Sep 162014

dohvinci fun

Recently I was invited to The Paint Bar on Newbury Street in Boston, along with several other Boston area bloggers, to check out Hasbro’s new art experience: DohVinci.

Dohvinci Paint Bar Event

But what is DohVinci you ask? DohVinci, an entirely new art experience from the makers of Play-Doh, just launched and is an enjoyable and unique creative experience for kids and adults of all ages! Since the design compound sticks to other surfaces such as wood, glass, duct tape, and paper – the creative possibilities are endless!

We were given the chance to decorate some household items with DohVinci (chalkboards, picture frames and jewelry boxes).  

Dohvinci supplies

Each of us were given a whole bunch of DohVinci colors to design with, a styler (applicator gun) and some shaped tips (hearts, flowers, butterflies, etc) to work with. The DohVinci cartridges fit easily into the styler and what I loved was that since it takes many hours for the DohVinci to harden, mistakes can be easily and immediately wiped away.

I decided to go with the jewelry box & here I am hard at work and with the finished product:

Dohvinci Decorating

In case you’re wondering, it takes about 24 hours for the compound to dry completely.

All the bloggers at the event had so much fun creating things with the DohVinci.  Here I am with a couple of lovely fellow bloggers (Nicole of Good Golly Miss Blondie and Katrina from East Coast Mama) and our creations.

dohvinci bloggers

Oh, and here’s a little fun fact for you.  Did you know that today is National Play-Doh Day. Consider yourself informed.

Read more about DohVinci on their website.

**I was not compensated for this post, however I did attend a private media event and received product samples. All opinions are my own and  were not influenced in any way**

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  1. This looks like a great time and product for all ages I am thinking birthday parties to baby showers.

  2. Wow! Cool product!! My kids will surely love this!:)

    You guys really had fun huh!

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  7. Woohoo, a national day is a great reason to break out the Play Doh. 🙂 This looks like a fun event, the sign you made is cute… nice and trendy w/the words going off the frame. Good job. 🙂

  8. How cool! I could see my daughter and I playing with that for hours!

  9. They take the element of dough kids love the most (squishing) and max it out with fun tips and shapes? Brilliant, I tell ya.

  10. What a cool idea. This is perfect for kids AND adults. It’s such a fun and cute way to make party themed signs.

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  12. This looks like a lot of fun. My daughter is standing behind my shoulder asking me questions. I’m off to click on the link..

  13. I haven’t heard of dohvinci but love playdoh so excited to see what it’s all about. I love that playdoh is not just for kids!

  14. This could be used at all types of parties. I imagine a baby shower where everyone makes signs for the baby/new parents. Wow. Looks like you had fun, I know I would have. Now if they could just do something with stained glass.

  15. I have never heard of dohvinci until now it looks like a great product. I always loved playdoh as a kid. You ladies all did a fantastic job.

  16. This really leaves a lot of room for creativity. I like how they named it doh-vinci from da vinci.

  17. That does sound like a lot of fun. Both for kids and adults!!

  18. So cute! I love a craft girls night. Add in wine and it’s a blast.


  19. That is so cool.. my kids like to use anything craft or artsy to make things..

  20. My kids would love this. They are always creating and into arts. I will keep it is national play doh day to myself when it comes to my twins though 😉

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    I would like to try Dohvinci. thanks for sharing 🙂

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  26. Oh my gosh! What a fun event! I love your sign.

  27. This looks like it would be perfect for my oldest daughter. She really does like PlayDoh, but thinks it’s too “young” for her. DohVinci though, isn’t.

  28. I don’t know whether to be excited or afraid. I like the idea but then the memories of trying to get dried play dough out of my carpet come back to haunt me.

  29. Wow, that looks super fun! I wonder what the ingredients are? Safe for food allergies? Looks FUN!!!!

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  40. It’s a totally fun product. I got to try it out in NYC and thought it was great. Stock up for snowstorms that will hit this winter!

  41. hee hee. DOH vinci. Super cute name. And I’m glad you get to get your paws into it and create without a little one mixing up your ideas 🙂 I’ll admit, I’m OCD like that!

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  49. What a fun event. I would have loved to make one too, but I’m not as fancy as you! I just gave a DohVinci set as a present to a little girl who did a fantastic job designing hers!

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  58. My daughter and I demo’d these at Toys R Us about a month ago. I like how they turn out when they dry.

  59. I saw your pictures on Instagram and enjoyed living vicariously through you (thank you). Dohvinci sounds, and looked like an absolute blast!

  60. That looks awesome! Never heard of it before!

    (on a separate note, the ad at the top right of your blog is a pretty hideous/ugly spotted hand…not very welcoming… 🙂 thought you might want to know).

  61. Totally cool, and a good time for everyone! I remember doing things like this with my kids only because I learned it when I was in camp! My grandddaughters are always making me things and I save every one of them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  62. I’ve seen them around here but never played with it yet. Can you reuse them after a while to form other designs? Or are they set for life?? heh

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  63. Forget the kids! That looks like fun for everyone! Your jewelry box is adorable.

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