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Froot Loops Waffles are a great way to make breakfast fun!

If you know me in real life, you know that brinner (breakfast for dinner) is pretty common around here. I am not sure if breakfast foods just taste better in the evening or I am too lazy to get super fancy with food first thing in the morning. Whatever the reason is, we have brinner at least once a week in my house. Sometimes I like to get creative with it and recently I made some Froot Loops Waffles. I had some Froot Loops left over from a recent road trip to our condo that weren’t getting eaten, so I figured this was a great way to use them up.

Froot Loops Waffles

Froot Loops Waffles are a great way to make breakfast fun!

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 cups of all-purpose flour
  • ¾ cup of crushed Froot Loops cereal
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 4 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1/3 cup of melted butter
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla (optional)

Here’s what you do:
1. Start by preheating your waffle iron.
2. Next crush up your Froot Loops. I crushed mine in a bowl, but when my husband makes them he does it in a Ziploc bag. Either way is fine.

Froot Loops Waffles are a great way to make breakfast fun!
3. In a large bowl, add in all of your dry ingredients and mix together.
4. In another bowl, whisk your wet ingredients together.
5. Add the wet ingredients to dry ingredients in the large bowl.

Froot Loops Waffles are a great way to make breakfast fun!
6. Scoop about a ¼ cup of the waffle mix onto your waffle iron and cook until waffles are done.

Froot Loops Waffles are a great way to make breakfast fun!

Froot Loops Waffles are a great way to make breakfast fun!

7. Top with your favorite syrup, fruit and whipped cream. Enjoy

Froot Loops Waffles are a great way to make breakfast fun!

These Froot Loops Waffles were such a hit, that I have decided to make other variations of cereal waffles in the very near future. Stay tuned for those recipes!

Froot Loops Waffles are a great way to make breakfast fun!

These Froot Loops Waffles were a definite hit in my house. I love that they are easy to make and there were no leftovers. Have you ever added cereal to your waffles?

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  45 Responses to “Froot Loops Waffles”

  1. Ahhh! That looks like a fruity, delicious breakfast feast! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a creative use of Froot Loops!

  2. This is brilliant! My son would love this if I made it for him! Thanks for the idea and the recipe. Plus I think smashing fruit loops would be fun!

  3. What a fun breakfast. I love how colorful and fun these waffles are. My kids are going to love the taste. They are Froot Loops fiends.

    • They’re so fun for kids, aren’t they? Perfect as a special treat for a holiday or birthday breakfast.

  4. What a fun recipe idea. I will have to buy Fruit Loops just to make these waffles, I am betting they are a fun recipe idea for kids’ breakfast too!

  5. Ooh, now that looks like a delicious breakfast or brinner idea! Now I want to bust out the waffle maker and whip up a batch or three.

  6. What a fun and fruity way to start the day! I know my kids would love to eat such a colorful creation.

  7. This is such a clever waffle treat! I think adding some extra flavor to our waffle breakfasts would be fun!

  8. My kids have loved Fruit Loops since they were really little. They would just love these Fruit Loops waffles!

  9. This is genius. What a great way to combine two of the best breakfast foods.

  10. Froot loops is one of our favorite cereals at home! There’s just something about it that makes it awesome. Love this recipe idea of yours!

  11. Two of the best breakfast choices together? Can’t go wrong with that! Great recipe thank you for sharing!

  12. The kids would be in love with these. All the colors would be the biggest draw!

  13. I am always looking for fun new breakfast ideas My Son will love this. I will have to make some this weekend.

  14. This is a nice variation to the usual breakfast waffle. My kids would love this. I will send the link to this post to my sister too. Her kids would love to wake up to a breakfast like this.

  15. This looks so fun! Kids will surely enjoy this for breakfast!

  16. Yum! These look so good! I saw these a while back on a YouTube video and wanted to make them but totally forgot! I’m glad you made them to remind me! Nom Nom!

  17. I love a good spin on breakfast food. These fruit loop waffles look fun especially for kids!

  18. These are a childhood’s dream! So making these for my kiddies!

  19. I love eating breakfast for dinner, especially during the winter time when it’s cold outside. Waffles are a big favorite at my house and the boys would flip over these Froot Loop Waffles. Who’s kidding? I’d love them too!

  20. Well this is a different take on waffles. This won’t work in my home but will share with my daughter. Sure the grandkids would love having these for breakfast.

  21. Oh yum! I would love these. My kids would too! I’ll have to make them the next time we have waffles, which is pretty often.

  22. I have never even thought about doing something like this on a waffle. What an interesting idea. It is definitely something that would be fun to do with the kids.

  23. I’ve never thought to add crushed cereal to batter like this. It opens up so many more recipe ideas!

  24. They look fun, my kids would go for them just by look. This is s great way to switch up on the traditional waffles.

  25. Froot Loop Waffles sound amazing!! I would love to make these for myself soon!! YUM!!

  26. This is such a unique idea! I love how fruity and colorful it makes the waffles. What a cute idea for a sleepover or a birthday breakfast.

  27. These look so delicious! My nieces would probably love these! I’ll share the link on fb.

  28. This is such a fun recipe. Breakfast can be challenging to please the kids but this sounds like a winner to me!

  29. I love waffles and froot loops so you can bet I’m gonna try this out! Looks so colourful and fun!

  30. We have a waffle maker and this will be so fun to make with my girls!! They would love this!

  31. That looks like confetti batter! I bet the fruit flavors are fun, too. I used to love to string them with popcorn for Christmas tree decorations.

  32. OMG these waffles look SOOO GOOD! I love fruit loops, that’s usually my go-to cereal, so I definitely should try this recipe! Thank you for sharing!

  33. We are big fans of breakfast for dinner in our house. I don’t know that I would’ve ever thought of putting fruit loops in my waffles.

  34. This was a really creative idea! I love the little speckles of color that the cereal gave the waffles and I bet the taste was fun too.

  35. It’s been a while since we had waffles. I never tried making a waffle from scratch though so thank you for this.

  36. How fun are these!! My daughter would love these for breakfast one morning, and I think I would too!

  37. I hate food going to waste so I try to use it up like this as well. You had a brilliant idea. They look delicious.

  38. What a cool idea! So colorful and I bet it tastes great too. My kids would love this as a treat, it would be fun to serve for a brunch!

  39. Those waffles look delicious. So colorful. The kids would love this. Who would have thought you could mix waffles and fruit loops in one amazing breakfast dish!

  40. I love breakfast for dinner. I’m not a big cereal fan so I’ve never thought off adding it to waffles, but it does sound intriguing. I’m always for giving a new recipe a try.

  41. WHAT! These look and sound incredible. I need to make these, just for myself! These look so good. YUM!

  42. My daughters really like fruit loops so these would be fun in our home! What a great recipe!!

  43. Waffles have always been a staple in our home. I love the idea of being able to make them even yummier by adding Froot Loops to the recipe.

  44. Oh my kids would get a kick out of this for breakfast! What a great twist.