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Holiday Returns - 21 return policy links to your favorite stores

It might be the thought that counts, but you can keep the thought and still return the Santa brought you that you don’t like or need . Trust me, you won’t be the only one. If you’re like me, you’re probably itching to get to the store with (or without) the receipts and return the unwanted gifts. The most important thing to know before you get in line at the stores is the exact return policy. It’s going to save you time and quite possibly a hassle.

To get you started, here are the holiday return policies for a few of the biggest retailers.


Game Stop



Best Buy



Bed Bath and Beyond

Toys R Us

TJ Maxx

Hobby Lobby

Michael’s Craft Store



Barnes and Noble

JC Penney



Apple Store

Bath and Body Works

Old Navy

And it also helps to know if there are any policies that impose a restocking fee for opened items, so to be on the safe side, if you so much as think that you might want to return it – don’t open it!

Most retailers will have extra customer service staff on hand on the day after Christmas, but make no mistake about it — you’ll still going to be standing in long lines to make your returns.  Now that you’re armed with the return policies, you can wait a few days – or even a few months depending on the store – to make that return.

So tell me, do you have any returns this year?

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  1. This so very helpful! So much better to check and prepare before heading out to the actual stores

  2. This is great and seriously will be referring back to this for sure now. Thank you, Robin 😉

  3. Thanks for the list! Allison got 2 DS games that aren’t compatible with her system, so we will be looking into who will take these back without a receipt.

  4. Wow, what a great resource! Thanks for doing this, Robin!

  5. Love this, very useful list! I made the mistake of throwing away a receipt once. It was for boots for my son. Bought them at Target but they were awesome. The worst is if you buy cash and don’t have a receipt lol Happy returns! =)

  6. This is very helpful. I like getting out and also finding great after Christmas sales. Thanks for the great info.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! Often I am not sure about return policies, so I just never get around to it. Fortunately, I got lucky this year and don’t have any returns to make!

  8. Thank you for the info–it is much appreciated. I don’t have ny returns this year but when my Mom said she wanted to go to Lord & Taylors today-the day after Christmas-no return-she is looking for a new jacket-I made a deal with her–I’ll take her food shopping today and Lord & Taylor’s TOMORROW!!!!!

  9. This is so helpful. Thank you. I have always enjoyed returning my stuff at Target. They are so easy and I love that you do not need your receipt but just the credit card. I will be using this reference before I leave the house next week to make my returns. Thanks again.

  10. Oh thanks for this Robin. The thing I have to return are shoes. I got shoes that were the wrong shoe size, but that’s on Amazon. Hopefully I can get the right pair soon.

  11. Thanks!! This is super helpful. We got lots of fun gifts, but we do have one or two that are going to need to be returned.

  12. I remember when my mom worked in retail (JCPenney Home Store) that she referred the day after Christmas as the Nightmare After Christmas. I’m not sure if JCPenney has changed their policies or ever lived up to their policies, but they had to accept anything when my mom worked there, receipt or not – even if a person bought it years ago! 😀


  13. This is so helpful! Thank you. Luckily I don’t’ have to return anything this year! 🙂

  14. This is really useful! Thanks.. I will be needing some of these.

  15. This is a great post and will come in handy for many I am sure. I always dreaded the long return lines at the store. It is so important to know the return policy for each store. Thanks for sharing.

  16. This is such a great list! I’m sure that many will need it at this time of the year.

  17. Thank you for making this list. It makes me less anxious about doing my returns.

  18. Those are helpful. I’d like to return 2 things that were given to me by my husband, but I don’t know if that’s possible. We’ll see. The boys are good though. I was worried about Mica’s slippers since he didn’t try them on, but they fit great! I buy those things kind of big because I want them to fit awhile.

  19. This is great to know for the returns I do have! Thanks for sharing!

  20. This is fabulous! I think this is the only year I don’t have a single return – yet! I’m pretty happy about it, but this list is super helpful!

  21. That is super helpful, Thank you! I only have 3 returns this year, so I am pretty happy!

  22. I don’t think we have any to return at the moment, but this is definitely helpful information to have. Thank you for sharing!

