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Many of you know that I volunteer in my son’s 3rd grade class. It’s one of the most rewarding things I do and I truly love spending time with all the kids. I am at the school two mornings a week and they are the highlight of my week.

My son is in a pretty small class (18 kids including my son), which makes it even better. If you’ve been around here for a while you know about our struggle to get him diagnosed with ADD, but once we did he got placed in an inclusion classroom – and it was one of the best things that’s ever happened to him. He’s having the best school year he’s ever had and a BIG part of that is his teacher, the classroom aide and the awesome kids in his class.

But I digress…..

On the days I go in to the school, I arrive about 9 am. When I get there the kids are usually working on their “morning work” which is either a math worksheet, a writing assignment or sometimes it’s a puzzle. The other day when I was there, the kids were working on a puzzle. It was a winter themed word scramble and as I was helping some of the kids figure out the words, I thought to myself “I should make one for St. Patrick’s Day”.

So that’s what I did.

You can download yours here (and don’t worry – it will print out on a full sized sheet of paper).

It’s a fun way to keep the kids busy for a little while and my boys both loved working on theirs.

I didn’t put them on the printable because I thought the words were relatively easy, but in case you need some help, here are the answers:

March           Irish
Shamrock    gold
parade         clover
rainbow        luck
leprechaun   pot
green           saint

If you print out my free St. Patrick’s Day word scramble and give it to the kids, please let me know how they like it.

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  100 Responses to “Free St. Patrick’s Day Word Scramble Printable”

  1. I have a third grader. I’ll print this, and give it to him. I bet he’ll love it.

  2. I love that! Things like this are great for exercising little minds and keeping them entertained at the same time.

  3. That’s really cute. My kids have always loved word scrambles. They’re a lot of fun, and they keep kids occupied when they’d otherwise be bored and horrid.

  4. HA! I love word scrambles but can I say that the first one I got wrong because I said “charm” – I think I had lucky charms on my mind

  5. Word scrambles are great. They fun to do and they keep the old noodle noddling. I love this.

  6. I love word games, so funny I thought the first one was charm too. I love playing them when I’m waiting at the doctors office or on the train.

  7. I haven’t done one of these in forever! Very cute though! If my son was older, I’m sure he would love it!

  8. That’s a great printable! I’m sure my kids would have loved doing these when they were younger!

  9. I COMPLETELY forgot about this holiday – ha ha ha! I probably will not be celebrating….. But I know lots of people who will take advantage!

  10. I love printable and this word scramble is fun. Yes I had to stop and do it before continuing on reading. Thinking to print this out and have it for one of our fun games after dinner one night. While drinking some mint green shakes.

  11. What a fun fun idea! I can’t wait to print this out and share it with my kids.

  12. I love incorporating fun holiday stuff in an educational way. My kids are too young for this but really cute!

  13. This would make a really a nice game for St. Patrick day. It can be challenging and educational.

  14. Awe I’m sure your kiddos loved doing these! And I’m sure there are lots of mamas that could use these printables!

  15. My kid it was off for spring break so I’m trying to think of creative things that he can do that do not involve the computer or video games. I think I might print this one off and let him play this game. It looks like something he would like.

  16. Those printables are awesome! It would really make good activities for the older children. Thank you for sharing them. I’m printing out a few and give them to my nieces. They’ll love it

  17. This is a really cute word scramble! I bet my girls would love to take this to school for a St Patrick’s Day party game!

  18. When I was a teacher my students thought that word scrambles and word searches were the greatest things ever. This is great.

  19. Word scrambles are always fun to solve. I did try those scrambles and to be honest I got stuck on some words. This is a really fun activity for kids and it also improves mental concentration and skills.

    • I got stuck on one word too. I kept trying to figure out what Sonic had to do with St. Patrick’s Day! Turns out the answer was coins.

  20. How fun is this?! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  21. My boys would love this. I will print this for them.

