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Do you have someone who’s really hard to buy for at the holidays?  I have a couple of those people to be honest.  One of them happens to be my 10 year old son.  He’s at an odd age where he doesn’t really want toys anymore and he’s just now starting to get into electronics.  We have a gaming system already, but it’s old and I have been giving serious thought into getting him the Xbox One this year for Christmas.  He could also use a new pair of headphones, so I definitely have to get over to Best Buy to finish up my shopping for him.  When it comes to great gift ideas, Best Buy is the place to shop! They have everything I’m looking for all in one place.  You know, things such as the Xbox One, JBL speakers and headphones, Garmin and TomTom!

Check out some of the things I’m thinking about getting when I go to Best Buy this weekend:

Xbox One:

Xbox One was built by gamers, for gamers. With the best exclusive titles (Halo, Sunset Overdrive), the biggest blockbusters (Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty) the hottest sports franchises (Madden 15, FIFA 15, NBA 2K15) and top family titles (Fantasia: Music Evolved, Just Dance 15, Skylanders) Xbox One takes gaming to a whole new level.

In addition to being a great gaming console, Xbox one connects consumers unlike any other device.  Xbox One enables access to the latest TV shows and movies through your favorite apps.  With Xbox One all of your media is at your fingertips when you want it.

Gifts from JBL:

JBL Charge 2– Between the twin passive radiators for deep bass, the massive 6000mAh battery and the hands-free conference speakerphone the key benefit is the Bluetooth Social Mode which allows up to three different users to take their turns to play their own playlists on a single speaker.

JBL Flip 2– Aside from the dual performance-tuned JBL drivers and a built-in bass port, the key benefit of the JBL Flip 2 is the SoundClear echo and noise cancellation combined with the state-of the art microphone system to pick up calls on the speaker.

JBL Reflect Earbud headphones–  Sweat proof ergonomic design.  With a 5 hour rechargeable battery and a reach of about 40 feet, the JBL Reflect BT’s key benefit is the design of the ergonomic eartips along with the built-in magnets which keep your buds on standby without loose cables.


Garmin and TomTom:

Feauting bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling, traffic and weather updates.  Lane assist, Lifetime traffic and map updates.   Voice Recognition Technology.

Garmin 52LM

  • 5.0” display
  • Maps of 49 U.S. states, plus lifetime map updates1
  • Lane assist with junction view
  • Displays speed limit and accurate arrival time
  • Easily find addresses and millions of points of interest
  • Spoken turn-by-turn directions

Garmin 2597LMT

  • 5.0” display
  • Maps of 49 U.S. states, plus lifetime map updates1
  • Lane assist with junction view
  • Displays speed limit and accurate arrival time
  • Easily find addresses and millions of points of interest
  • Spoken turn-by-turn directions

TomTom Go 50s

  • Lifetime TomTom Traffic: Drive with TomTom Traffic for the lifetime of your device
  • Lifetime Maps (US, Canada, Mexico): Always drive with the latest map
  • 3D Maps. See buildings and landmarks in stunning 3D
  • 5″ touchscreen with advanced lane guidance

GO 50 S - lifestyle

As you can see, Best Buy has you covered this holiday season.  Now tell me, what are some of the things you’re hoping to give or receive this year for the holidays?

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  1. It has been ages since I’ve played a video games since it seems like I’m always busy, but I wouldn’t mind having that XBox One! I’m mostly into survival horror, so I wonder if they have enough games like that for it yet. 🙂


  2. These are great picks. My nephew is around this age – and we were clueless about what he might like! It’s so true, they’re in that in-between stage at this age!

  3. Totally a fan of Best Buy and couldn’t agree with you more 😉

  4. I’d love to get the X-Box One. As of late I’ve really wanted to get into gaming, no idea why but it’d be something to do in the evenings when my son has gone to bed 🙂

  5. I have been debating wether to replace my hubby’s old 360 with a new XboxOne. I know I will have to eventually, but I’m wondering if it’s really worth it yet?

  6. I’ve been done with my Christmas shopping for almost two weeks now and it feels great! Best Buy was definitely a stop for a new camera though!

  7. I love the big 5″ screen on the Tom Tom. I would love a new GPS for the car! We have a Best Buy a couple towns over. I’ll have to check it out in-store.

  8. Best Buy has such a great selection! My husband’s favorite store!

  9. I’ve been loping for a speaker for a while now and JBL Flip 2 seems perfect! Lightweight and portable. It’s definitely on my Christmas list this year <3

  10. my family loves best buy. Great gift ideas.

  11. All those things sound wonderful! My kids do not have a big game set. Only a DS right now. Someday… I do like Best Buy!

  12. Well my curiosity has been piqued about the JBL speakers. I initially thought the grown kids might like those for Christmas, but you know… I might like those for me! 🙂

  13. My parents have a Tom Tom. We like to shop at Best Buy too. Thanks for sharing these great gift ideas!

  14. I recently got the JBL Charge 2 speaker and LOVE it. My boys would be over the moon with an XBOX One, but I don’t see it happening this year.

