Jul 272016

Small Disclosure

Back when I was a kid, there was no such thing as a “tween”.  You were a kid or you were a teenager.  That was it.  Somewhere along the line the “tween” thing happened and guys, it’s legit.  Kids between the ages of 10 and 12 fall into the “tween” category because they are too old to be considered a kid, but too young to be considered a teen. My oldest son is going to be 12 next week (wait, WHAT??) and this mama is struggling to come up with awesome birthday gift ideas.


You might be thinking that a kid who’s not really a kid or a teenager should be fairly easy to buy for, but trust me on this – it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a while. He’s too old for toys and too young for “teen” gifts.  I am thinking teens only get gift cards, but hey, I could be wrong.  I am not the mother of a teenager – yet, so I have never had to buy gifts for one.

Anyhow, I decided to head over to Groupon to see what kinds of gift ideas that I could round up for my son and I was very pleasantly surprised by the selection over there.  Seriously, they have thousands of products for sale and I came up with some really awesome ideas for my son’s birthday. I am seriously considering getting him a pair of Beats by Dre Mixr DJ Headphones because I think he’d really like them and I know he’d use them every single day.

Dr Dre

No matter what you are looking for, hop on over to Groupon Goods because they have everything from toys, to wine, to clothing, to electronics and everything in between.

How do you save money with Groupon?

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  1. When my friends son was a tween I used to buy him gift cards so he could be taken shopping with his parents to select appropriate “games” for his unit. Groupon was not around back then–or I might have been able to collaborate with his Mom and get the gift he wanted and she approved and saved a bunch of money as well as never having to hit the crowded stores!

  2. It’s good to know there’s a great go-to place like that where you can save AND get what you need. Also, I hear you on the tween age…it’s tough!

    • It really is. They are out of the toy stage and so picky on their clothes, it’s hard to find the perfect gift for tweens!

  3. We love Groupon! They always help us save money on things we want to do or presents we want to buy for anyone in our family!

  4. Groupon is a great site! And buying for “tweens” is definitely challenging. I miss the days of going down the toy aisle and finding something that would be a good fit. I think the headphones would be a great idea for your son! (And then next year when he is a teen, you can get him a gift card to buy more music!)

  5. My friends and I love using Groupon to take our kids, & their friends, to restaurants & other fun places. Ps. Love the Beats headphones.

  6. I had no idea Groupon expanded into items now! I always thought they were just tickets and restaurant deals!

  7. Yes we love Groupon! I always find great deals!

  8. Groupon Goods has a lot of neat ideas. I also love the gift idea of giving tweens experiences which is what Groupon is all about!!

  9. Aaahhhh perfect. My son is entering the tween this year! Thank you

  10. I love using Groupon! It’s amazing how many deals there are!

  11. I didn’t even think to use Groupon for shopping. My sons birthdays are in August and I must start getting them something .. thinking a nice video camera and tripod as they have been very into recording videos together!

  12. I’ve gotten some great stuff through them and I check in from time to time to look at the offerings. Yeah, great gifting site too. 🙂

  13. I haven’t used Groupon at all. From all the great things that I am hearing, I need to go check them out.

  14. I have tween grandkids and… I love a good deal! It makes a gift go a whole lot further.

  15. That is such a tricky age to buy for and their interests change so quickly. I have used groupon for tickets but never buying product.

  16. Groupon is a great way to save money. I like to look for new deals every night after dinner.

  17. I never thought to try Groupon for birthday gifts. I have a tween in my life that can be hard to shop for.

  18. Groupon is such a wonderful site. I never really thought about getting gifts from there though. It is a really good idea. They always have great deals.

  19. My oldest just turned 8 and I agree that as they get older they become much more difficult to buy gift for. I’ve never thought to shop on groupon but that’s a great idea!

  20. I love shopping Groupon year ’round to find the best holiday gifts! Those headphones are pretty rad! I know my brothers would love them!

  21. I love to shop on Groupon. It is such a great place to buy gifts and save money at the same time!

  22. We love groupon here in my house. We’ve gotten tons of great deals, from food to bowling to even trapeze classes!

  23. I haven’t used Groupon in a while, but agree that they have some great deals like those Beats! My 12 year old would love a pair of those.