  23. I rarely return anything just because I hate to wait in the long lines. My daughter got two of one thing and I told her to give it to a friend, I’m not waiting in the return line at Walmart. LOL

  24. Oh, this is fantastic! Thank you for compiling this list. Awesome.

  25. Sometimes it’s easy to just regift it then return it! Some stores are impossible. THanks for this list!

  26. Great list of stores. Good to know for the duplicate kids’ gifts.

  27. This is a big help. Good to know before you return an item.

  28. Now this is a seriously useful resource! I always miss out on returns!

  29. Oh this is so helpful! Of all the gifts we got, we only have one that needs returning, but I didn’t even know the store’s policy! So thank you!!

  30. Thanks, I always have a hard time hunting through the fine print for these links. I hope to not have to return anything, but you never know!

  31. I didn’t know stores had restocking fees. Good to know. I think I will steer clear of places like that.

  32. Luckily I don’t have anything to return this year. It’s always nice to know the policies in advance.

  33. Awesome list of stores! So far nothing to return just yet but I’ll keep this list in mind1

  34. Thanks for this great list of return policies on stores. I know a lot of people will be glad to have this information!

  35. Great list. I am thankful I don’t have to make any make returns this years.

  36. Thanks for the list – what a great idea for a post. I have a few items to return this year!

  37. Great information Robin, definitely helpful right after Christmas. I was at Walmart today and their return line was crazy!

  38. For once, I currently don’t have any Christmas returns but need to exchange a ring Santa brought my daughter. I’ll take care of it next week when things have calmed down a bit.

  39. We have already made our first return post Christmas. tomorrow we make our second one.

  40. I have a couple of items to return – and one gift receipt. I fear that one of the items was purchased in late winter last year, so it’ll be impossible to return.

  41. This is very helpful. I am glad I don’t have to return anything this year. I decided to give gift cards to the ones that I wasn’t sure about, what they like etc.

  42. Oh, this is a good collection of info, thank you!

  43. Oh wow, this is such a nice list! Really need to know store return policies.

  44. Unfortunately my kids got some duplicate gifts from aunts and uncles, so I guess I have some returns to do. Thanks for the list!

  45. Thanks for sharing this! I definitely needed it and right in time!

  46. Well this is helpful! We just had to look up info for best buy.

  47. I will definitely refer to this in the future! Keeping return policies on hand is such a handy idea!

  48. Thanks for all the links! I gotta look over some of these for future reference 🙂

  49. There is nothing i love more than a good return policy for goods i do not like or got as present and do not like. Thanks for the links

  50. This is such a helpful post! I have so many clothing items which family purchased for my daughter in the wrong size, definitely need to swap them.

  51. Great list, seems like every store has their own policies and it’s hard to know them all, your list is very helpful!

  52. I never really checked those out, but it’s so important to know. Thanks for bringing all the information together. Happy holidays.

  53. Definitely on the big ticket items we save the box, for instance a big game system we got it does not work after having it less than 30 days so to avoid any problems I agree save the box!

  54. Good to know! So far I don’t think I need to return anything, but my hubby does!

  55. What a helpful list! I always start out with motivated intentions, but most often the things I wanted to return are still in my closet three months later!

  56. Very helpful list, and not just for the holidays. I hate returning things but sometimes you just have to!

  57. Great info to know! What a helpful list 🙂

  58. This is an awesome round-up! Bookmarking this for future reference.

  59. This list is priceless! I’m bookmarking the page so that I can have it handy and ready for not only Christmas returns, but birthday gifts as well! Thank you! Thank you!

  60. This is a great list! It is nice to know the return policies before making a trip to the store (or returning via mail.) Speaking of returns. We forgot a Walmart return today at home, We have a Khol’s return too.

  61. This is really helpful…luckily I haven’t discovered any returns yet! I was surprised by Walmart’s policy considering I have had a hard time returning items there that are past their normal window, but then again, it’s Walmart and they seem to make up the rules as they go anyway! Those lines are usually the LONGEST after the holidays too…good luck to everyone who has to wait in line! 😉

  62. Walmart has one of the best policies – they will take anything even w/out receipt – luckily though I found mine for something I got my daughter – but I actually wanted to do an exchange but they didn’t have the right one – so I just got a refund.