  22. I love things like this, it really works the brain to see outside the regular box! I got all but Shamrock and Irish

  23. I think it’s wonderful that you volunteer at your son’s school. My son was just diagnosed with severe OCD at the end of December. His teacher last year bullied him to a pulp so he’s scared of school as a whole – his current teacher is a gem but it’s hard for her to fully understand what it is he’s going through plus work with him and 19 other students.
    I like little printable activities like these – it keeps my son’s busy mind focused so thank you for sharing an Irish themed one!
    I truly hope that they can get a diagnosis for your son soon.

  24. It’s awesome that you volunteer at your son’s school. I was finally able to go to my son’s class and read on Dr. Suess Day, it made me realize that I need to get out there more often. Thank you for the printable!

  25. This is amazing. The kids will enjoy doing this word scramble. To be honest I thought the first word was “charm” not March…Guess it can be both 🙂

  26. This is so fun! I’ll have to print one out for my daughter.

  27. Oh fun! This is perfect for the big playdate I’m hosting. I’m always looking for fun (FREE!) things to do and I love how it is St. Patrick’s day themed.

  28. I’m becoming a fan of yours!!! I love your printable ideas. They’re cute, fun and at the same time they help kids learn something. Great job!

  29. My kids love word games so they’ll have a great time with this – thanks for creating it!

  30. Very nice and fun project for kids. I’ll admit that I was stuck on the Kdu until I seen your answers an noticed that it was a c l and not a d… must be my screen but I was thinking no way a 3rd grader is going to beat me…lol

  31. This is a great word scramble for kids. My kids used to love when they did these in school or even on road trips!

  32. We have Spring Break coming up and I will need some things for my girls to do as it is still a bit brisk outdoors here. This is perfect!

  33. This is one of my favorite indoor game. It’s very fun yet so challenging. There’s a lot of tricks to solve word scramble and it is perfect for brain exercise.

  34. Love this idea. Also, how great that your son only has 18 kids in his class! He must love that!

  35. This looks fun and interesting. It’s been a long while I played word scrabble. I’d like to experience st Patrick day.

  36. This is the perfect for the kids to work on St. Patrick’s Day morning. Little challenges like these are great.

  37. This is so fun. My kids love Word Scrambles.

  38. What a fun and educative project for kids! Absolutely a great post. Thanks for sharing.

  39. This is really helpful to keep my girls busy after their homework. Thanks for the activity.

  40. My kids always love when I come across fun printables. I keep forgetting about St. Patricks day…

  41. My kids always love when I come across fun printables. I keep forgetting about St. Patricks day…

  42. My kids love a word scramble. This printable is perfect for St. Patty’s Day. This is ideal for all those rainy days, when we can’t go outside.

  43. Word puzzles and word scrambles are always fun. It helps enhance a child’s vocabulary and spelling skills. I love the idea!

  44. I miss stuff like this from my teaching days the kids really loved them! And it’s way better than seeing them glued to a smartphone! 🙂

  45. Word scrambles are great for kids and adults love them too. I think it’s wonderful that you get to volunteer in your son’s class.

  46. I used to love these when I was younger. I’m going to print this out for my son.

  47. That is such an adorable St. Patrick’s Day printable. Bet that keeps the kids busy for quite awhile.

  48. This looks like a fun word scramble. I will have to print off some for the kids to work on.

  49. I am always looking for fun things like this to do. I will have to print a few copies for the kids.

  50. This is so cute! My daughter is I’m 2nd grade but she lives word scrambles. I’ll have to print this out for her. Glad your son is having a better school year!

  51. how fun! We never really do much for St. Patty’s day, but this could be something fun to do.

  52. I love word scrambles. They’re a great way to get the mind thinking and a good activity for kids, too. I’ll be sure to use this resource!

  53. We love word puzzles and games. I will print this out and share with the kids. I volunteered for many years in my daughter’s classroom. It was very rewarding to help and see who her classmates were as well. I was able to get to know them a bit better by being there.

  54. This is petty cool! I would love to things like this for my future children. Great way to learn while having fun.

  55. That is a great thing for the kids. I know some that would love to be entertained by this printable. I think this is really good to help them learn too.

  56. Fun printable! I will be sharing it with my teacher friends. Might be cute for the shower I am going to this weekend, too.

