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“Cocktails, brews, wine and appetizers with a view”

For great food and atmosphere, the Skiff Bar in Newport, RI is the place to be.  Located inside the Newport Marriott, the Skiff Bar is quickly becoming one of Newport’s most popular hangouts.

Skiff Bar Bar

Many of you know that my husband and I are frequent visitors to Newport.  We’re there several times a month (or more) and really enjoy spending time in the seaside community. We love everything about Newport. The beaches, the history, the shopping, and especially the food.

From what I gather (and I am only speaking from my own personal experience here), Newport seems to have a reputation as a pricey and sometimes even an exclusive place to eat out.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of casual restaurants throughout the city, but they seem to be a little harder to come by.

Enter the Skiff Bar.

**Disclosure: My husband and I were invited to a complimentary evening of food & drinks at the Skiff Bar.  All opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

The Skiff Bar, situated right in the heart of downtown Newport, is a casual bar/restaurant in which you can sit back and enjoy craft & local beers, eat some great food and enjoy an ah-mazing view of the yachts and sailboats in Newport Harbor.

Great Food, Drinks and Atmosphere at the Skiff Bar in Newport Skiff

If you are looking for a good value for your dollar in a laid-back, relaxed environment, I highly recommend checking out the Skiff Bar. I was there earlier in July (on my birthday as a matter of fact) and really enjoyed the whole experience. The food was delicious, the drinks were strong, the staff was extremely friendly and attentive and did I mention that there is an awesome view?

Skiff Bar View

Since we’re in Newport so often, I definitely plan on making the Skiff Bar’s outdoor terrace one of my go-to spots this summer.

The Skiff Bar can be found inside the Newport Marriott, which is located at 25 America’s Cup Avenue in Newport, RI.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you can keep up with their latest news and updates.

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  151 Responses to “Great Food, Drinks and Atmosphere at the Skiff Bar in Newport #NewportMarriott”

  1. Looks awesome, especially the food and view, too!! 😉

  2. I love outside eating establishments when it’s not too hot and when we have kids. It gives them freedom to not feel stuffing and let’s them be wiggly.

  3. We haven’t been to Newport in years but this makes me want to go back. The food looks amazing!

  4. I was following a long and saw bloggers posting on IG. The food looked absolutely delish!

  5. That sounds like a great place to have a drink! You visit so many cool places girl!

  6. This place sounds awesome I love to find different places to try. This place sounds like good food, drink and atmosphere

  7. Such a gorgeous view! You should definitely make this one of your usual haunts 😉

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. Seaside dining sounds wonderful! The food and atmosphere look really great here!

  9. This looks like such a fun place Robin! I love spots like this to grab a bite and how fun to be right on the water!

  10. This looks like great place! My hubby and I would really enjoy dinner here. Perfect for date night 🙂

  11. Great place indeed… Lovely seaside with great choices of food and drink..

  12. This looks like a great place to enjoy date night with Hubby. It’s nice to get some adult time away from the kids, once in a while.

  13. I love how cute the appetizers look! It would be a great night out.

  14. This looks like the kind of place I would go on a chill Sunday. I like that It’s open and the view is nice

  15. Love the ambiance! The Skiff Bar would be a place I should visit when I am in the area. Thank you for the review.

  16. Their food looks delish and the scenery is pretty.

  17. The Skiff Bar has a very cool atmosphere. The food also looks delicious.

  18. I used to live in the Newport area- the view takes me back. I can imagine this is a really happening space and the food looks delicious!

  19. Newport is so cool! I’ve never been outside my country and I am excited in reading articles like yours! Because I can travel just by reading it. Me and my hubby also likes to dine out occationally and loves good food and scenery although some restos are a bit pricey but if it really have a good food and ambiance we really splurge on that! Nice post “)

  20. I love eating out and splurgin on food especially if the food is really good. Even if it is a bit costly we will still push to eat oit on that resto. Tha ks for sharing I think I travel to Newposrt as I read your article!

  21. I have been to Newport many times and always have such fun memories! Your blog post and write up today brought me back to those times! The food looks great and what great views! The only thing missing is of course me 🙂

  22. That looks like a great place to enjoy some times with the family. That little lemonade in the mason jar with the flower lid is adorable.

