Oct 032017

Create new memories by trying these Halloween activities this year! Here are 25 fun new traditions to start with your family this Halloween!

Looking for some fun Halloween traditions and activities to do with the family this year? I have some really fun ideas listed below to let you and your family create some fun memories! Some are very light and fun hearted, while others are a bit more spooky, so it can fit anyone’s preference on how they want to spend the holiday! This is a great way to have some fun this Halloween season with you and your family! 

I know for me carving pumpkins was always a blast when I was little! I love the templates you can now buy to really help you create awesome carved pumpkins like witches, cats, bats, and more. I never used one of them when I was little, but I wish I had! It was just a classic jack-o-lantern face for our family! It is easy to find any activity that can fit into a Halloween or Fall theme, below I have shared 25 options for you! But it could inspire you to find some other activity or new family tradition to do each year! 

Halloween Activities List 

  1. Carve Pumpkins
  2. Visit A Pumpkin Patch 
  3. Make Spooky Halloween Desserts
  4. Visit a Scary Haunted House
  5. Go apple picking at an orchard. 
  6. Drink or even make homemade cider. 
  7. Make caramel apples 
  8. Roast pumpkin seeds
  9. Rake leaves and jump into the pile. 
  10. Watch Halloween inspired movies like Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, Casper, etc.
  11. Collect leaves and create a craft
  12. Make Halloween decorations for the home
  13. Make goodie bags to hand out to kids Halloween night
  14. Go trick-or-treating
  15. Pass out candy to trick-or-treaters
  16. Make your own costumes
  17. Dress up your pets 
  18. Take Halloween/Fall inspired family pictures
  19. Host a Halloween Party
  20. Go trunk or treating 
  21. Create a scavenger hunt outdoors for all things Fall – fallen leaves, pine cones, etc. 
  22. Read Halloween inspired books
  23. Go shopping for costumes
  24. Play games that are Halloween Inspired like Halloween inspired charades, etc. 
  25. Go on a hay ride

What are some Halloween activities that your family enjoys?

  60 Responses to “Fun Halloween Traditions And Activities”

  1. I love these! We’ve always tried to make memories and traditions with the kids ever since they were born. It’s so important for the family bonds.

  2. This is quite the complete list! I deathly could see ideas of what to do this month to have some fun with my kiddo.

  3. I have never heard of Trunk or Treating? What is that?

  4. Thank you for this handy-dandy list. I always get so busy that tend to forget some nice thing we can do for this holiday )

  5. My kids are 2 and 4 so it limits the scary stuff, but we still do a lot of fun things together! My favorite is a Halloween painting that incorporates foot/hand prints from them somehow. I started it with my 4 year old’s first Halloween, and I look forward to coming up with a new design every year. We just finished this year’s and I’m so excited to have it join the others on my wall!

  6. I have a love-hate relationship with haunted houses – love because they are super thrilling and fun, but hate because I get very freaked out by the sudden shocks they love to do! I think i’ll settle for a good Halloween movie instead 🙂

  7. Oh I love this what some absolutely amazing ideas for things to do over the Halloween period, it has been forever since I even carved a pumpkin!

  8. Great list of Fall/Halloween activities. I never heard of trunk or treating. I would love to go apple picking or visit a pumpkin patch.

  9. I like this list. We always carve pumpkins. We also paint some too. Sometimes we go to a pumpkin patch, but they can get pricey, so this year we’re just spending the money on Sea World. They have Halloween activities all month long.

  10. For the last few years I haven’t really done any ‘costumed’ celebrating. I used to love making my own costume.

  11. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays so we do many of the things on your list already. I found a few new things to try though like maybe roasting the pumpkin seeds this year instead of throwing them away. These are all great activities though.

  12. I love all of these ideas. This is my favorite time of year. Halloween activities are the best!

  13. That’s a great list! We love carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds but I’m going to have to come up with a few more fun activities this year!

  14. Great list of ideas. I may host a party next year.

  15. As soon as we get passed a birthday we can focus on costumes and get that out the way. We will pick up pumpkins eventually but my kids may never know what jumping in a pile of leaves is all about unless we go to a strangers house! Hmmmm. We watch Beetle juice year round!

  16. That is a great list of must-do things for fall. Making caramel apples sounds really good!

  17. I used to do more when we lived in NJ and I actually got trick or treaters. Living in the middle of nowhere, Montana, I don’t do anything for Halloween. I have no real neighbors and no trick or treaters. The only visitors are my ducks

  18. What a fun list. I would love to have a Halloween party. I don’t know enough people here yet to have one. Maybe next year.

  19. What a fun list. I would love to have a Halloween party. I don’t know enough people here yet to have one. Maybe next year. Thanks for all the info!

