Jan 162018
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I just adore sugar scrubs. My poor skin gets so dried out in the winter time and I have always found homemade sugar scrubs really help to revitalize my skin. Plus, depending on the ingredients you use, they smell amazing. Since it’s that time of the year, I decided to make a Valentine’s Day Sugar Scrub recently.  I didn’t get too crazy with the scents (this one is just vanilla scented), but it sure looks festive and pretty for Valentine’s Day. My favorite part is that sugar scrubs are so easy to make. They are ready in minutes so you can spend the day making all different kinds of scrubs, or just have this one ready to go in no time.

Valentine’s Day Sugar Scrub

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon pink sugar sprinkles
  • 1/2 Tablespoon Heart sprinkles
  • 6 drops of vanilla essential oil

Here’s what you do:
1. In a small microwave safe bowl, melt your coconut oil for 30 to 40 seconds (be careful because the coconut oil gets hot quickly).
2. Add 6 drops of your essential oil to your melted coconut oil and mix them together.

3. In a small measuring cup, combine your sugar and essential oil/coconut oil blend and mix well.

4. Mix in your heart sprinkles.

5. Scoop your finished Sugar Scrub into an 8 oz mason jar.

Hope you get a chance to make this Valentine’s Day Sugar Scrub – or get creative and make one that fits your own style.  Grab some different sprinkles or use a different scented oil for a completely different sugar scrub recipe.

Homemade sugar scrubs make me happy.  The possibilities are literally endless, but I am happy with the way this Valentine’s Day Sugar Scrub came out.  It would make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day – or just keep it for yourself like I did.

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  30 Responses to “Homemade Valentine’s Day Sugar Scrub”

  1. This is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or just for someone that likes pink! I love the smell of vanilla so it sounds great as is to me.

  2. That is so great! This is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, and being homemade shows you care.

  3. Robin, this is a tried and true sugar scrub recipe. I’ve made the basic recipe sans heart sprinkles several times. What a great way to use those heart sprinkles. Love, love, love making and gifting homemade sugar scrubs. I like to add a little fragrant rose water for an added pop of fragrance.

  4. Don’t think I have made this sugar scrub since last valentines day. Makes great gift for myself and for other people.

  5. I’ve never made a sugar scrub before. I might have to try this out and give it as gifts. It’s so pretty!

  6. I have never attempted to try to make a scrub but this one looks like it would be fun to try just because. I think I will try this one.

  7. It is so good to have healthy skin and smell special on Valentine’s Day. It is great that you have shown us this DIY so I could try and make this one day soon.

  8. I love the idea of making Valentine’s Day home made sugar scrub. What a great way to indulge in some self care. I will have to share with my daughter, as she loves making sugar scrubs.

  9. I love the idea of this, there is something extra special about making your own presents, especially around valentines.

  10. Oh this is good…..hmmmm I may have to do this for our date night on Valentine’s Day weekend.

  11. This sugar scrub looks so cute! I love making sugar scrubs at home. It’s nice to know what the ingredients are.

  12. That’s s cool! I had a friend make me a candy cane scrub once as a Christmas gift. I think this looks wonderful and it makes a great Valentine’s gift.

  13. I love making my own sugar scrub. A Valentine’s Day themed one is such a good idea.

  14. I’ve never thought about putting colorful sugar sprinkles in my homemade scrubs. That’s such a great idea, I’ll definitely have to give it a try. The heart ones for Valentines Day are so cute.

  15. This is such a cute recipe! I love making sugar scrubs during this time of the year when my skin is extra dry. The Valentine’s Day sprinkles make it such a cute gift idea. Very pretty!

  16. I love a good sugar scrub! They are my favorite part of taking a bath!

  17. What a cool scrub! I love that it’s valentine themed, I will have to try this!

  18. I don’t think I have tried a sugar scrub. I think I would really like it.

  19. What a terrific idea for Valentine’s Day. I enjoy making sugar scrubs in my spare time.

  20. I haven’t made sugar scrubs before but it looks easy enough. I like that you added the hearts to it as well. What a nice touch.

  21. I made sugar scrub before and it smelled so good I had to fight the urge to eat it! Anyway, I love your DIY sugar scrub with the little hearts. This would make a good gift for my friends this Valentines.

  22. This makes for a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! I love this idea!

  23. This makes for a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! I will definitely give this a try!

  24. Girl! I’m all about having a sugar scrub handy and yours is so festive! This makes such a great gift!

  25. Dry skin is something that one has to face in winter. I have never tried a homemade sugar scrub. But this one looks so easy to make at home. Will give it a try and see how my skin likes it.

  26. I haven’t made a salt or sugar scrub in forever. Love this especially for winter and dry skin.

  27. My daughter would love this! She is into this kind of stuff. I will try to make it for her, thanks for sharing the idea.

  28. This scrub is actually amazing. I would make a ton of it!

  29. I love a good fun and functionally gift idea!! Plus this is relatively inexpensive (even better).

  30. I was just talking to my daughter today about diy scrubs like this. They’re inexpensive and it sure is nice to know what’s them. I imagine it would make a great gift as well. x