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Homemade Aloe Ice Cubes For Soothing Sunburn Relief

If you’ve ever gotten a sunburn, you know that they are really painful.  I’ve had my fair share of sunburns over the years, some worse than others, and they are no fun. And once you get a sunburn there is no way to cure it. Once the damage is done, it’s done.

Using aloe vera for sunburn relief is easy and popular home remedy to soothe some of the pain associated with the burn.

Aloe vera gel contains salicylic acid (which is also found in aspirin) which helps to relieve the pain and reduce swelling.  It also contains polysaccharides, which promote cell rejuvenation, vitamin E, which helps moisturize your skin and my favorite benefit of using Aloe vera gel is that it’s antibacterial, so it helps to keep you burned skin from getting infected.

If you’ve ever tried using Aloe gel on a sunburn you probably noticed the cooling sensation you got when you first put it on the burn. You can take that instant comfort to the next level by freezing some Aloe gel in ice cube trays.  It will help to numb the pain while the aloe does its magic.

Here’s What You Need to make your aloe ice cubes:

  • Aloe Vera gel
  • silicone star mold
  • Freezer

Homemade Aloe Ice Cubes For Soothing Sunburn Relief3

Here’s What You Do:

1. Squirt out your aloe Vera into your star molds.

Homemade Aloe Ice Cubes For Soothing Sunburn Relief2

2. Use your finger tip to smooth the aloe out so that there aren’t any air bubble or missed corners.

Homemade Aloe Ice Cubes For Soothing Sunburn Relief5

3. Set in the freezer overnight.

Homemade Aloe Ice Cubes For Soothing Sunburn Relief4

4. Stretch out the sides of the mold and carefully press up on the bottom of each star to pop them out.

Homemade Aloe Ice Cubes For Soothing Sunburn Relief1

To use: rub your soothing aloe Vera stars right on your sunburn for a little extra cool relief. I would suggest using one or two cubes at a time to avoid having them melt all over the place.

Pro tip: Hold your aloe ice cubes with a washcloth.  As the cubes melt, the washcloth with absorb the moisture which equals less mess.

**keep out of reach of children and pets
**external use only

Sometimes even if you have SPF 150 sunblock on, you still end up with a sunburn. If that happens, these aloe ice cubes will help soothe it.

Hey, it’s summer and we all want to be outside. Sometimes even if you have SPF 150 sunblock on, you still end up with a sunburn. If that happens, these cubes will help.

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  110 Responses to “Homemade Aloe Ice Cubes For Soothing Sunburn Relief”

  1. What a great idea! We got a little too much sun this weekend and I ended up with a slight burn on my back. Even with the high spf, there’s always a chance of getting a little scorched in the summer.

  2. That’s a great idea! My husband is the worst with getting sun burns. He forgets. I’ll have to make some of these.

  3. I’ve heard this idea before but always forget to try it. I’m going to make some and keep them in the freezer.

  4. These are super cute and I think kids would appreciate them if they needed to use them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I get sunburn easily and this is just genius love the idea of using the product to make iced cubes. I will do it this weekend =)

  6. I would have never thought of doing this! What a creative and fun way to use aloe!

  7. What an awesome idea! This weekend we are going to go on a beach vacation and I am sure we are going to need these.

  8. This is a great idea. I will make sure I have some of them in the freezer for a “just in case” moment. I am sure this will provide the much needed relief.

    • You can’t be too prepared right? I’m making a batch for my freezer too!

  9. Well that sure is a nice and EASY way to help with sunburns. I’ll have to remember this for next time.

  10. These would be great to carry in a cooler when we go to the beach.

  11. What an awesome idea. I remember having one or two sunburns as a kid.. and.. OUCH. Aloe is amazing.

  12. This is such a great idea! My husband gets sunburn all the time.

  13. What a great idea! My daughter has sunburn around her eyes from camp this past week. This would be perfect for cooling those areas.

  14. I think I would use these for myself hahah! I get horrible burns and these sounds perfect for soothing!

  15. These are so smart! My husband gets burned so easily. I should keep these around!

  16. These are such a great idea! while we all try to avoid sunburns it happens, and this would be great to soothe them. I will be making these!

  17. I used to burn a lot–then I went on a trip to Israel and ever since then–I just tan. I have no idea why–but I am not questioning it!! Back when I did use Aloe to releive some of the pain. This sounds loke an extra good way to dooth that burning skin and really easy to make!

  18. This reminds me that I’m out of Aloe! May as well pick up a fun ice cube tray while I’m at and make relieving the pain a bit more fun.

  19. Oh my goodness, Robin! I love this idea! I never knew you could freeze aloe and they look so gosh darn cute. How sweet to cheer up little ones who may have gotten a sunburn, too! Not to mention they are extra cooling! 🙂 Love it!

