Dec 092015

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Helping My Man Put His Best Face Forward

My husband Christian is an accountant with the Department of Labor. Yup, I am married to a fed. Basically he deals with civil issues and criminal issues having to do with employee benefits (retirement and health plans). His job is to protect employee’s benefits because, let’s face it,  there are some really shady employers out there.  Anywho, most of his time in the office is spent reviewing financial records to find inconsistencies and errors, but sometimes his cases go from civil to criminal depending on the situation and amount of inconsistencies he finds.  Sometimes those criminal cases are settled and sometimes they’re not.  When they’re not, often times, Christian is called to testify about his findings in front of a grand jury.

Obviously when he has to testify in court, he needs to look professional.  He is always well dressed, clean shaven and accessorized when he goes before a grand jury – and that includes his most important accessory: a nice smile.

chris tie

Seriously, in his head he thinks he is the Jack Bauer of the Department of Labor….

Moving on.

He’s got multiple criminal cases going on at the moment and has been going to the courthouse at least once a week for the past few weeks.  Since he’s been working so hard, I decided that I wanted to get him some new things to help him look his best, especially on those days when he has to go to court.  The main thing I wanted to get him was a Philips Sonicare 2 Series Toothbrush. He’s been asking for one for like four years, so it was time for me to head to Target and pick one up for him.

Sonicare at Target

I was excited to see the Philips Sonicare 2 Series when I got there.  They have three exclusive colors that are only available at Target (red, green, blue)!


I love it because it removes up to 6 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush for a superior clean!

sonicare OOB

Of course I ended up getting him more than just the Philips Sonicare toothbrush.  I picked up some new socks, a couple of ties and a fancy schmancy new watch while  I was there.

SOnicare other stuff

I figured all of these things would help freshen up his look.  Not that he didn’t look good before, but we can all use some new stuff once in a while, right?

Sonicare contents

I put it all into a gift basket for him and gave it to him over the weekend.

Sonicare Gift Basket

He was thrilled with everything, but loves his Philips Sonicare 2 Series the most (like I figured).

chris brushing

Is there anyone you would like to help put their best face forward?

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  1. Love your gift basket and am sharing about Sonicare today, too. So great minds definitely think alike 😉

  2. I love this! My husband has been asking for a Sonicare toothbrush, so this is perfect timing 🙂

  3. Love your blog, great idea. Everyone loves feeling pampered. Great idea, nice gifts too.

  4. That is the best toothbrush evah! Seriously, I bought it for my daughter in college and she can’t stop talking about it to everyone she meets. She has super white teeth, so I know it works!

  5. You are so sweet to help your husband look the part. I was thinking of getting my husband a Sonicare tooth brush for Christmas – I might need to take the plunge!

  6. I love this. We have been talking about buying a Sonic Toothbrush for a while now. I didn’t even think about making it part of his Christmas gift. Good idea.

  7. Great gift basket and good looking out for your man

  8. Great gift set! My husband would love these items. We forget that men like to look good too!

  9. What an awesome idea! That is so sweet of you! My bf would love this too!

  10. How dapper is he with this new gift set? I love this toothbrush too and MUST get a blue and red for my home! #client

  11. WOW!! you hubby is looking sharp in that tie. Glad to see your thought of his teeth as well no one wants to have to worry about bad breath. You are rocking the wife job.

  12. LOL…the Jack Bauer of the Labor Department! I think he looks very cool and professional. No doubt due to your help. I know my husband would like one of those toothbrushes. He likes to look his best and he has a really weird teeth fetish…they have to be freshly brushed feeling all day! lol

  13. I agree that the shaved look looks clean and professional and is suitable for appearing in court. Good luck to him.

  14. Such a big fan of Sonicare. I got one for my 18th birthday and have only had 1 other one since them. They last forever and are great for oral care. I would love to help my husband put his best foot forward.

  15. The Sonicare toothbrush sounds amazing. It’s important that he looks his best when he appears in court.

  16. We need new toothbrushes (ours are rely old) and with our teeth not as young as they used to be we could use all the help we can get. I have been wanting one of these for a while.

  17. This would make an awesome gift! Shoot, I’d love to have one for myself!

  18. I love this idea, so sweet of you to prepare and put everything in the gift basket 🙂 Also, the Philips Sonicare 2 Series looks really good, I might have to get one for my boyfriend too, he is looking to replace his oral toothbrush. Thank you for sharing with us.

