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Hasbro's Hottest Toys of 2015

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?  Don’t be jealous, but mine has been done for well over a month.  I get panic attacks in crowds (no lie), so I steer clear of the stores for the entire month of December.  I know I am in the minority, though, and personally know quite a few people that haven’t even started their shopping yet – even though the big day is only four days away.  FOUR days, guys!

If you’re stuck on ideas for what to get your kids this year, fret not because Hasbro has you covered and then some.  They seriously have the coolest toys out this year and your kids are going to flip their lids over some of these things!

**Thanks to Hasbro for sending my family these amazing toys to review at no charge.  As always all opinions expressed here are strictly my own and were not influenced in any way.

Obviously, Star Wars is all the rage these days with the movie coming out last Friday (no spoilers in the comments please, I am not going to see it until Thursday).  What would Christmas morning be without a little Star Wars?  I am loving these awesome games for my oldest son because he’s 11 now and thinks he’s too cool for toys.  We’ve got a serious case of the tweens going on over here, so these games are absolutely perfect for him. 

star wars toys

Here’s a breakdown:

(Ages 8 years & up/Players: 2-4/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: September 2015)
The classic buying, selling, and trading MONOPOLY game is headed to space just in time for the release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. Travel around the galaxy and build bases on planets. When every planet is owned, count up the bases. The player with the most bases on the winning side is the ultimate winner! May the Force be with you! The MONOPOLY: STAR WARS Edition Game includes 1 Game board, 4 Tokens (including 2 characters from “The Force Awakens” introduced in this set), 44 Bases (22 Rebel, 22 Empire, all double-sided), 18 Rebel Force Cards, 18 Empire Force Cards, 4 Character Cards, 2 Dice, and 1 Money Pack. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

BOP IT! STAR WARS R2-D2 Edition Game
(Ages 8 years & up/ Players: 1 or more/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Fall 15)
Bring a galaxy far, far away to the palm of your hands with the BOP IT! STAR WARS R2-D2 Edition Game. Just like the classic BOP IT! game, players must twist, bop, and pull the R2-D2 figure in response to his commands to be the last JEDI standing in this fun and fast reaction memory game. The BOP IT! STAR WARS R2-D2 Edition Game features STAR WARS movie sounds and the voices of fan favorites R2-D2 and C-3PO. Requires 3 “AA” batteries, not included. Available exclusively at Wal-Mart.

(Ages 13 years & up/Players: 2 teams/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: September 2015)
Find out who the biggest STAR WARS fan is in this classic party guessing game shaped like a MILLENNIUM FALCON! Choose a difficulty level and test each team’s trivia skills and speed by describing the STAR WARS phrases as they appear on the device. Shout, gesture, and say anything else but the words in the answer to help your team guess correctly before time runs out! The ELECTRONIC CATCH PHRASE: STAR WARS Edition game requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

So cool, right?  The MONOPOLY: STAR WARS Edition Game is going to make for an epic family game night!  Another thing I am super excited about is the hottest game of the season….

The Pie Face Game
(Ages 13 years & up/Players: 2 teams/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: September 2015)
Find out who the biggest STAR WARS fan is in this classic party guessing game shaped like a MILLENNIUM FALCON! Choose a difficulty level and test each team’s trivia skills and speed by describing the STAR WARS phrases as they appear on the device. Shout, gesture, and say anything else but the words in the answer to help your team guess correctly before time runs out! The ELECTRONIC CATCH PHRASE: STAR WARS Edition game requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

pie in the face

If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, you know that this game is flying off the shelves and has been really hard to find over the last few weeks, so if you’re kids are getting the Pie Face Game under the tree on Friday, they’re definitely getting one of the hottest toys this year!

Last but not least, for the kids with mind-blowing imaginations, Hasbro’s got it.

Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack
“Playmation is the next step in the evolution of play, where digital gets physical and imagination gets real. Inter-connected products with embedded content let players step into the world of Marvel’s Avengers! Control the adventures with wearable gear that lets users feel the battle and puts them at the center of the action.

With the Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack, players have the core products they need to carry out their first missions and fight alongside the Avengers in the battle to defend Earth from Ultron! The Starter Pack comes with 4 locations and 25 missions out of the box so that players can jump right into the action!


Who wouldn’t love getting into the action like that?  Amazing, right?

If that’s not enough, Hasbro has many great Play-Doh sets, Littlest Pet Shop sets and of course, Play All Day Elmo! You can find all of Hasbro’s toys on the Hasbro website, or at any major retailer near you!

