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cook out tips and tricks!

Grilling out is a great way to enjoy food, and saves your house from getting to hot while running the oven in the summer. Plus, who doesn’t love sitting out and enjoy the cool summer day, while you grill up some tasty food? Nothing beats a steak or hamburger on the grill, it just adds so much flavor to the meat, it can’t be beat! 

Below are some cook out hacks to try out this summer! These hacks will change your cooking out experience for sure, and make it even more fun grilling! So kick back, grab a glass of lemonade or sweet tea, and keep reading to find out all the hacks you need to know for grilling! 

Grilling Hacks you Need to Know for Cooking Out this Summer 

Muffin Tray for Condiments: If you are having people over, consider putting condiments in muffin tins. Tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles and anything else. Then just place plastic spoons in each tin and let people use that to apply condiments to bread. 

Grill Watermelon: I know this sounds crazy, but try grilling watermelon this season! It is a whole new experience and offers an amazing flavor that will make all your friends go crazy. Just slice and cook for just a minute or two on each side. Peaches and pineapples are two other ones that taste amazing grilled. 

Clean Grill With an Onion: Once your grill is nice and hot, and you go to clean it, use a sliced onion. Just add a little oil the one side of the onion and rub it around on the grates. It will pick up any buildup and get it clean, and also add some flavor to your grill.

Add some Smoke to Electric Grill: First off take a handful of wood chips, flavor of your choice and soak in some water for around 30 minutes. Then drain the water, and create a foil envelope with aluminum foil. Poke holes in the top, and toss it underneath the grate or by the burner. It will begin to smoke and add some flavor to your meat!   

Keep Meat Moist: To get the maximum flavor out of meat, it is best to let it rest for around 10 minutes once it is done cooking. When you do this create a loose foil tent that goes over the meat on a plate or cutting board. It will help the meat not dry out and keep it warm. 

Hamburger Patties: Ever cook hamburgers to find they shrink up like crazy? When you go to make your patties, create a thumb print in the center of the burger. This will help the burger from shrinking in the cooking process. 

Veggie Packs: Want to cook zucchini or mushrooms on the grill but not sure the best way. Make a foil pouch with aluminum foil, add a little butter and seasoning and toss in any vegetables you want. Then just seal it up and let it cook on the grill. It will steam them and make for a great side dish. I love doing zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms and then add a little salt, pepper, and creole seasoning. 

Bugs out of Drinks: Place a muffin liner upside down on cup to cover the opening, and poke a hole for a straw. This is a great way to keep bugs from landing in your drink. 

Plastic Kiddie Pool for Cooler: Take a plastic kiddie pool and fill it up with ice, then all your cold side dishes can be placed in bowls and sat on top of ice to keepit cool! Works perfectly and is pretty affordable. 

Bugs Away: Keep bugs away with tossing sage into the fire after you are done cooking. This will let off a scent that will repel mosquitoes.

Rake for Marshmallows: Use a rake to roast marshmallows. They have so many teeth that you can place numerous marshmallows on them, and cook all at once. Just make sure it is clean!  

Do you have any grilling hacks to add to the list?


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  85 Responses to “Grilling Hacks you Need to Know for Cooking Out this Summer”

  1. Grilled peaches tastes so darn good but I had no idea about grilled watermelon. Now that is something that I have to try! x

  2. Great tips! The muffin tray is pure genius. I have to show this to my husband.

  3. You are awesome! I HATE it when bugs get in my drink. And it happens all the time. Not anymore!

  4. Cleaning the grill with onion is a pretty nice tip. Love the keeping the moist at the meat hack too. Amazing tips you got in here.

  5. My husband and I are pretty bummed because our new place doesn’t have a grilling area and we don’t have a balcony. However, our friends recently moved back to the neighborhood and THEY DO – so um, I forsee us being there A LOT lol!

  6. These are all great hacks. I am going to start putting my condiments in muffin tins.

  7. I need to try the grilled watermelon. It does sound so yummy.

  8. I’ve never heard of grilling watermelon! Cleaning the grill with an oiled onion? Genius idea!

  9. These are great tips! I could have used them last night. We had a neighbor come by to chat while grilling ribs for dinner and the next thing we knew, they were charcoal lol! Grilled peaches are excellent, I will have to try the watermelon. Thanks.