  19. Oh I love your ideas especially the Sonicare. Guys are so hard to by

  20. I help my husband put his best face forward by making sure his clothes match everyday! I think this is a great idea.

  21. What an awesome motivation for anyone in the family! A care package is always a good gesture. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love helping my hubs look his best, this is a fabulous idea! Looks like a perfect holiday gift!

  23. I have this toothbrush and love it. It works very well.

  24. The Sonicare looks awesome! I might have to try one out.

  25. a lot of women would probably love to try out the Sonicare! 🙂

  26. Great gift idea theme – Best face Forward! Never thought of that one before. Looks like a nice toothbrush to top it off!

  27. Never thought to give my hubby a toothbrush for christmas but I have heard so many amazing things about them it honestly is a pretty smart gift idea! Though I wouldn’t in a million years be able to convince him to pose for a blog post brushing his teeth! ROFLMAO.

  28. Some great suggestions for the hard to buy for guy… hmmm… I have one of those! He has that same toothbrush and loves it.

  29. These are great gift ideas for men, thanks for the inspiration x

  30. My tween will be getting one of these Sonicare Series 2 toothbrushes for the holiday, she was actually asking for an electric toothbrush! #WIN

  31. Sonicare is one of the best products on the market. It really is effective and even my dental hygienist calls it the very best one.

  32. What a great idea, I should do this for my man…

  33. I think this is a good gift idea for my husband. We have a water pique, but we can’t figure out how to use it yet without spraying water all over the bathroom. This might help better.

  34. What a great gift basket idea! I have heard amazing things about Sonicare brushes great way to help your oral healthcare!

  35. I received this tooth brush from a campaign earlier this year, and it’s really awesome! I ended up buying one for my daughter too because it does such a great job!

  36. Thoughtful gift idea! I own a Sonicare toothbrush and love it also!

  37. My dad would love a gift basket set like this. Philips makes quality products that my whole family greatly benefits from.

  38. These are really great toothbrushes. The Sonicare would be a great gift for anyone really!

  39. When I met my husband he was using that toothbrush too. Now we have a dual set. One cleaning machine and a brush for each of us. And he replaces our brushes every six months.

  40. This looks like a great gift set for men! I bet my father would like it. My hubby is an undercover narc so he has to look scruffy and dirty! LOL

  41. You’re such a loving wife who knows exactly how to take care a husband. Those are nice gifts!

  42. We’re a sonicare family! We love their toothbrushes. So much better than traditional toothbrushes.

  43. This is awesome! I am crazy about tooth brushes and usually get a new one every month, I think this looks like a great one! I’d love to give it a try!

  44. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious because just the other day Hubby told me he wants a new toothbrush for Christmas and we laughed over it. HA! This is one care package my Hubby would LOVE 🙂

  45. The “Jack Bauer” of DOL–HAHA! I love my Sonicare!!

  46. I’ve thought about getting my husband one of those tooth brushes. He’d probably give me a funny look if I bought it for Christmas though. lol

  47. My husband wants this sonic toothbrush for Christmas! He told me to “Surprise” him. LOL

  48. I got a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush and I absolutely love it! I love how clean my teeth feel when I’m done brushing!

  49. I need to get this for my son. He needs a little extra help when it comes to brushing his teeth.

  50. I swear there is nothing better than a sparkling smile! I need to get one of these for hubby!

  51. This is very nice of you. I believe a lot of husbands appreciate it when their wives help them look good.

  52. These toothbrushes are great and I really like those ties!!!

  53. That’s an amazing idea to let your husband know how much you appreciate him and what he does. Love it!

  54. Such a sweet basket idea! I love it! My hubby likes to look he’d love a little basket like this too!

  55. Great idea! It’s so hard to buy for men! Love the ties!

  56. What an awesome idea! I love Philips products. My husband is a hard worker too.

  57. We love our sonicare toothbrushes:) Well worth it.

  58. I have a Sonicare and I love it!! It took a little bit to get used to and my teeth were a little sore at first but I love it now!!

  59. I love hearing wives supporting and helping their husbands look great. Thanks and Kudos to you!

  60. The Philips Sonicare 2 Series Toothbrush sounds like a great gift for my Son. He has been going to a ton of job interviews and wants to look his best.

