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There are tons of obvious things for travelers and tourists to do in Washington DC. They will be wonderful and exciting and they will also be packed full of tourists and kind of boring after a trip or two. On your next trip to Washington DC instead of making a beeline to the usual hotspots consider a detour through some of these hidden gems in DC. Sometimes the most fun and interesting experiences in any city are off the beaten path, unknown locations full of potential and stories! Happy Exploring!

Hidden Gems in Washington DC

Secret Singing Gardens
Okay so the gardens don’t actually sing but they do play some awesome music! On your next trip to Washington DC this hidden gem is sure to ignite your inner sense of childlike wonder. Technically it’s called a “soundscape” but the combination of the music being piped through the underwater speakers, bouncing off the outdoor auditorium type seating creates the ultimate in musical experiences. Not only can you experience the awesome audio entertainment of the Lover’s Lane Pool, you can also explore all of the gardens! In spring and summer the gardens are truly magical experience! Check out the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens the next time you are in DC.

Karate Kid Style Zen
While we are on the topic of gardens we should mention that at the National Arboretum you can find our next hidden gem in Washington DC. There are a wide variety of bonsai trees on display at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum. As you can image some of these bonsai trees are extremely old. They are like little works of art! For those of you who have ever attempted ownership of a bonsai tree you will be able to appreciate the amazing artistry behind these ancient trees. Not to mention the National Arboretum is a pretty awesome experience in and of itself!

Sneaky Log Cabins
The reason this log cabin is a hidden gem in Washington DC is because it is literally hidden. Tucked inside of the Mansion on O Street is the most gorgeously sneaky log cabin. We’re not talking about a roughing it kind of cabin, we’re talking the ultimate in glamping excursions. It comes completely packed with amenities and luxuries and you can do more than just check it out for looks…you can rent the cabin and spend the night! If you are looking for an awesome and unique overnight experience you can’t go wrong with this sneaky log cabin!

Oddball Museum
The DEA Museum is anything but ordinary. It is an awesome and unique museum choice among the hidden gems in Washington DC. The typical museum choices are not a bad plan of course, you’ll learn things, see some awesome pieces, but at the DEA museum you get to have an all-consuming experience that covers anything and everything Drug Enforcement Agency related! On top of all the awesome info and facts the museum recently had a makeover and it’s now open and ready to wow you!

Art is Every Where
There are some amazing feats of street art all around you in Washington DC. Instead of feeling cooped up with priceless, untouchable paintings in a museum, hit the streets and see what you can find! One of the most plainly hidden, hidden gems in Washington DC is the street and building art that can be found all over the city. There are numerous displays of creativity throughout the city and these hidden gems are sure to be a worthy prize for those willing to seek them out! Half the fun is in exploring the city while looking for these works of art that pop up in various locations!

We Didn’t Forget the Pets
If you are traveling with your furry friend and you want him/her to also have an epic time while exploring hidden gems in DC you may want to consider heading to Brookland to the Franciscan Monastery. Not only is the monastery huge and beautiful, once a year, in honor of Stain Francis of Assisi (the patron saint of animals), the monastery will bless your pets! Plan your trip accordingly and your furry little buddy can be part of the festival!

Traveling to Washington DC can be a wonderful and educational experience. Once you’ve hit all the typical tourist spots be sure to take a little time to journey into the city. There are so many hidden gems to explore and tons that are yet to be found! You won’t regret getting a glimpse of some of the city’s most unknown attractions. Half the fun of some of these places is the journey it takes to get there! You never know what you might discover along the way!

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    Katja xxx

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