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If you live on the south shore you may have heard of The Quarry Hingham. It’s a wonderful restaurant in Hingham that is quickly earning a reputation for fantastic food and outstanding service. Since earning Boston Magazine’s 2016, Best of Boston South Shore for General Excellence, The Quarry continues to get positive reviews. Chef Greg Jordan, graciously invited my husband, Christian, and myself to dine at The Quarry recently so that we could see for ourselves what all the buzz was about.

The first thing we noticed when we pulled up was the restaurant’s namesake. There is a big old water-filled quarry behind the restaurant, which is housed inside a gorgeous stone block building on the property.

With food made from scratch daily with locally soured ingredients, the Quarry Hingham is the restaurant for good eats on the South Shore.

The menu at The Quarry changes based on the region’s harvest cycles. All of their food is made from scratch daily with locally sourced ingredients and after eating there, I can definitely see why they are consistently getting positive reviews.

Christian and I decided to start with something from the small plates menu (appetizer menu) and chose the Mac & Cheese.  It’ made from a secret blend of 6 cheeses, fresh cavatappi pasta and a bacon breadcrumb topping!  There was an option to add Crispy Pork Belly for an additional $3, but we decided to go with the plain mac & cheese.  I am glad we did – it was gooey and delicious.

With food made from scratch daily with locally soured ingredients, the Quarry Hingham is the restaurant for good eats on the South Shore.

For the main course, I went with the Chive & Honey Brick Chicken, which is a half Giannone chicken that was over a potato puree and served with asparagus.

With food made from scratch daily with locally soured ingredients, the Quarry Hingham is the restaurant for good eats on the South Shore.

Christian got the Quarry Burger, which is a prime beef patty topped with taleggio, house Bacon, bibb Lettuce and sweet Onion mostarda. The burger is served with parmigiano fries.

With food made from scratch daily with locally soured ingredients, the Quarry Hingham is the restaurant for good eats on the South Shore.

For dessert we split a Cider Doughnut Sundae which is vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate and salted caramel sauces.  It was a deconstructed sundae and we were a little put off by it when it arrived at our table since we were expecting a sundae.  But the deliciousness made up for the fact that we had to put it together ourselves.

With food made from scratch daily with locally soured ingredients, the Quarry Hingham is the restaurant for good eats on the South Shore.

The Quarry offers Boston-caliber New England dining with a modern twist. Everything that my husband and I had was five star.  The presentation was spot on and all of the food was phenomenal.  Our waitress, Jennifer, was knowledgeable and very attentive.  All in all, we had a great experience at The Quarry.

The Quarry offers four nights of specials!

  • Tuesday is Dollar Oysters – Enjoy rich Duxbury oysters for a buck.
  • Thursday is Bubbles & Burgers Night – Nothing says celebration than popping a cork of Champagne. Enjoy our famed Quarry Burger, paired with a glass of Champagne from a rotating region selection. This decadent and best selling burger is a prime beef patty stacked with taleggio cheese, house made smoked bacon, Bibb lettuce, and sweet onion mostarda. Rounding out the plate is the most addictive Parmigiano fries ($20). Separately $8.00/burger, $12/Champagne.
  • Friday is Half Priced Appetizers – Get the weekend started with our incredible list of small plates Mussels with Chorizo ($7), Hummus Plate ($4), Roasted House Made Sausage ($6) or Local Shellfish Plateau ($19.5).
  • Drink Pink on the Patio – Crisp and refreshing Wölffer Dry Rosé Cider on draft ($7) and Miraval Rosé by the glass. Glass ($11) and bottle ($42).
With food made from scratch daily with locally soured ingredients, the Quarry Hingham is the restaurant for good eats on the South Shore.

Their warm bread and dipping oil was a great start to the meal at The Quarry!

The Quarry Hingham is located at 415 Whiting St. Hingham, MA. To make a reservation or assist with special occasion needs, call The Quarry at 781-340-7300.

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience without having to venture all the way into Boston, The Quarry is the place to go! I can’t wait for a return visit!

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