May 012017
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If you are planning to tackle a home project, make sure to utilize these Home Depot hacks to make sure you never pay full price on items again! These hacks are a great way to get the most out of your money and make sure you are getting the best deals possible. 

From price matching, saving money on clearance lumber, and so much more! This is really a great way to cut corners on expenses and still create the project you are wanting. 

Save Money at Home Depot With These Tips and Tricks 

Price Match Guarantee: Make sure to check your competitor stores in your area, if you find a price cheaper, Home Depot will price match. But to make it even sweeter, they will give you an extra 10% off on the item! Just bring in the flyer to show them the price.

Join Newsletter: Make sure to sign up for their newsletter, new members get a $5 off coupon! Plus you can get emails on special sales available and sometimes extra discounts. 

Rebate Center: Make sure to check out their online rebate center. You can save quite a bit of money on their larger items most of the time! 

Clearance Lumber: Okay, this one is awesome. You can get a discount on leftover lumber, up to 80% off. So make sure to check out the clearance wood. They will be different sizes and such, but you can always find some way to use it! They mark the clearance wood with purple paint.  

Trees and Plants: Did you know that the trees, perennials and house plants all have a one year guarantee. You just dig up the item if it dies, and take it in for a replacement plant. 

Repair Tools: If you have a manufacturer’s warranty still on the tools you have bought, take it in to the store. Home Depot has expert technicians and they will repair them at no cost! 

Discounted Paint: If someone orders paint and says they don’t like it, or a mess up gallon, you can buy discount paint. Just look for the clearance paint section, they won’t always have some. 

Yellow Clearance Tags Ending in $.06: The yellow clearance tag items (ending in $0.06 are already marked down, but in six weeks they will drop the price even more. So if it is not something you need right away, consider waiting for a bigger discount. 

Yellow Clearance Tags Ending in $.03: These items that end in $.03 will drop another $0.03 before moving off of the shelf. Example: $1.03 will drop to $1. 

Changing Address: In the change of address form you get when you go to change your address, you get a packet of goodies. In the packet, you will find discounts to select stores, and in the past you can find a discount on purchase at Home Depot! 

Military Personnel Discount: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day, all military personnel can get 10% off. Active and Reserve military personnel can get 10% off discount everyday when you request it. Make sure to have your military ID on hand, or you won’t get the discount. 

Sign up For Texts: Consider signing up for their text alerts. You will get around ten text per months that include sales, and special discounts. It can be pretty nice if you shop at Home Depot Often.

Buy of the Day: Each day they will post a new item that is their special for the day. You can get the item at a good discount. Click here to see the buy of the day. 

So tell me, what home improvement projects do you have in the works? Try these money saving tips the next time you go to Home Depot to save big!


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  96 Responses to “Home Depot Money Saving Hacks you Need to Know About!”

  1. I hit up the leftover and miscut lumber section all the time! I save a ton on wood there. I also get their emails so I get coupons and deals as well as some ideas I wouldn’t normally think to do or make.

  2. That is so awesome! I had no idea about most of these, especially the plant guarantee. Thanks!

  3. I love all these hacks for Home Depot. We are at Home Depot regularly and I didn’t know about half the stuff.

  4. These are all great deals! Unfortunately we do not have Home Depot here yet.

  5. I need to sign up for their email. I do love saving money.

  6. Holy smokes – I did not know they price match. I am so excited to learn that little tidbit.

  7. Thank you for posting these tips on saving money at Home Depot! I will definitely use some of these mentioned, should we begin a home project!

  8. Thank you for this! We go from Lowes and Home Depot, so I’ll keep these tips in mind. Saving money excites me.

  9. I didn’t know they price matched. I should find the mega deals, and take in some coupons.

  10. There are weeks that I feel like I live at Home Depot. Thanks for the tips!

  11. My husband has always loved Home Depot so we need to go over all those deals together for his next trips. I love the guarantee on plants that die early.

  12. I am always looking for ways to save some money. I had no idea Home Depot will price match.

  13. We love Home Depot and just spent about $100 there the other day. I love these hacks and will totally try to price match in the near future.

  14. I love the insider tips about the clearance tag endings- that’s great to know! I’ll have to hunt some yellow tags now!

  15. These are great. I knew about some of these but not all. Thanks so much. I shop at Home Depot a lot. This will come in handy.

  16. These are great tips. I never knew you could purchase paint someone decided they didn’t want, at a discount.

  17. I think it’s cool they will send you a package of goodies when you move. That is a pretty awesome thing. I should look more into Home Depot.