  10. I would have never thought to clean the grill with an onion! That is brilliant!

  11. I keep hearing about grilled watermelon but I haven’t actually tried it. I guess I need to!

  12. Super appreciate these tips! I am such a grilling amateur and need all the help I can get.

  13. My oldest does the veggie packs. It does make for an easy whole meal that way. I like the onion hack. I’ll be trying that one here!

  14. Thank you for this! We’ll keep it in mind because we love to grill out over the summer. I’ll keep that onion trick in mind!

  15. Muffin tray is such a smart idea, can’t imagine why I never thought of it … and have to try the watermelon as I’m rather curious as to how it will taste.

  16. These are great hacks! Some I never thought of! I have to remember the thumb print, I always say, “oh yeah” then forget lol

  17. I have always heard that onions are much better for cleaning than the metal bristle brushes that leave little bits behind and are actually really dangerous! I love the kidde pool idea with the ice!

  18. I’ve never heard of grilled watermelon, but I am intrigued! Its just getting warmer in the UK and I can’t wait to get the BBQ out!

  19. BBQ is my favorite things about summertime! These are excellent tips!

  20. What some great hacks as we have our own proper garden this year I am going to try and get the other half grilling so will be using these tips 😉

  21. I guess it is the time for grilling, it being summer and all. Might as well learn how to do it well

  22. Well I have never tried grilling watermelon before and hubby just stared at me like I was nuts when I mentioned this to him. I might still give this one a go.

  23. What a neat idea using a muffin tray for condiments and toppings! I never would have thought of that – and it’s definitely something I think we’ll try next time we grill.

  24. Clean a grill with an onion? I am going to have to tell my husband about that.

  25. I will really try these hacks! Grilling watermelon sounds really fun!!

  26. I will really try these hacks! Grilling watermelon sounds really fun!!

  27. I need these hacks, we will be grilling a lot. Love the idea of a muffin pan for condiments. That’s perfect!

  28. I’m not a huge fan of grilled watermelon, but I do enjoy some grill pineapple! And we have been cooking corn on the grill – it’s great!

  29. What great tips! I’ve never had grilled watermelon and I’ll be honest I’m a little bit excited to try it out. I cant wait to see how it tastes!

  30. That’s a very timely post, the sun is finally shining here. I’m definitely trying that onion trick, thanks!

  31. My husband loves to grill outside and especially salmon. I really got some great tips for him from tat post, grilling warmelon and onions to wipe down the grill are new to me.

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  35. YAS! We live in Texas, so grilling is a year-round activity. These hacks are useful for parties, as well as every day since we have a large family. And the rake? Genius!

  36. You have some interesting suggestions. I’ve heard of some and not heard of others. I have heard grilled watermelon is good but haven’t tried it yet.

  37. Grilled watermelon is seriously the best!! Same with peaches and pineapples. I did not know about thumb print trick, definitely trying that.

  38. These are some great hacks! Summer is all about grilling for me. I love the food, the fun and the less mess int he kitchen.

  39. I love watermelon but never grilled it before!! I’ll have to try it! We love grilling during the summer. I love veggie packs especially when grilling steak or chicken.

  40. This was so intriguing. I had no idea about the hamburger patties and how they wouldn’t shrink if you did a thumb print and I am loving the idea about the onion to clean the grill. I’m going to try these! <3

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  51. One of our favorite things to do in the summer is grill out. Great tips for doing it better:)

  52. I love the grilling hack to keep meat moist after grilling. Most people wouldn’t wait 10 minutes because everyone is so impatient these days. But I think it is worth the taste and texture!

  53. These are great grilling hacks for cooking out this summer. I didn’t know about the thumb print in the center of the burger to help it from not shrinking. The grilled watermelon I have heard of but never tried. Thanks for sharing the hacks.

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  77. How awesome are these hacks! We are huge grillers and I can’t believe I didn’t know half of these! So awesome and timely! Thanks!

  78. How awesome are these hacks! We are huge grillers and I can’t believe I didn’t know half of these! So awesome and timely! Thanks!

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  80. your picture look so yummy! You seriously make
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