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haunted hotels in california

There are haunted places all over the United States and a few hotels are also known to have spirits hang around a long time after they have left this earth. California hotels are no different! There are haunted hotels in California up and down the coast.

One of the most recognizable haunted hotels is in Berkeley, California. The Claremont Hotel opened up in 1915 on the grounds of an old castle-like home that burned down in 1901. Still to this day guests say they can smell fire smoke in their rooms even if they are staying in any number of the smoke-free rooms. The fourth floor is where most of this hotel’s ghost legend originates. A six-year old girl died there either in the fire or shortly thereafter and has taken up residence in her favorite place, Room 422. Guests have witnessed TVs turning on, lights flickering, and even the sound of a child’s laughter. There is a second ghost that belongs to an older woman and she can be seen walking down the hallways of the fourth floor in vintage garb. Neither ghost has a mean streak but they do enjoy opening up the drawers and seeing what you brought when you are taking a shower! Nosy ghosts!

Hotel del Coronado in San Diego (which I visited this past April) has been haunted by Kate Morgan for some time. She was found dead in 1892 to a gunshot wound to the head. Rumor has it she committed suicide with a gun she bought five days before, but there is a separate story that the bullet in her head did that match that from her gun. No matter how she died, she can still be seen all over the Coronado. She is often seen in her old room 302 which has been renumbered to 3312. Kate Morgan has had a few books written about her colorful life and death. This hotel is one where ghost hunters come to regularly to catch a sighting of Kate.

If you want to wake up in the middle of the night to a ghost, head over to the Ione Hotel in Ione, CA. Room #13 has been reported to be haunted by George, crazily as it seems, a drunken ghost. He has removed the covers from female ghosts and says – You can’t stay here. He has also supposedly poured water pitchers over male guest’s heads. I might steer clear of this room!

Would you ever spend a night in a hotel that you knew was haunted?

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  1. I love watching shows about the many haunted places around the world and close to home. But I think my love for haunted places stops there LOL I don’t think I could knowingly stay on a haunted hotel. 🙂 Awesome post!

  2. It’s funny, I have a hard time falling asleep in hotels because I am so used to my own bed. I imagine I wouldn’t fall asleep for one second in a haunted hotel. If I wanted to pull an all nighter,this would be the place to do it!

  3. There are enough haunted hotels and the like here in Massachusetts that I really don’t think if go all the way across the country to spend the night in one.

  4. Is there really such a thing? I keep thinking my old cottage home is haunted too!! Scary thought for sure!

  5. Fun to watch on TV, but sorry don’t think I would stay there myself. Just too much of a chicken, lol!! 😉

  6. I think the history behind these haunted places is usually pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing

  7. My husband would love this. He has always wanted to stay in a haunted hotel. I have stayed at Hotel del Coronado and learned about the spirt there!

  8. I’ve stayed in the most room at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado (Steven kings inspiration for The Shinning) and…it didn’t even feel scary! Womp womppp! But it was still fun!

  9. And by “most”, I mean most haunted! Haha

  10. Oh man, another California haunting that we missed! You did great research before your trip! I am going to have to go back and ask you for advice!

  11. Some of the ghost stories I’ve heard over the years are really trippy. Not sure I’d be as brave as you. 😉

  12. I love hearing about this stuff! Pretty cool if you ask me! I’d love to get to one some day too!

  13. A great place to explore to see what you can find but defenitly not at night in the dark

  14. The hotel in Berkeley, California sounds like so much fun! I don’t believe i ghost, but that wouldn’t keep me from peeing my pants! Thanks for another enjoyable visit!

  15. More information on the haunted Hotel Del Coronado. http://www.sdparanormal.com/page/page/507340.htm

  16. I would love to stay in a haunted hotel! Not sure that I would get much sleep but I do think the thrill would be fun.

  17. Heck yes I would! This type of thing fascinates me so any excuse to stay at a haunted hotel/home/residence I’ll take it 🙂

  18. hmmm…I’m not sure! If it were free I would, LOL, but if I was paying for it I’d probably choose the Best Western down the road 😉

  19. Remind me never to stay at any of those hotels. Quite intriguing, although it is quite scary as well

  20. It would be so very fascinating to try it out. I might not sleep good, lol, but it would be really cool to witness.

  21. I have a friend that visits haunted locations throughout the country. It’s a lot of fun!

  22. My brothers love staying at hotels that claim to be haunted. I sometime think they should have been ghostbusters.

  23. I think it’s a neat idea. I do not think I could personally stay in one. I would be way to creeped out to actually sleep!

  24. no I would not stay there, I wouldn’t even visit it – too creepy.

