Apr 132015
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**Disclosure: Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way**

“Fragrance is emotion brought to Life. The Caress Forever Collection evokes love, passion, sensuality, and elegance.”- Loc Dong

I love getting pampered.  What woman doesn’t, right?  The thing is, I am a busy mom and and as much as I would love to visit the spa daily weekly, I just don’t have the time or the money for that.  Lucky for me, the new Caress Forever Collection gives me a spa like experience – right in the comfort of my own home.  The  Caress Forever Collection is the world’s first body wash with Fragrance Touch Technology. The breakthrough technology of Caress Fragrance Release Pearls™ releases bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin. The best part is, the floral fragrance lasts for up to 12 hours.  12 hours!! So I smell great all day long.

Caress Forever Collection

It took more than 25 scientists across 4 continents to develop this technological breakthrough.  Loc Dong, who is an award winning perfumer with nearly 20 years of experience under his belt, created the scents for these two new body washes.  He was inspired by the confident and sensual modern woman and was able to capture the essence in these two scents:

Love Forever

  • Top Note: Mandarin Orange and Peach
  • Heart Note: Scarlet Red Rose, Peony and Freesia
  • Base Note: Sandalwood and Vanilla Musk

Adore Forever

  • Top Note: Raspberry and Cassis
  • Heart Note: Angel Face Rose and Muguet
  • Base Note: Amber, Honey and Vanilla

Caress Forever Collection 2

I truly feel pampered when I use Caress Forever Collection!   I love both scents and couldn’t pick one over the other, so I have been switching them out & using them every other day, so I get to use them both all the time. These body washes are highly scented, so if you’re sensitive to smells, you should be aware of this.  I am fairly sensitive to smells and neither of these bother me.  They both leave my skin feeling  soft and smooth.  Like so smooth that there is no need for lotion afterwards.  With the dry winter air still lingering here in Boston, normally if I don’t moisturize every few hours, I dry out – but not with the Caress Forever Collection.  Plus since the scent lasts all day, I smell great as I go about my business.

The Caress Forever Collection is available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide.  The suggested retail price for a 13.5 oz bottle is only $3.99!   You can learn more at www.houseofcaress.com.

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  147 Responses to “Get a Spa Experience at Home With the Caress Forever Collection #CaressForever #12HrTouchTechnology”

  1. Nice.. i am going to pass this onto my wife.. she deservers a “At Home” kinda spa..

  2. These flavors sound wonderful! I think everyone needs pampering – even men and kids.

  3. I love this stuff, and you’re right, it’s like a spa experience at home!!! Thanks for more info on it, great to know!

  4. I’ve always liked Caress products, but I’ve yet to try these. Love the #12HrTouchTechnology aspect of them! It’s great to still smell fresh and pleasantly fragrant even at the end of a long day!

    • It is rare to find a ‘drugstore’ type brand that actually lasts beyond getting out of the shower. So its nice to know this might be different.

  5. I’ve always liked Caress bath soaps, so I’m sure these are very nice as well. I have to try them.

  6. Both of those scents sound amazing, but I think I’d try Love Forever first. It sounds like it’s more along what I would normally choose, scent-wise. The price looks great too! I love being able to pamper myself without spending a ton!

  7. I love Caress products. I like the original. It leaves my skin smelling so wonderful. I will have to try this one!

  8. That sounds wonderful. I’m a big fan of bath products that make me smell like a flower or a fruit. It’s so girly.

  9. Sounds heavenly and will have to try it for myself now soon! 🙂

  10. I love Caress body washes. I haven’t seen these yet but I’ll have to check them out.

  11. I haven’t tried this, but I use Caress Soap,… I have used it forever. Love the smell and that is why I use it.

  12. I like Caress products. I love the price and the smells.

  13. I sure do like the idea of a spa experience. Especially at home

  14. 12 hours??? Yes, please! I always have a bottle of Caress in my shower. It’s always been a favorite of mine. I haven’t seen the spa collection, but I’ll be searching for it now. I even like how my bathroom smells when I’m done showering with Caress.

