Dec 172015
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Kmart Fab 15 Toys are Awesome

Holiday shopping doesn’t exactly evoke excitement in most people I know. In fact, it’s more like dread. When The Most Wonderful Time of the Year rolls around, shopping becomes an exercise in torture for me, but with the Kmart Fave 15, holiday shopping goes from “Oh man…” to “Aww YAY-uh!”

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Role Mommy Writers Network and Kmart. All opinions are 100% my own.​​

Holiday Shopping Like a Boss

Holiday Shopping has always been a game of chance for me. Occasionally, I’ll hit the mark, but not always. I think that’s been the most frustrating part of holiday shopping for me. If I could just hit the mark every year, that would be awesome. Luckily, I have the Kmart Fave 15 to help me out.

The Kmart Fave 15 makes it easy for me to shop like a boss. It’s a list of the 15 most popular toys out there. This list has been curated based on industry trends, parent and child input, and over 50 years of Kmart’s experience in knowing what gifts really want, and it’s packed with great picks like Disney’s Frozen, Star Wars, LEGO, Barbie, and NERF. It’s basically the Christmas cheat sheet for all of us. I’m good with that!


The Kmart Fave 15

Take a look at this wicked awesome Fave 15 list. Each and every toy has been tested by Kmart’s Kid Toy Advisory Board, so they’re kid approved. Because there are so many awesome toys – and because I’m cool like that – I broke them down by age.

Ages 1 to 2

Ages 3 to 5

Ages 6-8

Ages 9 and Over

I’ve already stocked up on NERF guns for my boys. They’re 8 and 11, they love NERF, and they love zombies. So, you know, NERF Zombie Strike under the tree makes me the uber cool mom for a while. πŸ˜‰


Holiday Shopping is Easy with Kmart’s Fave 15

Whether you’re a holiday shopping machine or a hit or miss shopper like me, the Kmart Fave 15 will make sure you get all your holiday shopping done and get it done like a boss.

You can do all of your holiday shopping with the Kmart Fave 15 and even more options at any Kmart store or online. So tell me, will the kids in your life be getting anything off of the Fave 15?

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  124 Responses to “Holiday Shopping with Kmart Fave 15”

  1. We have Star Lily here as my younger daughter got it for her birthday last month. And my oldest asked the Lego Pop Star Stage, so that will be under our tree next week, too now πŸ˜‰

  2. Good option for parents to give their kids gift especially around this hectic time of the year

  3. That garage looks huge! My oldest used to play with Matchbox all of the time and he would have loved that.

  4. My son loves playing with cars and this would be just perfect for him. Great selections at Kmart!

  5. Great breakdown – that is so helpful for buying for nephews and nieces. But no toys under 1… that’s the HARDEST age to buy for, in my opinion!

  6. An excellent break down of gifts by age!! So helpful when shopping for other kids (not your own) for Christmas!

  7. Both of my littles would love the Elmo toy for toddlers!

  8. So many of these are on my daughter’s list! And KMart seems to be our go-to for shopping!

  9. That Fur Real Horse is adorable! You have a lot of great toys on here

  10. I hope I’m done. I have everything in a closet. I need to start pulling stuff out, wrapping it to decide if I need anymore.

  11. This is a great list of toys. It looks like it is time for me to go and do some shopping at Kmart.

  12. I’m almost done with my shopping, thank God, but I got a ton of my gifts from Kmart this year. I actually got a few of the NERF guns.

  13. I like that they use an infographic to determine what toys children would like based on their age and industry trends .

  14. Well this will help a lot of frazzled parents out there..LOL

  15. I really like the Kmart Fave 15 list! They are pretty dead-on accurate on what kids really hope to find under the tree! I know I’ll be snagging one of those NERF Zombie Strike Doominators for my nephew…he’s a NERF fanatic and is totally gearing up for a Zombie Apocalypse. lol

  16. I love shopping at Kmart. I am seriously there all the time. All my clothes are from there, so I am totally going there for my kids Christmas presents, too.

  17. I love that Monopoly has freshened up their concept. Nice way to get the family together and playing on something that isn’t an iPad!

  18. I see nerf guns. Those are my boys favorite toy. Time to shop.

  19. Imaginext Ultra T-Rex by Fisher-Price and Zoomer Kitty with Toy Mouse by Spin Master. I know 2 kiddos who love them!
    And MONOPOLY Here & Now by Hasbro for myself!

  20. You’ve got some great choices here! We love nerf guns!

  21. I always look to Kmart’s Fab15 list for holiday shopping ideas. It is always filled with wonderful gift ideas. Thanks for sharing

  22. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I still haven’t finished my shopping, and some of these are perfect.

  23. My oldest STILL loves Nerf guns. πŸ™‚ KMart has some great deals!

  24. My kids are Nerf obsessed!!! Kmart has so many great toy options for kids of all ages!

  25. Whoa, that Nef gun is serious! Looks like Kmart has a lot of great gift options for the kids!

  26. My youngest is getting the Star lily unicorn for Christmas..that one was trickier to get than I thought! I love the nerf gun…that would be perfect for my son.