  20. Oh fun! I totally want to try some these activities with my family!

  21. My kiddos and I always carve pumpkins a few days before Halloween. We also go trick or treating and eat Halloween-themed foods all day.

  22. Visiting a pumpkin patch and joining a hay ride are always my favorites. Best when matched up with getting lost in a corn maze. Great list!

  23. Fall is my favorite time of the year! This is a great list of fun things.

  24. This is a great list! My kids love fun Halloween crafts and activities!

  25. I love these, and it’s so fun to see that as a parent I do many with my children. It’s a first for me too. Such fun memories created.

  26. This is a great list of Halloween activities. Sometimes we forget about all the cool stuff there is to do during Halloween.

  27. I can never get enough fall fun! There are so many creative ways to get into the spooky spirit.

  28. I always loved handing out candy on Halloween but now we live in the country and don’t get trick-or-treaters. So sad. But I do love taking hay rides.

  29. The first three on your list is going to definitely happen. There’s a big haunted house going up near us and still deciding if I want to go…I’m such a chicken…lol.

  30. For the last 5-6 years we’ve gone to this haunted house about 30 miles from our home. I’ve yet to enter as it’s not my thing but my sons wouldn’t miss it for the world.

  31. I made up my mind that I’m going to create new Halloween traditions even though the kids are grown and married now. I have the grandkids to help me create all of these fun activities and so I will do some of them. We’re going to our first corn maze this year.

  32. You’ve shared some awesome ideas here. I am thinking about doing a few of them with my kids. I know they will love them

  33. You know what I want to do? It’s only been done once in gr.3 I think. I’d like to bob for apples! That’s an old Halloween game we played back home in Winnipeg and we’d yell, “HALLOWEEN APPLES”(sometimes) when trick or treating.

  34. These are all such great ideas! I can’t wait to give them a try. I love starting new traditions.

  35. I love starting Halloween traditions with my family. These are all really great suggestions. I am going to have to try them.

  36. Love these! We always carve a pumpkin on halloween. We usually watch the movie Halloween while we do it! This year we get to take our little one trick or treating!

  37. It sounds fun. Halloween is a very fun day. I will try to do all of the things that you have suggested. My Halloween will be super productive

  38. That is a great list of fun Halloween traditions and activities. We don’t really have any but some year I hope to change it, like before the kids are grown 😀

  39. I just love Halloween time! Getting a pumpkin with our kids is always a lot of fun, Halloween kids movies, pumpkin spice flavored everything, and more!

  40. I didn’t know there’s so many cool things to do to in the Fall. Thanks for the list I’m going to check out more this year.

  41. Some things we don’t bother doing anymore with not having kids around. Many of them we still do every year.

  42. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. There are so many different seasonal activities.

  43. I love this list of great ideas to try. THis would be perfect to create a Halloween Bucket List of things to do! Can’t wait for trick or treating!

  44. We love carving pumpkins! I love the templates too, but we always make sure to do a good old traditional one. Great ideas! We haven’t tried trunk or treating yet – that’s on the must-do list for this year.

  45. My son and I had traditions of carving pumpkins and when he was a little older, I would make his costumes.

  46. I love carving pumpkins and making wreaths :D… These are some great fun list to do with our family 😀

  47. This is a great list! We watch Halloween movies, visit the pumpkin patch, and usually paint or carve pumpkins.

  48. Trick or treating can really be so fun. It would also be exciting to come up with creepy decors for Halloween.

  49. This are all fun activities for Halloween. I have grown children in the house and I guess the best activity that would work for them is to host a Halloween party.

  50. We haven’t carved a pumpkin in years, so we are going to do it this year. I’ve also plan a fall trip to the farm.

  51. We don’t really do Halloween in the UK but these seem like lovely activities to do with the family

  52. Great list! When we were kids, we used to roast pumpkin seeds all the Time!

  53. When we were kids, we roasted pumpkin seeds all the time!

  54. All of these sound like such great activities. We love to go apple picking this time of year. Such a great family bonding experience!

  55. I haven’t been on a hay ride in years! I miss bumping around on an old wagon.

  56. Thanks for sharing these halloween ideas. We will be hosting a halloween kids party at the office and these are very helpful! A bit pressure to decorate 🙂

  57. Nice list. I think we only going to carve some pumpkins and some fall decorations.

  58. Those are fun indeed! And at least we have tried them once 😉 We haven’t raked the leaves and jumpea on piles though.. as we have no yards here 😉

  59. Oooo so many fun activities!!!! I hate fall weather, but fall activities are my absolute favorites!!!

  60. That’s a great list! It would be great to do most of these but the typical visiting of pumpkin farms and picking out a pumpkin to carve and go trick or treating would be nice too.