  15. I have used Caress before and I have always loved the results. I will have to try these. I think I will like the Love Forever one.

  16. THE PRICE IS AMAZING!!!!! I haven’t used Caressed before- but I am going to pick some up when I go shopping over the weekend!

  17. That definitely is a good price for a spa like experience. I would have to smell it in the store first–I am allergic to the smell of flowers and ACHOO–better safe then sorry!

  18. I’ve not seen these on the shelf yet but I think I need it! 12 hours of smelling great? That is perfect for me!

  19. I do that too when I have more than one scent. I like to switch them from day to day!

  20. Your tub is mold free. Do you have an insert.

  21. An at home spa experience sounds amazing! I love all of Caress’ soaps, so I know how great these are. Going to pick a bottle up at the store this week!

  22. I love Caress products! They are the only ones I can use that will not dry out my skin! I cannot wait to give the Love Forever scent – it sounds heavenly!

  23. I have not used Caress products in so long. I love this packaging, Ill have to give it try just for that.

  24. That looks nice. Some of the only times I get to pamper myself is when I shower. So this looks like I could get that spa treatment right at home.

  25. I like to have a highly scented body wash. If it bubbles up nice and bubbly, even better. 🙂 I’ll be trying the Caress.

  26. I love Caress products. I definitely want to try these ones out. They look like they’d be great. I really love the design on the bottles as well.

  27. Caress has always been one of my favorite body washes! I can’t wait to try the new scents. They both sound amazing!

  28. These scents sound divine! I’m a huge fan of scented, foamy body wash. I have to try these!

  29. I have always loved Caress products but the last time I bought some, it had a strong scent. It smells good but I’m not huge on floral scents. I like fruity smelling stuff or coconut.

  30. I’ve always loved Caress because I like how they make my skin feel. They don’t leave behind a soapy residue.

  31. I have never used Caress. I should check it out!

  32. It’s always nice when we can pamper ourselves at home. Can’t beat a spa experience for under $4!

  33. I don’t use Caress, but I must admit that it smells really good! I know that it is a brand that my mom has sworn by for years.

  34. I have used other Caress body washes before and they leave my skin feeling so smooth! I almost can’t believe how affordable the Caress Forever Collection bottles are. $3.99 is great!

    • $3.99 is a great price, especially for something that feels spa worthy! I think this will be my next purchase when I run out of my current stuff.

  35. I have seen this new body wash popping up everywhere. I can NOT wait to try it.

  36. We don’t have these yet here in my country but I will most certainly give it a try when I see it. I love the packaging, it looks so luxe and it gives me the impression that they smell good!

  37. $3.99 is a SPA day I can afford!! I love the notes in Love Forever-I’m going to look for that one!

  38. Oooh!!! The packaging is super sultry. I prefer bodywash over soap.

  39. I love Caress body wash. It’s so foamy and I feel so fresh afterwards. I’ll have to be on the look out for this collection!

  40. I love using their products. My skin feels so smooth and smells even better after a shower. Loving those new scents.

  41. Oh that love forever sounds like it smells amazing! I’m going to have to look for it next time I’m at the store!

  42. I have used regular Caress for years, and am glad to see they have some new scents! I bet they smell amazing, I can’t wait to give them a try!

  43. The Caress Forever Collection sounds soooo nice and I do like the price too!!

  44. I have tried this through the sample I received in a beauty box and thought it was very good. I love the smell as well and how it leave your skin feeling soft.

  45. I had seen these in the pharmacy and was tempted to buy them.. they really do smell delish!

  46. Sounds great! I love caress products. Don’t think anyone in my family has tried these out yet though! I will have to grab some if I see them!

  47. Sounds great! I have to heck those out for sure. Thank you! ^_^

  48. I just bought another Caress and can’t wait to use it. This looks like a fancy version.

  49. Sounds like a wonderful product! I bet it smells amazing!

  50. I’ve not tried these new scents yet but plan to. The Love Forever one sounds amazing. Caress is a great brand!

  51. I am going to get this too. I have not tried it out yet. It is so good to know that it will keep my skin full of moisture. I can’t wait to use it.

