Jul 152013

Hi Masshole Mommy readers! Chris here again with the followup from my practical jokes in the fire department guest blog last week.

If you read my last post, you are already familiar with some of the practical jokes that I played on other people. Today I will tell you some of the jokes that were played on me for payback.

Remember the guy with the nicotine patches?  That guy payed me back by taking my bicycle completely apart.  Every single screw and nut was left in a pile at the bike rack for me.  I am pretty sure some parts are still missing, but it still works.

I also have had the superman symbol spray painted on my chest.  It took 11 guys to hold me down, but they did it.

One time when I just gotten off of a 24 hour shift, I found my room completely rearranged.  That one was mostly my fault, though.  When a buddy of mine asked for the keys to my room because he asked to borrow my Britney Spears CD, I should had known something was fishy.

Also I had gallons of water dropped on me from the fire department roof.  I realize it doesn’t sound bad, but it was in South Dakota and it was 2 degrees at the time.

Another good was was when I had my front door covered in saran wrap and then when I went to run through it, I came to find out that it was covered in Vaseline.

Now all this was in good fun and most of the time it was done in revenge for practical jokes I played on other people first.   Be sure to look for my next guest blog where I will tell you about all the jokes we played on Probies (brand new firefighters).  You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff these guys fall for.

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Christian is married to Masshole Mommy. A Massachusetts native, he's happy to still be living here, but he also enjoyed living in several states & two other countries during his 20 years in the Air Force. These days, in addition to being a retired Air Force firefighter, he works for our fine government as an accountant. Chris loves movies, reading, comedy and spending time with his family.

  19 Responses to “Firehouse Pranks”

  1. Wow. You have to be a really good sport to deal with those….I suppose if you dish it out, ya gotta be able to take it! touche! The last two must have been miserable!

  2. I knew the term Probies from Dennis Leary’s Rescue Me (sorry, but loved the show back in the day) and can’t wait to hear for the stuff they fell for!! 🙂

  3. I am a reform man now no more jokes

  4. Lots of time and effort went into taking the entire bicycle apart, lolol!!

  5. At least they got you back for the ones you played on them 🙂 It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun pulling pranks on each other!

  6. You totally deserved every bit of this! Ha!!!

  7. Oh lord the bicycle in a pile that would had me in tears laughing so hard. Payback really can be a b huh 🙂

  8. I work with men and am surrounded by them day in and day out, and I’ve seen my fair share of pranks being pulled. Love the saran wrap prank, that classic never gets old!

  9. You guys take your jokes seriously over there, that’s some hard core stuff! I love it!

  10. I like the first joke played on you! At least you can look back on those things and laugh.

  11. guys love to play jokes. i never got the fun out of playing pranks, but planning them i love. i’m weird, hehe.

  12. Better your door covered in saran wrap and not your toilet.

  13. So glad you have a great sense of humor! Those are great pranks though!

  14. Those are some good pranks! I love the bike one. That must have took some time for him to do!

  15. The nicotine patch guy got some good revenge on you! I can’t imagine the shock of seeing your bike all disassembled like that!

  16. Brrr with the water! And the Superman logo sounds fun!

  17. Taking apart an entire bicycle must have been fueled by some serious angst/rage!

  18. BAHAHAHAH Vaseline!