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Fun For the Whole Family at the Brand New Water Park at the Cape Codder in Hyannis

Last week my oldest son turned 12. TWELVE!  I’m honestly not sure when that happened, but in any case I can personally attest to the fact that the “tween” thing is real.  He’s not quite a teen yet, but definitely he has all the attitude & sassiness of one.  He’s also apparently too cool to do “kid” stuff anymore, which has created a bit of a challenge for me to keep him entertained (and off those pesky electronics) this summer. Both of my boys have August birthdays and I always plan a day of fun for them on their special days and this year I was really scrambling to come up with something that my oldest would like.

Then it came to me – I would take them to the brand new water park at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis.  If you’ve been around here for a while, you may remember that my family stayed there about 18 months ago and the boys really enjoyed the indoor wave pool (if you need a refresher, here is the post).  I had heard that the Cape Codder was expanding and creating an amazing water park and when I found out that they had just opened on Friday July 30th, I knew that it was where I was going to take my kids for my oldest’s birthday. My oldest loves to swim and I knew a day at the water park would be right up his alley.


The Wave Pool, which was already there, is approximately 10,000 square feet and the expansion is an additional 20,000 square feet – you  you can only imagine how excited both my boys were when I told them that’s where we were going! It’s the only one of its kind on Cape Cod and has so much fun to offer!



  • 2 – 160-foot “Stars and Stripes” high-speed water slides
  • 2 – 50 and 80-foot water slides winding through a replica of a pirate ship
  • 300-foot “stormy” river with waterfalls, rapids and spouting humpback whale
  • “Pirate Bay” kiddie spray pool with dumping bucket, water cannons and small water slides
  • 84’ x 143’ retractable roof
  • 10,000-square foot wave pool with 2’ waves, water fountains and water umbrella
  • 24 person Jacuzzi
  • saunas
  • high-intensity ultra-violet light purification system
  • changing rooms with lockers available to rent
  • birthday party area
  • Gazebo Cafe serving appetizers, sandwiches, salads, pizza, beverages and liquor
  • state-of-the-art fitness center


My poor little guy was battling an ear infection, so if you’re wondering why he was sporting that super cool swim cap, that’s why.  I didn’t want him to get water in there and make the infection worse.  It worked like a charm, though, and he was able to have a blast in the water with his big brother.

It was no surprise to me that their favorite thing there was the Stormy River!

The Stormy River is a 300-foot river that provides tubers with areas of calm drifting and stormy sections of thunder, lightning, rain and turbulent water. There’s also a life-size Humpback Whale replica who lives in the Stormy River and spouts water at passersby.


The kids ended up spending the entire afternoon in the wave pool.

The wave pool is 10,000 square feet and has 2-foot Waves, Waterfalls, Water Fountains and Water Umbrellas.  Plus there is a 24-person Whirlpool and 2 Saunas!


The Cape Codder’s Water Park also has 4 fully enclosed tube slides! Two of the slides are located in the original “Wave Pool” area and are built into the pirate ship. One slide is 50 feet and the other is 80 feet. The other two 160 feet “Stars and Stripes” high speed water slides are located in the Water Park expansion. A 26-foot Cape Cod Lighthouse encloses the staircase leading to the platform of
these two slides.


See the roof in the picture above?  It’s retractable.  It measures 84’ x 143’ and turns the water park into an outside park on sunny days and an indoor park during winter and inclement weather!  How cool is that?

If you stay as an overnight guest at the Cape Codder, you receive free admission to the Water Park. A limited number of day passes for the water park are available, too. Just call the front desk (855) 861-4370 or use their convenient online reservation system on the day you would like to purchase a pass to be sure space is available. One day passes are $40 per person; $30 per child under 48”.

Coolers, food or beverage is not permitted in the wave pool or pool areas, but the Gazebo Cafe is located in the waterpark.  The counter service cafe serves appetizers, sandwiches, salads, pizza, beverages and even liquor.  There is plenty of first and second floor seating available inside the park.


Changing area, lockers and showers are provided. Day Pass Visitors are encouraged to bring their own towels to the water park. The Cape Codder does offer towel rentals for $5 if you forget yours.

Children under age 18 are required to have adult supervision. Everyone entering the pool areas must have a ticket even if they are only supervising. Kids who are not potty trained are required to wear swim diapers and if you forgot yours at home, swim diapers are available for purchase at the pool.

Speaking of the little ones, the Pirate’s Bay Kiddie Area is made just for them. It’s a safe play area for younger children features a small Pirate Ship with Water Cannons on deck, a Dumping Bucket and three kid-sized Slides in 5 inches of water. Kiddie Spray Pool with color-lit Geysers; Treasure Chests and characters.  It’s really cute.


The water park is open daily from 9am – 9pm. They also have birthday party packages available, which sounds like a blast to me.

I also had a chance to check out one of their four brand new family suites and let me just tell you, I can’t wait to bring my family to stay in one of them.  They sleeps up to 6 guests, have two bathrooms (one with bathtub) and are located on the first floor facing the water park. The living room has a large sectional queen pull-out sofa and dining area with multi-functional table for 4 which also pulls down into a queen size Murphy bed. There is also a high-definition flat panel television, microwave and refrigerator combo. I loved that the master bedroom features king sized bed, high-definition flat panel television and master bath with his and her sinks and tiled shower stall.

The Cape Codder Resort & Spa is located at 1225 Iyannough Road in Hyannis, MA.  We can’t wait to go back!

**Disclosure:  My family and I received complimentary day passes to the water park at The Cape Codder Resort & Spa in exchange for our honest opinions about our experiences.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

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    Looks like this water park was a hit though.

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    This one is much better than the one we went to.

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