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Festive Homemade Dog Treats

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It seems like from the moment it  December 1st comes around, our lives literally turn into chaos.  Between cutting down & decorating our Christmas tree, more parties than I can keep track of, seasonal events/outings and just regular old daily life – sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up and let some things go. This time of year my poor dog Milo is one of them.  He’s a member of the family, of course, but since we’re out of the house so much, he doesn’t get as much attention during the holidays as he usually does simply because we are so busy.

When I manage to sneak a little free time, I always like to do something a little extra special for Milo – especially this time of the year.  I want him to know how much he means to us and that even though we may not be around quite as much, we still love him to the moon and back.  I decided to make him some of his favorite treats recently so that he knows how much he’s loved.  They’re super easy to make and they were a huge hit with Milo.

Here’s what you need:

  • 3/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup smashed bananas
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 2 tablespoons water

Here’s what you do:
1. Mix all your ingredients in a small mixing bowl.


2. Roll out your dough onto a floured piece of parchment paper.


3. Cut out your biscuits with cookie cutters.


4. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.

5. Fill up your pups stocking!


As much as I love making homemade treats for Milo (and I really do), they don’t fare so well in his Christmas stocking.  Cue his favorite treat of all time – Purina Beggin’ Strips (25oz)! Oh man, he loves his Beggin’s Strips!


And they really are the perfect stocking stuffer.

Milo is like one of my babies, so why not spoil him on Christmas just like I spoil my human children? I shopped at Walmart and saved myself a bundle. The savings make me as happy as the Beggin’ Strips make Milo!


Of course Milo deserves something special every day, but I really do try to make Christmas a bit more special – just like I do for my children.

I deserve a treat

What kinds of gifts do you plan on giving to your pets this Christmas?

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  145 Responses to “Treat Your Dog This Holiday With Some Festive Homemade Dog Treats #IDeserveATreat #ad”

  1. These are adorable. At Christmas time I give my mother a gift for her dog and it’s usually dog treats.

  2. that’s awesome! saving this recipe.. I want to try and bake treats for the animals at my hubby’s clinic next year.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Can’t wait to try your recipe! I think my dogs will love it!

  4. Love these and so got to try them for our dog now, too!! 😉

  5. My pups love homemade treats and Beggin’ Strips! I love that puppy paper. I actually used that kind for Allison’s dog themed birthday party a few years back!

  6. I love that you made festive holiday shapes for your furry friend! These looks like an extra special recipe! I think my family would make a mistake an indulge, but at least it’s all real ingredients! Thank you so much for sharing! 😀

  7. Beggin Strips are also my fur babies’ all time favorite treats. I’ve never tried making homemade treats; I will bookmark your recipe.

  8. I’ve never had a dog so I haven’t experienced baking treats for them. It would be a sweet thing to do though!

  9. I love the shapes of your homemade dog biscuits! But Beggin Strips sound like something you could have around all the time at the ready.

  10. Those are so cute! I always give my dogs extra treats in their stocking at Christmas. It’s so much fun for them.

  11. What fun! My daughter and I may pumpkin/peanut butter treats a few weeks ago. Our do loved them. We will try these out!

  12. Those are so great. I’ve got to make some of these for my dog this year.

  13. Milo is so sweet! I don’t know why I’ve never thought about making my own dog treats. I actually have all those ingredients on hand right now, even the cookie cutters, too! Will try this with my daughters this weekend.

  14. This is fun! I’ll have to share this with my sister. She has a sweet older doggie.

  15. Those are some cute biscuits. I haven’t tried baking biscuits for my dogs. I will try your recipe.

  16. I always loved giving my dog treats! I never made them but I next dog I get I might just do that.

  17. I bet your dog loves homemade treats better than store bought.

  18. Oh wow…I am sure dogs everywhere are wishing they belonged to you..LOL

  19. I bet homemade dog treats are so much tastier. They must get bored of shop brought food!

  20. What a neat idea, I am going to share this with others that have dogs in my family.

  21. For sure, my babies will love this. I will be trying out your recipe soon.

  22. I’ve just got to make some of these for my dog and my daughters dogs. I’ll have to pick up some wheat flour on my shopping trip later today.