  20. We love frozen aloe cubes! They’re even better in a cute mold! Just remind your kids not to take them without permission. Mine took a few to bed with them and it made quite a mess! 🙂

  21. I never would have thought that you could freeze aloe and use that instead of just the gel! And those shapes are just super creative too.

  22. Great idea for sunburn care on the go. I will have to make these for our treks to the pool

  23. What’s better than combining two different cooling reliefs to a sunburn? Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. Why didn’t I think of this!

  24. Great great tip!! Need this on hand! Also if kids or babies chafe from sweat, if you don’t have diaper cream or irritation cream on hand, some aloe Vera gel gives a quick relief too!

  25. That is such a great idea. This would really be nice to have for the summer. I easily get sunburned, so this would be helpful. The cool feeling would feel great.

  26. These are such a brilliant idea! I need to make some just in case the kids (or I) get sunburns this summer!

  27. I love this idea! Even though we try hard to prevent sunburns it seems to happen at least once a summer.

  28. I get at least one sunburn every summer. These would feel amazing. I will have to make some up.

  29. This is a fantastic way to soothe a sunburn. I will have to pick up the supplies so i can make some.

  30. Great homemade recipe idea– especially with summer just around the corner and days at the beach! Thanks!

  31. My husband gets sunburn easily and this is just a great idea of using the product to make iced cubes. I can’t wait to try it!

  32. This is such a good idea! My son and I both have a Sunburn right now and this would be great relief.

  33. My daughter and I are so pale. We burn, peel and pop out about 50 more freckles. lol. So we can definitely use these.

  34. I’ve heard before that aloe vera contains good properties, beneficial for our skin, but I was unaware about sunburn relief. It is really a great idea to use aloe vera gel as cubes. Thanks

  35. Oh my goodness. This is such a great idea. My family loves the outdoors and we always end up with burns. This will definitely help relieve the pain.

  36. What a super clever idea for summer. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about it before. Very soothing , both aloe and ice.

  37. Now that is a neat idea, Pinning that one for later!
    Our kids are quite little and they think anything in an ice tray is fair game. I’m not so sure their tummies would appreciate this cool treat!

  38. That’s such a great idea! What could feel better on irritated skin than an ice cube made of aloe. This is perfect sunburn treatment!

  39. This is genious! I never thought about freezing aloe for burns. These would be great when I burn myself cooking too!

  40. I need to make some of these up before tomorrow. This stormy weather is going to leave tonight (hope so anyhow) so we’ll be in the pool tomorrow. Even though I use the heck out of sunscreen, Alyssa always gets a sunburn.

  41. This is the coolest idea I’ve seen in a long time! great when humidity strikes!

  42. What a great idea! i would’ve never thought of it on my own. It;s like the benefits of aloe vera on steroids. Thank you!

  43. Happy to have the tip to make these. It’s a way to add a little bit of soothing fun too, to a yukky situation.

  44. This is such a great idea. I am out in the sun a lot and always manage to burn at least once even with sunscreen. I will be trying this out.

  45. This is a great idea to keep around during the summer. My son and husband burn really easily so they would definitely use these at some point.

  46. This is a cool idea. My husband burns a lot so I need to make these.

  47. What a great idea! Those are super cute and they would be great to have around all year-long – just in case. Thanks for sharing.

  48. This si awesome. I’ll have to prepare some for my husband who burns in 10 minutes.

  49. I could have used these so many times when I was younger. I have the palest skin, and it burns so easily. I’m much better about being careful as an adult, but every once in awhile I miss a spot. These aloe ice cubes are perfect for those times.

  50. These looks so refreshing. After being out in the sun all day it isn’t nice to have something cool to treat your skin with.

  51. This is so clever. I never would have thought of doing this. What a great idea. Now i need to made them.

  52. This is genius! Great idea for summer sunburns. We are so diligent with sunscreen but there is always that one time every summer it seems..

  53. What a great way to cool down and soothe your skin after too much sun. I need to make some just in case.

  54. Omg I need this in my life for summer. A brilliant idea on how to cool down this season. love it!

  55. This is such a genius idea! I wish I’d heard about it summer. What a great summer life hack!

  56. This is such a cool idea. My mom used aloe all of the time on me, but I always put sunscreen on my kids so I have yet to need it!

  57. Sunburns are no fun. This is such a great a idea to ease the pain and correct the problem areas.

  58. Ohh what an amazing idea! I am totally going to have make some of these as someone is bound to get burnt at some point.

  59. What a great idea, I bet these will help a lot with sunburn!

  60. This cubes look like a great way to cool down after a long day at the pool or beach. It seems like no matter how hard we try, at least one of us gets a tad too red.

  61. This is such a cool idea (pun intended) LOL I’m going to have to try these for this summer.

  62. This is one of the easiest homemade remedies I’ve seen, I like that people also use adorable ice cube trays as molds. It’s really perfect for the summer!

