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How to keep your kids entertained during school breaks can be a little rough. Those long breaks – winter holidays, spring breaks, and then summer break can be a lot. At first your kids might love the freedom, but over time find themselves being bored more often and getting frustrated! If you are looking for ways to keep your kids entertained, you might find some of these ideas below helpful. Granted depending on your child’s age will depend what fits there needs! But, hopefully a few of these might save you from a day of, “I have nothing to do, I am so bored!”

Ways to Entertain Kids During School Breaks 

Arts and Crafts: Thanks to the world of Pinterest you can always find fun arts and crafts to do. From making bird feeders with old toilet paper rolls to making salt crystals. You can find fun art projects for kids of all ages. Plus a lot of them can be very inexpensive, but keep your child busy for hours! So search out DIY crafts and see what fun ideas you find. 

Scavenger Hunt: This can be a lot of fun, create a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items they will have to go on a hunt to find. This can be one of their favorite toys, some kitchen utensils, the sky is the limit here. Then at the end you can have a surprise like a cookie or even a cheap dollar toy from the dollar store. They will love doing it! 

Movie and Popcorn: Think about renting a movie your child/children haven’t see yet and stay in and watch a movie. Make some popcorn or other tasty snacks and just veg out on the couch. This is a fun way to spend time together. Redbox is really cheap to rent movies or stream them from Amazon or Vudu. You don’t even have to leave the house. 

Slumber Party: If your child has some friends that live close think of doing a slumber party. It will help keep your child entertained! This is a great way for them to have a friend to play with and burn off their energy. 

Cook Dinner together: Make some pizza dough or buy individual size pizza crusts and all the fixings and let your child create their own pizzas. Let them put the toppings they want on it, and just have fun. Then for dessert have sundaes or cupcakes that your child can decorate. If you let them participate they might enjoy creating their own food. 

Hunt for Animal Prints: Get your kid outside and go to a park or even look in your yard for animal prints. You can see what kind of animal prints you come across and then decide what kind of animal it is. This is a great way to get out and get fresh air! 

Library Trip: Head to your local library, a lot of libraries offer fun classes or events. You can let your kid pick out some books to read and participate in events. Some libraries will have a story time, or arts and crafts kids can do, it is a great way to have a break from being at home. 

Plant a Garden: If the weather is nice, think of planting a garden. You can help them grow vegetables and then take them to the farmers market to sell if you want. They can earn a little money and have fun watching the plants grow. Or if you don’t want to do produce, just create a flower or herb garden! 

How do you keep your kids entertained during school breaks?

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  1. Great tips! We usually travel, but sometimes the kids are bored.

  2. How cute. I can plan a different one of these everyday. Thanks.

  3. Great tips! We try to make the best of our school breaks. Trips to the library and arts and crafts is a must!

  4. With Spring Break coming up, this is very timely! I am looking to fill the week up with some activities!

  5. I love all these tips! I have a friend in town for spring break this year but the children sometimes are bored, so I think we’re going to do a couple of these tips.

  6. My son isn’t old enough to be in school or have breaks yet, but I want to keep this list for when he is. I bet that we are going to have a lot of cookIng adventures when he is out of school.

  7. I need to arrange a scavenger hunt for this week. The kids are getting bored since it has been so cold and snowy out. I think these are great ways for kids to have fun. We do a ton of crafts.

  8. These are all great ideas. The kids may love spring break, but if they get bored, it’s game over, man.

  9. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I love my kids, but when they get bored, they are tough to take. LOL

  10. Great tips. School break can either be a great time or the 10th circle of Hell depending on how bored the kids are.

  11. This is a great topic. You listed some great tips! It is really heard to keep children entertained during school breaks because they get so bored easily. My son likes watching movies and playing games. But he is also very busy with sports during breaks (games and practices).

  12. Its so hard to keep the kids busy even during weekends. I try to cut down on screen time, but I give in sometime. These are great tips. Thanks!

  13. My kids are so excited to head to the library! They always ask me to go and believe it or not we have never been.

  14. We always plan a trip to the library and the local children’s museum over spring break. Scavenger hunts are a BIG favorite in our house too – breaks and holidays!

  15. With Spring Break coming up, this is a great post! I am looking to fill the week with some great options! Thank you for sharing it!

  16. Our local library always has something going on for the kids. We still have snow here so sledding is always a great idea.

