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FURNKINS of course! If you’re like me, you love them to the moon and back just like your less fury kiddos. They’re our furkins…family. Like our kids we take care of them no matter how old they are. I have two furkins – Tucker and Tigger.

Tucker is an eight-year-old Coton de Tulear. He’s a great companion dog. He runs with me, sleeps with me, binge watches Netflix with me. He is perfect…well almost perfect. You see Tucker has some anxiety issues when left alone. It doesn’t matter if I leave for the day or just to get the mail. He goes crazy when I leave him, and what I mean by crazy… he relieves himself on my furniture and carpets. Yup, he’s a stress piddler. I’ve tried everything from natural anti-stress drops to as-seen-on-TV products. Nothing helped. If it was up to my husband, Tucker would be gone. Look at that face. No way! He’s one of my babies.


My other furkin is equally as cute. Tigger is a 14-year-old orange Tabby cat. I surprised my daughter with Tigger 14 years ago. They have a very special bond. He’s a great cat…again almost perfect. Like most mature cats, Tigger has a few health issues. Yes, Tigger also relieves himself on my carpets.

furkin2As you can imagine my house can be quite pungent especially in the dog days…hee hee…pun totally intended…of summer. I know I’m not alone with this issue. There are far too many pet odor eliminators on the market for this to be just my problem.

I have tried many of those odor eliminators, and spent hundreds of dollars. They all work to a point, but the smell eventually creeps back into the house, like an entity. I’ve even had the carpets professionally cleaned with a special pet enzyme to eliminate the odor. That worked for a day. I eventually had to replace the carpet. I’ve pretty much given up on an odorless house, and bought stock in Yankee Candle.

Until I found the best product eva’ (sorry that’s my Boston accent coming out). This is my first review. I have never felt so strongly about a product until now. Without further ado…..are you getting excited…..ready… OdorGone! I found this product at a town fair. The salesperson, actually it may have been the owner of the company, called me over and did a demo. He sprayed ammonia on a cotton ball and then sprayed OdorGone over the ammonia, and then asked me to smell it. Now keep in mind I have a very sensitive shnoz and I could not smell the ammonia at all, just a fresh soap-like smell. Still skeptical but desperate, I bought a small bottle.

As soon as I got home, I tried it on my sofa. I sprayed Tucker’s favorite pee pee spot. Immediately the smell was gone. Still skeptical, I waited until it dried and smelled it again. OH MY…still no odor. Totally amazed! Since then I’ve used it on all of Tucker and Tigger’s spots. My house smells so good now. The only regret I have is that I didn’t buy a gallon of it.

“OdorGone is an environmentally responsible, multipurpose odor neutralizer that eliminates airborne, static and imbedded odors. It bonds with odor molecules to create a natural bio-degradation process that permanently neutralizes odors.

OdorGone is non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble, & dilutable. It contains only natural ingredients and has a neutral pH. There are no added scents, masking agents, oxidizing agents, perfumes, or fruity fragrances. It is free from hazardous chemicals, VOC’s, enzymes, live bacteria, microbes, alcohol, aerosols or propellants.

Odorgone can be used in thousands of applications nationwide in kennels, breeders, groomers, pet shops, animal shelters, and veterinarians. Use it on skunked pets, in litter boxes, pet carriers, bird cages, pet accidents, pet walks, floors, walls, fabric, upholstery, recreational vehicles, waste containers, etc.”

If you too have chronic pet piddlers, try OdorGone. You can purchase this product online or at one of the events they attend. There is a calendar on their website.

Disclosure: All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  138 Responses to “Furkins or Just Your Pets? How much do you love your pets?”

  1. I’m so glad it’s removing the odors for you. Cat urine is especially horrific!

  2. Glad it works for you, cause I hear pet odors can be a pain!

  3. Thankfully our dog is trained, but will keep this in mind if god forbid she does have an accident. So thanks for sharing.

  4. I miss having a dog. Glad to hear that there are new products on the market to assist with your circumstances

  5. Too funny! Our Toopy looks so much like your dog – and wow the lovely dog smells during the summer months! I will have to try this one out 🙂

  6. Awe they are so cute!! I have a dog and a cat also, will have to check this out.

  7. your cat and dog are so cute. I don’t own a cat or a dog. We have gold fish they are great starter pets to have before getting a actual pet that is so umm messy and less contained. I would wonder if that stuff work on teenage boys and husbands and stinky girl shoes?