  25. My sister in law would be a big fan of these hotels. She loves this kind of stuff.

  26. Sure I would visit some day. We don’t believe in ghosts but I’d love to learn more about the hotel’s history.

  27. I would love to stay in a haunted hotel someday. Not sure I’d sleep though lol!

  28. I am not so sure I could stay in a haunted hotel!

  29. So did you stay on the fourth floor? The Zeta house at the College of Charleston has their own special ghost. He was six years old and likes to change the channel to cartoons while the girls are watching TV. They yell at him to turn it back and he will.


  30. Yikes! The one thing I don’t do is scared but my family would love this 🙂 Your a brave sole haha 🙂

  31. Oh so fun. I have always wanted to do something like that.

  32. My daughter and I would love to go to a haunted hotel. Thank you for sharing!

  33. SCARY! This both intrigues and freaks me out!

  34. I may just go to see my hubby get a pitcher of water poured over his head. I would die laughing, then I could haunt the other guests!

  35. I have sensed things since I was very young so I really get into this stuff. I would so stay there as long as I felt safe. Thanks for sharing.

  36. There was a haunted building that they did a tv show about in the town neighboring us. After my Mom died, strange things happend and I believe she was trying to communicate with us. Our TV would just turn itself on and my Mom Loved watching TV.

  37. I have never heard about this. It’s a pretty funny story about George 🙂

  38. I get way too creeped out by supernatural stuff. No way could I sleep anywhere haunted!! Too freaky for me haha

  39. I am in Savannah right now- one the “most haunted” cities in the country. Kinda freaky in some of the houses!

  40. Ghost hunting is fun, but I prefer to hang out with more familiar spirits…lol

  41. I don’t think I’d pay for something deemed as haunted – but I have a few family members who would be into that.

  42. Short answer is no…no I will not spend the night at a haunted hotel! NOPE!

  43. I probably would. I’d imagine it’d take me forever to go to sleep lol

  44. I’m not sure if I’d be up to staying in a haunted hotel, too scary for me.

  45. I’m not really sure. I saw my Grandma not long after she passed, only one time. We had a joke about my Grandpa doing crazy things that used to happen in my house.

  46. I love reading about haunted places, but with my imagination staying there would take a lot of guts. Every creak would have me freaking out!

  47. People who stay in those are way braver that I ever could be

  48. Yes, I sure would. I ain’t afraid of no ghost! 😀 I love the “Drunken ghost” story.

  49. With the history of the gold rush, the missions and what not, I imagine California must have some really cool haunted hotels. We had some great ones here in the Poconos, but half of them got closed down.

  50. Ooh sounds a little on the creepy side. I like a good scare. Great vacation story.

  51. I would love to stay in a haunted hotel! I think that would be so cool!!

  52. i’m the biggest scaredy cat EVER. for real. i can’t even read this stuff, i get nightmares!

  53. I do believe in ghosts or spirits and I do think that there are many that for whatever reason are still hanging around certain environments. So…no. I would not stay somewhere where I am most likely not wanted, LOL.

  54. This looks so amazing but I am not sure if i would be brave enough! Thanks for sharing.

  55. This place looks super creepy! I do not like places like these..too scary!!

  56. I don’t like scary movies, but I did go to the Coronado just to browse and we also went to a Haunted Mansion around San Jose when I used to live in the San Diego area. It wasn’t scary at all and I’m very curious about ghosts and spirits, so I guess I’m weird that way and I’m excited for you lol

  57. New Orleans has some haunted places too. Have you been there?

  58. I’m super curious, but I think I’d be too terrified and wouldn’t get any sleep.

  59. Living in New Orleans, we have plenty of haunted hotels as well. I stayed in one last year, and while I did not see any ghosts, another of the guests did and it totally freaked me out!

  60. I don’t think I could sleep in a room that might be haunted if I tried!! We took a few haunted tours when we lived in New Orleans though. I do find it fascinating.

  61. That is super creepy. I’m actually really superstitious so you won’t find me stepping foot in any haunted hotels anytime soon.

  62. I think I will skip these. I can still remember when I was about 5 years old waking up to a woman’s shadow walking across our bedroom. She headed towards a wall and was trying to turn on the light with the light switch. The funny thing was she appeared when I woke up screaming and my mother did not until much later, lol. That freaked me out and I will now stay away from sleeping in a place with known ghosts, I am a chicken. Getting water poured on you in the middle of the night sounds like a summer camp prank.

  63. How fun this would be to visit. Were either of these in a film? I cannot remember the names of the top of my head. California has such a vast amount of fun places to visit.

  64. I heard of Claremont Hotel. I love hearing about haunted ones. Really neat, but not sure I wanna stay in one… we will see!

  65. So freaky! I would NOT want to stay at that hotel!!!

  66. Hmm that is a good question! I love anything haunted and love ghost tours etc but as to staying in the hotel that is haunted nope i think not lol,I love my sleep too much and would not appreciate any spirits disturbing me :-).