  24. Good to know where I can grab some unique Teenie gifts thanks for sharing Robin!

  25. I love groupon!!! I’m always finding awesome deals on there!

  26. So so so true! We’ve found some great gifts and things to do with Groupon!

  27. Groupon has so many deals. I like to check out what they have for travel and specials for the place I will be visiting.

  28. Allison is dying for a pair of those Beats headphones. I should snap up a pair from Groupon and stash them away for her birthday this year.

  29. I completely understand what you mean, tweens and teens can be hard to buy gifts for. They can be very picky and only want technology gifts.

  30. I always forget about Groupon when it comes to birthday gifts. I love Groupon. Going to check them out now. My daughter’s birthday is in less than two weeks….eeeekkkk

  31. I love using groupon for deals. And I especiallylikewhen they send me extra percentage off coupons to my email. I once got a 50% off code and used it on a dinner deal in vegas.

  32. My oldest grandson just turned 12 and you’re right – tweens are definitely a thing and they sure are hard to buy for. I really need to check out Groupon the next time I’m shopping for him.

  33. I LOVE these guys. First it was Groupon. Then they started Groupon Coupons. NOW they have Groupon Goods?! So cool.

  34. I rarely look at the Groupon emails that I get. Every once in a while something at the top catches my attention when it’s movie tickets but might need to look at the emails a little more closely.

  35. I am a huge love of Groupon in any form. I have bought so much from them and gotten great coupons.

  36. Headphones are a safe bet. Any one of my kids would love those and there are four of them, so there’s a big age difference between the oldest and youngest. 🙂 I like Groupon.

  37. Our puppy keeps destroying my daughter’s headphones. We need a new pair.

  38. My niece and nephew are not in their “Tween” years… ugh. This was helpful ! Def something they would enjoy having.

  39. I’ve gotten some great deals off of groupon. I love shopping there.

  40. I’m sure your son would love those Beats by Dre Mixr DJ Headphones! I love using Groupon. There’s always so many amazing deals <3

  41. My teen would love those Beats. A gift would be good to for fast food..

  42. Groupon is great for gifts. Once my husband got me a massage Groupon for my birthday. It was one of my favorite birthday presents.

  43. I should check this out too! Mica turns 11 August 10th. It gets harder to figure out what to get them as they age. Although Mica’s still into Lego sets – expensive ones though. He likes to read to. I’d love to get him a nice set of head phones, so he can listen to his Mine Craft videos in peace.

  44. I love shopping on Groupon!!! I know my tween would love these gift ideas, it can get harder to shop for them as they get older.

  45. Yes, buying for Tweens is so difficult. I have bought Groupons for my husband and myself. I never thought about using for Tweens. Great idea!

  46. I find that as soon as they hit 9 (especially boys) it starts to get hard to buy gifts for them, unless it’s video games. My sister buys Groupons for gifts all the time and they’re always great gifts.

  47. Groupon is such a resource for saving money! I just started using their coupons and LOVE! Thanks for the Groupon Goods reminder!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  48. These are great birthday ideas for a tween, I am so happy that Groupon has so much to offer us!

  49. Beats headphones are cool. I am glad Groupon helps to keep things in budget otherwise I wouldn’t be able to buy some of the things that I do.

  50. I think I had it easy with my daughter. She always liked clothes, so it was always a shopping trip for her birthday! Groupon is pretty awesome though, especially if you want to give “an experience.”

  51. I just love Groupon! They have some of the best deals on the web! And it is definitely great for birthday shopping!

  52. Well first of all, eek a tween! It’s a hard phase to go through but still so sweet to see your babies become so much more of themselves. Groupon sounds like an awesome resource for teens, but I’m going to hunt down a birthday gift for my dad too.

  53. What a handsome young boy! He’s going to love any gift coming from you

  54. Groupon is an amazing site! I hope he had a great birthday 🙂

  55. Wow. I’ve never thought about shopping for my 10-year-old on Groupon. I always use it to buy my airport parking when traveling. I’ll have to take a second look around the site.

  56. Wow, happy birthday to your son! 12 and 13 were tough years for me but looking back it was also the most amazing time. On one hand, you can still be a kid and have a little more responsibility, without the real job part..!

  57. Happy birthday to your boy!! He looks so handsome in that picture.

  58. I love Groupon. It’s a great site to find deals, great discount and great selection!

  59. A good friend of mine is asking me what to give to her nephew, I think I know now what to say to her. These are great stuff and I’m sure she’ll find an item best for her nephew!