  8. How adorable! We have a dog and a cat and yes, we love them like family!

  9. This sounds amazing!!! My pup is a sweet dude, but at 70 pounds, sometimes he gets a bit stinky.

  10. When we have a pet they are part of our family. I always consider them my babies.

  11. This can’t be helped when you have pets at home. I am so glad this worked for you.

  12. I will for sure share this with a friend. Her pets are inside and there is an odor problem. She needs this.

  13. I need this. Having 3 dogs, I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before!

  14. I love my pets, but there are some down sides to pet ownership. The smells are one. It’s wonderful that there are products to eliminate it.

  15. What a great product! I’m so glad you found something that works! Thank you for sharing!

  16. We just got a dog for the first time and I will be needing this! Thanks!

  17. I have a male shih tzu named Bite. I regularly give him a bath, however, there are days when he gets stinky. I am planning to take him to the vet to see if there is something in his diet that I should avoid. I will also check out OdorGone.

  18. Aww… These are so cute…!! I love my pets too!!

  19. I just love my dogs! I can’t imagine life without them 🙂

  20. I had a dog like that. Was pretty much great in every way. We’d play together all the time but whenever I’d leave the house she’d do her business all over it. Couldn’t find a way to get her to stop.

  21. This is interesting, when we moved my cat had a few accidents so will check this out. I call my pets my fur babies 🙂

  22. My Lab has bladder issues and had to take a pill each day. I wish this was around when she was, it sounds amazing!

  23. This sounds like an amazing product. I have never found any of the other odor eliminators to work very well. I am excited to give this one a try.

  24. Aw, Tigger!
    I have a dog and a cat – they’re both fairly young so we’re not far past accidents on the carpet. And it’s really hard to find products that actually work. Well you know! I’ll check this out.

  25. Ah, what a cute pair! It also sounds like what I need – our poor fluffball’s in a cone of shame at the moment and hasn’t been able to figure out his litter tray with it on. Looks like this’ll save us from enduring blizzard and rain with the windows open!

  26. Glad to hear it’s working well. I love my animals just like my kiddos we have 3 dogs, 3 cats (2 are 6wks) and a bird plus numerous fish. We don’t have carpets though otherwise I’m sure there would be some smells.

  27. Your furbabies are so cute! This sounds like a great product. We don’t have these issues too often at our house, but it sure would be good to have this stuff on hand!

  28. This sounds like a great product and I like that it is all natural ingredients. I will have to tell my friends and family with pets about it.

  29. There are so many odors going on in my home from my furry animals and my not so furry animals. It sounds like a useful product.

  30. I have one aging animal now and she definitely gets smelly. I am happy there are useful products out there like this to help with the odor.

  31. They are adorable. We love our pets, too, like they are our own. This sounds like a great product.

  32. I’ve got to get some OdorGone! I have three dogs, and they’re all super stinky. =/

  33. This looks great for anyone with pets. Which means, I’ll be getting some. =P

  34. Thanks for the information. I have a house full of furry ones as well. And yes litter box does get a little ??!? LOL

  35. Thanks so much for sharing this! We don’t have pets yet, but I imagine we’ll need this when we do.

  36. I’ve got to get some of this. My dog loves to run and play in the yard, which means stinky time.

  37. it;s always nice to have a fresh house when you have pets.

  38. We have two fur babies- Ellie, a Shih Tzu, and Trixie, a Pomeranian. We are house training Trixie right now so this would be a great product to get! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on your first review 🙂 🙂

  39. My fur babies are a part of our family for sure! Glad to know you found something that helps with the smell!

  40. What a cute Dog you have!! This is an awesome blog!

  41. Pet odor is our biggest problem. We had to change the entire carpet 4 years ago because of the smell. Still love my baby though.. He is a very good dog and so sweet

  42. Awww. Tigerr looks like my cat! I should check out that OdorGone product just in case!

  43. That would be our number one concern. I love your dog!!!

  44. I dont have pets because of the odor. I am glad there are products like these.

  45. My daughter has been worrying me to get a dog, think its time I think about it. She loves animals.

  46. I guess in a way, I am glad to only have fish. they are easy to clean up after.

  47. Our dogs were always treated like our kids. According to the kids, sometimes even better 🙂

  48. The furballs in my home are definitely part of the family. We treat them like our children and are so lucky to have them around.

  49. My daughter has 2 dogs and they have a small apartment. I bet she could use this product!

  50. Sounds like an impressive test if you sprayed on top of ammonia. We don’t have odor issues for our pup but if we do i know where to look.

