  2. I did see your pictures on Instagram and seriously this is awesome. Love that you got this opportunity and heading to watch the video segment now!! 🙂

  3. Wow–congratulations on being asked to do that segment. I don’t know too many of us who would have said no-I may be one of them-I am totally shy!! I do hope someday that phone holders will be installed by the factories at no charge to the consumers–dream on Michele–but until then-those of you who answer your phones when in the car definitely need this or something similar!

  4. How cool is that to be interviewed and on tv. Your famous! 🙂 I am heading over to check out the segment.

  5. You were awesome Robin! You seemed very relaxed – a natural. Great job!! 🙂

  6. Super cute. I am married to a celebrity

  7. Aww, you did a great job. I saw this online and I was wondering if it worked – and now I know

  8. You did a fantastic job! I’ve done some segments for NBC Phili and I wish they called out your blog! Loved hearing your Mass. accent 🙂

  9. That is so cool! Congrats on the TV interview. I can’t watch video right now because of my computer probs. but will try to check it out later.


  10. You lucky girl! I love it!

    I loved the shots on FB and thought I know that star .. lol

  11. Awesome segment, Robin — wooo! I like the idea of this. I have a different product at home that sticks to my desk and my phone sticks to it so it isn’t laying flat. I can see how this gadget would be great for the car, especially for the GPS and hands-free calling! very cool!

  12. How fun! We have a similar segment here at our local news channel. Looks like you had a good time! 🙂

  13. Congrats! You did great!

  14. You’re a celebrity!!! You totally sound like a New Englander too!! Haha!

  15. You look great! Congrats on the interview and fingers crossed, you’re on your way to a regular segment!!!

  16. Congrats!!! That is so awesome!!! Great photos btw too!

  17. Yeah! I did a local spot about breastfeeding when the there was so much fuss about doing it in public a couple of years ago—it’s fun to be a celebrity for a day….and more fun if they pick you up for a recurring segment. 🙂 !

  18. How fun! I watched it when you posted a link on FB. You are such a star!

  19. Wow superstar!! Hoping over to watch your segment.. you look great btw 🙂

  20. Ok, first of all, you know how you read someone for a long time and you invent a voice for them? Yeah, your voice it totally not what I expected! I can’t explain what I thought it would be like or what it really is like, but this happens to me all the time!

    Second, k-ster has one of their original versions, where there wasn’t the grippy thing, just two things on the side that hold it in place and he LOVES it. LOVES it for his phone.

    Third, I love how I now think I “know” you because I heard your voice and saw you on TV. Nice work!!!

    Oh, and 4th, I could never have done this because it would mean that my vehicle would have to actually be clean on the inside and that just doesn’t happen!

  21. Hey, how cool is that?! You’re a tv star now 😉 But seriously, while I do not have that product, I do have a similar one and I love it!

  22. Well, if you are going to make the news, make sure you are seen in a positive light like a fun testing review. Much better than a mug shot being posted lol. Super cool they picked you to help out. Going to go watch the segment right now!

  23. Great job. I think I would have been a little nervous. You looked like a pro.

  24. Thats awesome congrats! I think Id be way to nervous to do something like this but it seemed like you had no issue. What a great accomplishment,

  25. OMG!! So much fun!! That is awesome! such a thing of fate when your fav tv station calls!

  26. Wow, Super cool. You are a TV star now.

  27. that’s so cool! yay for you!

  28. Oh my gosh!! So awesome~!

  29. Whao that’s super cool!! u are a star!!

  30. Nice! How fun, and the segment looked great! I really enjoyed watching it! Looks like a nice product that could help many people be safer while driving.

  31. This is really great! I think it looks like fun and you’re very personable as well as photogenic!

  32. Wow! I can finally say i know a famous person. Great segment, enjoyed watching!

  33. What a neat opportunity for you to be involved with!

  34. You were fantastic! and I like the gadget.

  35. Wow, a star is born! I can say, I knew her when. lol Great fun, and great job! Happy WW!!

  36. What fun! I think it’s awesome that you got to be on tv, I bet your kids were really excited!

  37. Ok I’m interested in finding out whether it worked or not as well. Will have to take a look at your segment when I’m not mobile.

  38. we watch NECN too! i’ll have to check your segment out. cool beans!!

  39. How exciting for you, I love those types of e-mails that come in and you are so happy they did. What a great interview, I wish I could do the public speaking like that (or camera speaking). You did a terrific job, they could not have chosen a better person for this opportunity.

  40. How exciting! I watched the segment and you did an awesome job. You never know, this could open up other doors and opportunities for you! I think I would totally freeze if I was filmed or even vlogging at that LOL