  60. My son will surely like a new headset. Groupon is really helpful for our shopping convenience.

  61. Groupon is awesome! My oldest is DYING for these type of headphones. I will have to check out groupon to see if I can snatch them up for a good price!

  62. These are all fantastic ideas on what to get for tweens, while I don’t have kids I know many who will love to use Groupon to shop for their tweens and I am thinking I see some items even I would enjoy!

  63. I love Groupon and I was able to score some awesome deals from it.

  64. My oldest son is turning 12 this year too. The thought of the teen years being so close is scaring me. (Especially since little brother is just 14 months behind.) What a great gift!

  65. I’m with you on that one. They’ve got a label for everything these days and it’s hard to keep up!

  66. I love Groupons, they have so many wonderful deals. I can’t wait for my son to be a tween.

  67. Groupon is an awesome idea for gift buying. I have birthdays and graduations coming up this year so I’ll keep this in mind.

  68. Ah yes, I have a tween myself and I’ve been asking him what he wants instead because I can’t always seem to figure out haha. Happy Birthday to your son!

  69. I will check Groupon and hope we have this in our place. It would be so nice to shop for a tween.

  70. I just used groupon to treat myself to a mani/pedi. The site really does offer a great array of products and services. Those headphones are a great gift.

  71. Shopping for “tweens” can be very difficult! I have never used Groupon for gifts but love the idea.

  72. I’m telling you I couldn’t get through all the birthdays without Groupon. It’s the only way I can save enough to justify all the spending I do, lol.

  73. It is funny how the word “tween” just popped up because it was just a kid or a teen when we were kids. Tweens are indeed hard to shop for but these Beats by Dre Mixr DJ would make a great gift idea. I won’t mind having a pair for myself at that price either. Thanks for sharing this awesome gift idea.

  74. I think the ‘tween’ thing is definitely something that came about in recent years because I was never called a tween at that age. But yes very hard to buy for!

  75. I love groupon! I can’t live without that website. I have gotten deals on spray tans, and even renting vespas here in Miami. My next big purchase with groupon, I hope it is a getaway. I would really love to take advantage of the great deals that website has!

  76. Time flies doesn’ty it. Next thing you know, you have a teen at home. MIne falls on tween still but I tell you, it feels like a have a teen already lol.

  77. My sister is going to celebrate her birthday. I will check Groupon, she will surely love to receive a nice gift.

  78. These are great gift ideas! Love Groupon and that you can save so much on great gifts.

  79. This is nice. I shop with Groupons because they have the best deals and best gift ideas.

  80. Groupon is the best! I love their travel deals, I booked a trip to Greece for next spring – 8 days and only $850!

  81. Dadgum! Those beats look perfect! I love Groupon! I love finding good deals and sometimes they even have sundries in bulk which is perfect!

  82. I love Groupon. I always check out the restaurant deals and other promotions. Great site

  83. Groupons help a lot when it comes to decisions. I would mostly just rely on my own affiliate discount with some sites but when it comes to saving I think coupons helps a lot for my budget especially if it’s a big one.

  84. First of all I can’t live my life without Groupon. Second, I love all the choices! Tweens are hard to buy for- great post!

  85. I haven’t ever tried out Groupon, but I have heard a lot of great things about it. I might try and get some Christmas shopping done on their this year.

  86. Advance Birthday wishes to your tween! I love Groupon so much & have been using their coupons for long as they come up with some great deals that helps in saving money. The Headphone sounds good with a nice deal & I am going to check Groupon Goods for more!

  87. I love going through groupon for anything. They have everything and at discounted price too. Advance birthday wishes to your tween!

  88. I love groupon as always! You can save a lot of money with groupons.

  89. My niece is 12 and groupon is my one stop shop! They have almost everything and it’s so affordable!

  90. Hope you’re hangin’ in there with the terrible tweens! I just remember what a terror I was to my mama! (oops!) I’ve used Groupon Goods before, as it’s a great way to save money! It’s important to shop ‘smart’ because we all know kids lose everything anyway!!

  91. I haven’t had to purchase a Gift for a Tween but it could be hard but like you I would like to check out Groupon as it would make my Christmas Shopping so much easier and also allow me to save money.