Feb 012014
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Usually around the holidays, the kids and I make homemade dog biscuits for the dogs at a local animal shelter.   This year, we were able to take one home with us (you remember me telling you about Milo, right??). The poor animals who live in animal shelters and have no families to love and take care of them break my heart.  As much as I wish I could bring them ALL home, it’s obviously not feasible.  So, I do the next best thing: make them some homemade treats!

This is a recipe that I came across several years back for peanut butter dog biscuits.  Here’s the recipe:


Here’s what you need:

1-½ cups of flour
¾ cup of oatmeal
¼ cup of wheat germ
¼ cup  of crunchy peanut butter (it works better with the crunchy kind versus the smooth)
¼ cup of vegetable oil
¼ cup of honey
1 teaspoon of baking powder
½ cup of water

Here’s what you do:

1. Preheat the oven to 325° F.

2. Combine all the ingredients and mix on a low setting until they’re all blended. Form into tablespoon-sized balls and place on ungreased cookie sheet. You can either flatten the balls or use a small cookie cutter to make bone shaped treats.

3. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes, or until golden brown. Makes about 20 biscuits.

It’s a great thing to do and so simple to make.  I haven’t made any for Milo yet, but I think there is going to be a batch of them in his very near future.

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  72 Responses to “Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits”

  1. Those dogs are eating good

  2. These look great and what a wonderful treat for all dogs 🙂

  3. Animal shelters break my heart and I always end up in tears for an hour or so after I leave. Apartments around here no longer allow dogs (so I snuck in an adopted cat)–I am sure all the doggies will really appreciate those treats!

  4. I bet Milo will love to have you bake him a batch of those. 🙂

  5. I used to make my dog homemade bisquits too. The problem was… when ever I would bake, the dog thought it was for her.

  6. That is such a thoughtful thing to do. Those dogs must be in heaven when they get a gourmet treat like that. (Even if just for a moment!) I’m sure Milo will love them!!

  7. My dog would just love me forever if I made these for her!

  8. I bookmarked this one! We’re trying to make more treats for our dogs rather than buying them, especially after the whole “made in China” scare.

  9. That’s so nice! I got on my high horse one year and made dog biscuits for my friends with dogs and my vet. My recipe didn’t have peanut butter. I never gave them to a dog, but I heard they liked them. I’m not sure why I even made them since i’ve never had a dog!

  10. That looks like a fun treat for pups. I wonder if our dog would like this.

  11. what a great treat for dogs! And who doesn’t love peanut butter? I am sure Mil loved it, right? 🙂

  12. I’ve never used wheat germ but I always make my dog’s treats and she LOVES them! She loves my chocolate peanut butter crunch. 😉

  13. What a sweet thing for you to do for those pups! we made something similar for our dogs last valentines day and they gobbled them right up!

  14. What a nice idea! I’m sure Milo enjoys them even more.

  15. wow the dogs get good eats for sure bet my cats are jealous

  16. I’m going to try this recipe for my mom’s dog!

  17. What a great idea. All dogs love peanut butter, so I’m sure these are a big hit with the pooch population

  18. It sounds like something I would like. LOL Your doggie loves them I’m sure.

  19. That is so neat that dogs loves to eat something with peanut butter. I haven’t had a dog yet but still wanting one in the future 🙂

  20. I’m amazed you were able to make dog biscuits. How nice you took some to the doggies in the shelter as a treat

  21. How cool to make dog food. I hope he likes it.

  22. I seriously think these sound like an awesome snack! I think I would eat it myself.
    my daughter has a stuffed husky dog that is her favourite lovie – she sleeps with it. my mom also bought her real dog food chew bones for her “doggie”, and I every time I find her with one of those in her mouth -I cringe.
    This would be better 🙂

  23. What lucky doggies! And so sweet of you to think of pets in need during the holidays.

  24. Lucky pooch!! I need to make mine a couple batches!

  25. That is so sweet making these for the dogs at the shelter! I don’t have a pet right now but used to have a dog and he loved peanut butter in his kong. What a blessing for those poor shelter animals.

  26. What a sweet thing to do! All those dogs need love!

  27. Maybe I’ll surprise my brother’s doggy with some, he’d love them!

  28. Awe, how thoughtful of you! This is inspiring. I’m not allowed to have pets since I’m currently renting a house but this is a nice way to be able to still do something for the pups at the local shelter!