  57. Going to be using this, this is a great printable! We homes hooligans and I always like giving him holiday specific activities! Sharing to find later!

  58. Now that is quite awesome! It’s good to have activities that involve words and spelling for the kids. It’s good practice for them.

  59. That’s a great idea! It doesn’t just get them excited for St. Paddy’s Day, it will also help them with spelling and vocabulary! It’s a really simple activity for parents to set up for the kids! You just have to print them and that’s it! Awesome!

  60. Good idea! For sure the kids enjoyed it!

  61. These printables are great! So much fun not only for the kids but for us adults as well.

  62. This will be so fun! My son loves word puzzles. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  63. What a lovely idea for busy-work. Very creative of you, and I’m sure that the kids will have a blast figuring all of these out. Love it!

  64. Thank you for this.
    I will save it for my niece.
    Word puzzles are always so much fun.

  65. I love this printable! Going to print this for my kiddies!

  66. I am all about printables lately, so this will be printed for my kiddos! So much fun. I love that you volunteer at your LO’s school. I would love to do something like that as well, it would be so rewarding and I bet your little guy loves it!

  67. I just love word puzzles because it is such a fun way to get kids thinking in new and creative ways. These activities are always a fun way to celebrate holidays in the classroom.

  68. This is a great idea! My kids will surely enjoy this word scramble!

  69. Oh fun! My kids love these! I am going to print these out for my cub scouts to do tomorrow!

  70. What a fun way for the kiddies to celebrate St.Patrick’s day! I love a good word scramble!

  71. This is great for teachers! I have a friend who teaches high schoolers but she loves teaching the younger grades. I’ll def show her this! Thanks for sharing

  72. How fun! I love a good word scramble and so do my kiddos! Thanks for doing this for everyone!

  73. This word scramble looks like it will be perfect for teachers and kids. Or even moms who just want to do something festively fun with them.

  74. This is so great for kids! You are AWESOME for making this.

  75. This is such a cute and fun little St. Patty’s day game! I will have to print these and play with my kids!

  76. This is so much fun! My son loves word scrambles and mazes. I think holiday themed ones are awesome!

  77. This looks like it will be a blast! Going to print it out for my kids!

  78. This is such a fun idea! Is it weird that I want to print one out for myself? Haha!

  79. This sounds like a fun idea! To learn new words and a little bit more of St Paddy’s day through word scrambles.

  80. Thanks so much for sharing this fun printable! It is just the activity we need to add a little brainpower to St. Patrick’s Day.

  81. Thanks for sharing this! Co-incidentally, my friend is asking me for St. Patricks’s ideas. This is perfect!

  82. Wow thank you for sharing this. It is very cute and lovely. I will share this to my bestfriend who has a son that will definitely enjoy this!

  83. This is so cute! I loved word scrambles as a kid, heck I still do. Very cute printable!

  84. Oooo how fun is this?!?! I will have to print this out for my daughter!!! She would have a blast trying to figure these out!

  85. This is actually quite amazing!! I love it!!

  86. My son is a little too young for this but that’s a fun word scramble for the occasion. Good job Robin.

  87. This is adorable and makes a fun little game for the holiday. I plan on spending the day with my kids doing things like this with them.

  88. I love word scrambles! Perfect for the upcoming holiday

  89. This is so fun and perfect for my eight year old daughter!

  90. I love this!! My daughter is a bit too young and my son too old, but I have a nephew that will have a blast with this!

  91. I think I might make a variation on this for my wife, who was lucky enough to be born on St Patty’s Day. I’m looking for a cool way to really wow her this year.

  92. I love this! I’m printing these out for my kids to complete over the weekend — they’ll love them!

  93. Thanks for this. This would come in handy when I babysit my nieces.

  94. I love this kind of game. I will definitely be printing it. Thanks for sharing.

  95. What a cute little printable scramble! Glad to hear class inclusion is working for your family!

  96. When I first saw this, I couldn’t figure out the answers to your game. haha! Man, I hope the students got this!

  97. What a great idea this is. It is so creative.