Nov 012011
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As a blogger I love it when people actually take the time to read my posts.  When I first started writing, I knew exactly where I wanted to take my blog and I’m lucky that so far it’s been playing out the way I had hoped it would.  But we all know that part of getting people to come over to read your blog is to stop by other people’s blogs & leave them a comment to let them know you were there.  I have my regular blogs that I read daily, but in addition to that, I read through tons of  other blogs.  I’m not saying that my blog is the best blog ever (well ok, I think it is), but if you’re wondering why I’ve stopped visiting your site, this is probably why:

1. Your posts are too long.  I get that you may have a great story to tell, but if it takes me longer than three minutes to read it – I’m not going to.  I’m sorry, but I’m busy and I don’t have all day to read a novel play by play recap of your niece’s dance recital.  I understand that sometimes you have a lot to say, but maybe consider splitting the content into two posts (or more if needed) so as not to bore the reader?   My rule of thumb is 500 words or less per post.

2.  Your posts are filled with spelling & grammatical mistakes.  Anyone who’s a regular here knows that I am a stickler when it comes to using proper English (see my previous rants on this topic here and here).  Now, I totally get that an occasional typo can occur – we’re all human, right?  But I’ve seen some posts out there that are so unintelligible , it would make you wonder how they ever made it out of the fifth grade.  Seriously.  If I end up on your page and there are multiple typos, run on sentences or lack of punctuation marks – there’s a good chance I’ll never be back.

3.  There are too many ads.  I’m talking about those distracting ones that talk to me, blink at me or worse – pop up right smack dab in the middle of the screen while I’m trying to read your post.  It’s annoying and if you’re looking to drive me away – that’s a sure fire way to do it.    I understand many people use blogging as a way to make money and I’ve made money blogging myself, but in my opinion – less is more.  Either that, or maybe only accept ads based on the fact that the distracting ones will drive away traffic.

4.  The fonts or colors you have are hard to read.    You can be the best writer on earth, but if your text color doesn’t contrast enough or contrasts too much with the background, it’s going to give me a headache trying to read it.  Therefore, I will be avoiding your blog like the plague.

5.  Your blog titles make me yawn.  If there isn’t some kind of catchy title,  chances are you aren’t going to reel me in.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.

Yes, I know some of this probably isn’t going to go over well, so let me have it…..

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  38 Responses to “Five Reasons I Won’t Read Your Blog”

  1. Great reasons especially the GRAMMAR!!!

  2. OMG! If there’s music….instant click away for me. I loathe it.

  3. Pretty much all of these will make me fly-by. I am also tired of reposts, from big recipe sites & Disney. I am not talking about round-ups, more the straight up cut & paste things I see on 5 different blogs in one day.

    Oh, and the infographics are getting old fast too. At least write a paragraph about the topic before pasting the dang thing up.

    You got me going…lol

  4. I agree on all of these AND the music…gawd the music that plays when I click on a site – or the videos that begin when you click over, or poor navigation, or if you make it SO DIFFICULT to comment that I have to give up my first born. That is super annoying.

  5. oops i think i see my mistake 😉

  6. Agree100%!!

  7. Agreed. I am with you on the grammar errors. It drives me crazy that people don’t pay attention to spelling anymore in emails.

  8. No arguments here. I totally agree with this list.

  9. Stopping by from the blog hop! For me, I would have exit reasons would be music and *BORING* 🙂

  10. I totally agree! I CAN’T STAND when there’s grammar errors, that’s an instant turn off for me. Thanks for the post and gentle reminder of things that turn people off.

  11. With as many entertaining and thought-provoking blogs as there are, I stick with the folks who have a point of view.

    I will not read about the dance recital or how many diapers you changed in a day unless there’s a funny way you are telling the story or some other substanative content.

    I’ve got my own boring life to live…don’t need to read about someone else’s.

  12. Those are some good reasons 🙂 I HATE when ads pop up right when I’m reading. If posts are too long I look over it quick. I’m guilty of some typos though… >.<

  13. The worst are those ads that scroll with you – so they never go away!!!

  14. …LOL and after reading your post and commenting, I just returned to the computer and read my own comment. Grammar errors, hello! Song in my head, “…and isn’t it ironic?”
    It’s not that I don’t know better, it’s more like I’m always rushing and have a tendency to overlook (lack of proof reading) :\

  15. hurray! GReat reasons. I also HATE music in the background playing on your blog…Not YOUR blog mind you but others.
    And also short blog posts are AWESOME like you said…And PICTURES are GREAT….And every now and then throw in a video…I wanna see you LIVE too!!!
    Did you dress up for Halloween yesterday?
    And YES I read your post…:)

  16. Agreed, agreed! Also music, like others have commented. And don’t forget awful fonts. The best part of typed text is not need to decipher handwriting, so why on earth would anyone use a text that looks like, um, handwriting?

