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Hello!!!!! It is September. What does that mean?? Fall is approaching, pumpkin spice everything, back to school and HELLO ALLERGIES. I do not know about you guys in Massachusetts, but in Illinois when September hits look out allergies!!!! And Literally on Sept. 1 my sons nose was turned on like a faucet.

So what does this all natural momma do. Break out her all natural remedies.


How many people love this vapor bath stuff, whatever brand it may be that you use. Well I am one of those mommas, but since I am now and essential oil momma, I make it myself!!!!!


These are my soaps of choice. You will need a tear free soap or bubble bath base to mix your oils in. The best choice is a castile soap. I prefer the Dr. Bronners brand but any of your choice is fine. I was a little low on mine so I used the castile soap and the Aquaphor. I try to use the baby wash as a last resort, just a personal choice of mine.

I just reused my vapor bath bottle to mix this in. Yes it is plastic, but there are approved plastics you can add oils too, plus this is heavily diluted.


I add my carrier soap to the bottle then my oils of choice. I like to add rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, and melaleuca (aka Tea Tree Oil. I will add 10 of each to my bottle and shake. All of these oils help to support healthy respiratory functions and the lavender is also great to help them relax right before bed.

DIY Vapor Bath Recipe

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  1. I should try a vapor bath. My son’s allergies and mine are bad. Mine are actually off the charts.

  2. That DIY vapour bath sounds brilliant, thanks for sharing it.

    We don’t have any issues with allergies here but I think it would be great when the kids have a cold (which is often at this time of year).

  3. That vapor bath sounds great. We get head colds all the time here, and Georgia is allergen city, so this will definitely get a lot of use!

  4. This is a really good idea! I could use something like this when we have a cold. I have never used essentiall oils, but I have heard all good things!

  5. I love it! A few of us in the house have terrible allergies, and they clog us up big time! This sounds like just the thing to open up our heads and help us feel better.

  6. My poor oldest daughter is having the same troubles. I will have to try your vapor bath. We tried Flonase and it has done the trick for her.

  7. That vapor bath sounds amazing! This is definitely something I would recommend to someone with allergies.

  8. oh I love the DIY vapor bath, great for when little ones get sick

  9. Thank you! I hate waking up with that heavy feeling in the fall. Will definitely need to try this out.

  10. Ah yes, the time of the lovely allergies. My poor oldest has them and sounds stuffy one minute and leaky nose the next! Time to break out essential oils!

  11. Allergies are a big problem in our area. I don’t think I’ve tried these vapor baths for kids but we have some essential oils so I will be trying this.

  12. Yes my allergies are being a huge pain this week. Eyes are itchy and nose is running.

  13. I give my 8 month old a bath before bed every night. He has allergies and I find it helps him sleep better at night.

  14. Oh allergies are rough for sure, glad you are finding a way around them.

  15. I never thought to give my daughter a vapor bath. We certainly struggle with allergies. I will look into this, it might help clear up her discomfort.

  16. I love Castille soup. But can i ask about vapor bath? is it for breathing or also for the whole body?

  17. We are all about using natural remedies in this family and this one looks perfect for us! I love that these oils help with respiratory issues which seems to always be a concern for me when it comes to my son every fall and back to school season. will be checking this out.

  18. I hate that allergy season seems to pair up with back to school too!! Love thiese tips coping with allergies can be rough.

  19. Always up to learning how to make new things, and being able to help myself at the same time. Allergies are really bad this year. Thanks for sharing .

  20. Yeah. I get sensitive skin everything. You are right the season does change the products you use.

  21. This vapor bath would really help my husband. He has been suffering hardcore with allergies lately.

  22. That is such a great idea! I always have the worst allergies this time of year.

  23. A vapor bath sounds intriguing. I love rosemary and lavender. Anything natural and that’s homemade is what I enjoy learning about.

  24. Yep, I keep Tea Tree in oil in stock at all times and I love Pure Castille Soap!

  25. I just started getting into essential oils and love them so much. They offer great benefits for your health and well-being.

  26. What a nice idea! I think the allergies are starting to kick in for us too. I’m not excited about it!

  27. I totally never thought about a vapor bath! What a brilliant idea – thanks for this for when allergies are insane!

  28. Oh no, I hate seasonal allergies! I’m definitely going to give this vapor bath a try next time. Tea tree oil is one of my faves.

  29. I have horrible allergies. I wish I had this recipe sooner. I have been staying in a hotel and the smell is giving me headaches. This would have been so nice!

  30. Oh yes, now that September is here, the allergies have definitely begun in our house.

  31. I always expect allergies in the spring and I’m surprised every fall. I may have to try this for myself

  32. We have to be really careful this moth. Allergies are terrible!

  33. I actually work for Melaleuca! It is a great oil! I think this is an awesome recipe for Vapor Bath! Great job!

  34. That DIY vapour bath sounds brilliant, thanks for sharing it. We don’t have any issues with allergies at home but we travel so often that it sometimes comes up.