  17. My kids are still too young to go to school, but I have been a teacher. I think these are some good ideas!

  18. my lil one is very young for school.These are great tips…

  19. This is a great article and perfect timing for spring break. I’m a big advocate for unplugging from the world to learn through play!

  20. Great tips Robin!

    I loved all the points covered by you, specially the Slumber Party one.

  21. These are all wonderful tips for the kids, during breaks although its a break i find that they still end up getting bored

  22. Great ideas!
    Kids will be happy, not bored, and they can learn something new!

  23. Having these in our back pockets is so helpful! I know that for the parents out here in rural town, TN, a lot of them work odd hours and need to keep their kids occupied on Snow Days or Spring Break! Thanks for sharing <3

  24. Scavenger hunts are the best! When I was a nanny I used to send kiddos on scavenger hunts all the time!

  25. Scavenger hunts are the best! When I was a nanny I used to send kiddos on scavenger hunts all the time!

  26. Spring break is coming up, and I am kinda dreading it. Maybe with your tips we can all stay sane!

  27. These are great ideas. Our older 2 get spring break from April 13 – 17 and go back 18th. I am looking forward to it.

  28. My children’s love of good quality food came from teaching them how to garden when they were young. Not only is it nice to have helping hands but the gear you can buy them to wear and work with is ADORABLE lol Great list!

  29. Unfortunately for my family, my husband and I have conflicting spring breaks. Mine was this past week. I did keep my son home from preschool one day and we had a day all about him (and it included a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s.) My husband’s spring break is next month and we haven’t nailed down any plans yet!

  30. Great ideas for youngsters. Mine are all grown now. I wish I would have thought of these ideas when they were younger.

  31. We have a spring break coming up and so far we have no plans! Definitely going to employ some of these ideas to keep my littles happy and busy!

  32. I love the scavenger hunt idea! Popcorn and a movie is a great idea as well for Spring break to keep the kids busy.

  33. When they were younger I actually planned activities for them things like chess camp swimming at the YMCA and outside time.

  34. Some great ideas for a fun day with your kids. I used to love scavenger hunts when I was young.

  35. Some great ideas for a fun day with your kids. I used to love scavenger hunts when I was young. 🙂

  36. I don’t have kids, but I remember my mom doing some of these for me when I was a kid! So much fun!

  37. These would come in handy! I sooo need these for the kids on vacation! thanks for sharing!

  38. Planting a garden would be a fun activity to do with the kids. Plus, it’s also teaching them life skills while having fun.

  39. These are some amazing ideas! When my kids were younger, our favourite boredom busters were artwork and cookie baking and decorating!

  40. We have been doing lots of movie nightstand crafts. We homeschool, but take breaks around the public school in our area.

  41. These are some great ideas, I love the idea of hunting for animal prints, I did that around a wildlife reserve once, amazing what some people can spot!

  42. We have done all of these things during Spring break at some point. Usually sleepovers with friends either at our house or their house is involved. As they got older usually a shopping trip and movie day was planned.

  43. Great tips. My daughter is in the “let me help you in the kitchen mom”phase. I love it.

  44. These are great ideas! My little one isn’t in school yet but sometimes I struggle with ways to keep him entertained, these are awesome!

  45. These are all great ideas! Since we homeschool we don’t really need too much entertainment. My daughter has learned to do so many of these things on her own. My oldest though went to public school, and was always needing ideas like this when she was on breaks.

  46. I love that you mentioned Cook Dinner Together. That’s one of my favorite things to do with my niece! She’s only 4 but is already such an amazing little cook!

  47. Yes to the library! Such a great way to encourage reading and not being plugged into a device. And – great to support our local libraries!

  48. Keeping someone entertained and specially children is a tough job. The things you have enlisted are great. This will help kids to learn something as well.

  49. thanks for the tips, Robin..we usually cook together and make story books with a lot of drawings 🙂

  50. Such great ideas to keep the kids entertained. I still have the weekend to give this a go.

  51. My boys love the library. It has a park next to it so we play then read.

  52. what great ideas. A scavenger hunt would be so much fun! I know my daughter would love it.

  53. It’s generally a struggle. Only because we work. They go to work with my husband one day, to Grandma and Grandpa’s 2 days, and my husband doesn’t work 2 of the days – so they stayed with him. He had them research Mexican art, write about a character, draw the character, and make the character out of paper mache. My living room is a mess because it’s an ongoing project. Ha! Oh well. Sign!

  54. Entertaining kids is so hard! Makes me glad I’m an aunt and just get to do the sleepovers and fun stuff like swimming!