  67. I don’t believe in things being “haunted” so if the price was right I probably would stay in a “haunted” hotel 🙂

  68. I went to school in CA and I never heard of the haunted hotels! This is so fun!

  69. In September, Gord and I are staying at an inn in Niagara on the Lake which is supposed to be haunted. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  70. I love watching shoes where they go off to haunted places, I’m not sure I would actually want to stay a night myself though. x

  71. I think it would be fun to spend the night in a haunted hotel! As long as the ghost, entity, spirit, whatever was friendly….who knows? Why not? 🙂

  72. These are neat stories! And NO, I do not want to spend any time in a haunted hotel LOL

  73. I thino I grew up in a haunted house. Eek. Scary, rightM

  74. I wouldn’t spend the night in one, but my husband and daughter would in a heartbeat! I’m too chicken. LOL

  75. I live in California but have never stayed at a haunted hotel. It actually would be sort of interesting, scary but interesting!

  76. I would NEVER go here but I would LOVE to hear the stories from others who have! LOL

  77. Oh wow – sounds so interesting! I don’t know if I would stay at a hotel if I knew that it was haunted, but it sounds great for people who love mystery and suspense!

  78. Ooh! Love this post – I always watch shows on TV about haunted places and their stories – there is something so intriguing about it!

  79. How exciting! I recently won a trip to New Orleans, and I was going to stay at a haunted hotel until I realized it would be close to $800 for three nights. Maybe somewhere else at another price someday! ~lol~

  80. I might possibly stay in a haunted hotel. Maybe… But I would never stay in specific rooms that were super duper haunted.

  81. Hmmmm, no lol. Although I love scary movies and books I don’t think I could stay in a hotel like that.

  82. Oh wow I love to hear about haunted places although I don’t think I would have the guts to stay there!

  83. This Is AWESOME I Would LOVE To Check This Out Next Time I’m In California Love This Stuff Thank You For Sharing!!

  84. Yes, I would stay at one that is haunted. The last apartment we lived in had a spirit lingering around – would turn on lights, the vacuum, move my desk chair down the hall – but never did it hurt anyone. The house we live in now – we have one here too but it only visits my son’s room unless it’s also playing with our largest cat at night too. Honestly, I think it is the spirit of my beloved Mr. Twinkles (cat – who was extremely humanistic) that comes to visit. He got hit by a car and died under my son’s room before it was done being built. He too – very harmless spirit.

  85. I’m a big chicken and I don’t think I could stay somewhere that was haunted. I can’t even watch scary movies!

  86. That would be SO fun to stay in a haunted hotel I love stuff that is a little bit creepy like that!

  87. I’ve actually heard about the Claremont Hotel, I think I might have seen something about it on TV. Would love to visit it some day!

  88. Ghost shows are my guiltily pleasure my husband laughs at me because he thinks am silly but it can be really entertaining. We have a bunch of haunted places around DFW bu I’m not brave enough to go visit!

  89. Those kind of experiences seems really thrilling and exciting – I might want to go too lol… I am not sure I have the guts though haha!

  90. We lived in a haunted house when I was a small child… this looks like a lot of fun, though I think I’ve done my time 😉

  91. I remember in my early 20’s my friends and I got a list of all the haunted places in Oklahoma and we went to them all int he middle of the night and some pretty creepy stuff happened. I think I might be brave enough to stay in a haunted hotel with friends of course.

  92. One night years ago in Upper Michigan we spent a night in a small hotel..that still freaks me out thinking about it! He was very clean but very creepy! We still talk about how spooky it was!!! The kids were about 10 & 13 they remember it well!

  93. This is so awesome. I’d probably not want to stay in haunted hotel though lol

  94. I really wouldn’t want to. No thank you!

  95. I’ve always wanted to go, but I may chicken out … lol

  96. I would use any excuse I could to be able to stay in a haunted hotel! I’ve been on a couple paranormal investigations before and I LOVED them! That kind of stuff always fascinates me 😀

  97. I stayed in the Roosevelt in LA. It is supposedly haunted by Marilyn Monroe’s ghost.

  98. There’s no way I’d spent a night n a haunted pace. Especially if the ghost tells me personally to get out. People are crazy!

  99. I find ghost stories really interesting, and I love reading about them. Not sure I’m brave enough to see how legit they are though!

  100. I’d never been to a haunted hotel, let alone one in California. That’s really cool! I’ll have to explore these!

  101. I’d spend the night in a haunted hotel, as long as someone was staying there with me.

  102. No way man. I prefer not to be a horror movie waiting to happen.

  103. My husband and I used to work in one of the most haunted hotels in CA, the Wawona Hotel in Yosemite. I have some crazy stories I could tell about that place!