  41. With that big honking camera in the window, I’d be so intimidated! That’s awesome though!

  42. That’s so cool! You’re like a local celeb!

  43. How fun? I did a national Walmart commercial last April and it was a blast. You look great!

  44. It’s so awesome that NECN reached out to you! I absolutely loved your segment!

  45. What a cool opportunity! I am sure that was really fun!

  46. Great segment! It was a wonderful opportunity for you.

  47. I already told you this but you did such a fantastic job. What an wonderful opportunity!

  48. Wow! That looks like it was really fun to film! Good for you for getting that opportunity to do that. Congrats!

  49. I bet Chris stayed home just to be your support. If I were him, even if I had to work, I would have called off.

  50. Oooo! You are famous now! That was a great way to get on TV

  51. Oh how fun is that?! I think I’d be too nervous to do it, haha.

  52. That is so exciting! I can relate to the weather/news thing :0

  53. You looked beautiful and what a cool gadget. Nice gig to have.

  54. Looks like a really fun project! I would be terrified to be on tv now!

  55. Wahoo! Look at you ! Miss TV Star! That is seriously so cool! So excited for you! What a fun experience.

  56. OMG You are so lucky!

  57. That’s so awesome! Lucky you on tv! It looks like it would be something great to have for the gps feature on the phone without having to invest in those pricey GPS. This is my first time hearing you speak!! Yay Now when I read your blog I will be able to hear your voice!! =)

  58. You were so great! What a great experience.

  59. That is really neat! I would be so excited if I was ever contacted for something like this!

  60. That is so cool! How exciting is it to get a chance to be on TV? Haha.

  61. How cool! What a neat thing to get to do as well – wish I could watch your segment. x

  62. First off, you’re BEAUTIFUL! Secondly, this is awesome! What an amazing opportunity!

  63. This is great and you looked wonderful during your interview. I love that you shared your experiences with the device with other moms.

  64. I think that would be lots of fun! Was it weird having the cameras in the car?

  65. What a great opportunity for you! I’m so happy for you 🙂

  66. This is so cool! Congratulations!

  67. That is awesome. I’ll head over and watch the segment!!!

  68. Oh my gosh, we have a “stah” in our presence! You did great. Loved the video. Seems like it would be a great product to have especially with road trips and vacations.

  69. that is so cool that you got to do that! how neat to have a big camera in your face like that!

  70. What a cool opportunity! I’ve always loved being on TV and on the radio, but I’m surprised at how many people don’t like it. Glad you got this fun chance!

  71. That is so cool! I watch this channel myself! WTG

  72. That is so awesome!

  73. What an incredibly cool experience! I would be way too shy to do something like that. I’m all sociable behind my computer screen, but get me in front of a camera and I sound like a spazz. You did great!

  74. How fun. I wonder if the cameraman felt odd being filmed. You probably had as many cameras rolling on them as they had on you. LOL

  75. What a fun experience to take part in. Love this, I enjoy seeing more bloggers getting out there in the media spotlight!

  76. That is crazy awesome!!! You look as cool as a cucumber too! I would have been a complete nervous disaster!

  77. That is soooo cool! I wish I could do something like that for my local news 🙂

  78. Wow! You’re a celebrity! 🙂 What a cool action to do a live product review.

  79. That is just so cool! I need one of those for my van too!

  80. 1st off I want to say those pics of you are gorgeous. maybe its the sunshine or bright pink but you look super young. Looks like you had lots of fun

  81. That is so awesome! I’m going to see if I can find this in my local store. I really like it. My husband is constantly driving and I know that this would really come in handy for him. I love that it has an affordable price.

  82. So cool! I think I remember you posting one of these pics on Instagram, no? Heading over to watch the segment now!

  83. OMG! What a great review for the Grip Go! Nice to know it works…checking out Amazon to buy one.

  84. What an exciting opportunity! You rocked it.

  85. What an awesome opportunity! I would definitely find this device handy .

  86. What fun to get to do this! Way to go!

  87. Girl how exciting, I knew you’d be famous one day. Great tool/gadget too.. 🙂

  88. Wow! I was so impressed at how well that the GripGo was able to hold your smartphone! This product is amazing! Was cracking up when you guys suggested that that the GripGo could be used for holding a cheeseburger! lol Too funny! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  89. CONGRATULATIONS! Looks Like A Great Gadget I Must Get One!!

  90. Oh my goodness. How exciting. You dont look nervous at all. I have to see if I can catch your segment here in NYC. Congrats on being on the news!

  91. That is so much fun, and such an awesome idea for a segment!

  92. Awesome! I’d be so nervous, but it’s such a great opportunity! Especially to represent bloggers as a whole!

  93. That’s so great that you got your first segment on TV – especially with a channel that you already watch! You did great!

  94. This sounds like a fun thing today. It is nice to get to see how other people do their job and how it compares to your own.

  95. What a cool opportunity. Congrats on your first news segment! The first of many, I predict 🙂

  96. OMGosh HOW FUN! I bet you had a blast doing this, congrats!

  97. That is so awesome! great job

  98. Oh how fun!! You did such a great job– and not camera shy at all. But what a nifty little device as well!

  99. How much fun that must have been, to spend the day doing a video shoot! Well done 🙂

  100. You rocked that segment for sure! It was so fun to watch. Now it’s even more fun to see the behind the scenes of making it!

  101. This is awesome! And you look amazing!

  102. It’s still the neatest thing!!! And It’s nice to “meet” you via video LOL

  103. That is something I can probably never do since I’m terribly shy. However, that is so awesome for you!!! 🙂

  104. I dream of one day being contacted by the local news for my blogging skills! Haha. Love that you were picked.

  105. Wow! Good for you! Wish we had the actual video clip! I’m sure you did great though!

  106. I just watched the video! What a fun experience!

    Looks like a great product … hopefully they let you keep it 🙂

  107. That is too cool! Were you nervous having a camera crew in your house? I would be going nuts wondering if I cleaned up enough lol