  63. I’ve heard about this idea before but the star shaped cube is a really cute idea <3

  64. What a fun, cute and clever idea to beat sunburn. Kids will enjoy rubbing this iced aloe cubes that is for sure.

  65. These are a great idea! Whenever I try to put aloe on the kids they freak out – I bet they wouldn’t mind this!

  66. Wow I love this idea!! Does it feel much different than regular, cool-stored aloe does? I need to try this, I get burned too often in the summer! Love the fun shapes too!

  67. I have already managed to get a sunburn this year! I bet these really come in handy.

  68. As someone who is currently nursing a sunburn this is a great idea. I’m trying not to scratch like a 5 year old but it is so hard. I need aloe soothing.

  69. What a great idea to freeze the gel relieve summer sunburn. I grew up in Hawaii and Aloe is in almost everyone’s yard and we use it often for cuts & burn.

  70. Great tip! I’ve never tried freezing my aloe vera before but I do definitely love that cooling sensation so a prolonged, even cooler feeling on a burn would be amazing!

  71. Oh, this is so nice. I am surprised that I can make my own aloe cubes.

  72. This is very useful especially for summer. I love your idea, thanks for this!

  73. Yes, I really love this idea. My son does not want regular ice cubes or his burns so this is perfect for him.

  74. Really neat – I never thought of this!
    What a great idea for the Summertime, thank you.

  75. Top summer tip. Could work with other after sun products too.

  76. This is very creative. I am always curious if we can freeze aloe gel, now I will really try it.

  77. This is summer brilliance! Firs, I need to get some of the silicone shape molds.

  78. This is a very clever idea. I like that you even thought to make them in a star shaped ice-cube tray -so much more appealing to use for my little guy.

  79. This looks so cool. I’d wanna try it for a house party in the summer. Great idea. Thank you

  80. This is an amazing idea! I love aloe for sunburns. We used to use it all the time when I was growing up – I think I want to get a new plant this weekend 🙂

  81. Honestly, where do you come up with these things. This is fantastic. My eldest got sunburned not too long ago and I could have done with these.

  82. OMG you are a complete g.e.n.i.u.s.! I have memories of peeling aloe and rubbing the slimy insides of the leaves on sunburns as a child. This is so much smarter. And cute!

  83. These are awesome. Seriously-my kids will love to use these. So much better than the boring gel

  84. Oh my gosh! This is such a clever idea!

  85. This is a great idea for using after sun gel! It would really help cool the skin even more.

  86. I honestly never realized these were a “thing”. Such a great DIY remedy for those of us who tend to burn rather then tan!

  87. these are so cute and I think I need this. Thanks for sharing

  88. This is such a super cute and neat idea! I never would have thought of doing this!

  89. I really love the idea of using these, never thought of freezing aloe. Growing up my Gram always had an aloe plant.

  90. We try really hard not to get burned! I hate the feeling but this is great! We used to stick our aloe in the fridge so it would be extra cold but I think I like your idea better!

  91. That is so simple, yet so genius. I’m going to make some of these. We recently went to Six Flags and got sunburnt. This would have given us some much needed relief.

  92. What a brilliant idea. I keep aloe in the fridge, but making it even colder? Count me in!!

  93. I’ve never thought of this! I bet it is so relieving when you have a sunburn

  94. This is so cute! I never would have thought to make these but they would be so refreshing for those inevitable sunburns of summer!

  95. This is awesome! I would definitely use these! Maybe I will make some before we head to vacation.

  96. This is such a fantastic idea! I will definitely be trying this out this summer. My boyfriend always gets horrible sunburn, even when wearing SPF, so I know he will appreciate this.

  97. What a great idea! It probably makes dealing with sunburn a little more fun.

  98. I tend to know people who would mostly underestimate the sun then experience more than just a tan. I hope this article might help other people avoid being sunburned in the first place.

  99. that is the coolest thing ever (pun intended) i am making these for ure. We are always outside getting burned.

  100. Such a wonderful idea to get a homemade remedy for sunburn & I love that it is simple & yet creative as well. Aloe Vera is a perfect sunburn remedy & these ice cubes will come handy in summer.

  101. We got aloe vera gel for my hubby because he roast in the sun lol I never thought of making ice cubes out of it! Great idea!

  102. What a great way to cool off and protect your skin.

  103. Omg what a cleaver idea!!!! I must make these for when I get too much sun poolside!

  104. Wow! I never thought of this creative idea about aloe ice cubes! I’ve pinned this so I can share this with my sister in law. 🙂 Thanks!

  105. Great idea indeed! I will soon need to prepare them as we are planning to be out a lot this summer 🙂

  106. This is an amazing for sunburn relief! It would be great to try this

  107. This is such a great idea! I bet these would be really refreshing after a long day at the beach!