May 132014

Grauman's Chinese Theater

While we were in Hollywood, we wanted to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  As we were walking along, we ended up walking right into Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  I am not entirely sure why I was surprised when we came to it, but I was.  I totally forgot that it was near where we were going to be, so when we did accidentally stumble across it, of course I had to snap a few pictures.



You may already know this, but there are all sorts of celebrity hand prints in the cement out in front of the building.  The sun was right behind us that day because of the time of day we were there, so the pictures weren’t coming out – other than this one:


You guessed it, that is my shadow in the bottom left corner.

Because the theater was so big and situated so close to the street, I couldn’t get a good picture and we had to walk across the street to get a better shot of it.




Grauman’s Chinese Theater is something I have seen on tv a million times and I can’t tell you when we will be in Hollywood again, so it was cool to see the theater in person.

Since the lighting was poor in the Hardrock Cafe, I didn’t take many pictures in there, but I did manage to get our waitress to snap one quick picture of us that came out pretty good (at least I think so):


Have you ever been to a Hardrock Cafe?

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  1. Never went to either, but I remember as a kid seeing I Love Lucy when she went to Grauman’s Chinese Theater and always wanted to go myself. So, glad you got to and maybe someday I will get to, as well!!

  2. Excellent food at the Hard Rock Cafe but no celebritity sightings

  3. Isn’t it funny how your perception of things like this differ when you see them in person? NYC in general was like that for me. Oh there’s Rockefeller Plaza. It’s small. LOL

  4. Love your pics. Your trip is wonderful and this is another great place you shared.

  5. It’s funny when you come across things that you totally weren’t expecting to like that. You got some great pictures though!

  6. I have always wanted to go there. I never knew Donald Duck signed that’s so cool, my kids would get a kick out of that!

  7. That’s a Hollywood must-see, at least once!

  8. I did like this part of Hollywood. A few of the iconic locations that have been a part of show business forever. It was neat to see the signatures and hand prints.

  9. It looks busy! But what an experience!

  10. We ate at Hard Rock in New York. And we were the opposite – we went to Graumans, and forgot the stars were there.

  11. Oh i like these I would love to go there it seems so much better than the one we have in London ..fab pics and shadow LOL 🙂

  12. Yet more items on the bucket list. Now let’s just hope one day I’ll get to them 🙂

  13. Can I say that I am finally excited that I can say.. I’VE BEEN HERE!!!! Normally when places are posted, unless it is Disney I have never been but here I have been! Yipee!!! It was cool, we stumbled upon it at night. I was amazed at some of the sizes of the hands and feet.. I think Shirley Temple had tiny hands.

  14. That theater looks really cool in person! And the fact that you had to walk across the street to capture it all speaks to it’s size!

  15. It’s fun to stumble across a surprise like the theater. I love the family picture, that’s totally frame-worthy!

  16. Hari OM
    what an impressive structure! I did know there was a chinese theatre in Hollywood, but don’t think I have ever seen photos of it so thanks for sharing these.

    Loving the family foto at the bottom – I have been to the HRC in Sydney!! YAM xx

  17. The theater was always my favorite place to go when we took visiting family there when I was a kid, but I haven’t been in years! Looks like it hasn’t changed much. Glad you are having a great visit.

  18. That Chinese Theater looks pretty cool! I think I went to the Hard Rock Cafe at the Mall of America a long time ago. Have a great day!

  19. Oh that is a pretty neat looking theater. I would love to visit there some day … some day over the rainbow! Glad you all had a great time!

  20. I have never been in a Hardrock but have walked by them in a number of cities.

  21. What a fun visit! I love the family pic that the waitress took! 🙂

  22. Definitely one of the places I would love to see if I ever went to California. So cool that you saw Donald Duck’s! I don’t know who I would search for — I’d probably spend all day just looking at them all.
    I’ve only been in one Hard Rock Cafe — it was the one in NYC a long long time ago.

  23. Isn’t it beautiful? The area with the prints is so much smaller than I thought it would be. But the facade is tall!

  24. I’ve never heard of the theater but it looks like such a cool building! And it’s on my bucket list to visit a Hard Rock Cafe somewhere someday 🙂

  25. Looks Like A Great Place To See Great Pictures You Have A Beautiful Family!

  26. I’ve been to the one in Rome – I think that’s the only one 🙂

  27. That is one of my favorite tourists spots in LA.

  28. You’ve got such great pictures! Makes me want to go to Hollywood!

  29. I love the pictures! I didn’t know Donald Duck had hand prints lol. I used to watch that movie over and over again when I was little. I’ve been to several Hard Rocks over the years.

  30. Great pictures! As a SoCal native, I really do hate going into L.A. It is just full of too many people for me anymore. I like my wide open desert spaces much better.

  31. Oh wow, what great pictures even if your shadow is in!

  32. We usually hit a Hard Rock Cafe whenever we are in a town that has one. The only problem is…. they are so noisy that my Hubs complains. The old grump.

  33. I’ve been to the one in NY & Orlando. They’re lots of fun. I love going to Graumans theater and putting my hands in all the prints!