  35. Thanks for the tip about the water bottles. I am always looking for containers to put my essential oil blends in.

  36. I am pinning this for sure. We love taking vapor baths here! Thanks for the diy for it.

  37. A vapor bath sounds good. I love all these oils and I think I have them all. I need to give this a try.

  38. Fall allergies are awful in our home! The pollen and mold are so high and I can’t seem to escape it.

  39. I hate it when allergy attacks. Good thing that there are some preventive measures that we can do.

  40. DIY vapor bath sounds so soothing. I bet it is so helpful when kids start the season with allergies.

  41. Thankfully, the allergies have been pretty mild this season. It’s nice to know there is this simple, natural home remedy for a vapor bath if needed!

  42. That’s so true. A new season always mean a new set of allergies coming your way. I’m glad you’re prepared! These are definitely helpful especially if you or your kids are sensitive.

  43. Yes Robin! This is so brilliant. it’s about that time for my allergies and hayfever to start up so this is spot on for me. i’m saving that pic and going to try it tonight

  44. I love a good vapor bath! awesome recipe!!!

  45. I love a good vapor bath! awesome recipe!!!

  46. DIY vapor baths sound amazing and I am going to try this recipe for sure. The vapor baths are something I have never tried before but it would be perfect for relaxing along with my allergies adding up. The DIY vapor baths would make for great gift ideas too. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  47. I never considered making my own vapor bath but it is such a great idea. I use it myself for a good soak when feeling under the weather.

  48. This is awesome. I’ve never thought about making my own vapour bath. This would be so helpful in our house as now that Fall will be approaching I will be using vapour baths a lot!

  49. I hate allergies especially if it’s the kids that would have to deal with them. I think it’s nice that we have these products to rely on. Sometimes you really can’t avoid it, it just comes with the season.

  50. I hate this time of the year but good thing you can have a prevention. What a wonderful idea!

  51. Mine and Abby’s allergies are in full swing. I need to make some DIY vapor bath alternatives to medicine which I hate to take and give.

  52. Allergies are horrid right now and I’m so over them. I love the options you have here! Some are my choice as well!

  53. Allergies are horrible right now!! My kids love to be outside I am going to have to try some of these tips!

  54. I need to make this. Having such a hard time right now. All of us are. Thanks for the recipe. Going to try it today!

  55. I hate allergies and have been dealing with them all summer. Lord have mercy! lol

  56. Oh man, thank goodness none of my kids have bad allergies. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it! haha

  57. I am familiar with a few of these products and loved using them but don’t quite use them anymore. Not sure why though!

  58. These are all was sounds a good products. I need to check this out

  59. Ooh I need to try these! My son has eczema and allergies make it so bad! I’ve been looking for some good things to do at home to help!

  60. I’ve not gotten into oils, but my son does seem to have some allergies. I would love to try lavender at night.

  61. Our allergies aren’t too bad but if my littles start getting effected I’ll have to try that bath out!

  62. We don;t really have allergies in the family now that we live in South Florida. But when the seasons changed in Alabama it definitely had an affect on us.

  63. Wow, I would love to make a vapor bath. Sounds like a nice thing to do to prevent allergy attacks.

  64. This sounds easy to make. I will recommend this wit my friends with allergy issues.

  65. I would love to try this. Sounds like it would be really refreshing for my body.

  66. I will tell my friends about this. I had a friend whose son has a severe asthma attack recently.

  67. What a cleaver idea!!! I will have to give this a try next time my allergies act up!

  68. Hmmm never tried this before!! thanks for the idea 🙂 we’ve quite bad colds during the monsoon season too..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  69. Vapor bath, I have never heard of this, but I think I definitely need to give it a try to help my allergies. Thanks for this info!

  70. A vapor bath sounds like a good idea. Youre jogging memories for me here. I think my mom did something siimlar when I was a kid.

  71. We dont have much to deal with allergies, but that DIY vapor bath sounds amazing. I love using essential oils so much and this one could be so helpful when my kids get cold related issues!

  72. This is great for allergies. I have the worst case

  73. You know, every year I’ve been calling it the “back to school cold”… but now I wonder if it is actually some mild allergies I am experiencing! I’ll have to try this home remedy the next time I am feeling all stuffed up — it’s always worse at night so in a bath is perfect.

  74. I am totally going to make this! We always get super stuffed up in the fall and winter.

  75. wow, that sounds refreshing and soothing. I would love to try this for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  76. Oh I definitely need to try this! I never thought about making my own. My son definitely suffers from allergies…and unfortunately so do I!

  77. My younger son’s allergies have been terrible too here in New York City. I love natural treatments for allergies and avoid administering medication whenever possible.

  78. These are great tips! Allergies can be rough, I’m so glad there’s so many things that can be done for them now! It’s hard – I love your DIY idea!

  79. This would be great for when you have a cold. Thanks for sharing.

  80. I would really welcome a vapor bath, my allergies have been absolutely unbearable lately!

  81. It’s rainy season here in the Philippines and yep we are also up with allergy season since most of the time areas in the house are damp. I will keep this concoction for later use.

  82. That’s good, I should be able to concoct that one. Allergies are really a pain during some of my mornings.

  83. I am loving this DIY vapor bath! It looks awesome and I would have to give it a try with my kids to see if I can clear whatever gunk is going on with them.