So tell me, what toys would your kids love to see under the tree this Christmas?

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  133 Responses to “Hasbro’s Hottest Toys of 2015”

  1. Yup, bought the girls pie face for Christmas and can’t wait to play it with them now 😉

  2. The Monopoly Star Wars would be so much fun! I want to get it just to see what everything looks like and what it’s called!

    • So, I have heard so many ridiculous things about that “Pie in the face” game that I would love to pick it up just to see what all the fuss is about. It’s been super hard to find too so it must be fun!

  3. It’s amazing how movies drive the popular toys!

  4. Star Wars Monopoly, FTW! Call me Palpatine, because I’m going to own the universe!

  5. Well I’m not surprised that Monopoly came out with a Star Wars version. I’m sure that will be a huge hit this year!

  6. I saw the Star Wars catchphrase it looks fun. We thought about getting it for him but decided that we’d wait until it’s his birthday. These are all great suggestions though.

  7. These are great gift ideas for those that are looking for last minute gifts for kids x

  8. I had no idea Catch Phrase was still around! That’s so cool, especially with the Star Wars theme.

  9. Pie face never heard of these toys but I am sitting with my 9 year old niece and she is saying get that so these toys is a hit with the kids.Great gift ideas!

  10. My kids would love the Star Wars toys that are featured. They’ve been talking about the movie ever since they saw it on Friday.

  11. Monopoly is the one game that i remember from when i was growing up 🙂

  12. Wow! You have a great list here, my favorite one is the MONOPOLY STAR WARS Edition Game 😀

  13. We were in toys r us and saw that playmation. I hadn’t heard of it until then.

  14. I think my family would love that Star Wars Monopoly game best. Something for the entire family to play

  15. Star Wars Monopoly sounds like a great game, i’ll have to try to play it if I get a chance.

  16. My 11 year old is all about all things Star Wars. He is also asking for this pie game, it seems to be the eat game of the season.

  17. Games are excellent ideas for gifts and hasbro has some of the best. My kids all love Hasbro’s Star Wars gear!

  18. Great games! I haven’t seen bop it in years. That was one of my favorite games as a kid.

  19. I can understand the whole Star Wars thing. I mean, who doesn’t like Star Wars??? But I dont get the pie in the face game. I mean, who wants a pie in their face? LOL

  20. The Star Wars monopoly is definitely interesting. I wouldn’t mind giving that as a gift for Christmas! It’s something the whole family can enjoy too.

  21. I’ll take the Star Wars edition please! That looks like fun.

  22. I love game night and have been wanting to try the pie in the face game!! It looks like it is so much fun!!

  23. I know some guys who would really like the Star Wars toys for Christmas this year!

  24. How was that Pie in the Face game? Did you like that? I refuse to buy it if I have to make a mess. lol

  25. Pie Face!!! I was just telling my husband that we need that game. The kids would enjoy it, but I think us adults would too. Games are always great ways to bring the family together. We try to get at least 1 new game every year for the family to bond over.

    • I was just talking to my sister about Pie Face and how she bought it for her daughter! I saw it in the store, but didn’t buy it yet. I really want to and know our kids would love anything Star Wars!!!

  26. I bet kids would be so happy to get any of these! I think Pie Face looks like it would be so much fun!

  27. This is an amazing toys. I bet my son would loves it so much.

  28. These are indeed the hottest toys for the season! The Star Wars toys can be a collector’s item, and yes, I agree with you that the pie face toy is now so hard to find.

  29. We don’t have a Monopoly board in the house. I’d liike to pick one of thoe up for the holiday. Maybe I will…

  30. wow, what a great toys , i am planning to get star wars blade for my son.

  31. I have a few things left to get, but not much! I am hoping to finish up the shopping today (and of course it’s rainy, nasty weather outside). I would love to find the Pie Face game, but it’s been sold out all around here!

  32. We love all things Star Wars! Recently saw the new movie and it was awesome. I am thinking the Star Wars monoply would be a fun family gift for Christmas!

  33. Those are great selection. We love playing monopoly here at home.

  34. Hasbro has amazing toys and I’ve heard that the Pie Face game is hilarious. My kids haven’t asked for it though.

  35. We are slowly building our game collection in our house. I think the Star Wars monopoly and Pie Face would be great additions!

  36. I still have not done my shopping! Ugh! But my kids would love the Star Wars Monopoly set. I am going to look for it today!

  37. I spent 3 hours yesterday scouring the stores looking for Pie Face. No luck yet. I am SO bummed because we were going to play it at Christmas.