  15. I am seriously thinking about that Garmin for my father-in-law. I think he would love it.

  16. My Hubs is in need of a new Garmin or Tom Tom. We have like 3 of them and he says he wants a new one. What’s up with that anyway?

  17. Love it when we can just go to one shop to fulfil all our shopping needs!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  18. I’m interested in checking out JBL myself. I think that this is a great alternative to the overpriced name brand. I think it’s probably just as good–probably better.

  19. I love my Tom Tom. It is my best friend, especially when I am driving in my own neighborhood!

  20. These JBL speakers are on my daughter’s Christmas list this year. Best Buy is always one of my holiday gift-buying destinations.

  21. Best Buy is the place to go for holiday gifting! Allison has been wanting a new gaming system, so we’ll be doing our research at Best Buy!

  22. Omg this speaker sounds pretty cool!! Would be perfect in Hubby’s man cave 😉

  23. My father could do with a new tomtom his is so old it does not update to latest maps at all so old lol.

  24. Fantastic ideas – the other half has finally got a much wanted Xbox One he’s been after it for ages.

  25. I think these are great ideas. Been thinking about the tomtom

  26. We figure one more trip to Best Buy this year to finish our shopping. Best Buy is our go to store for our holiday gifts.

  27. I recently got a new ipod so I would love to have those speakers. I would love to give my husband the new TomTom because ours is ancient and he needs it because he is always getting lost!

  28. We so-oo need a new GPS. Ours is 7 years old and the maps have never been updated. Thanks for the recommendations.

  29. I got my #1 gift a little early – a MacBook Pro from Best Buy. I wouldn’t mind having a couple games for our Wii U, though!

  30. I’m not sure what I would get from Best Buy. They always have a lot of useful stuff.

  31. So many great ideas! We have an X-Box but I’m thinking of giving ours to my niece and nephew so they can enjoy it.

  32. If my nephew scored an Xbox One for Christmas, he’d probably have a stroke! He’s been drooling over it for months.

  33. I’ve already snagged a JBL bluetooth speaker for my husband. He’s been hinting pretty hard ever since he saw it.

  34. We need a second GPS and I definitely have to get a pair of ear buds for my husband. He is CONSTANTLY losing his!

  35. I like the idea of any of those GPS units! Although we already bought ourselves a brand new TV, so I think we’re probably done LOL

  36. I got my gift this year from Best Buy too! I got a camera and a GPS. Now — I want that JBL speaker.

  37. what a fabulous list of suggestions! The pill and the earphones are all over the Santa lists I am reading around here

  38. I definitely need the GPS device because I hate draining my phone battery to use an app. I better get my tuckus into Best Buy.

  39. I am on the look out for a new Garmin, so I will check these ones out in your post! Great timing thanks!

  40. I love to go into Best Buy. All the technology just calls my name.

  41. I really want some bluetooth speakers for my office. When I am running Photoshop and have multiple windows open for projects, trying to run Pandora, iTunes and even Spotify run down my system resources. Makes my computer run crappy.

  42. I would love the JBL speakers for my daughter and the Xbox One for my son. My husband needs the Garmin lol

  43. I love how Best Buy really has something for everyone on our shopping list. They make it easy for a one-stop-shop. HA! Love it!

  44. Those all sound great. I’m going to have to spend some time at Best Buy this weekend!

  45. I love these gift ideas! Best Buy can be a one stop shop for all of your Holiday Shopping, plus with the free store pick up you can have no hassle of ordering, and then just drive over and get your order!

  46. Best Buy has it all! I’m giving my hubby a GroPro, I can’t wait to see his reaction!

  47. These are all really great gifts! My little one is looking forward to Nintendo Wii games. I’ll definitely check out Best Buy for my gaming needs.

  48. It can be hard figuring out what to get my teenage son for Christmas. He just got a bunch of Xbox games for his birthday. I think the JBL speaker might be a good option.

  49. We have been talking about getting a nav system for the inlaws… The TomTom would be a great gift for them.

  50. It’s tough when they get older and the toys they want are so pricey! Best Buy has some great deals.

  51. My first GPS system was a TomTom, and it’s a bit outdated now- this would be the perfect time to upgrade. I’ll have to leave some subtle hints for Santa to shop at Best Buy!

  52. This might be the perfect gift for our youngest daughter. I would much rather that she use this, than her phone. I don’t like that she is always looking down at it, to find her way around.

  53. I’ve been hearing lots about the JBL looks really neat. I would love to have one of those I think! Oldest son wants an xbox one but his behaviour has been less than stellar lately!

  54. I’m thinking those JBL might be a great gift to our family from Santa. We need something like that around here. Thanks!

  55. These are super gifts. I really need the GPS.

  56. These are great gift ideas. I can think of someone for each of them.

  57. Oh that JBL speaker is amazing. I have that one!

  58. I love Best Buy. I used to work there, too. We go there for all of our electronics purchases.

  59. We always love shopping at Best Buy. It’s our one stop shop for holiday tech.

  60. My husband would love an xbox one for Christmas! Great ideas!

  61. I always go to Best Buy, they have the greatest deals during the holidsayS!

  62. I think I want one of those JBL speakers for me, they look cool and I could use it for work.

  63. Now I have an idea for a gift to music lovers. I bet that JBL speakers gonna kill those ears!

  64. I love Best Buy, they have the greatest deals when it comes to electronics!

  65. I seriously need a garmin. We are always going to different doctors for little dudes eczema and this would be a huge help!

