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Experiences, rather than material things, are a true gift. A Glass Blowing workshop is a fun and unique way to try something new and have fun doing it.

As I have previously mentioned in past blog posts, I LOVE Groupon. My friend and I are always looking for fun, new things to do, and Groupon never disappoints. I am a big believer in that experiences, rather than material things, are a true gift. So, when it came time for my friend’s birthday I took to Groupon and found a glass blowing workshop. It sounded fun and was something we had never tried, so I bought it. There were options for a 1-hour workshop or a 3 hour; having never done it before, I got us the 1-hour workshop (I believe it was $85 for the 2 of us).

We booked our session for a Saturday afternoon in early December. There were other scheduled for our class, but they never showed, so it was essentially a one-on-one lesson for us. We had to choose our project first. We could choose from a pumpkin, an ornament, or a paperweight. We then had to choose or colors; each project could be 2-3 colors, and they had a big choice of colors.

Experiences, rather than material things, are a true gift. A Glass Blowing workshop is a fun and unique way to try something new and have fun doing it.

Next came the glass blowing. Safety glasses are a must and we also had to wear sleeves to protect our arms from the heat. The furnace that the melted glass is kept in is well over 500 degrees (I can’t remember the exact temperature, but it was REALLY hot) and the furnace that you spin the glass in is around 400 degrees.

Experiences, rather than material things, are a true gift. A Glass Blowing workshop is a fun and unique way to try something new and have fun doing it.

Experiences, rather than material things, are a true gift. A Glass Blowing workshop is a fun and unique way to try something new and have fun doing it.

Once you have scooped up the glass you spin it…and spin it…and spin it. It is then brought over to the crushed glass and dipped in the colors that you chose. Once the colors are applied, it is placed into the 2nd furnace and…you guessed it…spin it, spin it, and spin it some more. Once spun, then comes the blowing…while spinning it. Another person blows the glass while you spin it. You then cut it and use the blowtorch to seal it. It’s kind of scary that anyone let me near a blowtorch, but I digress.

Experiences, rather than material things, are a true gift. A Glass Blowing workshop is a fun and unique way to try something new and have fun doing it.

As I mentioned, we were the only 2 people in our class and the ornaments that we chose didn’t take long so we were given the option of doing another for $20, so we did. My friend did another ornament and I did a paperweight, though the pumpkins are super cute. We did those and were told we could pick up our projects any time after they opened Monday and they came out great! The paperweight is the blog picture.

Experiences, rather than material things, are a true gift. A Glass Blowing workshop is a fun and unique way to try something new and have fun doing it.

If you want to check out their website, look no further than I love the fact that their website is 1 Hot Piece of Glass. You can book classes on there or you can order products. Also, if you are local, I’m sure there is a Groupon available. If you are not local, check out Groupon for classes local to you. You will love it!

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  1. These are so cool looking and I love the look of blown glass! That ornament is super cute. I would have never thought about doing a glass blowing class!

  2. Always been in awe of glass blowers, what a art they have. Watched but never participated. Your ornament turned out beautiful, love the colors.

  3. Wooow! I should have tried it as well.. so many interesting activities around and you can definitely have the change to try new things. The result looks lovely!

  4. Not only does it look fun, but playing with fire is pretty cool! It turned out so beautiful.

  5. I have always wanted to do this. What fun that would be!

  6. Wow, that is such a cool experience! I have watched glassblowers, and it is incredible to watch. I love Groupon too, I’ll have to see if there is anything like that near me. It would make an awesome gift too!

  7. Looks very pretty. I agree in that experiences are better than material gifts :). I’m very active in my Yelp community here in Detroit and we did a glass blowing class too, though it was more informative than anything (no presents to take home). Definitely an interesting experience!

  8. This is so cool! I attended a glass blowing demonstration in Murano, Italy last year (world-famous for their glass making!), but I would love to try it out myself. I love your ornament and paper weight creations.

  9. This is so cool!! And awesome that Groupon has such neat, out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

  10. This looks so much fun! My friends and I are always looking for new activities to do. We’re definitely going to look into this.

  11. How fun that must have been! I’ll have to look for something like that around here where I live!

  12. This would be something exciting to try out. I know for sure my daughter would love it. What a pretty ornament!

  13. Oh this looks so fun! I’ve wanted to do this but never have!

  14. Even when I was younger, I was fascinated with glass blowing. It seems like such intricate art that requires a very stable hand.

  15. That’s so cool! I studied ceramics in college. I always wanted to take a glass class, but just couldn’t squeeze it in. Looks like I missed out.

  16. I watch videos of people doing this all the time on instagram. So awesome that you got to try it

  17. This looks so pretty! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do as we have a place who does glass blowing right near us. Oh, I’m also a huge fan of Groupon 🙂

  18. This looks like such a fun experience. I have seen this done before in person but I never did it myself. Really cool!

  19. That is a crazy-good Groupon. Nice score!
    I am amazed that this can be accomplished by anyone other than a craftsman – or maybe you’re just naturals. Either way, nice work!

  20. I have never done this before and I sure would love to experience it. I think making glass is fascinating and being able to experience it would be so much fun! Love this!

  21. I’ve been wanting to try glass blowing. I forget about all the fun things that
    Groupon has. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a local class.

  22. Wow what a great memory to have and put on your tree with that ornament! There is a glass glowing place near me and I would love to try it now!

  23. I would be all over that. We have a local shop that does classes, but they are pretty expensive. I would be first in line if they ever did a Groupon!

  24. I too love Groupon and often check out there deals, this glass blowing class sounds fun especially as it was 1 on 1

  25. Glassblowing has always fascinated me. How glass can be moulded into such wonderful shapes and designs has always intrigued me.