  38. All 3 of my kids are dying for the Pie Face game. I picked it up for my littest to give to her big sister. I think they will be playing it all week next week.

  39. I have a couple, but not all of them. There are a few here my boys would LOVE. Adding to the last-minute shopping list.

  40. James is really into Star Wars. He would love this selection of Hasbro toys. 🙂

  41. These are some fantastic gift ideas – I love the look of pie face, so funny.

  42. I have been looking for the Pie Face game but they are sold out everywhere where I live. They are selling them on ebay but it’s very expensive. Guess it’s just something I have to wait until after Christmas to buy.

  43. Star Wars Monopoly is great! My niece got it for her birthday, and it’s super fun.

  44. Ok, so this time I’m sharing with moms I know who are looking for last minute somethings!

  45. My son would love to see those Star Wars toys, for sure. he’s a big fan and he can hardly wait to see the movie!

  46. These are great gift ideas for kids and they would be so happy to get any of these!!!

  47. A few of these are on the kids wish list 🙂

  48. look at all those cool prizes..any kids would love them for sure 🙂

  49. Anything Star Wars is a hit in this house. My son begged for the Pie Face game but I’m not dealing with the clean up lol.

  50. Great list…thanks for taking the time to compile and share with us

  51. My boys would love the pie game. It would be so fun for big people too.

  52. I really want to get pie face just because. I would love to get smashed with some whipped cream!

  53. I have seen that Pie Face game all over the Internet. It looks like so much fun!

  54. I don’t think there’s anything on this list that my son doesn’t want to. These are all great suggestions for Christmas gifts. Pie face is my personal favorite.

  55. You know our local Toys R Us has been releasing Pie Face in waves…..I guess it’s so popular it’s selling out and they have to limit releases of shipments? Who knew?

  56. I feel like I’m hearing about the pie in the face game and Playmation everywhere. They must be big hits.

  57. It’s amazing how Star Wars has been around for so many years and keeps getting a reboot.

  58. What a great selection of games. I like the R2-D2 Bop It.

  59. Monopoly Star Wars edition would make a great gift!

  60. I want to get that pie in the face game! That looks like fun!

  61. I’ve really been wanting to try the Pie Face game! I’ve heard it’s so much fun.
    And anything Star Wars or Avengers is a must here.

  62. The monopoly Star Wars looks like a lot of fun . I have never heard of the Pie Face Game but it sounds exciting.

  63. We’re hoping to go see the Star Wars movie tomorrow night or Thursday and my kids are over the moon excited! I know they’d love Star Wars Monopoly or Bop-it!

  64. Our family loves playing games! These Star Wars games would be a total hit in our home!

  65. We are huge Star Wars fans. I will have to pick up a copy of Star Wars Monopoly.

  66. I am sure any toy with a Star Wars theme will sell or quickly this season.

  67. My kids keep talking about Pie Face and I had no idea what it was. I’m so happy to see it, I’ll have to see if I can find it here!

  68. AHHHH!!! I am in love with the Star Wars Monopoly! My kids love all of these games 🙂

  69. Family game nights are the best and no one does it quite like Hasbro. I love the Star Wars themed games and Pie Face would be a huge hit around here!

  70. I know my niece would like the pie in the face but what a mess!

  71. These sound like some great games. We own the Pie Face game, and it’s a lot of fun. Everyone always has a great laugh during that game. Hasbro is one of my favorite brands for toys and games!

  72. Hasbro is a great company and has been around a long time.
    My husband and I had some of their toys several decades ago!

  73. My boys would LOVE these Star Wars toys! Star Wars is the hottest craze right now!

  74. The pie face game looks like so much fun! I love that Monopoly keeps coming out with different versions of the game.

  75. We recently got Pie in the Face and plan on playing it tomorrow. Looks like so much fun, my kids will love it I am sure!

  76. We love to play board games! Thanks for sharing.

  77. I’m done with my shopping but kinda wish I wasn’t now! That Avengers thing looks fun!

  78. These are all great! Addie LOVES all the Play-Doh items… she’s BIG into that right now!

  79. Star Wars have been everywhere since it has been newly released! Also I seen that pie in the face game looks super fun!

  80. This is a great group of toys. My kids would love the BOP IT! STAR WARS R2-D2.

  81. I am excited for the kids to open the Star Wars Monopoly we bought them for Christmas. I might go pick up the Pie Face game.