  61. This is a great gift idea. I will have to pick up a Philips Sonicare 2 Series Toothbrush for my husband.

  62. You are such a good wife. That is a great gift basket for a man.

  63. I’m loving everything about this. Sonicare has some amazing products. I’ll have to stock up

  64. Would love to find one of these under our tree on Christmas morning.

  65. We love SonicCare. My kids each have a toothbrush but my husband and I don’t 🙁 I should totally gift him one for Christmas and maybe wrap one for myself and say that Santa brought it! haha

  66. Love all the stuff you have in Gift Baskets.. sonicare toothbrushes are really good. I love it

  67. Sounds like Jack Bauer to me! What a neat job. I need a few more gifts for my husband, and this sounds perfect.

  68. I have only heard great things about Sonicare. I should put together this gift basket, has all the essentials.

  69. I bought one of these for me! I love it…also way to make the hubby pose for the camera! Good Sport

  70. I have wondered about these as I have been looking at them and now I know it’s a good one to get. Your gift basket turned out great & was very thoughtful 😉

  71. That’s a great toothbrush. I love that he thinks he’s the Jack Bauer of his field.

  72. That’s a very great and useful gift basket! I’ve been planning to buy a SONICARE for my husband.

  73. What a great gift basket for your hubbie with everything he needs to look good and professional in court. Those ties are really sharp, BTW, and really accessorize the gift beautifully.

  74. Hah, I love the idea of turning all of these gifts that are mutually beneficial (who doesn’t like their SO to be at their best?) and make a cute gift out of it. Great idea!

  75. The hubby is the person I can think of! He usually just lets his facial hair grow and just trim it once in a while! Would be fun to see him wearing a tie, it’s been a while since the last time he wore one.

  76. I remember giving this line to the different male family members over the years – such a high quality line and a nice gift basket there.

  77. i was given a sonicare by my orthodontist when i had braces and i never figured out how to get the toothpaste to stay on long enough to get my teeth clean. i eventually just used the brush without turning it on. that is great that target has exclusive colors. target is my favorite place to shop. i would want my to help my sister with this brush because she was so envious of mine

  78. What an great gift basket idea and that’s a great toothbrush!!

  79. What a great gift idea! I will definitely be putting some of these under the tree for my husband!

  80. Yep, you hooked him up. 🙂 Glad he got his Sonic, those toothbrushes really do work great.

  81. My husband uses that toothbrush and loves it! With the ties and watch, this is a perfect gift!

  82. We had one of these in the past and don’t know why we never replaced them. Thanks for the reminder, it is time for an upgrade. 🙂

  83. Thanks for the Sonicare review. I’ve been wanting to get one for a while.

  84. Cute basket – I love my Sonicare toothbrush! It is amazing how great my teeth and gums feel using the Sonicare. Also, please tell your hubby I said THANKS for his career serving the public and protecting them from evil employers”. He definitely has been a Super Hero to someone that was wronged. 🙂

  85. Oh I would love that Sonicare toothbrush for myself! Okay, okay, hubby could have one, too. 😉 Love the idea of creating a gift basket!

  86. Both my older boys have the same toothbrush. It has kept their teeth nice and healthy and perfect for those hard to get spots!

  87. I think everyone could benefit from a Sonicare toothbrush. Many people work with customers on a daily basis, and if nothing else, have coworkers. Shoot, even being a stay at home mom I’d love to have one. My kids could care less how I look and sometimes I could care less, too, but a nice smile is never out of style.

  88. I honestly never thought of giving the hubs a toothbrush. Just realized, that would make a great stocking stuffer. 😉

  89. My husband is actually quite a stylish guy. All I really have to do to help him put his best face forward is keep him in his favorite toiletries.

  90. My son in law has a Soniccare toothbrush and loves it. The basket you made for your husband is such a neat idea.

  91. My sister in law bought one of these for herself. She had just gone to the dentist and the dentist told her to use one.

  92. What an awesome gift basket! I have heard really good things about that toothbrush. I am going to have to check it out, I have been in the market for a new toothbrush.

  93. I love the ties and the watch! My husband could use some “dress-up” items for Christmas.

  94. The Sonicare toothbrush looks so cool. My husband will love this.

  95. I love that these are on sale right now at Target for less than $40! I need to get my husband one!

  96. We both have these toothbrushes! I can’t go back to a normal one now, my teeth just don’t feel clean. You also reminded me that my Fiance needs a new electric razor! haha

  97. We got Sonicare toothbrushes a few years ago, and they are the BEST. I love how clean it makes my mouth feel, like I just left the dentist.