  18. I have been doing some of my shopping at Home Depot recently. I didn’t know some of these things though!

  19. I love that there are some great ways to save money. I honestly didn’t know they did price matching. I’m glad to hear that.

  20. This was SUCH a great blog. I read this with my dad, he LOVES the home depot. He didn’t know about the tips on 0.06 and 0.03! He does now! Thanks.

  21. These are some nice bonuses! I’m going to have to look through this list again before we start our next project.

  22. These are some interesting tips that I had no idea about. The tree and plant tip is one I will use for sure!

  23. I didn’t know about the wood but I am a big fan of the one year warranty on plants. We have actually used this warranty, when plants didn’t make it over the winter.

  24. This time of year, people are flocking to places like Home Depot. The hacks you have here will help a lot of people do more with less. It is a good thing.

  25. Oh to have a Home Depot where I live! I’ve heard so many good things about this American chain 🙂

  26. These are awesome hacks! Saving this! Will try all these! 😀

  27. Wow these are great, some I didn’t think of!

  28. Ah they don’t have a Home Depot in the UK 🙁 I used to love it when I lived in the US! Great tips to save money!

  29. Never realized there were so many different ways to reduce what you pay at the register, so thanks for sharing.

  30. OK – I feel like a dummy! I always shop at my local Home Depot for plants, flowers, etc and I didn’t know about the one year guarantee. I also forgot about the price matching. Thanks for the reminder!

  31. Ohh I need to keep these in mind for next time we do some DIY, I always forget about price match as well!

  32. Ohh I need to keep these in mind for next time we do some DIY, I always forget about price match as well!

  33. We’re home improvement junkies at our house and love money saving tips! I always forget about price matches and discounts like that for being in the military!

  34. Wow these are excellent tips! I just love shopping at Home Depot!

  35. We are about to be remodeling a house, and these are going to really help us out! We plan on spending a lot of time at Home Depot.

  36. I love shopping at Home Depot. I always get supplies for DIY projects at Home Depot. Thanks for these great tips!

  37. I am a DIY girl and it irks me when I do not like how a certain paint turns out and that I can return it once opened. Now that you say I could buy paint at a discounted price, that is really helpful!

  38. Very cool! I did not know a lot of these and am always up for saving money. I love shopping clearance.

  39. I love Home Depot, it’s my go to store for almost everything, I didn’t know about the clearance mark downs though, thank you for sharing!

  40. Perfect timing, we just received a home depot gift card and need to paint my daughter’s nursery stat! I’ll have to check out their rejected paint.

  41. These are great tips! I love doing DIY projects, so I am always looking for ways I can save money!

  42. wow, these are great hacks. Perfect timing I just moved. Great way to save money and go shopping.

  43. It’s nice that they have a price match policy and it could even lead to better deals. It’s also good to grab discount offers available.

  44. How did I not know about clearance lumber? My husband has taken up woodworking and he could totally be using clearance lumber when he’s practicing!

  45. I didn’t know they had clearance lumber! This would be perfect for little craft projects – I’ll check it out!

  46. I didn’t know about the change of address and goodies! I’ll have to look into it when we move next month.

  47. We don’t have Home depot here in the UK but I am pretty sure most of these tips are transferrable to our B&Q branches! I will def sign up for texts and emails, fab idea to grab all the deals x

  48. I need to show this to my husband – he is the type of guy who will compare two items, one $3.50 and one 3.51… For like 10 hours – hahaha!

  49. I love the clearance lumber! I’ve saved so much money on my little projects shopping there! I did not know about the trees and plants return though! So that’s totallya wesome

  50. These are great tips! I especially love that they offer military discounts – it’s always good to know which companies are giving back to our service members.

  51. Like most guys, my hubby loves Home Depot. I had no idea they price matched. Good to know. I’m going to use these tips next time we’re in there, which will probably be this week. Love saving a buck or two.

  52. I had no idea about most of these ways to save money at Home Depot. The clearance lumber is an awesome deal.

  53. I love to visit Home Depot and dream of home projects I want to complete. Thanks for the tips of the clearance markdowns,

  54. Thank you for the hacks. It’s always nice to save money anywhere. Every time I go to town I stop by Home Depot because there’s always something I need from there.

  55. We’re planning on renovating our basement this summer. Thanks for these saving tips. It’s most helpful since we love good deals.