  23. What a lucky doggie you have! Sound perfect for any dog-owner!

  24. This is great, I so need to try this for my pup. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Our dog is really finicky about treats. He’d much rather have human food…so when we make him dog treats at home, he’s super happy! lol He does like the Beggin’ Strips varieties so far and that’s about it for store bought!

  26. I actually bought a dog bone cookie cutter with the intentions of making my dog some biscuits. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. I really should spoil him a bit.

  27. My dog’s birthday is next week and we always make him a cake. Maybe this year we’ll do cookies!

  28. These are adorable! Not only for Christmas, but also great for people with new puppies!

  29. Carter would love homemade treats! I will have to make some for his stocking!

  30. Home made dog treats are a great way to know what your dog is eating.

  31. Oooh, I should make these for my mil’s dogs. She’s got five, and they would devour these!

  32. I love treating our dogs during the holidays. They’re family just like we are and they deserve nice goodies like we eat. These homemade treats are perfect.

  33. I would love to make homemade dog treats. I don’t trust a lot of the brands out there for my dogs.

  34. Love your homemade doggie treats! I usually purchase some extra treats for our dog and cat during Christmas.

  35. We used to make our own when we had dogs. I think they ended up eating 1/2 of them before we were done though!

  36. AWww… This is sweet! It’s great to make the pups feel loved too!

  37. That is too cute! Who would’ve known you can bake your own dog treats! I plan on getting a puppy for Christmas for the kids and this would be perfect.

  38. These look great. I will have to make some for my pups! I would love to bake some for my guys and gal, they’d love them!

  39. My dog loves any and all treats! We always stuff a stocking for her!

  40. This Christmas I plan on giving my cats so real whole fish because they are not big on playing with toys.

  41. Milo is too cute. Those treats look great

  42. We don’t have a dog but I’m sure they are excited to get things in their stocking too!

  43. love that you went and made these up at home. Daughter went out to special pet store and bought Christmas snacks for her dog as well and then saw this now she thinks she will make some as well

  44. You should have made cat shaped dog treats. Bwahahahahaha. That would surely have been entertaining.

  45. My dogs love Beggin’ Strips. They listen really well!

  46. My Sister makes her dogs treats. I will have to share this recipe with her. I should make a batch to give them for Christmas.

  47. This is a great idea to give as gifts. I have a few friends that have dogs that will love these.

  48. We just got a rescue and these treats might be just what he needs to settle in.

  49. I should make Nyko some treats!! He loves the strips too..he just loves treats in general. except one kind I thought he would love..he won’t touch!lol

  50. Those are adorable dog treats! I think it’s a fun way to spoil our dogs during the holiday season!

  51. We just got a dog a few months ago, so this is his first Christmas with us. he would love some of these treats!

  52. I love this idea! They love homemade treats too!

  53. My dog would go crazy for those! I can’t believe how easy they are too.

  54. These homemade dog treats look delicious!! I need to make some for my sweet girl!!

  55. I don’t have a dog but I do have a neighbor with a pet pig that would eat just about anything. That would make a cute holiday gift for her.

  56. Milo is absolutely adorable! I have had students make doggie biscuits to take to our local animal shelter. They are always happy to receive them.

  57. we used to get my cat new toys and treats. for our friends dogs my mom always bought them Christmas treats from a local shop. these dog treats look really cute in the christmas shapes, great idea

  58. Yea, I agree that pets don’t always get as much attention during the holidays as they usually do. I don’t have one yet but I love this recipe and will pin it for when I have a dog.

  59. My poor dog could use a treat! I feel like spoiling her, so it’s a win-win.

  60. I absolutely LOVE this! We have two pups that I love like crazy and I have been trying to figure out what to get them for Christmas but “special” treats in stores can be extremely expensive and I don’t want to buy them a toy that they will chew up in a matter of seconds.