  29. With a recipe like this my kids would want to eat them too. Nothing in there says dog only. 🙂

  30. I’m gonna have to save this recipe for our pups! I know my SD loves to help me bake – maybe next time shes home with us we can make some

  31. This recipe is good for the lovely puppies – I have to work on this myself next time.

  32. That is a really sweet and unique way to teach your kids to give back! I bet they really love the experience and will remember it their whole lives. I hate that animals have to live in shelters but I am so thankful there is a place to take care of them and sweet people like you to give them extra love.

  33. Honestly, those look good enough for humans to eat… You sure we can’t have a bite? Ok kidding but they look good. 😆

  34. Seriously, these are made with people food so maybe even the kids can score a few?? I’m only half kidding here 🙂

  35. I keep meaning to try and make homemade dog biscuits. Our dogs are grain-free due to my golden’s allergies though so I will have to modify it but I think with some nut flours it will work!

  36. This is so sweet! There is something so touching about making homemade food for a pet. I bet that your’s is extremely loved.

  37. i don’t have a dog but knowing my love for peanutbutter i might try one of these if i saw them lying around lol

  38. I love, love, love peanut butter. Are you sure these are just for dogs? 🙂

  39. I can tell you love your dog! What a great recipe, will have to share with my dog owning friends.

  40. Your dog is so spoiled! 😛 I should make some of these for my friend for her new puppy!

  41. Aww, I’m all of the dogs loved the treats! We bought some homemade dog treats for our golden last summer at a local arts and crafts fair. We keep saying we are going to make some more for him since the bag came with a recipe inside!

  42. My puppy would love these. Maggie says thanks!

  43. THere is no chicken and no corn in these, so my English Bulldog can partake. You have no idea how hard it is to find treats with no chicken products whatsoever!

  44. What a fun recipe! I’ve never cooked anything for my dogs, but they are pretty spoiled anyway 🙂

  45. We just adopted a dog from the SPCA last week – I’ll bet she would LOVE these!

  46. I love that dogs love peanut butter as much as some people do! Your treats look so cute and I am sure make the doggies very happy.

  47. Those are so good looking!! Almost good enough for a HUMAN to eat!! My dog loves Peanut butter so I’m sure he’d love these!

  48. Milo is clearly in for a big treat coming up! Gotta love that bone shape too!

  49. I haven’t made Hannah dog treats in quite awhile.

  50. This is a nice recipe. I’m sure the doggies love your treats!

  51. These are cute. I bet your doggies love those!

  52. This is such a sweet idea! We try to give back to the animal shelter we rescued our cat from, and this is a great project for any time of year.

  53. So cute! I think my dogs may literally hug me if I baked a special treat just for them. Some days it’s all I can do to remember to pet them.

  54. we’ll have to try this recipe for our tobey!! he loves when we make him dog treats

  55. YUM! I need to make these for my Zoey!

  56. We make our own dog biscuits as well! I bet our Ojo would love these.

  57. Oh I bet Waffles would love these!

  58. I tried a recipe like this for my dog before but she was not having any of it and then I figured out why. The recipe I tried didn’t call for peanut butter, so being the awesome pet momma that I am, I covered that sucker with peanut butter and she ate them. I’m going to have to try this one now and see if she likes it with the peanut butter inside of it lol. And perfect timing because it’s her birthday month!

  59. I think my dog would definitely go for something like this! Thanks for sharing!

  60. My dogs would go wild over these treats! 🙂 I am very liberal when I give them goodies

  61. How sweet of you to make treats for dogs in the shelter! Years ago I used to groom dogs and I would make them treats at Christmas time, and when my little dog was sick I had to make her food. I love that these are made with peanut butter too! Definitely pinning! God bless! 🙂

  62. How clever! Are they sticky at all?

  63. i always mean to make my doggies treats. I’m good at buying natural at least.

  64. What a great project! My younger brother makes homemade dog treats for his dog.

  65. I don’t have a dog but maybe I can offer some to our cat… Robin, I’ll also retweet this post since I added a comment before 😉

  66. That sounds like an amazing treat to a furry friend. I am sure that my dogs would just love it!

  67. Angel would love these. She always wants treats.

  68. We don’t have doggies. But if we did, I’d def make them this treats.

  69. What a great idea. I am going to make these for my two dogs.

  70. This is a good idea. It seems like we should try to get different flavors for our pets so they don’t get bored.

  71. My dog loves peanut butter and it’s good for her coat. I’m sure she would like these.

  72. That is really nice of you! 🙂