  34. Wow, it’s such a beautiful building! I would love to go visit.

  35. I have been to the theater! It was back in 2006! I haven’t been to a Hardrock Cafe in forever.

  36. Such an iconic place to visit! I hope to take my kids one day. It would be so fun!

  37. I think your pics turned out great! nice family shots too. I hope I get a chance to see it in person some day 🙂 Faythe @GMT~

  38. The roof on that theater is so cool! I wish they made more roof selections for houses.

  39. So fun! I’ve been to a few Hard Rock Cafes, though not the one out there.

  40. I’ve been to a Hard Rock cafe, but it was more of a tourist spot than what I expected, lol. Of course, I was a tourist too, so I can’t complain. 🙂 Looks like you all had a great day!

  41. This is getting me excited for our trip. I’ve been to a couple Hard Rock cafe’s and casino they are so cool.

  42. I went there in … 1991 I think- I remember seeing I think John Wayne’s hand print which was cool because my father loved him. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe too and I got a huge Long Island Ice Tea and paid extra to keep the glass…lol

    cool pics – thanks for sharing 🙂

  43. I did not know there were celebrity hand-prints out front of this theater. That is very cool. Nice pictures of you and the family. I have never been to the Hard Rock or CA for that matter! I hope to go someday!

  44. I have not been Grauman’s Chinese theather but I have been to several Hard Rock Cafes including the one in London. And of course I have a t-shirt to prove it. lol!!

  45. I have been to several Hard Rocks. Every time I visit Grauman’s Chinese Theater I find someone new that I didn’t see last time. I love it!

  46. I’ve been to a Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods in Connecticut. It was really cool looking at all of the memorabilia. I would love to visit Graumans Theater one day.

  47. I will be sure to add the Graumans Chinese theater to my list of places to see when I go to Hollywood (one day!) The family picture came out really nice! =)

  48. I’ve always wanted to visit Graumans Chines Theater. It is just a wonderful Hollywood landmark with a lot of history.

  49. I’ve never been to Hollywood before so I can’t say I’ve seen any of these sights but how cool to actually be able to stumble upon and see them in person! One day I hope to be able to travel and see everything for my own eyes 🙂

  50. My family used to collect Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts whenever we visited any.. haha.. do you do that?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  51. I have been to the Hard Rock Cafe, but not in Hollywood – just in Chicago. I have been to the Chinese Theater though – gorgeous!

  52. What a great place to visit! Love the Donald Duck print!

  53. I have been to Hard Rock cafe in Singapore and in HOngkong.. So cool that Donald duck has his own star 🙂

  54. That’s a lot of people in front of that theater! I did go to a Hard Rock cafe once. I think in Chicago maybe? After 15 minutes of waiting for the waitress to come take our drink order, we ended up leaving. Haven’t been back to one since.

  55. What a cool place! I have always heard about it but I have never been there. This is one place the I would love to visit!

  56. We have stayed at the Hard Rock Hotels before but this looks like such a fun location!

  57. I love HardRock Cafe! I’ve seen a few concerts at one nearby and they are always great! I have never been to Hollywood, But I am loving all of your pictures!

  58. How cool that you got to go there! It looks awesome.

  59. That is a cool place to include in your sightseeing. I love that Chinese building. there is something about that pagoda roofline that I find appealing. Looks like a fun time

  60. I have been to a couple of Hard Rock Cafes. I’ve also been to Grauman’s and it is very cool to see what you see on tv.

  61. I have only been to a Hard Rock Cafe once, in Florida. I wish we had one near me so I could go again.

  62. Would love to visit one day, seems like a great place.
    I’m sure you all had an awesome time.

  63. I’ve been to the Hard Rock here in Vegas & the one in Hollywood- they have the BEST sizzling fajitas! I love the Chinese Theatre, it’s amazing to see all of the handprints.

  64. I have been to both Grauman’s and Hard Rock. Both are so much fun!

  65. It’s hard to get great shots of famous spots with all the other people swarming the place. But you did great!

    Here’s my Wordless Wednesday: Watercolor.

  66. I have been to several Hard Rock Cafes, but I’ve always wanted to go to Graumans! Awesome trip!

  67. The Chinese theater looks neat. We love Hard Rock ~ we like to visit in different cities. Looks and sounds like you had a great time 🙂

  68. that’s such a cool building. Your kids are gonna have amazing memories

  69. I’ve always wanted to go to the Chinese Theater! Looks pretty fantastic and busy!

  70. That looks so neat – yall are always doing such fun things!

  71. How much fun! I need to put this on my bucket list!

  72. This looks like such a fun trip! Donald Duck needs a star! 🙂

  73. I was there in 1993, visiting my aunt in LA as part of my high school graduation gift. It was neat to see that and other cool Hollywood attractions in person.

  74. How funny. I never would have guessed Donald Duck would be there too.

  75. Great pictures, I have never visited that part of CA, however a few years ago we were in China and were able to take a private tour of a Buddhist Temple, inside and the grounds outside Shenyang. Thanks for stopping by Oh My Heartsie Girl this week and your kind comment! Have a great week, Karren

  76. That is a shame that your photos were not turning out. I would love to go visit there one day and see the theater. I have been to a Hard Rock before, we were in DC though.