    I love that these treats are made from products that I have in my pantry. I can’t wait to get baking this weekend … St. Nick comes Saturday night! Thank you for the recipe!!

  61. Such a good treats. I will pass this to my friends

  62. I have to say Milo is the cutest thing ever. Beggin Stripes are great snacks for our furbabies. I am going to have to make these dog treats for my Oscar who love bananas. Thanks for sharing.

  63. Awesome pet snack treat! We usually give my sister’s dog a small toy, wrapped up. He likes to open the packages on Christmas morning. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  64. It’s so nice to be able to give the pet a treat during the holidays too! They get just as excited as the rest of the family!

  65. How can you not enjoy baking for a dog that’s so special to you, right? It’s one of the best gifts we can give them this Christmas! And for sure they’ll enjoy it!

  66. Those doggie treats look so healthy. I love that you’ve used whole grains like oatmeal and cut them into fun holiday shapes with cookie cutters. Gotta make some for our min pin for Chanukah which starts Sun nite

  67. Can’t wait to try your recipe for our dog now! Thanks for sharing!!

  68. I don’t have pets but that recipe looks like I could make those cookie for myself! LOL

  69. My dog is so spoiled and he is a picky eater, but I always get him his favorite treats during the holidays!!

  70. This is great! I have been looking for a good dog treat recipe. I always give my in-laws something for their dogs, and I wanted to do something homemade this year. This is perfect.

  71. It is nice to include your pet in the holiday festivities!
    These look like a good idea and great directions – thank you.

  72. Love this! He is apart of the family so I plan on spoiling him. I even have a stocking for him.

  73. I love the idea of making your own doggie treats! We don’t have a pet, but if we did I would be allover this – I love making things versus buying them.

  74. My dog loves homemade goodies whether she’s supposed to have them or not! I’m loving the sound of these homemade dog treats with the bananas in them!

  75. I used to make my dogs their own treats. The problem was, everytime I fired up the oven, they thought they would get a treat.

  76. You made it sound so easy. I bet my dog would like these.

  77. No pets in our house right now. However, when we had a dog I loved spoiling her with little goodies in her own stocking.

  78. I bet my dog would love these. I bet it’s pretty cheap too!

  79. These look like tasty treats any dog would love! I used to make homemade treats for my dogs when I was a kid.

  80. I love that you include the furry friends too! Our little companions deserve a holiday treat too!

  81. Our dogs love treats! They would definitely gobble up these homemade ones.

  82. These have to be the cutest dog treats ever! We usually get a dog stocking from Walmart filled with toys .

  83. My little Addy would love these homemade treats!

  84. This is a great recipe for our 4H group to try. We made chicken treats last year!

  85. Our Taffy would LOVE something homemade, but she loves Beggin’ Strips, too! (Who am I kidding, she will eat anything she can get her paws on…)

  86. This is perfect. I’ve been looking for dog treats for my dog. Homemade is so much healthier.

  87. We have 3 cats but we never do gifts for pets. This is cute though.

  88. I don’t have a dog but these are cute. I love the fact everything is safe for your dog to eat. Very festive.

  89. I am glad you wrote this! I was looking for a dog treat recipe. This one is simple too!

  90. This sounds perfect for our Goku, he loves homemade treats. I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  91. Our pets always get a treat or two from Santa. Props on your cookie cutter skills. I am the WORST wit h the to-cookie-sheet transfer.

    • Glad to hear i’m not the only one with the sheet transfer woes from time to time. 😉 I agree, Robin’s got mad skills. 🙂

  92. That’s such an awesome idea! These would be a great holiday gift!

  93. hahaha I’m the same as you and make my own dog treats. I have three recipes on my blog! lol! I add some pumpkin spice for fall and in Dec I add ginger. Because dogs deserve holiday treats too!

  94. Our dog is a part of our family and is totally included in our celebrations. Homemade treats would make a great gift idea for him!