  51. We haven’t had any pets in a while, but I think we will be getting one soon. I will have to remember this product!

  52. I’m glad it worked for you because it sure didn’t work for me.

  53. We need this for our three-pet household! I will be checking it out to be sure! Great post!

  54. We have 4 dogs and 2 cats. I’m sure this product will come in very handy in our house. Sounds great to me!

  55. I love my pets very much, I definitely going to check it out 🙂

  56. We have one cat, and this sounds like something we totally could use!

  57. Pets really are fur babies for us. Like you we love them to the moon and back and have one of each 🙂

  58. I love my pets but hate pet odors. I will check this out, even though I don’t have this problem currently.

  59. I had my dog before I really love him, but he was died last year and I will not forget him.

  60. I currently do not have any furbabies or furlings but I sure think yours are cute. I love my kids with all my heart, that will just have to do. LOL

  61. Funny, just today I saw someone who had a license plate frame that said I <3 my Coton de Tulear. I had no idea what it was. Now I do! We love our dog like she is family too… she is my furbaby.

  62. Where was this product two years ago?!? We had two cats and I swear I can still “Smell” them even though they are long gone. I sure do miss them..but not the smell they left behind!

  63. We have 2 cats as well, and love them dearly. It is good to hear that the spray you are now using smells like soap.

  64. With five cats, I am sure I could find a use for OdorGone. I love my pets, but they can be stinky.

  65. Sounds like an awesome product. Your dog is so cute. Never heard of that breed before.

  66. I definitely love our dog as if he were my fourth child. I am all for pet related products that are non toxic and all natural since they benefit both my fur baby and my human varieties.

  67. I don’t have any pets right now, expect for an outside cat that stays around my house. But I use to have a rat terrier when I was growing up and we loved that dog so much. I do think about him from time to time.

  68. Wow, I totally need this. Sounds like an amazing product.

  69. I personally do not have any pets. With 5 kids they have odors of their own though! This sounds great!

  70. Glad that they have a solution for odors. I don’t have any pets, but I have always been able to tell when they are there. It would be nice to know that they weren’t.

  71. Odor gone never heard of it must try and see for my self thanks for sharing.

  72. Ohhh man I could use this! We have 3 cats that don’t get along and it causes a lot of spiteful peeing around the house!

  73. That sounds like an amazing product! My pets don’t piddle on my carpet, but my toddlers sure do! I need to check this out!

  74. I would love to try some of this every time I change my cat litter. I hate pet odors so I change the litter box out every other day and scoop in between. Even though I use cat bags in my box, she scratches through the liners and I have to wash the litter box every other day when I change. Spraying afterwards would help keep those odors away.

  75. My cats are usually good about not piddling anywhere but there litter box, unless I am gone for a day or two. Then they go beside the litter box. This sounds like something I need!

  76. I’m lucky, my cats have excellent litter habits. But I sure could have used this when I was fostering!

  77. I’d like to try this on our dog’s bedding. It collects doggy smell in just a day or two.

  78. My Furkids are in fact my kids – part of our family with multiple nicknames for each! All spoiled rotten! I have this product and it is amazing!

  79. We love our pets, they are our furry babies. We just had to put one to sleep and it was tough 🙁

  80. I used to love my cat like a child. Until I had kids. I still loved my cat, just not as much.

  81. I had two dogs and I loved them but at this point in my life, I am not sure that I want to replace them.

  82. I fully believe fur pets are a part of the family, in fact we have fish and they are apart of us.

  83. I should definitely give this a try with my pooch!

  84. Posts like this make me miss my shih tzuh so much. Anyway, this sounds like a reliable product!

  85. I have two cats and they are like my kids to me. They can be pretty stinky sometimes. I will have to get some of this to try.

  86. I had a chocolate lab and he is seriously part of the family! I’m always so amazed just how easy it is to fall in love with furry friends. Sounds like an awesome product.

  87. Pets are a member of the family. I have had to clean up cat urine of my couch before and it took forever to get rid of the smell. What a great product.

  88. Sparkle (my dog) is more than a pet to me. She is my baby!! I love her and treat her as I would my own child!

  89. We have puppy now and we’re really love him evwn my kids loves our puppy.

  90. It’s great that this product is environmentally friendly. Anything that can get rid of pee smell is awesome in my book.

  91. When we had pets we were always trying to get rid of smells unsuccessfully! This could have really helped!

  92. We don’t have a dog. but it looks like a great product i will pass this to my pet owners friends.

  93. Thank you for letting me know about OdorGone. I have a adorable dog and she is so affectionate. However, there are days that she leaves a “scent” on the sofa and her pet bed does not smell all that lovely. I will give OdorGone a try. This might be the lifesaver I have been looking for.

