Oct 222015
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With the holidays just around the corner and holiday breaks from public schools looming on the horizon, it’s a good idea to try and plan out as much of those vacation days as possible. In our home we’ve had firsthand experience how an unproductive and boring holiday break can be for our children and have had our fair share of moaning and groaning when there wasn’t anything fun to do while on vacation. This year we have our bases covered with a handful of pre-planned activities, family visits and the all new Skylanders Superchargers game.


Available on Wii, WiiU, Nintendo DS 2, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4, Skylanders Superchargers takes place when Skylands is in peril, threatened by villain Kaos and his most evil weapon yet- the Doom Station of Ultimate Doomstruction. As all of Skyland is threatened by the evil villain and on the verge of utter collapse, it’s up to the special team called the Superchargers to save the day. Assembled to pilot a fleet of unstoppable incredible vehicles, the Superchargers are tasked with saving Skylands and taking down Kaos once and for all. Your gamer will partner with the Superchargers team to pilot incredible machines over land, under the sea and through the skies to stop Kaos and his plan to destroy Skylands!


With 20 possible characters and 20 new vehicles to unlock in the new Superchargers game, your child and their friends will have a blast unlocking each one as they work together and explore the game. Each character and vehicle has their own unique features and powers so there’s always something new to experience as the game progresses. Characters that are popular in the Skylanders Superchargers quest include:

  • Spitfire
  • Hot Streak
  • Dark Sea Shadow
  • Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf
  • Hammer Slam Bowser
  • Barrel Blaster
  • Shark Shooter Terrafin
  • Jet Stream
  • Nitro Stealth Stringer
  • Fiesta
  • and many more!


Each Skylanders Supercharger Start Pack includes:

  • 1 Video Game
  • New Portal of Power
  • 2 Skylander Figures
  • 1 Skylanders Vehicle
  • 1 Collection Poster

My kids have been big Skylanders fans for quite a while now.  We now have an Xbox 360, so this is our first Skylanders set on our new system.  Prior to getting the Xbox 360 for their birthdays in August, my boys had a Wii and they had lots of Skylanders for that system. They were thrilled to get a set for their Xbox and are excited to collect all the guys, too.

Skylanders is truly tons of fun and my boys would play it for hours if I would let them. Connect with Skylanders Superchargers on Facebook|Twitter|Youtube|Google+ and never miss the latest news and updates from the game!

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  131 Responses to “Get Your Motor Runnin’ With Skylanders SuperChargers”

  1. just looking at this – i don’t see any way a kid can become bored 🙂

  2. Looks like a ton of fun and definitely going to mention to my nephew now 😉

  3. This looks like a game any kid would absolutely enjoy.

  4. Oh yeah! My son has been obsessed! He beat it after 3 days!

  5. Your youngest looks like he’s super into it. My kids talk about Minecraft all the time. I haven’t heard this one too much, but they know what it is. I’ve heard other parents talk about their kids getting into it.

  6. My son had so many friends that loved this game!! Now that he’s older, he still wants to look at the new ones at the store. Told me he’s too old to play with them, though. :p

  7. I love how immersive Skylanders is both on and off the screen. It’s great for kids to have toys they can play with when the gaming system is turned off!

  8. Skylanders supercharges really takes it to the next level. The game looks extremely fun and the graphics are amazing.

  9. Wow! That sure sounds like something that would keep the kids happy for quite a while. I have to admit that I am unfamiliar with Skylanders.

  10. I bet my son would love this game. Great Christmas idea.

  11. These are great games – and yep gives mom & dad a break also – or maybe some time together as I used to play the games with my son!

  12. Skylanders are so much fun. I know Santa’s elves will be busy making a ton of these the next few months.

  13. This looks like such a fun version of Skylanders. It amazes me what they keep coming out with for video games for kids.

  14. And to think we took up our time with Super Mario Bros. My kids are both grown and still consider themselves gamers. Looks like fun times this holiday season.

  15. My nephew would LOVE this game! I didn’t know they had one like that that had physical toys as well as a virtual game. Looks like the perfect thing to add to my shopping list this year.

  16. We just got a new Xbox One, so we need to get some new games. My kids would love this!

  17. Oh my two boys, Jayden and Jackson would LOVE this. Like, LOVE. We don’t have an xbox at the moment but for Christmas a new gaming console will be coming into our house!

  18. This is a very good idea for Christmas too! 😉

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  19. I son has this and he loves it. It is going to be hot for Christmas!

  20. My nephews and nieces are crazy about Skylanders. They can play for hours if their moms would just let them play.

  21. My son loves Skylanders. I can’t even count how many of these things he has!

  22. My cousins are really in to Skylanders, they just cant get enough of it I play with them sometimes and it is really fun.