  98. Nice basket. I love the color of the ties. So beautiful

  99. I love Philips Sonicare toothbrush! Great way to help put your man’s face forward!!

  100. Great gift, I’m sure you got major points:). I’m a Dental Hygienist so I’m all about the electric toothbrush. Make sure he uses it until it shuts itself off (2.5 minutes)!

  101. My husband has actually been asking for a Sonicare! What a fun gift basket idea.

  102. I want one! lol I think this basket os a great gift idea

  103. This is a great gift idea. The Sonicare 2 toothbrushes are awesome. We’ve used their brushes for years!

  104. I always try to give useful and practical gifts. Sonicare is just that. I love the gift basket you put together.

  105. Such a thoughtful gift basket you put together. I have never owned an electronic toothbrush but this one seems really nice.

  106. This would be perfect for my husband he was really strict when it comes in our toothbrush. He would love this.

  107. This is amazing, I’m so glad that you gave it to your husband as a gift.

  108. I love this as a gift basket idea. It would work for dads, grandpa etc!

  109. I have a Sonicare Toothbrush and LOVE, LOVE, Love it! My dentist always says that electronic toothbrushes are always way better than manual.

  110. This is just so sweet! I am sure your husband feel loved when you help him look sharp.

  111. Damn I miss my girlfriend seeing how you care for you man. Honey please come home your biggest son needs your tender loving care. I envy this guy so much. lucky him.

  112. This looks like a great toothbrush, keeping our teeth healthy in our family is very important. We brush twice a day with a regular toothbrush, I want to try this one with my family very soon.

  113. You’re very sweet wife, You know this is great idea i love it for my husband.

  114. Sounds like a perfect gift for men. I find it very hard to find gifts for men compared to women! And, this is something that will really brighten up the smile 🙂

  115. That looks like a great gift basket. I love love love electric toothbrushes. They clean far better than a manual toothbrush can.

  116. This is a great gift! I need to get this for my father. He sees me getting gifts for everyone else and when he asks what I got him I feel bad that I haven’t started yet! Great post.

  117. We have this toothbrush! I wouldn’t go back to a regular toothbrush ever again! I love your gift basket and think it would be a great gift for my Dad this Christmas. 🙂

  118. What an awesome gift basket! I got my husband a Sonicare last year and he loves it!

  119. Robin, think I say this every time but I love your blogs name. I agree the Sonic Care works amazing at keeping the plaque off. I am in Target about 8 times a week and this will be on my list later today.


  120. What a sweet gift for your husband! I love practical gifts that you know will get used

  121. What a great gift basket idea! I really want to make one of these for my hubby.

  122. This is such a great gift idea! I just Love it!

  123. I’m a lover of all things Target. A great smile is a must for sure. We all use electronic toothbrush.

  124. We love Philips. My husband has a shaver and toothbrush 🙂

  125. I should pick one of these up for my husband. He has to be all fancy at work.

  126. I’ve heard good things about the Philips Sonicare toothbrush line – what a nice collection of goodies in your gift basket. I think your husband has a pretty cool job.

  127. I need to get a toothbrush like that for my husband. He loves electric toothbrushes and enjoys brushing his teeth with them.

  128. I need to take care of my man this Christmas too! He really deserves it!

  129. We love Sonic Care in our house. And bless your husband for letting you take a photo of him brushing his teeth to put on the internet! Nice choices of the spruce up accessories for your husband too!

  130. The Jack Bauer of the Department of Labor LOL I love it. And my hubby swears by one of those toothbrushes – I just bought him a new one last week!

  131. I’m sure Chris would look super good even without the Sonicare. He always looks great to me but I’m sure he really appreciated the gifts.

  132. Ooh that would make an awesome gift for my hubby! Our toddler steals his toothbrush all the time so I think he’d appreciate having his own special one that the kids can’t steal.

  133. Its nice that you make sure hes prepared. Men enjoy a little spa like treatment too.

  134. Very nice. I don;t wear ties and have an electric t brush i love. But the watch looks real nice.

  135. This looks like a great gift basket. I like the tooth brush.

  136. I love that you added the toothbrush, as I’m a sticker for oral hygiene – especially if my husband plans on kissing me 😉