  56. Great ideas. I have to check it out. Thanks for the great article.

  57. My husband was in the military, but refuses to use the discount at any store. I find it slightly odd.

  58. These are awesome tips! I do a lot of home improvement projects so I am all for any moving saving ideas. I have used a few of these, but thanks for all of the new ideas!

  59. Price matching always make life easier, but with an extra 10% off? That’s a fabulous thing to be aware of! Would that work with an online offer as well as the printed version?

  60. Wow I had no clue so many price savings are to be had! I will have to use these tips next time I go!

  61. I also like to comparison check prices to make sure I am getting a good deal and with a discount on top I can’t resist. Coupons are great too x

  62. These hacks are awesome, I didn’t know about the plant one, wish I knew and got a replacement instead of going crazy trying to keep the one we had alive!

  63. We are currently remodeling our entire house and adding on square footage! We love home depot….I didn’t know about some of these, thank you for that! Totally love the left over paint – I use that a lot for outdoor projects 🙂

  64. I always go to home depot whenever I need something for the house. I love all your money saving tips!

  65. I had no idea there were so many ways to save at Home Depot. I’ll definitely keep them in mind next time I decide to do a home improvement project or need some supplies.

  66. I do like Home Depot. But I guess I really didn’t know that they did price match. That’s really cool. I will have to do my research before the next time that I head there.

  67. I love shopping at Home Depot. I have been doing a lot of building (DIY projects lately) and it has been a great place to get my supplies.

  68. i didn’t know this about home depot. i will pay more attention the next time i’m there.

  69. I hate to be a stinker, but I am Lowe’s fan. That is where my mom used to take me growing up and it just stuck.

  70. Great tips here. Not really a hacker but hope to be one day 😀

  71. I did not know about their deals with trees and plants! I guess it is just they want to guarantee that you green your environment. I have to check these Home Depot deals too.

  72. I always forget about price match guarantee’s that a lot of stores have, it can save you quite a bit of money x

  73. These are great tips! I love doing DIY projects, so I will have to keep these in mind! Thanks for sharing!

  74. I will tell my husband about this because he is going to be cleaning out the garage this weekend. There may be things he would need, and I am surely going to direct him to Home Depot.

  75. This post couldn’t be more perfectly timed as we are gearing up to move this weekend! I didn’t know about the discount if you sign up for their mailing list, so I’m headed over to do that now. Thanks so much!

  76. These are all great tips. I am going to bookmark this so when we have to do anything that requires us to go to Home Depot I will have them. Thanks for sharing!

  77. I was not aware of many items on this list.
    I will have to share this with my brother-in-law; he is a big fan of Home Depot.

  78. I always join newsletters, purely for the discounts they give. I’ve had some great discounts in the past!

  79. My husband loves home depot and this is a great post for him. Sharing with him now.

  80. Awesome tips! It would be nice to be able to save on some of the items especially when you’re under a budget. I really appreciate these tips.

  81. I would love to be able to save on different products! Thanks for all of these hacks! I could really use them.

  82. This is pretty cool! I think it’s nice that you shared these with us. I always loved learning about hacks that could help save money.

  83. Hi Robin! Thank you so much for your tips, they’re very useful. The home improvement project I have in the works now is my kitchen, which I’m fully redoing to finally have my dream one. =D

  84. My dad is a builder/contractor and I’m pretty sure he heads to Home Depot every weekend, haha! I will be sending this list to him, he’d love it.

  85. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been thinking about redoing my room, and I could use this!

  86. We don’t have any home improvement projects on tap right now, no budget for it. Home Depot also clears other products like tile, we’ve gotten great deals that way.

  87. I love discounts and deals. Knowing these hacks will make our wallet and bank account happy, especially now since we’re building our new home.

  88. Well anything to save money always gets my vote. Thanks for sharing these hacks with us.

  89. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I love Home Depot, a great place to buy plants too!

  90. Wow I had no idea they had a price match system. I’ve always loved Home Depot because of their kids craft nights!

  91. Wow! I didn’t know about a lot of these! I knew about the military savings because of my father. These are all great to know!

  92. This must be shared to everyone so they would also know how to save a lot when buying from the home depot. Every now and then, the house needs things from Home Depot and it is great if we could save some, that;s a lot of help.

  93. These are some great tips. My next project is to organized and declutter my hall closet. It’s a big mess right now.

  94. Home Depot can pretty much take all my money. That is where it is going this summer!

  95. So many ways to save- who’d of thunk it? BB only knew about the oops paints. Gracias for the info!! BB2U

  96. A one-year guarantee on trees and plants?! What?!???!!! How come nobody ever told me about this before lol.