Aug 222016
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Last week I headed up to the Merrimack Premium Outlets to spend the day shopping so that I could stock up on all the back-to-school essentials that my kids will need this fall!

Merrimack Premium Outlets is an outdoor shopping center located 35 miles northwest of Boston and easily accessible off Exit 10 of Everett Turnpike (RT 3 from Boston). They have over 100 stores and in New Hampshire, you can enjoy tax free shopping at stores like Banana Republic, Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store, Coach, Elie Tahari, J.Crew, Michael Kors, Nautica, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Tommy Hilfiger and more all at saving of 25%-65% everyday.

My 12 year old will only wear Under Armour clothing these days so I was happy to see that they had an Under Armour outlet there. My little guy is into Nike, so I was wicked happy that I could get lots of great clothing for my boys for back to school at discounted prices.


For the 2016 back to school season, Simon is encouraging shoppers to ‘find your style’ while reflecting on your past first days of school and the outfits that were the height of fashion in the 80’s and 90’s.

Check out their video to learn more:

If you would like a chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree, share your most memorable back-to-school photos using the hashtag #TBTBTS (Throwback Thursday – Back To Simon) on your social media channels.

Merrimack Premium Outlets has an extensive and unique retail mix for both moms and kids – and remember, they offer an extraordinary savings of 25% – 65% off every day. For a full listing of stores please click here.


The Merrimack Premium Outlets® are located at 80 Premium Outlets Blvd, Merrimack, NH 03054-4766. They are open Monday to Saturday 10am – 9pm and Sunday 10am – 8pm.

**Disclosure:  I was provided with a gift card to facilitate my shopping spree.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  70 Responses to “Find Your Style with Back To School, Back To Simon at Merrimack Premium Outlets #TBTBTS”

  1. So far my boys still wear a variety. I do love both the brands that they get into though. It looks like the perfect place to shop.

  2. I love outlet shopping, can always find something… even if it’s something you didn’t know you needed!

  3. Outlet stores are the absolute best! I have never saved as much money on awesome brands than I have at outlet stores. Simon Merrimack sounds great.

  4. Oh my goodness, I remember hitting the outlets with my Dad every year for my Back-to-school shopping. We always found amazing deals. I love some great outlet shopping 🙂

  5. That’s a little too far for me to get to it LOL. But we do have a bunch of these stores out by us too and I would love to check them out.

  6. I absolutely love shopping at the outlets for back to school and clothes in general. I am so excited to get some new fall clothes!

  7. My teen is into Nike also. He has to have the Nike socks so this place would be good for me.

  8. Outlet malls are great. There is such a variety but my son’s favorite will always be Under Armour.

  9. I like those saving percentages and tax free shopping sounds good too. $5,000 gift card? wow I’m gonna enter than right away.

  10. Sounds like I have to experience outlets lol I don’t think I’ve ever shopped in them. Thanks!

  11. We love to shop at Outlet malls!!! We hit one buy us for back to school shopping and were able to get in on a lot of killer deals!

  12. We have an outlet mall near our home and they have such great deals! It is the best place for back to school shopping!

  13. We love our outlets. I’m going to check that one out when I’m up there next!

  14. Back to school shopping is never easy especially if you’re going to shop for boys! There are very little choices that they like and they normally just prefer one brand. I think this is great, you have a lot of outlets to choose from!

  15. I always love outlet stores. We used to shop at them for back to school every year.

  16. Nothing like an outlet mall for stretching your clothing dollar. I love to go but I avoid tax free weekend! Yikes!

  17. ALL my daughter wears is Under Armour I swear! It is a good thing for the outlets because it gets costly!

  18. I love shopping at outlet stores! My mom and I used to go outlet shopping all the time when I was younger.

  19. I really like outlets because I always end up with awesome and cheap products I didnt even know I needed, and never regret it haha

  20. Outlets are a great place to go back to school shopping. I alway get great finds whenever I take a trip to the outlets.

  21. I love shopping at Merrimack! I always hit the White House Black Market outlet first and then head to Cole Haan and the Bare Minerals outlet. If I have money, I peruse the rest of the outlets! 🙂

  22. We lived in New Hampshire for almost two years back in the day. If these were there then I would have totally gone to check them out.

  23. Back to school shopping is one of my favorite things! Thank for these tips!!

  24. I love shopping at outlets. There are a few in Orlando that we went to regularly while we lived there. So many great deals and savings!

  25. I love outlets! They’re the best places to do some shopping. You have a ton of stores all in the same area. It’s great!

