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Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen, known as DCBK, serves up great southern comfort food and signature cocktails with a side of some of the best jazz in Boston. Tuesday thru Sunday, you will find a menu full of big Southern flavor, cocktails full of sublime combinations, and sounds full of rhythm and soul.

If you are in the mood for some classic Southern style dishes, be sure to stop into Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen.  They take classic dishes like meatloaf, jambalaya and pork chops and put their own spin on them. I had a chance to eat there with my husband recently and we were blown away by the whole experience.

We started with an order of cornbread Mini’s, because, well – I love cornbread.  After we devoured them, I told my husband that we should have gotten 16 more orders of them. They were warm and oh so delicious.

For the main course I got the chicken and waffles. If you haven’t had chicken and waffles before, you’re really missing out – it phenomenal. At DCBK’s they make a homemade buttermilk waffle, top it with their Glorifried boneless chicken strips and serve with butter and maple syrup. YUM.

If you noticed the drink in the above photo, that is their red wine sangria.  They make sangria in red and white wines, but I always go with red. They have a really nice craft cocktail menu there and I am looking forward to going back soon so I can try some more of them.

But back to the food….

Chris got the DCBK’S Jazzburger with Romaine lettuce, tomato and tobacco onions.  He’s a big fan of burgers, so I wasn’t surprised that he ordered that.  He loved it and said he was happy that he ordered it!

Oh, and what’s dinner without dessert? We split a piece of their Red Velvet Cake and were practically ready to lick the plate clean when we were done. It was so good!

And seriously, what’s better than live music while you enjoy a meal? Jazz music makes for a relaxing atmosphere and I truly enjoyed dining with my husband to the smooth sounds of jazz music in the background.

Live Jazz Music at DCBK in Boston!

Live Jazz Music at DCBK in Boston!

Be sure to check DCBK’s event line up to see who is playing there next.

There is a $3 cover charge for live entertainment Sunday-Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays it’s $5. That charge will be added to your bill when you are present during live entertainment. That charge “covers” their musicians and guarantees that they can keep presenting some of the very best jazz Boston has to offer. Note: for special artists and events, there may be an increased charge.

If you are going to the theater before or after dinner, be sure to show them tickets for a 10% discount!

Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen is located at 604 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02118. I can’t wait to go back.

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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t had chicken and waffles before considering how many times I’ve visited the states. It’s happening next time for sure! This place looks amazing! Will definitely keep in mind next time we are in Boston.

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  10. I ordered a sangria the other day and didn’t like it one bit! It ended up being too sweet for my taste. I would like to find a perfect sangria that isn’t too sweet or too bland.

  11. Living in Atlanta I have developed a deep appreciate for Chicken and Waffles and those look amazing! I’ve never been to Boston but when I get the chance I will surely give this place a try.

    • Yes, chicken and waffles is such a southern thing. I live in Georgia so I love it! This looks great.

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  16. Girl you had me at Jazz and Cornbread! Then you throw in burgers and dessert and stuff and now I’m totally hungry, I need to surf the web on a full stomach! It is so hard to get the perfect cornbread around here, they are mostly too dry at many restaurants near me and I can’t get my hands on my favorite mix any more because it was sold at a Casino I loved that is now closed.

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