  52. I love Caress products. Going to check it out next time I am at the store.

  53. These sound great! I don’t I’d be able to choose which one I like best either.

  54. I like a body wash that the scent last for more than a few minutes. That is a big plus for me.

  55. Love Caress! Awesome product, great price points! Need to try this one out!

  56. I haven’t used Caress in forever, and I’m not really sure why. The Adore Forever scent sounds amazing!

  57. This sounds so great to me. I’ve had the kind of month that demands a spa experience!

  58. I could use a spa day at home! I like switching scents too 🙂

  59. I would love that Adore Forever scent, that is my kind of body wash! I’ve always enjoyed this brand though, the scent stays for so long!

  60. The scents sound great and love the bottle design http://www.parentinghealthy.com/

  61. I love “spa at home” kind of products. I will have to keep an eye out for this collection at the store!

  62. I love Caress soap and body wash. I know I will love this

  63. I might be able to use the orange and peach. I am afraid the floral stuff might cause my skin to break out. I have problems with the floral fragrance chemical they use in a lot of soaps and detergents.

  64. I love shopping for new body wash smells. I am going to check these out.

  65. I don’t think we have the Caress brand here in Ireland. These shower gel sounds lovely though, I like scented products 🙂

  66. I love this idea but I also think I could use a real massage and spa day.

  67. 3.99 is a steal for that large of a bottle.

  68. HI Robin, I’ve known that Caress products were excellent, and didn’t know about these. Love the pearl release process to smell fresh and pleasantly fragrant all day long – thx for adding the image – now it will catch my eye when out shopping and remind me! 🙂

  69. Oohh, I’d love to try the Mandarin orange and peach! I could use some pampering.

  70. These scents sound amazing. i love Caress, I have used their products for years.

  71. I love that Caress is so affordable! It’s so worth buying a big bottle for $3.99. I have used the Caress Fresh Body Wash Aqua Sparkle and loved it. I’m going to have to try the Love Forever. Its awesome that the fragrance can last 12 hours!

  72. I love doing spa days at home! This looks like a great product to add to my spa basket.

  73. Oh Love Forever sounds like accent I would really enjoy! I love Caress products!

  74. Very nice! Sounds like these products are awesome. Thanks for sharing- love anything “spa”!

  75. These sound really great. I wouldn’t be able to use these with my allergies, but I bet my mom and sister would love them.

  76. I love spa products. It’s nice to get a little pampering without having to leave the house!

  77. I am familiar with Caress but have to admit it has been a long time since I used their products. I’ll look into the Caress Forever Collection. Thanks for sharing!

  78. I am loving Caress and how pretty the packaging it is! The smell is SO pretty too and makes my skin so soft!

  79. I love using Caress and their scents are amazing for sure. I will have to get both of these to try them out because I have yet to try these. I love that the scent last all day. Thanks for sharing.

  80. I love Caress Products .. they were off the Radar for awhile but I’m seeing they are making a victorious comeback!

  81. Caress makes some of my all time favorite bath scents. I am eager to try this formulation out!

  82. I love Caress! I want to try the Mandarin Orange and Peach!

  83. That sounds amazing. I would love to try those scents. I bet raspberry smells awesome!

  84. You had me at 12 hours of fragrance! The names and scent combinations of both varieties sound great.

  85. I love getting pampered too! I’ll have to give this new Caress collection a try.

  86. This sounds wonderful especially with those awesome scents. I love that it lasts of to 12 hours. Will have to give it a try.

  87. These sound so heavenly! I’m in dire need of getting pampered even if it is at home. Going to have to by a bottle or two of these. =)

  88. I really could use a spa day!!! Plus, what an amazing price!

  89. This 12 hour technology sounds fantastic! I could use this with my long days, especially since I run around so much.

  90. Those scents sound awesome. I want to smell the sandalwood and vanilla musk!

  91. This sounds fantastic. I’ll have to try it out see if the strong fragrance bothers me. Normally I’m ok, and I could definitely use a spa experience!