  95. Now this is something I plan to do – I am such a dog mom and love to bake for my dog – great recipe, too.

  96. Wow! this is a very nice idea to treat of dogs, I’m going to bake for my dogs, for sure they would love this. Thanks for sharing.

  97. Milo is a little cutie. I would extra spoil him on the holidays too. 🙂

  98. Nice! Now I can make a special treat for my friends fur baby 🙂
    Never thought to make my own dog treats.

  99. This is such an awesome idea, I love the idea of making a dog their own treats and I bet my Sal would love it as well. x

  100. Those are so cute- my dog would love them! She does love Beggin’ Strips too, though!

  101. Oh this is awesome. I may have to make these for Dash from Santa. 🙂

  102. OMG, those are so cute! I had never thought that you could make homemade treats for any pets!

  103. My daughter and I love making dog treats for our dogs. And they seem to know as soon as we are making stuff specifically for them. They stand and beg!

  104. The holiday shapes of the treats are so festive! What a fun way to celebrate with your pet!

  105. These are so cute. I bet my dog would enjoy these. She loves treats.

  106. Lucky dogs. I don’t think I will ever have time to make home made anything in the kitchen, but I think my dog would love that

  107. These are so awesome! I will have to give them a try, I bet our dog would love them!

  108. Those look great! I have been wanting to make homemade treats for my dog. She would love these!

  109. What a nice and perfect treat for our dog. For sure my dog will love this. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  110. My dogs would probably do flips for treats. I have not tried making any goodies for our dogs. I buy them an occasional box of treats. They get them every now and then.

  111. I will pass this down to my dog lover friends. I am the only friend that doesn’t haven’t a dog. My excuse is because I have 2 kids that are young.

  112. Milo is such a cutie. I can see why he gets the special homemade treats once in a while. 🙂

  113. Those are super cute! I had no idea that making dog treats was so easy!

  114. I do not have any dogs but this definitely looks like a nice healthy option!

  115. How fun! I bet your puppy really loved these!

  116. What a cool idea! I bet any doggie would love to have some homemade dog treats. =)

  117. What a cool idea! I bet any doggie would love to have some homemade dog treats. =)

  118. My little English Bulldog would be so happy with me if I did this! I like the quality of the ingredients too!

  119. This recipe is simple enough. We have some neighbors that have dogs but I’m not sure how to would reach if I was to bring them dog treats. Not close enough with them lol Maybe next year!

  120. I was just thinking the same thing! I love that this uses stuff I already have.

  121. My lab loves his treats, I make home made biscuits so I will be adding your recipe into th ones for my Finn!

  122. Awww, I would totally make these if we had a pup of our own. Great idea!

  123. My pets always get something a little special around the holidays. They love treats and new toys so we always pick up some of each.

  124. I’m sure my puppy would love this treat idea! This is very smart and cute idea.

  125. Such a great idea for the important pups in your life! : )

  126. My sister is obsessed with my dog… like might love her more than me. She makes her treats every year for Christmas and her birthday. I am pretty sure it’s this recipe!

  127. What a cute pup! I made cookies for my dog once, and he enjoyed them so much I don’t think he even tasted them, rather he inhaled them 🙂

  128. Milo is too cute! We tend to spoil our dog for Christmas too. She gets plenty of extra treats! I like the recipe. It seems simple enough.

  129. I bet Milo loved those homemade dog treats!! Such a cutie! When we get a dog, we’ll definitely bake our own treats for our dog and it’s likely we’ll buy him/her Beggin Strips, too!

  130. These are super awesome treat gift ideas for pet doggies!

  131. One happy dog you got here :)…I bet you dog loves this treat 🙂

  132. I love this! I was looking for something nice to do for our dog and this works.

  133. What cute idea! We always give our boys a new bone and ball.

  134. I totally love this idea for the sweet puppies in everyones lives! My dad would love this for his pups!! So so cute! Happy Holidays!