Jun 262014

Fire Cracker Marshmallow Pops #Recipe

Are you looking for a fun, festive treat for your 4th of July cookouts?  Look no further.  These Fire Cracker Marshmallow Pops are sure to be a big hit with kids and adults alike!

Fire Cracker Marshmallow Pops



Popping Candy (any color)

Lolly Pop/Cake Pop Sticks or Straws

Moist Paper Towel

Fire Cracker Marshmallow Pops


Fold Paper towel in half twice and dampen. It needs to be wet but not dripping.

On a small plate sprinkle a small amount of the popping candy so it is spread out.

Place Marshmallow on end of a Stick/Straw.

Roll the Marshmallow back and forth on the damp paper towel and dab the top of the Marshmallow just enough so it is sticky.

Roll the now tacky Marshmallow on the Popping Candy on its side and press lightly with the top to cover the Marshmallow.

Place upright in a jar or can.

Serve soon. The Popping candy is very hydroscopic and the higher the humidity is the faster it turns gooey and loses it POP.


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  1. This looks cute – I’ll have to try this with my boys.

  2. I love it because I love the popping candy

  3. Those are so cute and perfect for the 4th!!

  4. Very cute. The kids would love those!

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  17. This is a fun, pow of a treat!! I used to love pop rocks! Haven’t thought about them in years! Thanks!!!!

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    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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    I’ll even have one myself. (like there was any doubt I eat mouthfulls of those things right with them. I am actual 12 year old. ha)

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