  94. This is pretty normal but yes, quite annoying thing when you have pets at home. Great thing you found something that can work for you and your pets at home.

  95. Your pets are so adorable! I’ll have to check this product out for my cat!

  96. How cute that you call them furkins. Clean up can definitely be smelly. Sounds like a good product

  97. I want this product. We have two dogs – something I never in life thought would happen – and I actually love them to life. Another thing I never thought would happen. But yes, sometimes they make amazing odors happen. One of my dogs is a Papillon, a breed I had never heard of until I owned her. Your dog, the Coton de Tule – another breed I had never heard of, is gorg!

  98. I grew up having a cat so I miss having them around. My husband is allergic to cats so we can’t have one.

    • I grew up with Siamese cats growing up because my dad had cat allergies. I know there are certain breeds that have hair, not fur. Check it out maybe you could find one that you’re not allergic to.

  99. Our cat that we had to put down a few years ago had issues. We needed this. I love our kitties! They are our babies too!

  100. I had a cat with issues and we would have to deal with the odor and stuff, it was horrid somedays the smell. My mom used to bring in some pine tree branches and surprisingly it helped a bit

  101. We have one dog that is sort of a pain at times. She is not consistent with using outdoors and it drives us nuts!!

  102. Having an effective spray like that is crucial as a pet owner 🙂

  103. We don’t have dogs here, but we have a few back in my home country. Good to know about that product. I definitely like my house to still smell good even with dogs inside.

  104. I’ve never had a cat but would probably not be able to handle the urine smell. So glad there’s this option that I’m sure a lot of people truly appreciate it!

  105. One of the only things I don’t like about our pets is the smell when they have an “accident” indoors. It is nice to find products that take away the odor and our aggravation.

  106. We just have one sweet baby, Zoey has been with us 5 years since she was a puppy. We also recently joined the military and experienced some behaviorial issues with her due to the anxiety of a big move, new routine and drastically different environment from what she was used to. I wanted to tear all of the carpet out of the house by the time she had adjusted! It smelled awful, I wish we had something like this.

  107. I love my fur babies like my own. I just make sure I clean up as soon as one of them accidentally pees or poops indoors.

  108. I never heard of the term furkins! Thats cute but I dont have any yet!

  109. I need some of this is my house. My lil yorkie likes to mark his territory.

  110. Tucker and Tigger’s family must be SO happy now that they have this! Your furkins are adorable!

  111. Wow! I just saw this Blog for the first time. As the Owner of OdorGone Solutions, testimonials like these motivate me to reach out to more and more to the public. If any of you have any odor situation you need help with, feel free to give Leah a call @ 508-364-7270. THANK YOU SHERI !!!

  112. Sounds like a great product, I’m glad you found something that works for you.

  113. Oh this is really neat! I had not heard of it before and my dog stinks!

  114. I’m more of a dog person myself…I don’t know if I could deal with a stinky kitty litter, lol

  115. Sounds like a really great product. I don’t have any Furkins but will tell my friends about this.

  116. this is perfect for my neighbors! Good thing our dog is well trained.

  117. The dog is adorable and the cat looks just like the one we had growing up…I miss him! Glad you found something to get rid of the odors…they are the worst.

  118. Your pets are adorable! We used to have pet (dog) odor problem when we have dog few years ago too. I had allergies and I can’t stand the odor. Glad you found something to get rid of the odors.

  119. Tucker is so adorable! He looks a lot like Bali, my Maltese, but Coton de Tulears have always reminded me of Malteses anyways. 🙂


  120. What a great way of eliminating odors effectively! Nice job.

  121. We don’t have any pets currently (can’t afford them), but this stuff works great for potty training accidents as well. 🙂

  122. Well this is amazing! Wish we had it easy with our dog!

  123. No pets on this end but will share info with my pet owning friends and family.

  124. We love our fur babies like they are our kids. Thank you for the sharing.

  125. I have actually never heard of this before! I need to give it a try since I have two dogs.

  126. Thankfully we aren’t dealing with this problem right now but it is great to know it works if our dog has accidents!

  127. Your furkin babies are adorable! I don’t have any pets or I would definitely give this product a try!

  128. You definitely are not alone! This sounds like something I need to try because I have the same issues with the carpet. I will be checking this out!

  129. Don’t you just love when you find something that works. And on cat pee too! That does deserve an, ‘oh my’ and a kick your heels in the air. 🙂

  130. I absolutely need some OdorGone around here! We have five cats (yes, five!) and I do frequently refer to them as my fur babies. I love them immensely, but they sure can smell up a carpet.