  82. Hasbro has the best games! I’ve been considering getting Pie Face for the holiday fun!

  83. Hasbro makes the best games!!! We just got the pie in the face game last month and omg! It’s just too funny. Even non game people can’t not Ike that game.

  84. Allison has been begging for that Pie Face game. I may have to make a last minute run so she can have it under the tree this year!

  85. Pie Face is a new one for me. I’ll have to check that one out. It sounds fun.

  86. My husband would totally enjoy the Star wars catch phrase.

  87. My son wants the pie face game so bad! I can’t find it anywhere near where we live

  88. These are really great gift ideas! My co-worker wants to get The Pie Face Game for his son for this Christmas. Looks like a lot of fun!

  89. Star Wars so SOOOO hot but isn’t that all the time. We love bop it, it’s so addicting

  90. I think my kids would love to play any of these games. Especially monopoly. Pie face looks like it is so much fun. I’ve seen videos of people playing it on Facebook.

  91. These are a great collection of toys! Pie Face is a highly requested game here lately for Christmas!

  92. These toys are great! I always like it when I find toys that my children might enjoy. I personally hope one of them wants to buy that Playmation thing. It looks like a lot of fun.

  93. Monopoly Star Wars? Yes please! My husband would get a kick out of that!

  94. I’m all over the Star Wars monopoly game! Granted the hubby might not be so fond of it but it looks like fun. I have looked for that “Pie in the face” game but it’s so popular it’s impossible to find!

  95. My son loves anything to do with Star Wars now that the new movie is out. He was out of the phase for a bit, but he’s back into it stronger than ever!

  96. the r2d2 bop it is so cool! i haven’t seen that yet

  97. I’m sure my kids would love this fun idea. My son is a huge fan of Star Wars.

  98. My kids keep asking for the Pie Face game this year. I just can’t see them actually liking being hit in the face with something! Kids!!!

  99. My granddaughter is the only child in my life and she is too young for any of these. Will watch what you have for next year that is age-appropriate. Thanks!

  100. We have all these items on out list! Hasbro has the best toys!

  101. I bought the Star Wars monopoly for my brothers this Christmas and I’m so excited to see their faces when they open it!

  102. Star Wars has to win. 🙂 I love their play-doh sets. They spoilt my little girl this Christmas.

  103. I really want to try the Pie Face game but I admit I am a bit of a wimp! Great round up of Hasbros toys!

  104. Having 5 kiddos we always start way early with our shopping. I too don’t like crowds and you won’t find me in stores in December. These are awesome gift choices.

  105. I want to get teh Pie in the face game for my husband! lol These are great idea.

  106. Oh! That Star Wars Monopoly looks like it would be a favorite for my son.

  107. Love Monopoly and expected a Star Wars version! We just bought the game last week (not Star Wars) and played it 2 nights ago. Loved it!

  108. I’m loving all the Star Wars remakes of the games I’ve always played as a child. So much fun! I’ve heard Pie Face is awesome too.

  109. My kids would love Star Wars Monopoly! It would be two of their favorites in one game, which would be perfect.

  110. awesome gift ideas that pie face game sounds super fun

  111. These are great gift ideas for kids, love it! My son would be so happy to get any of them!!!

  112. These are great games! Everyone is getting Pie Face – so much fun!

  113. We love the playmation. This are some great gift ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  114. The pie face game looks like so much fun!!! I love that Monopoly is still so popular, and that they keep making new themes to it as well.

  115. My boys would love the Star Wars games. I’ve seen the pie in the face game. It looks funny.

  116. Great list of toys on here! So many good options. I see a few games we’d like to have.

  117. Last year I gave my mother a certificate for a spa package that I purchased on Living Social and she loved it! I’d definitely buy a gift on there again.

  118. That is a fun list! I know my son would enjoy the Star Wars collection, especially the Monopoly

  119. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  120. It’s all about Star Wars here! And I debated getting the Monopoly game, but everyone got light sabers instead. I might regret that. But we are looking into the PlayStation for our girls – as their brother and his friends have kinda taken over the Xbox. It would be something fun for them to do, and they never seem to sit still so they’d probably love the interactive play.

  121. We totally got the pie in the face game and about died laughing while we played! It was hysterical

  122. These all look like winners! I only have a toddlers, but I can’t wait until she’s a little older so she can play board games with me. And I know this is crazy, but I’ve never seen ANY of the Star Wars movies. My husband doesn’t think this is something I should be admitting to people, haha.

  123. I have been seeing that Pie Face game everywhere! LOVE how it’s bringing families together for good laughs