  23. This looks like a lovely place to grab a drink and relax! Both the atmosphere and the menu options are super appealing to me!

  24. Oh my word!!! Not only does the food look amazing, but it’d be great to just be able to sit back and relax and look at the view! 🙂

  25. How fun is that?! I love that outdoor patio, and eating by the water seems so romantic and relaxing. I love it!

  26. What a beautiful view! I would love to sit and sip while I watched the boats come in. Adding this to my list of restaurants I need to try!

  27. Delicious food and strong drinks at a reasonable price, what more can you ask for? That view is gorgeous, this sounds like the perfect place to spend the day.

  28. That looks fantastic! I lived in Rhode Island forever, and now I’m in Florida. Both places are great for dining beside the water.

  29. What I love most about this is this VIEW! I would love to sit and watch the boats come in and out of the harbor.

  30. That looks like so much fun. I’ve always loved eating next to the water. It’s so nice to hear the birds.

  31. That looks like a great place to eat! I like that it has a great atmosphere as well as great food!

  32. Happy belated birthday! This is the exact type of place I would go to when we visit. Relaxed, good food and the view on that outdoor terrace – perfect!

  33. Looks like a great place, and the food looks yummy. We love Newport, looking to go back soon.

  34. This is so perfect for us! We love eating by the water like this. I’d love to take the family here.

  35. Wowzers, I want to go there. Seriously, any outside patio area that serves drinks, I am there. Add water to the party and that makes it perfect! I love a view!

  36. Everything looks wonderful from the food, to the drink. I know we’d like it! The view is cool to!

  37. Wow! That place looks amazing! I hope to go some day!

  38. I want to go for the view alone! The food and drinks would just be a bonus. Sounds like a fantastic place!

  39. I’ve been to Newport a few times and always enjoy my visits! I’m definitely putting the Skiff Bar on my list of things to do for next time we’re down there. I love the view and that it’s a casual, comfortable atmosphere!

  40. I’ve never been there but I don’t think it’s that far – maybe two hours or so. The food and the view look fantastic!

  41. That bar place looks fantastic, the view is amazing! Thanks fro the great post 🙂

  42. Food Looks great and love the view! Will definitely add this to my list of places to visit!

  43. I love cute cocktails in a mason jar!! That one looser early good and so does the food!!

  44. Looks great and what a view! I like that it’s affordable too.

  45. I love anything that’s in a mason jar!! That place looks so pretty and a relaxing place to go eat dinner!

  46. Love a restaurant with a view. I’ll keep it in mind if I’m ever in town because good food, nice staff, and getting a nice strong drink that you pay for are definitely important.

  47. This sounds like the atmosphere would be nice to experience as well to eat there. I always pick restaurants located by the water for the relaxing scenery.

  48. Everything looks so yummy. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Virginia but I’ve never been to Newport.

  49. I’ve been here and it’s a great place to go have dinner or a few drinks. View is amazing.

  50. Everything looks so great! That food and drink sounds and looks very yummy! Sounds like a great place to visit.

  51. Must be so relaxing to eat while you face the port. The food looks delish!

  52. Sounds (and looks) like some tasty food and drinks! I love places where you can dine by a beautiful view, too.

  53. The food looks so good and I would love to be near the water right about now it’s 80 degrees in my apartment. Looks like you have been having a blast this summer.

  54. Delicious looking food and a great view! I often wish we lived closer to water for views like this.

  55. Oh the food looks so good! We need to travel up north!

  56. Wow looks like a lovely, relaxing place to visit! I love the view would love to eat and look out to that!

  57. The view is just beautiful!! I bet the food is delicious, but I can only imagine from here!

  58. This sounds like a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy life. I’m jealous that you have such easy access to such a beautiful place!

  59. It sounds like a great place to dine. I would love to know what is on the skewers with the strawberries. It is quite intriguing.

  60. Wow looks like such beautiful scenery! Not to mention those appetizers have my tummy rumbling!

  61. Yum! Looks like a great location. What is the dish in the bottom left-hand side of the collage? With the strawberries. Looks delicious.