  55. Just so happened we had a one week school break here! Brought Lil Pumpkin out to our local theme parks and performances.. as well as lots of movie nights at home 🙂

  56. These are some great ideas to keep the kids occupied! I got lucky and my MIL is taking them to disney one of the days lol. I have to work though.

  57. These are all things we do on a regular basis. I am lacking the consistent library visits, though.

  58. I am all about that last one! In fact, you can plant a salad bowl like I did! Great ideas!

  59. t’s not easy to entertain the kids, especially after their enthusiasts of those long breaks has gone. Doing sport, or learn them simple dance, perhaps could also be added to the list.

  60. I think planting a garden would be a good idea. The kids would have enough time to watch their vegetables or flowers grow before it is time to go back to school. All you other ideas are great too, I am sharing this with my cousin who has three young daughters that she needs to keep busy during school breaks.

  61. I like the arts and crafts ideas. That always used to keep me entertained during school breaks. xx

  62. These are all great ideas! I love that most of them are super inexpensive as well. Those moments that are more about spending time together and less about spending money will be the times that your little ones will treasure the most as they get older!

  63. These are all great ideas! I love that most of them are super inexpensive as well. Those moments that are more about spending time together and less about spending money will be the times that your little ones will treasure the most as they get older!

  64. My kids are a little older but we still need to keep them occupied during breaks from school or summer. We like to take short trips for 1-3 days to break up the time.

  65. In my opinion, this is a common problem for parents with young children. Today, it is required that we as parents think out of the box. Your post is very informative. I am sure it will help other parents but me (my kids are 20 & 16).

  66. Slumber parties are always fun! I loved have sleepovers as a child and can’t wait to help host some for my kids.

  67. Thank you for these ideas. Sometimes its hard to keep the kiddos entertained so thanks for these.

  68. Hunting for animal prints is an original idea. I haven’t thought of it before, anyway. That would be really educational. I like that idea.

  69. These are such great tips! I love the idea of planting a garden, so fun and a perfect way for kids to learn about plants and growing a garden!

  70. This is a great post because it can be really hard to keep the kids entertained during breaks or vacations from school. These ideas will help keep me from going crazy during Easter vacation.

  71. These are so handy – definitely gonna forward it to my sister, she lives in a tiny village where there are about 3 or 4 houses so when the kids are off school she really needs to give them something to do! x

  72. What a great idea!!! because seriously is a big heache every hollidays what to do with them.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  73. waw great ideas! I always love taking them to a petting zoo. Their reactions are priceless 🙂

  74. Knowing some ways to entertain kids during school breaks will somehow let their mind preoccupied and educated.

  75. These are all great tips! I know that if we are not on the go during break my kids get bored, so I will pin this to refer to!

  76. Such great ideas! I enjoy doing arts and crafts with the kids and they do too so that’s always a go-to of ours. Making our own pizza’s and ice cream sundae’s come in at a close second. The scavenger hunt I’ve never done, but sounds like fun! Will give that one a try for sure.

  77. We’ve got it coming up in two weeks, hopefully the weather breaks and we can spend some time outside!

  78. We are going to be on Spring Break soon and I have been dreading trying to keep kids occupied. Going to try these out!

  79. These are all such great ways to keep children entertained during school breaks! Arts and crafts and movie nights are always my favorite!

  80. These are cool ideas! Engaging kids into arts amd music lessons will help more on their foundation building. And some language lessons too!

  81. It’s always nice to come up with activities for our kids during their break and if we’re not going on vacation, these are ideas are perfect! I think it’s also nice to make sure that the activities are educational, so they learn along the way.

  82. Thanks for the tips! We will also do lots of things like taking trips to the beach/playground/park, walks, a little gardening, a little housework (emptying the dishwasher and putting away clothes for example), visiting friends and family, playing games together, and going on picnics.

  83. What an amazing fun and unique ideas, my kids will love these ideas while school break.

  84. Every parent or guardian will thank you for this one. These kids get bored so easily so anything to get them to stop saying “I’m so bored” is welcome

  85. One of my nieces gets easily bored during homeschooling. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  86. These are all great ideas. We’ve used quite a few of these. I remember hunting ghost foot prints as a kid wtih my grandma in her apartment complex. We’d follow the paint drips on the sidewalks, lol.

  87. We did all of the above. My boys were so antsy all week!

  88. Great ideas for those long days when school is out. Kids these days get “bored” so easily