  27. I love that you organized toys for age appropriateness! That is so helpful! Kmart is awesome!

  28. I am thankful that I have my Christmas shopping done! It’s the earliest I’ve ever gotten it done. Kmart does have some awesome options here. My four year old likes anything Paw Patrol.

  29. This is a great resource for parents. I could definitely have used something like that when my kids were younger. Actually, I could still use something for them!

  30. Excellent list of toys. I use to love shopping at KMart. Unfortunately they all closed in Canada years ago.

  31. Nerf toys have always been popular at my place too. We have had some pretty grand battles.

  32. My kids are all older than this toy list, but my oldest and his fiancΓ© have been known to enjoy Nerf gun fights. Really, who doesn’t? That’s the toy that would top my list for them!

  33. These toys are great choice for Parents with little kids. Nerf toys more popular with the younger kids and Kmart always have it in stock.

  34. Such a great selection to choose from! i still need to do some shopping and my daughter is still loving anything Frozen related

  35. Such a great list that makes it easy for someone like me to get favorite toys for all the kids in my life.

  36. I don’t think I’m getting anything off this list this year. But if it was up to my son he would be getting that light saber.

  37. There is some great choices on there! My son wants the whole list for him and his sister!

  38. So many fun toys! I love that Zoomed Kitty. It’s so cute!

  39. Toys can get to be so darn expensive so I love finding deals like these. I have never shopped at Kmart but I will have to give them a try.

  40. Excellent info. I was just in Kmart last week and they had some awesome deals. My sister got her daughter boots. Buy one get one for $1.

  41. These are all great gift ideas. Looks like I need to stop by KMart for my holiday shopping.

  42. I love shopping at Kmart.. they have such good deals!! I always visit it when I travel to countries that have them.. sigh, why did they have to leave SG???!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  43. I haven’t been in a Kmart in years but it looks like they have a great selection of toys!! Great post!!

  44. I have stocked up on the Nerf toys for my son too. He wanted the biggest and most obnoxious gun I have ever seen lol!

  45. I’m sure my nephwes will get something off the fab 15 list. They are getitng gift cards from me and I know they will want to use them on the most popular toys.

  46. I was just at Kmart the other day! When I was little I used to take the Kmart advertisement and circle my wishlist for Christmas and use that as a guide for my parents πŸ™‚

  47. Oh my.. So many to choose from.. The list surely make things easier to grab the presents we need πŸ™‚

  48. Those are great selections. My boys love Nerf while my girls like Frozen. Something for everyone with these choices!

  49. That’s a lot of selection for toys, the kids will love it! I haven’t finished shopping for presents yet. Thanks for the ideas!

  50. I love the deals at Kmart! They have the best stuff for the kiddos and even the home!

  51. Got one Zoomer Kitty and a big *ss Nerf Gun here…. what has me pulling my hair out is that darn Paw Patroller!!! Not a one to be found up here. They fly off the shelves seconds after arriving. Normally I like to go shopping, because my mom and I make a great day of it… but this toy is ruining our shopping Joy!! LOL
    This may be one gift that arrives after Christmas.

  52. This is such a great idea for someone like me, who doesn’t have kids. It takes alot of guesswork out of gift buying!

  53. Great ideas! My girls got to play with Zoomer Kitty at the Chicago Toy Fair and loved it!

  54. Of course Jackson would be beside me when we see that Hot Wheels amazingness up there. He made me scroll up for times “I saw something, go up!” haha. I guess I’m NOT done my shopping!

  55. Those are some cool toys. My son would have loved the Ultimate Garage back then.

  56. I love getting tips on what to buy for certain age groups! I never know what to get kids the older they get!

  57. How fun! My little one keeps asking about the FurReal Friends!

  58. Kmart always has amazing deals and amazing products for kids!

  59. These are some great picks! Both my 1 year old and 4 year old love their Play All Day Elmo. It’ the kind of toy that is perfect for both preschoolers and toddlers!

  60. yep. it’s always sorta hit or miss for me too. My kids will ask for something maybe earlier in the year so I’ll end up getting it but at the time christmas rolls around they actually don’t like the thing they use to like lol. That’s why I stopped shopping through out the year. That NEVER worked out for me. I’m glad Kmart made a list like this so they can see the trends and help us!

  61. What a great selection of toys this season. Makes me want to be a kid again or at least for my college children to be little once more.

  62. These are great list of toys! I am thinking to get one for my nephew. Thanks for sharing.

  63. We totally bought my daughter that Elmo! Shes OBSESSED with him!

  64. Christmas is getting closer. Ahh I’m not ready.

  65. some of those definitely made my daughter’s wish list. Unfortunately for her, she’s got SO many toys that Santa isn’t bringing any this year! Just clothes and books and a new computer.

  66. My kids wrote out their wish lists weeks ago. Of course, now that my shopping is done they have a completely new list that has none of the previously listed items on it. Ugh! Thankful there’s still a little room in the budget and under the tree for toys.