  62. Looks like a great outdoor spot!! Tasty food and prime location!

  63. The food looks as good as the view! Thanks for the tip. Marriott is always good for providing great food and now I have another place to visit on the East Coast when I travel.

  64. What a fun and relaxing place to visit! I love the deck and that view is amazing! So much fun!

  65. You’ve got so many cool places near you! I love trying local and craft beers at different places.

  66. The Skiff Bar sounds like my kind of place, too! I have never been to Newport, but it sure looks like fun.

  67. I love the mason jar style cup. And what a pretty view!

  68. There is nothing better than food with a view. Looks like a great place to enjoy a meal. Love looking at the water! So peaceful and relaxing!

  69. Sounds like a really nice place to sit and watch the water go by. I loved Newport when we visited. I just hated the bridge to get there. OY!

  70. That food looks delicious! I love all the outdoor sitting.

  71. What a nice place to eat and watch the ocean! The food looks yummy! RI is on my bucket list, so I’ll keep this place in mind.

  72. I love that this is a family friendly place to eat. The view is just gorgeous.

  73. Okay, this does indeed sound like a great place. I feel like I could just sit back and relax here. Thanks so much for sharing… those views are amazing.

  74. Love restaurants on the water. Looks like a fun time to be had!

  75. Wow the food looks amazing! What incredible views while you eat too!

  76. Everything goes better with a view. oh and with bacon, definitely bacon! LOL

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  77. I have never been to Newport before. The Skiff Bar looks like a fantastic place to go.

  78. The Skiff Bar looks like fun. The food looks delicious and i love the decor.

  79. I would love to go here for an evening out. If i ever get to Newport i will be sure to check it out.

  80. It looks like a great place to visit and dine! The food looks delish.

  81. Love that large outdoor patio. The view of the water can’t be beat!

  82. I got all excited thinking you were referring to Newport California, which we will be visiting in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately Rhode Island is a million miles away but this sweet spot definitely looks like a lot of fun.

  83. What a fun date night that could be over in Newport!

  84. This looks like a great place. I’ve only been to Boston once but I would love to visit again. I love a place on the water, the ambiance is always good.

  85. Looks like a nice relaxing place to eat! The food looks amazing too!

  86. This is the life! If ever I went there, I would be sharing my best experiences, too.

  87. What a beautiful and relaxing view you got to enjoy while you dined. I love it! That food looks yummy too!

  88. This sounds like a great place. I would enjoy it too!

  89. This sounds like the kind of place I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  90. I know I tell you this in every single comment but I”m going to keep doing it. I can’t wait to come up to Boston later this year! Just another place to add to my “Maybe check it out” list. So cute with the little mason jar drinks.

  91. I love the ambience of this restaurant. I would definitely visit this when Im in the area.

  92. This looks like such a fun time! We really need to travel your way some time soon.

  93. Love that view and the food looks amazing too! Have not been to RI yet but hope to get east with our kids soon.

  94. Whatever that thing with the strawberries is looks delicious! The view is pretty amazing too.

  95. What a great view you had too! I definitely will have to check this place out, when we take the family to Newport

  96. Looks like an awesome place to visit! That view is great!

  97. I haven’t been to Newport since I was a child. The seafood looks amazing! I’ll have to try to plan a visit before the summer is over.

  98. I’ve only been to Newport once, but absolutely loved it! It’s been several years now, and I would love to return for a visit.

  99. This looks like great food with even better views. I’ll have to check it out when we travel to that area.

  100. Lovely view, drinks, family = fun trip indeed – thanks for the tip

  101. My niece lives pretty close to you, so I’ll have to ask if she’s ever been there. My goodness. I have a niece that’s old enough to be in a bar.

  102. I love to visit beach towns like this. All of the food looks amazing and what a relaxing environment.

  103. A strong drink and a beautiful view. Count me in!

  104. The food looks amazing but the view looks even better. I miss hanging out near the ocean. It sounds like you and your husband had a great date night too.

  105. The food looks great. Newport Beach looks quite similar. Never heard of the Skiff Bar. I’ll have to look it up!

  106. I’ve never been to Newport but I’d love to visit one day. It looks like a nice place to kick back and relax!

  107. I have never been to Newport RI but the Skiff Bar seems like a fun place to go to. I love food food with a beautiful view 🙂

  108. I’d love to explore New England and Newport Rhode Island. There is something about New England that draws me… this looks like a nice spot.