    Thanks for the links 🙂

  63. This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for putting together all of the return policies!

  64. This is so helpful! I am sure there are many, many people wondering if they will be able to return those unwanted gifts this year.

  65. I do very little shopping, so I’m excited to say I have nothing to return. I’m pretty scaled back on the holidays.

  66. Thanks for sharing all of these! We were lucky this year and don’t have any returns! Woo-hoo!

  67. What a great list, thanks for sharing! Fortunately, I don’t have to return anything, but my daughter will probably want to!

  68. This is a great resource. We are doing Christmas next month – so hopefully we don’t have to bring stuff back.

  69. This was a great resource, thanks for sharing it. I didn’t have any returns this year 🙂

  70. Oh my gosh this is a great resource. My daughter was asking me about a few things she needs to return to Ikea!

  71. Useful post. These season, we tend to return many of the things because of purchasing in a hurry.

  72. That sure made my life a little bit easier. Thanks for putting this altogether. It is very, very helpful.

  73. Thank you for such a great reference. Thankfully my hubby is the only one returning this year, I got a bunch of gift cards as gifts. 🙂

  74. I personally do not receive many gifts for Christmas, so return policies won’t apply to me. The kids usually end up with toys and such that they obviously will eventually play with. Thanks for sharing because every store does have such different rules when it comes to holiday returns. I remember going into Walmart once have Christmas and they had like two designated “holiday returns” lanes, so it must be a popular thing to have happen!

  75. Thanks for putting this together. Great timing and ideal to keep front of mind!

  76. This is great! I just had a “fight” with Victoria’s Secret over the employees not knowing their return policies.

  77. great list. Luckily I have only had to return one thing and that was actually something I bought for myself so no harm done.

  78. This is so great! I don’t return things often, but I always like to know the return policy before I head to the store.

  79. We had to do some returns to Amazon. Which can suck because it takes awhile to exchange things especially if the vendor itself isn’t amazon. Oh well…that’s what you get when you do most of your shopping online. There are some drawbacks there.

  80. i always try to make sure i know what the return policy is when shopping for gifts or if its a high ticket item. this is really helpful.

  81. Knowing the return policies of your favorite stores is definitely helpful. I just had to return two pairs of boots! Fortunately, the return was hassle free!

  82. I returned one of the gifts that I bought my son. I had a feeling he would not use it and decided it was best to get my money back and he could put the money towards getting something else.

  83. This is a HUGE help! I remember when I tried to return stuff to Target from my baby shower and they only took so much! Such a pain – why don’t more people give the gift receipts!!!

  84. returns are not so frequent with the philippine market. i wonder why.

  85. This is a great list of Return links to stores this holiday season. I will definitely bookmark this one. Thanks for sharing.

  86. Thanks for this list of return policies. I know sometimes you just might have to return things after the holidays so this list is good to know for future references.

  87. That is great that you put this list together. I went into Best Buy the day after Christmas and the lines were long. My purchase was worth the wait though.

  88. Thank you for this great info! Good to know. This is a good news for online shoppers.

  89. such a helpful link! Although I have no returns this year but I bet many will be assisted by it..cheers…

  90. i’m sure this will come in handy for those doing returns. i know we used to have tons over the years.. but luckily this year we opted out of doing gifts altogether. 🙂

  91. Oh yeah…I have a few returns for this holiday season. Mostly, they are impulse purchases of gifts that I intended to give as presents, but then had a second thought. One store that I do have to return things to is Kohl’s.

  92. Thankfully we haven’t had to return anything! Now that is a good holiday season. 🙂

  93. What a great resource. I am not a fan of returns so I try to avoid them. It isn’t really that they’re complicated, it’s just that they’re so time-consuming!

  94. My MIL took back an item we got her LAST Christmas, a couple of days before Christmas this year. I was laughing that the store honored it. 🙂

  95. Thanks for the list – now this is going to be a quick look on what we have left for Christmas.

  96. I don’t have any holiday return list but thanks for sharing this great list!