  92. I have bottles and bottles of body wash in my bathroom because I love trying new scents! These look awesome. 🙂

  93. I’m actually allergic to Caress, but it’s great they have a new line! A spa experience sounds like a good idea though!

  94. Ive seen so many great reviews with this Forever Collection! Its seems so sexy and flirty I cant wait to try it!

  95. I’ve never tried any caress products before but these scents do sound pretty fabulous! May have to check them out!

  96. I like the packaging. It looks very fashionable. Wonder if it smells as good as it looks?

  97. I have been hearing really good things about this collection. I definitely could use a spa experience and some pampering at home!

  98. Ooh I’ve never tried these but those scents sound incredible.

  99. I am a Caress girl and love the sounds of these.

  100. This sounds like a great product. I love the price and I love that you smell great all day. I am going to take a look for this next time I am at the store.

  101. I love trying new body washes!! Caress is one of my favorites I am going to have to look for this.

  102. These sound amazing! I want to try them both!

  103. I love Caress. Their body products are the best!

  104. I think I deserve a spa night! Adore Forever sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  105. I have been using this stuff and love it. I even got a compliment on it the other day. And the only way I knew was because I didn’t put any perfume on. Great stuff!

  106. Well that stuff is probably awesome since it’s a Caress brand

  107. That’s so great with Caress Collection how you found you stay moisturized all day. Who knew the fragrance could last that long?

  108. I will be stopping by Walgreens and Wal-Mart today and will look for the new Caress body washes. I love happy fragrances.

  109. I think I’d love to try the Love Forever scent – I could also use some extra moisture after this past winter!

  110. I’ve always been a fan of Caress & this collection sounds divine. Lord knows I could use a little bit of spa time!

  111. I love the way it looks – it looks great enough to be gifted. And at this price it is a great buy too!

  112. I certainly would love to have that spa experience at home. We all need a little pampering, right? 🙂 I bet they all smell good.

  113. I haven’t used Caress in a long time, but I may have to try it again!

  114. I’d love to try some! And what a great price!!

  115. I love getting pampered at home. I would love to try one of these. I bet they smell awesome

  116. I just love how soft my skin feels when I use the Caress products. I cannot wait to smell the new collection.

  117. I love scented body washes so this would work for me… I’m looking forward to trying them out.

  118. I love Caress. It is hard to stop sniffing the bottle. lol

  119. I love nice products in the shower. I love having a nice long bath with products that smell and feel great.

  120. I have always loved Caress. It is one of my favorites.

  121. This is one of my new favorite body washes! It beats out all the other much more expensive ones I’ve purchased!

  122. I love taking hot showers and having me time. The body wash sounds great! I love luxurious soap that smells nice.

  123. I have used Caress in the past and had a good experience.

  124. Adore Forever sounds right up my alley. I bet it smells ahhh-mazing.

  125. THose scents sound awesome. I’m always looking for a new scent to try.

  126. Oh my gosh I can’t wait to try these! Especially the Adore Forever scent. I can’t get over that price. I used to use Caress exclusively, this might make me go back to that.

  127. These new scents sound great! Perfect for spring!!

  128. I started using this recently, and it’s already my fav! Amazing stuff!

  129. Wow that sounds like a luxurious body wash! I love having velvety soft skin after a shower

  130. Even the bottles look sexehhhh!
    I’m allergic to synthetic vanilla, as well as musk… so I’d probably end up with a happy headache lol

  131. I think I would like the Adore Forever. I’ll have to look for these!

  132. I just bought body wash yesterday dang it! Now I need to go back and get this one, at $3.99 you can’t beat it!

  133. I never would have thought so much went into creating a body wash. That’s fascinating. Lots of research and so many experts to get it just right. Cool.

  134. I will have to check this one out. I am sensitive to smell, but since you said that is it not too overpowering, I may try it out.

  135. I can imagine how nice it smells…I love fine fragrance 🙂

  136. Going to getsome today. Sounds like a great way to relax.

  137. I actually have this in my bathroom. I found it at Walmart a few weeks ago and picked it up. I really love it.

  138. My daughter has been using this recently and it smells SO GOOD.

  139. I like Caress anyway. So, I bet this smells really good.