  23. My girls would LOVE Skylanders. Maybe I should look into this for Christmas.

  24. My son would love these. He is begging us to get him an X box.

  25. Great review. Our family also loves Skylanders SuperChargers, it’s such a fast-paced and exciting game.

  26. I need to get some Skylanders for my nephews!! These would be awesome!

  27. We just got this for the boys. We are huge skylanders fans! I can’t wait to put it in and start playing!

  28. My son loves Skylanders! I got this pack also, and will be giving it as a gift to our son for Christmas along with the PS 3 for my husband / son to share. Activision has so many great games to choose from. The starter pack is nice too as it includes quite a bit!

  29. I bet my nephew would love these! Not really something my girls ever asked for, but I’m sure the boys would think they were pretty darn cool!

  30. Xbox 360 is one of things in my wishlist this year. Hopefully, I can get one and will be able to get Skylanders game. 🙂

    Mhar Sefcik

  31. Skylanders is a very popular game. I think my niece will love this for Christmas

  32. Looks like great fun!!! I will get this for my kids!!

  33. Cool games. Son is a huge video game lover. He is currently into Disney Infinity .

  34. There are SO many Skylanders to choose from now-a-days! I’m surprised my little brother hasn’t gotten into this yet. I may need to grab him one for Christmas!

  35. i have a son who would just be enthralled with these! ha! thanks for sharing!

  36. How cool!! the Boys here would love to have it!

  37. This looks great. My niece and nephew would absolutely lose it over this. They love Skylanders.

  38. Looks like a lot of fun. My daughter loves this game. I am not sure if she would like the skylander characters but you never know.

  39. My kids love Skylanders. They got a zillion characters from all of the series. I can’t wait to get this for them for Christmas.

  40. My son would really be in heaven here. How totally awesome, and with the holidays coming.. perfect timing.

  41. Good tool to occupy kids while one is busy!

  42. I am a huge Skylanders fan and I can’t wait to get this set . I play it all the time after work to relax.

  43. My son is a huge sky lander fan! There are so many new characters it’s hard to keep up!

  44. It’s totally smart to get prepared for all those days home from school during holiday breaks. I love games like Skylanders to give the kiddos some indoor fun when the weather is nasty…like during those unexpected snowdays!

  45. My nephew loves Skylanders! He has so much Skylander merchandise!

  46. You are speaking my kids language! They are asking for this for Christmas.

  47. My kiddo is just starting to get into Skylanders so I am trying to learn more about them. I think this would be a great christmas gift!

  48. I think having plans in place to entertain the family during the holidays is a very smart idea. It gives everyone something to look forward to, and you do not need to worry about the kids getting bored. I am not familiar with this game, since we do not have kids, but I know when I was a kid, I really enjoyed all the board games that we played when the relatives visited during the holidays.

  49. We’ve been playing it for the past 3 weeks now and my son just loves it. We have them all from the very first one and this one is I think the best so far.

  50. Wow…they’ve become a lot more elaborate from the first batch of skylanders.

  51. Great idea thinking ahead for school break. I know first hand what it is like to have bored kids! My kids would love these games.

  52. I have to admit I haven’t played Skylanders in ages, I really should get another game to try as they do sound fun. x

  53. This would be a great addition to the Christmas list that keeps on growing lol. All three of mine would like this.

  54. I’ve never experienced toys like this, since I have two girls. But I bet the boys would go crazy over it! Looks like a cool toy!

  55. Now this is something my grandsons would really love. Their motor would be running on overdrive ha. I’ll have to see about some Skylanders Superchargers from grandma santa.

  56. This looks so cool! I’m auntie to a lot of little boys so I think this can easily go on my to buy list for those bd gifts 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  57. This looks like a pretty fun game for little boys! I only have nieces but I wouldn’t be surprised if my fiance liked this….haha

  58. Looks like a lot of fun! I know that my nephew would love the Skylanders Superchargers game for sure. I think I have to start planning the holiday break too.

  59. These look like such fun toys. My boys are a bit too young for them right now, but I’m sure that they would love playing with these when they are older.

  60. My son LOVES this game! We discovered Skylanders with the last version that was out so he couldn’t wait to try this one. Now we just need to collect some new characters and vehicles!

  61. My son loves this thing, he has the Skylander for the Xbox1. It is a financial trap.

  62. Ahh~! I am pretty sure I have a couple of grandkids that will need this. They are big fans.

  63. It’s neat how Skylanders has come out with even more stuff. This looks like even more fun for the kids to have.

  64. Oh now these are fun. My nieces and nephews collect the other Skylanders. They’d be happy to get their hands on these racers!

  65. I have this game on the PS4 we love it

  66. So cute. My kids will surely love this, no more boring vacation for them because of this fun skylander game.

  67. These look like a lot of fun. My kids would love these. This would definetly make for great Christmas and/birthday presents. Thanks for sharing.

  68. This sounds like a game my son would really love. He’s been playing Dinsey Infinanty lately.

  69. I’m forwarding this to my kids. Skylanders are big in our household and I can’t keep up with the different systems and characters!