  77. Love the theater–and the happy smiles! It’s always so much fun to visit places like this!

  78. We have a Hard Rock Cafe here in Toronto … we used to have two but one closed a couple years ago.

  79. That sounds like such a cool place to visit.

  80. This place looks awesome! I didn’t realize how big it was.

  81. I was just at a HRC last week! I went to the one in Nice and the food was delicious. Looks like you had fun – I love Hollywood!

  82. Yes I have there’s one in my town. But I have never been to the graumann theater. 🙂

  83. Yes, I’ve been several times but not to that exact one. I’ve walked that strip to see the sights though!

  84. How fun! Yes, I’m most proud of having been to the Hard Rock in London 🙂 But I’ve also been to the one in New York and the one in Orlando and the one in Tampa!

  85. I have never been to a Hard Rock Cafe but we are hoping to go to the one in Orlando next spring break. That’s so cool that you accidentally came across the Chinese Theater! I would love to visit it if we ever get out to California.

  86. I haven’t eaten at a Hard Rock Cafe in ages… it was always good! The theater looked like it was a happening little tourist spot when you guys stopped by.

  87. I agree with you – that’s an awesome family photo! The theater is something I’d like in person. It looks so crowded!

  88. I’ve been to a Hard Rock Cafe, and it was very dark. But I think the family picture came out awesome!!

    I have not been to Graumans Chinese Theater, but hope to make it there one day. I have, however, seen the reproduction of it at Disney World.

  89. Your right, that is a place that I’ve seen a million times…but never been. Your Cali trip looks like it was a lot of fun.

  90. Isn’t it weird how when you see something on T.V. or pictures on the internet, it’s nothing in comparison of actually experiencing it.

  91. I love that grand entrance to Graumans Chinese Theater! Wow! And, yep, I’ve been to the Hardrock Cafe in NY…a long time ago, before kids, and it was fun. I like the atmosphere!

  92. How cool! It has got to be fun visiting a place you’ve seen on TV! i’ve been the hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, but it was so long ago that I can’t remember much about it 😛

  93. Wow, what a theater! I collected Hard Rock t-shirts from vacations with my parents when I was still in school, but I haven’t eaten at one in years.

  94. I’ve always wanted to go there! Love the pictures of you and your family!

  95. I have a photo taken of me there with my hands in John Travolta’s handprints! I was about 21 – such a baby!

  96. We were just there last month. it is such a fun place to visit. My kids loved it too. A definite must see if you are in the LA area.

  97. Grauman’s has always seemed like it would be so cool to see in person. Looks like you guys had an awesome trip.

  98. I was just in LA last week and I heard about this place several times. I’m going to have to make a point to check it out next time!

  99. So fun! I am sure the kids had a blast finding their favorite “actors” like Donald Duck! Great pictures!

  100. Isn’t it cool to walk down the street and see all of those handprints when you visit. Hope you have a great day!

  101. The theater looks bigger than I remember it – of course, I saw it out of a car window in 1989, so my memory is probably not the best. I’ve been to a couple of Hard Rocks, but not for ages.

  102. Wow so very cool. I would love to visit Hollywood one day and see the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

  103. It has been 25 years since I was in LA, I do remember seeing the theatre but need to go back:)

  104. Looks like a great experience. The kids look happy.

  105. Not at that one! What an adventure you guys had 🙂

  106. Looks like so much fun. I love the architecture of the Chinese Theater.

  107. Oh I love Hard Rock Cafe. I have been to a few on the east coast and hope to visit more soon. So, can you actually watch movies in Grauman’s Chinese Theater?

  108. I’m pretty sure I’ve been there before. When I visited LA I went when I was 20 or so and me and my cousin visited family and they took us to places like this. Looks like you all had such a blast!

  109. Went to HRC NY last week :)..had hugeee meals and kids had fun too there…I really want to see Hollywood, hopefully I’ll be able to do so soon..the donald duck sign is lovely :p..

  110. Ahhh! That’s so neat. I want to visit there so badly. I didn’t realize how big and busy it got. I hope you had a blast and we love visiting Hard Rock Cafes. There was even one in Bahrain! Crazy right?

  111. Wow, looks like a ton of fun! My family would love going there and seeing everything. Pretty pictures!

  112. What an exciting experience to visit that cool theater. We used to have a Hard Rock Cafe in our area but it shut down. Such a shame because the ambiance was awesome!

  113. Fabulous pics! I would love for my kids to see the Hard Rock Cafe. Maybe when they’re a bit older and can appreciate it properly 😉

  114. We went to the Hard Rock in Hollywood. We were the ONLY LA residents in there. The waiters were shocked. We just wanted a good burger! LOL!

  115. Awesome pics! You know, I’ve been there so many times but have never seen the Donald Duck sign! That’s awesome!

  116. I have been there several times. I need to bring my boys again now that they are older.

  117. This scene has been seen so many times in the movies! It looks so awesome to be there!

  118. I have been to Hard Rock Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky once in 2006. I didn’t think the food was great (just the drinks, haha), but it was still a wonderful experience!