  26. It looks so cool.. I’m also a huge fan of Groupon

  27. I saw them demonstrate this in a movie once. I’d love to enjoy the experience personally. The process is intriguing.

  28. Such a great experience to have, the closest I’ve got to glass blowing is watching How do they do it and other than that,I’ve never been and I would love to go to a place like this and just enjoy the time there.

  29. I have always found glass blowing so fascinating! i have seen so many videos on facebook! sounds like a great thing to do! must have been so much fun

  30. This sounds like my kind of fun. Your projects turned out beautifully; great color choices.

  31. The city that I live in is actually really well renowned for glass blowing. Theres a national glass centre here and I really would like to try this out there. Yours turned out beautifully xxx

  32. I totally agree- getting an experience as a gift is better than a material object! This is definitely something I’d like to check out- it looks fun and came out beautiful. Oh- and I LOVE Groupon!!

  33. This glass blowing class looks like so much fun. I’m looking for something to do with a Trade In Groupon since the vendor didn’t deliver on their offer. I’ve used Groupon for restaurants and spas, but never experiences. It’s time to try something new.

  34. I’ve always wanted to try glass blowing! Along with mastering the pottery wheel, that art form has forever captured my imagination. Your post has inspired me to find out if there is a glass blowing class in my area. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  35. I love groupon! This is my first time hearing about this particular activity tho. Looks fun and love the photos showing the process!

  36. What a fun idea! I love Groupon but I’ve never seen anything like this on it. I’ll have to keep checking it out.

  37. This is so cool! I want to try it out sometime!

  38. We don’t live far from the Chihuly museum and you can glass blow there. I have never done it though. Looks fun

  39. Wow, that is one great experience! Love the product result too, it’s beautiful!

  40. I have always been fascinated by glass blowing. I would love to try it myself one day, and now I think I will look for a place local to me!

  41. I got the chance to do this one year in Corning New York. My mother still hangs it on the tree!

  42. Shame that the other people did not show but I guess that in one way it was good as like you said it gave you a one to one session! I do like the sound of glass blowing and I think that it is great that you were given the chance to make another ornament too.

  43. Groupon has some great deals and unique activities that most people would not think of otherwise. I have witnessed glass blowing but never taken part in doing it. This looks so fun.

  44. I have watched professionals do this and I loved it. I especially love the finsihed product. I have all kinds of things that were glass blown in my house. I had no idea this was something that you coud go out and do, I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for sharing!

  45. How lucky the others did not show up. This is such a nice experience, I’ve seen it online and it always so mesmerizing to watch the process.

  46. I can’t believe that they offered glass blowing on Groupon. This is definitely an activity that I would enjoy doing with my husband.

  47. This is so cool! What an awesome experience. Love the turnout, you are so talented. Wish we had one of these around my neighborhood.

  48. I keep telling my husband that I want to take a glass blowing class because it seems like such a fun date night idea. Will definitely scour Groupon for some glass blowing class deals!

  49. Glassblowing has always fascinated me! I plan to try it, you’ve made it look so amazing.

  50. Babushka does NOT do heat, therefore no matter how bello, wouldn’t do this. However, my Little One would just FLIP if we had one of those up here. Gonna share this with her. BB2U

  51. How cool is this! MY best friend would love something like to do as a bonding activity! Her birthday just passed and this would have been amazing for it!!!!

  52. How cool is this! MY best friend would love something like to do as a bonding activity! Her birthday just passed and this would have been amazing for it!!!! Definitely something we I should look into doing!

  53. I love that glass ornament! It turned out so nicely. I would totally be interested in trying glass blowing.

  54. Oh My Goodness, How Cool is this!!! I’ve been thinking of trying a new glass blowing shop that opened near our place and now I so wanna try it soon.

  55. This looks like such a fun class! My mother in law loves crafts like this and she would really enjoy taking a class!

  56. My husband and I got to go to a shop like this years ago and it was absolutely amazing! I could have stood there for hours and watched what they created…so beautiful!!

  57. I am not given to craft but I appreciate the beauty of the finished product. You guys did wonderful job and I know you had fun doing it too.

  58. That is such a beautiful ornament! What a fun activity to do with a group of friends. I would love to take a glass blowing class. I will certainly check around to see if it’s offered around here. Thanks for sharing.

  59. I think that looks very cute and great choice of colors! That sounds scary but fun to do. I’m a little clumsy so I’m not sure if I’ll try that one though.

  60. Ha! I LOVE their name! That looks like so much fun. I’m with you…experiences trump things for me every time! The end result is beautiful!

  61. Now this is something I would love to learn to do! I love Groupon, too!

  62. Good for you! Your ornament turned out beautiful. My boyfriend has his own glass blowing studio in the back of our garage and it’s such an incredible art! It’s way harder than it looks, that’s for sure.

  63. I love how your ornament turned out! Glass blowing is definitely something I would love to do also, it’s so neat to take a powder and turn it into something so beautiful!

  64. I’ve always wanted to try glass blowing. It sounds interesting. Curious if my husband would like to try it sometime. He’s into handcrafting things.

  65. That looks like so much fun. I would LOVE to try it. Actually, I bet my dad would too. He does stained glass projects at home all the time but I know he’d love something like this. Thanks for the idea!

  66. That ornament is absolutely gorgeous. What a great idea to do new adventures based off of what’s up on Groupon!

  67. This looks like it would be such a fun experience. I have always wanted to do glass blowing but never have.

  68. How fun! We have a spot where some artists make glass blown art around here. I’ve personally never tried it.

  69. This looks super awesome to do. I am always fascinated by these kinds of things. I don’t have an overly creative gene, but this is something that I feel I’d have a blast doing.