  109. Newport is a wonderful little town – you just can’t beat New England. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday!

  110. The Skiff Bar looks really cool. I always love those outdoor places that have views of the water. It sounds like my kind of place to visit.

  111. I love to be outside. We did breakfast outside by the beach over the weekend at a little restaurant/bar there. It was amazo too. 🙂

  112. Great view, awesome food! What a day you have in there. Awesome!

  113. The food and view do look excellent! Will have to add this one to the list of NE places to visit. 🙂

  114. I remember frequenting a place like this in Louisiana. You could really only get to it by boat. It was so cool. Glad you had an awesome time.

  115. What a quaint little place! Love the outdoor seating area and the use of mason jars. We don’t have glasses anymore, just jars.

  116. Any place that allows you to have a view of the water and serves you drinks in mason jars is A-OK in my book! Love it.

  117. This sounds like a really great bar! If I’m ever in the area I’ll definitely check it out!

  118. I love being able to eat outside. That food looks really good and I love the view!

  119. Now that is a beautiful view to eat by. And the food looks delicious, too.

  120. that place is very nice to go. i love outside establishments or outside viewing it makes me feel relaxed , this is a great idea i love the view while eating a food and their food was really looks good thank you for this

  121. Beautiful views! Looks like a great place to visit. We want to go to the east coast so bad.

  122. That is indeed an awesome view! Who would not love such beautiful view? Eating delicious food while looking at that view would definitely be awesome!

  123. This looks amazing! What a view and the food looks so good too!

  124. The food looks awesome and that view is lovely! Will keep this on my list if we are ever in Newport.

  125. This looks like a great place. I like friendly atmospheres with good food and drinks. This seems like the perfect spot.

  126. I have never been here, but I love Marriott properties. The food truly looks amazing!

  127. A bar with a nice ambience, a beautiful view, and delicious food. I would definitely visit this when I’m in the area.

  128. Oooo this place looks fantastic!! Nothing better than enjoying yummy food and drinks with a beautiful view!!!

  129. It is good to find something that can fit into the budget while having a great time. I think it’s the popularity and touristy destination why the prices might be a bit higher.

    The food looks good though! I’d definitely want to visit.

    Glad you had a good time.

  130. This looks like such a fun place to visit! I’ll have to stop by if I’m ever in Newport!

  131. What a great view. The food looks decent too.

  132. Wow, the food looks amazing! The view looks so beautiful as well. I can imagine it is a great spot to relax, eat, and have a great time.

  133. How fun! That food looks fabulous and who wouldn’t want to see that view!

  134. That looks like a lovely place. Food looks really great.

  135. I never been to Newport before, but it sounds like a wonderful place to visit and to have the best Seaside dining as well. These foods looks very much delicious and the environment is really awesome too.

  136. Looks like a great place to visit! I’ve never been to Newport before, but if I do I’ll definitely go here.

  137. Wow, the Skiff Bar definitely looks like the place to be, and I love that it is more affordable for people who don’t have an arm and a leg to spend on a night out. I am loving the atmosphere there, and their food and drinks look great!

  138. Wow what an awesome place to visit! I just love the view and the food looks amazing!

  139. I think we may be visiting that area this Summer sometime. Will have to check this place out if we go.

  140. This looks like a great place to go for food and drinks. If I am ever in the area I would stop by here.

  141. What an awesome view! That food looks delicious!

  142. Yum! The food looks great and the bar looks really inviting. Would love to go there!

  143. Adding this location to my travel bucket list, it looks very relaxing yet FUN here.

  144. I have a few places I like to go to that are on marinas with views of sailboats. I love the view, so much fun!!

  145. The location and food here looks amazing! We’ve never visited that area but seeing this makes me wish we were closer!

  146. I’ve never been to Newport but I just love outdoor dining! It adds a whole other level of relaxation; not only are you being served a meal but it is outdoors with no cleanup. Love it!

  147. Super Cute drinks! 🙂 Love the little container they come in. That really looks like a Place I would visit on my way through! 🙂 Awesome post!