  26. I always find the best deals at the outlets! What a fun shopping spree, glad this outlet mall had the stores you needed

  27. Outlet shopping is the best. The kids love the brand names. I love the prices!!

  28. These types of outlets are so worth it. You’ve listed such great brands (J. Crew, especially!) and the price tag won’t make your go into heavy breathing and nervousness. I love shopping at outlets!

  29. My boys are still young enough that they don’t care about brands. I still like buying name brands when I can, for the quality. I like shopping at outlet stores since you can usually get better deals at them.

  30. I remember our outlet shopping times. It was always crazy but my kids loved what they got.

  31. We have outlets by us and they were packed last week with back to school shoppers! They must have found some great deals

  32. My husband and son love Under Armour clothing. They buy it all the time. Great quality

  33. I love shopping at outlets! The savings are amazing and it’s like a little treasure hunt. I will have to check out the Merrimack Premium Outlets too.

  34. I don’t live anywhere near Boston, but that looks like a great Outlet to shop at for back to school. We are big fans of getting good deals on back to school stuff.

  35. Oh, I love shopping at outlets. I will check the nearest outlet shop in our place to see what am I missing.

  36. Looks like the perfect place to do some back to school clothes shopping for boys! Good to know that they have a lot of brands that boys like, they are so difficult to shop for!

  37. I think this is great! There are plenty of options for boys in this place and it’s what normally keeps the back to school shopping easier for us moms. I would love to take the kids here! Huge savings is at store.

  38. Oh, I want to go there. Outlet stores are perfect for back to school because of the many savings you can have!

  39. Outlet shopping s the best, it is amazing the bargains you can find from time to time if you just look enough 🙂 x

  40. Nice shopping experienced! I love shopping at outlet stores but the nearest is 2 hours away from home.

  41. Outlet mall shopping is great. Son was able to get his entire school wardrobe at an outlet mall.

  42. You had me at “outlet mall” LOL My kids would love the Under Armour outlet and the Nike outlet!

  43. My boys only wear Under Armor too. Even down to their underwear! I just went to our outlets last week to stock up.

  44. Under armor and Nike is all that my son wearing. Totally stocking up for back to school.

  45. Those pre-teens sure want what they want, don’t they? The outlets are such a great way to save while still pleasing the kids.

  46. My son would seriously go gaga and I think he would want to move in! We love outlet shopping and getting the most bang for our buck!

  47. Those are awesome and reliable brands. I’m actually addicted to shopping anything Under Armour…lol! Thanks for sharing!

  48. We have a trip in an outlet store near our place and it was awesome!

  49. Outlets can be a great way to save money when you’re shopping, especially if you catch them on an additional sale day!

  50. I wish I could afford UA and Nike for my kids but unfortunately, we have to stick to some off brands for now. I love these brands though!

  51. We have an outlet near us! I did all my back to school shopping there!!!

  52. I love outlets and this one seems awesome. It’s great for kiddos back to school and sports stuff.

  53. I am going to have to go dig for a picture to enter…it’s not gonna be pretty!!! Lol
    Crazy how styles change 🙂

  54. It’s really hard to find style that fits to my son, I’m really glad to see those store.

  55. My kids only want to wear Under Armour, too. My oldest has to wear a uniform that year, so that’s changing our shopping a bit. Outlet shopping saves us!

  56. Who has time to go from one place to another? These outlets sound awesome for getting all of your favorites in one stop.

  57. I haven’t been to the outlets in a long time. Maybe I’ll check them out sometime soon.

  58. I love shopping in a place where i could buy my and my boys’ needs in place. Saves time and energy.

  59. I hear you on the Under Armour, my youngest daughter is obsessed with them. What a great outlet and the deals sound awesome

  60. I do love our local outlets. You can always get a deal! Perfect for back to school.

  61. Interesting concept, kids here in the UK wear school uniforms. These sort of retail outlets are a fantastic idea, with everything at hand.

  62. I love outlet shopping, you can always find great deals. The Merrimack Premium Outlets looks like a really nice center, I wish we had something like this closer to me.

  63. I love outlet malls! Sadly the closet one to us is about 2 hours away. I would love to have one closer!

  64. I always love shopping outlets. They have the best deals for back to school clothing!

  65. I love these brands! Shopping outlets are my favorite place to go to shop. Especially since ours is next to the lake!

  66. Good for you Robin, Glad your kids got what they needed and like for school!

  67. I love outlet shopping and I love these brands! thanks for sharing.

  68. I miss going shopping at outlets. Living in the boonies makes it hard to go out for shopping.

  69. Outlet stores are always a great choice for BTS shopping!!

  70. Absolutely love outlet mall shopping! Happy you got so many great deals there!