  66. Our boys are wanting new Wii games… not sure if that’s what they’re getting…

  67. I would be lost without my GPS LOL!

  68. A garmin device is something to consider – getting to the right place is important after all!

  69. I Would love to get an X Box One for Christmas. These are all great gift ideas.

  70. Best Buy is my favorite place for electronics. These are some great ideas!

  71. I have always been a JBL fan. I have 3 boys that want an Xbox One but I have already done a ton of Christmas shopping. However, 2 of them have birthdays in Jan so that might be a big joined gift.

  72. I love our JBL speakers! I would recommend them to anyone!!

  73. I have to check out the JBL Flip 2 speakers they sound amazing indeed and my kids would love one for Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

  74. I really love shopping & this sounds like a great place to shop, a perfect one for the holiday season. Your lunch looks yummy and delicious as well. The donut pillows are really adorable.

  75. this would definitely be a great addition for my brother who loves gadgets

  76. Those speakers sure would be great for our camping trip coming up. I like how portable they are!

  77. Those speakers! I’d love to have some and I know the kids would as well. Thanks for sharing.

  78. That Tom Tom looks pretty cool and the large 5″ screen is awesome. I need to get one of those!

  79. These are awesome ideas. Best Buy is my go to shop for the men in my life.

  80. The minute I get paid, I’m heading out to Best Buy to get my husband one of those speakers (so he keeps his hands off mine!) lol

  81. I need those sweat-proof earbuds. They will come in very handy and very convenient. I should have listed that down in my wishlist for the exchange gift in the office, lol.

  82. My son would love an X Box One for Christmas. A portable speaker is a great idea as well.

  83. Love Best Buy every Christmas and I’ve been eyeing a new GPS!

  84. These are great gifts! Best Buy is great.

  85. Best Buy is a dangerous store for our family to shop in. There are always things we want to get in there! Great gift ideas!

  86. Yes, I have some people that are hard to buy for. I’m really hoping to get a new Tom Tom. =)

  87. I liked my TomTom when I still had it as a GPS. Now I just use my iPhone lol 😛

  88. My girls are getting the Xbox one for Christmas!

  89. We got a new Xbox 360 — which is now technically outdated. however, not as outdated as our old Wii. I’ve accepted the fact that we will never really catch up to technology.

  90. Those earbuds are too cool. I wouldn’t mind finding them in my stocking!

  91. I’ve always been curious about Best Buy. I wonder if I can buy there if im not from US

  92. We had an older model Garmin before. I really want an Xbox for the kids this year!

  93. I have a hard time getting earphones that fit me. I am going to check out the ones that you recommend.

  94. These look like some great gifts. I really like going to Best Buy and seeing all the new and exciting pieces of technology.

  95. I love my Charge 2 speaker! I highly recommend it!

  96. I love shopping at Best Buy! They offer the best gifts for anyone.

  97. I have the XBox One on my wish list. I need to upgrade from the 360.

  98. I got my eyes set on the JBL Reflect Earbud headphones! I need to make a trip to Best Buy! 😉

  99. Love that JBL Charge 2! This would be great for all of our travels. Thanks for the review of these great tech products from Best Buy!

  100. These are great ideas. What I really want is a Sony camera! I have had my eye on it for some time.

  101. We need a new Garmin. I am going to check out the deals at Best Buy!

  102. This is so good how clever love it.x

  103. Love the new Garmin. We have an older one but now I think we need a new one. We’ll have to get over to Best Buy!

  104. What a great gift idea! My husband always prefer best buy. Their products are really awesome with best deals. Will have to check it out for sure.

  105. I love these! I really love a deep booming bass sometimes. Best Buy has great products 🙂

  106. Those are some great gift ideas. I think I would like receiving the speakers. We love music.

  107. Best buy has some amazing products for presents all year long! There are several things from there on my wish list.

  108. These speakers are so on my daughter’s Christmas list this year. I have to go to Best Buy to check it out.

  109. I would love those speakers for myself and the xBox for my gamer kids. That should make all of us happy.

  110. Best Buy has lots of cool gifts for almost everyone. I could really use the speakers.

  111. Best buy is a great place to shop for electronics. I would love to buy a X Box One for my kids for Christmas.

  112. I was just telling my husband that we needed an updated Garmin! These are great gift ideas!

  113. That Garmin would be a great gift for my parents. They’d really get some use out of that!

  114. a new gps would be a great christmas gift!

  115. Best Buy has so many great gift options! I would love to get the JBL speakers!

  116. Best Buy is our go-to place when it comes to gadgets. And since Xbox one is on our son’s wishlist…we’ll see. 🙂

  117. I have the JBL Charge 2 and love it. I shop at Best Buy for my husband all the time and definitely a go to for Christmas.

  118. I really love those speakers! I have been looking for some great speakers for our home, and these look awesome!