  67. I have only one child in my life right now and she is only 18 months old – so I don’t have much shopping to do thank heavens!!! πŸ™‚

  68. Great gift for boys–that garage looks huge!

  69. What a fun toys for my kids. They would love it so so much

  70. This is a great toy list. My Son would love the Star Wars Signature Lightsaber by Hasbro.

  71. The Star Wars Signature Lightsaber is sure to be a popular gift this Christmas. This is a great list of toys.

  72. Love this list! I need to check out Kmart website soon, still buying gifts for my kids and nephew

  73. What a great list of toys! My boys would love most of this, specially those Legos & Nerf Guns!

  74. i really liked that you broke it down by age. this really helps make things easier for the shopper

  75. This is a great list. This will make shopping for toys easier, especially for those who don’t have kids.

  76. Yes my kids will actually be getting a few things from off the Kmart’s list they just don’t know yet.

  77. These are great toys, my kids would love this, I wish we have kmart near in our house.

  78. These are interesting toys. It will be easier to buy toys for my nephews and nieces.

  79. I love gift lists at this time of year. When it’s this close to Christmas it’s easy to panic!

  80. These are all great toy options. I am sure they are on a bunch of kids’ lists this year.

  81. A few of these are on my son’s Christmas list. There are some great toys out this year!

  82. There are so many great gift ideas. I want to buy all of the toys for the kids, they look like so much fun!

  83. This is a fun list! I know that my daughter would love the Disney Frozen Sing Along Elsa Doll by Jakks Pacific, while my son would enjoy anything related to Star Wars.

  84. Great list, the boys have a few on their list of those πŸ™‚

  85. I’ve got Nerf guns under the tree too. My son loves Nerf. I’ve seen a lot of girl loving them too lately!

  86. Kmart always has great prices on things. That Zoomer kitty seems to be really popular this year.

  87. Great list, I don’t always hit the mark either. It’s so easy to buy for my own kids, but harder to purchase for my cousins.

  88. I love that you set this up by age! I’m always at a loss to figure out what to buy for our nieces and nephews!

  89. I haven’t even started my holiday shopping yet. Isn’t that shameful? I swear next year I’ll be finished by Thanksgiving.

  90. Our 5 year old would definitely love that ultimate garage for his hot wheels. He only asked for one gift for Christmas. But maybe he’ll get this for his birthday in March.

  91. Actually, this year… BELIEVE IT OR NOT. We are almost finished shopping. Normally we give gift cards, but this year we decided to buy actual gifts.

  92. My daughter is obsessed with Frozen, she would love the toddler doll. Unfortunately it is out of my budget this year. πŸ™

  93. I used to love shopping at Kmart because they have such great prices. My son is getting that Hot Wheels garage this year from Santa!

  94. My 8 year old son is Star Wars obsessed. It’s all what’s he’s asked for for Christmas!

  95. Its so much fun to buy kids. I’m missing that now, my kids are grown. Happy Holidays

  96. My son love Lego and Nerf guns! I have never heard of Kmart fave 15.

  97. Any toy that shoots anything Nerf related is a winner in my book.

  98. That was really great, My kids would love these for sure. Toy car is his favorite.

  99. Great selections! My kids have always loved legos and the nerd guns. You can’t go wrong with either one of those. I love the board games – like Monopoly – as a great way to bring family together.

  100. I’m sure we could all do with all possible help when choosing presents this time of year. This list looks really useful and I like the way it doesn’t focus on just the latest toys but included some that are timeless.

  101. My daughter is dying for that unicorn. It’s definitely a hot toy this season.

  102. Having a list of these toys when shopping for Christmas presents makes life so much easier. A lot of these items are on my sons’ list this year and my nephews too.

  103. Toys just keep getting cooler and cooler! It just brings me back to what I loved and how these new toys are so much fun now for my son! Cant wait for christmas day to get here so he can get to playing! I might have to get some last minute items from this awesome list as well! πŸ˜€

  104. Awesome list of toys! I’ve always love the great selection found in Kmart. Thanks for sharing.

  105. We actually got the Zoomer kitty at Kmart for my daughter. It was on her list for Santa.

  106. Not familiar with Fave 15 but I haven’t visited and Kmart in years! I used to like their layaway when my kids were little!

  107. Kids have it made these days. They have so many choices for toys, its fun showing them new things.

  108. I had never heard of the Fave 15, but it seems really helpful. I’ll definitely have to keep it in mind for when my daughter is older!

  109. So many great options. The Nerf gun and the Kidizoom are on our list. Lots of fun toys here!

  110. You dont see too many KMarts anymore… I love Monopoly. I feel likegames are always a good idea. Santa is bringing my daughter a few and I got my sister some.

  111. I am thinking whether I’d buy toys for my godchildren or just hand them a few bucks instead. This list offers me great options to choose from πŸ™‚

  112. This is a great round up! I love all these picks and I LOVE the affordable prices at KMart!

  113. These are great gift ideas for kids, lots of options x

  114. My Grandson got all kinds of lego toys for Christmas. But he didn’t get that NERF gun. Maybe next year.