  70. That looks like so much fun! I bet it will be a huge holiday gift!

  71. Skylanders is a very popular. No doubt it’s making a lot of Christmas lists this year.

  72. I know this is already on one list at my house. It looks pretty fun, after actually seeing it. I never know with video games and some times end up regretting the purchase.

  73. Oh Skylanders looks very fun and I don’t think anyone would get bored of all the options

  74. SuperChargers sounds like a great new game! This looks like a lot of fun.

  75. Skylanders is such a fun game and we love it! This is a great new game for the series.

  76. This is totally something my boys would love to play!

  77. It looks like a really fun game. I’m sure the kids will love it.

  78. That would make a fantastic Christmas gift! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  79. Skylanders Superchargers is going to be such a popular game this holiday season. I will have to show this to my Son. He loves Skylanders.

  80. I have all girls, who are not interested in Skylanders, but I think they they are cool! These look really neat!

  81. My sons love Skylanders. They would freak if they saw this because it is perfect for their role playing games.

  82. I think we are getting the kiddo Skylanders for Christmas. He has really shown an interest in games like this lately.

  83. Sounds like a great game but I don’t think my son will enjoy it. He loves car racing games only 🙁

  84. Oh man, I don’t have kids, but I know a lot of little boys who would love these!!!

  85. My two boys would surely love this and this are the great gift idea for them.

  86. This game looks and sounds awesome! I’m gonna get this for Christmas. So excited.

  87. My son keeps asking me to ‘review’ the Skylanders. You know you’re a blog mom when. 😉 I haven’t asked anyone, I’m thinking I’ll just pick him up a starter kit for Christmas.

  88. I think Skylanders supercharges looks very much exciting & much better than the previous versions. The graphics are amazing enough to push kids in to get addicted to the game so easily.

  89. Great for activities time to keep the kids busy!

  90. These look like a lot of fun! My nephews would FLIP over these…..I’m going to look into getting them for Christmas. Thank you!

  91. I just had to comment again on how exciting I think Skylanders SuperChargers is. Kids love the starter pack and the graphics within this new video game are amazing.

  92. How fun! Our xbox saw the green screen of death twice and the 2nd time hubs opted not to fix it so we got a PS3. I dont know much at all about the skylanders, but it looks fun.

  93. This sounds like so much fun! I bet kids would love this.

  94. My kids love Skylanders on the Wii. I will have to pick up the Skylanders Superchargers for Christmas. I am sure they are going to love it.

  95. I’m sure my two boys would love this Skylanders Supercharges.

  96. I don’t have children living with me but I can just imagine the excitement in homes that do with these Supercharges!

  97. My kids love Skylander! I’ll definitely have to check this out for them!

  98. Great toys – your boys must really love them!

  99. No kids at home – well, except the big one (hubby), who might actually like this!

  100. Awww how cool is that! My son would love it.

  101. My boys would enjoy this for Christmas. I need to get a list from them soon so that I can grab good deals as I see them or better yet, I’ll take a few reviews for goodies. 🙂

  102. These look like such nice toys. I bet they would make for great Christmas presents.

  103. We haven’t tried the Supercharged version but my kids have always loved Skylanders.

  104. My son loves Xbox but he hasn’t tried Skylanders yet. Maybe for Christmas 🙂

  105. This looks like a good game my nephew would enjoy. He is so into MMPORPGs. I will see if I can get his for him for Christmas.

  106. My son will like this game. I will add it to his Christmas wish list.

  107. I’ve seen these at the store. I’ve been curious if these would be good for my son. I’ve seen them at the store.

  108. I have no doubt that my son would love that. He’s so into playing those kinds of games.

  109. One of my friend’s little boys is obsessed with Skylanders!! I will have to tell her about this one!!

  110. It’s amazing how interactive they’re making games for kids these days! It really adds to kids’ immersion!

  111. My son LOVES Skylanders. I really need to check into this new game before Christmast.

  112. My son loves Skylanders. It’s one of his absolute favorite video games.

  113. my boy start talking about it and we have one character from it. It looks cool and the racing one is the latest indeed..

  114. Electronic games are surely a way to keep most kids from getting bored, but I’m not pro – electronic games. I must prefer board games, physical games and books!

  115. My 6 year old would love this but I have not idea how I’d get it away from him!

  116. I got my nephews Skylandars a few Christmases ago. They loved them. No way they’d be bored with that game.

  117. Although it has been quite awhile since my son has played video games because of school and such, he loves Skylanders! It’s his all-time favorite game.

  118. This will make such a great Holiday gifts. I know some of my little one’s friends would love it.

  119. When my son is a little older I will have to look into this. He loves Skylanders.

  120. My boys used to love playing Skylanders on the Wii. I think we need to pass them down to another child now!

  121. Ooooo this game looks like a lot of fun!!! I can see a lot of boys wanting this for Christmas!

  122. Looks like my boys will be asking for another game lol. I know, when boys get bored, that just is not fun .. At all.