  17. Here’s the biggest thing that will turn me off from reading a blog–you’re not blogging at all, you’re just republishing crap you found somewhere else & that’s all you do. I miss when blogging was actually about writing. Obviously if people want to publish that stuff on their blog, that’s up to them, but I’m not going to keep reading. If I want to see a Family Circus comic (& I don’t), I’ll go to the Family Circus website.

  18. Great tips!!! And I feel the same way when reading blogs as well. =) Good post!

  19. SOOOOOO agree with you!! I only read long posts if it’s someone I know well and even then, sometimes I skim. I try to keep my posts short..and if there is something that just can’t be short, I try to break it up into 2 or 3 installments.

  20. Agree with all. I am also sick of that damn couple that went to St. Lucia that keeps popping up on several blogs. And if there’s music – I am OUT!

  21. I agree with most of these, but now fear I may be guilty of #1. I don’t mind how long a post is if it is amusing or has captured me in some other way. I need something to distract me on the elliptical and the less clicking around the better…for fear I may fall off! 🙂

  22. I HATE the ads. They make me a bit crazy actually. They take forever to load, and then get in the way while I’m trying to read.

    And since I’m already postal, I need no extra help in the crazy department.

  23. That’s why I like adblock on firefox. I can get rid of whatever ads I want.. especially the talking video ads that crash my computer.

  24. Stopping by from STT… #3 for SURE! Also, the auto-music. I can not stand being assaulted by God knows what when I open a blog.

    Jamie @ Mama.Mommy.Mom.
    My Post

  25. AD’s drive me insane…I’m horrible with grammar and spelling, but not enough to turn you off…There is spell check on the post thing! I use it…

    If some one writes a novel I’ll scroll to the bottom and if I read something at the end that is worth reading, then I will take the time to read the whole thing 🙂

    The black background blogs that have white writing….Yeah, I don’t follow them! It hurts my eyes and it’s SOO hard to read!!

  26. No arguments here!
    I lose my shiz if I see a mistake on mine, but at least I have control over that. Others? Gaaa.

    The font thing grates me to no end – might be because I’m a graphic designer, but still – let’s go easy on the eyes and stick to Arial, Veranda or Times (or whathaveyou) for body copy, KTXBYE 😉


  27. I’m definitely with you on number one! I don’t have all day to read posts, so I need to get through, catch up and get on! And I’m like everyone else with the music. I don’t need the music. I usually end up turning it down though, not leaving. Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax hop this past weekend! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  28. Fonts, music, spelling/punctuation errors (run-on sentences?? DIE), etc. YES. Or if I have to know your whole entire life story and the nicknames you’ve made up for all your kids to understand your post… I do write a long post once in a while, but when I do it’s for my own documenting purposes, not for everyone else’s entertainment. 😉 That way I can look back and not forget a single detail! Blogging should be a record-keeping thing as well, I think.

  29. Uh yes to all of these. I know that I make errors sometimes on spelling and grammar but I am usually up way past my bedtime writing these posts and I end up rereading them in the morning after they are posted and I fix the mistakes. Those are the keywords: I fix the mistakes. The music thing drives me wacko too along with CAPTCHAS. There are a few blogs that I will still read that have them but i am less likely to comment if they are there.

  30. Interesting post! I’m sure I’m guilty of a lot of these especially the boring post titles. I have a hard time coming up with something catchy so I tend to go with straight to the point.

    I found your blog through Stumble Tumble Tuesday and stumbled your post. Mine is at

  31. Great post. I’m guilty of No. 1. Sometimes mine are too long. I’ll work on that. Sometimes they need to be, sometimes not. I don’t mind reading a long post if it captures my attention. What I can’t stand is when it is difficult to comment.

  32. If the post isn’t short and snappy, I doubt I’ll read it. It has to be REALLY interesting for me to read it.

  33. Typoes drive me crazy … grrrr!

  34. You really make some points here that I can only agree with. I have a difficult enough time trying to schedule my own blogging into my day, let alone trying to manage the distractions of all the great blogs out there. I, too, find myself to be a bit of a stickler for good grammar, correct punctuation and all around decent flow. If I have to continuously re-read parts of the post just to understand their meaning, I’ll end up going somewhere else to get my read on.

    Another total deal breaker for me? Commenting on my blog with a comment that screams that you didn’t read the post, doesn’t comment towards the discussion, but then expects me to visit theirs and comment. Nope…not doing it.

    Stumbling by from the Stumble Tumble Tuesday Hop. My post is

  35. Honestly for me it’s the music. I only read one blog that has music and that is because she’s a friend. I can’t stand it! Horrible spelling/grammar sets me off too though.

  36. The music is the most annoying to me.

  37. Good points, however I live by

    ” You can’t please everyone, and you can’t make everyone like you. ”
    ~  Katie Couric quotes