May 222014
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I love living in Boston.  I grew up here and I couldn’t imagine living or raising my children anywhere else.  I could probably give you at least a million reasons why I love living here so much, but one of first things that comes to mind is the sports.  Boston is a huge sports town and we’re very passionate about our teams.

When I got an email from the Boston Red Sox organization recently inviting me to join the Red Sox Family as part of their inaugural Red Sox Moms Club, I don’t think I could have responded with a very enthusiastic YES any faster.  The Red Sox Moms Club is a  group of influential moms who live in the Boston area and over the 2014 season I am going to be telling you about some of the events, information and activities happening within the Red Sox organization.

Fenway Park

There is an amazing event coming up at Fenway Park, which is the home of the Boston Red Sox, that I got to preview last week and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


That’s right, a yoga session right inside historic Fenway.

For the second year in a row, the Red Sox Foundation, in partnership with KIND Healthy Snacks, will hold yoga sessions at Fenway Park on Sunday, June 8. “FenwaYoga” will raise funds for two of the foundation’s cornerstone programs, the Red Sox Scholars Program and the RBI Youth Baseball and Softball Programs.

Two classes, each accommodating 222 participants along the warning track, will be taught by celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber, a New York Times bestselling author and the creator of Yogalosophy. For over 18 years Mandy has motivated people with her light-hearted approach and unique teaching style. Her public appeal grew as a celebrity yoga instructor when she did a magazine spread in 2006 with client Jennifer Aniston. Other clients include Kate Beckinsale, Ricki Lake, Brooke Shields, and Helen Hunt to name a few.

The two morning classes will take place at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. and are geared towards all levels of experience.  The cost is $25 to register for the event and attendees must meet a fundraising minimum of $250. There will be prizes awarded for the top three fundraisers. KIND will provide snacks made from nutritionally-rich ingredients following each session.

If you are interested in attending the FenwaYoga event, you can use the promo code REDSOXMOM (case sensitive) to  receive $10 off the registration fee!

Last week, I got the chance to join six other Red Sox Moms at Fenway for a little sneak peek of the FenwaYoga event.

Red Sox Moms #redsoxmoms

As part of our day at Fenway, we got to take a yoga session with the lovely Alyssa Prettyman, who has been teaching yoga around Boston since 2006.


I had never done yoga prior to that day, but Alyssa was awesome.  She was very accommodating to the different skill levels of all us moms in her class. She is a mom herself, so she gets it.  Her class was just challenging enough and I never felt overwhelmed at all  – so much so that I am actually considering squeezing some yoga classes in to my routine (in between my spin classes, krav maga and zumba)!

redsoxmoms fenwayoga

After we did some yoga, the Red Sox Moms were treated to lunch before we got to head down to the field for some photos.

Red Sox Moms Fenway Lunch

Those interested in signing up can register at  Don’t forget to use the promo code REDSOXMOM (case sensitive) to  receive $10 off the registration fee!

The Red Sox Scholars Program is presented by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and provides college scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment programs to academically talented, financially disadvantaged Boston public middle school students.

The RBI Youth Baseball and Softball Program serves more than 2,000 inner city teens each summer using the sport to promote healthy choices and valuable life-skills.

Something else that might be of interest to Red Sox fans is a Ring Raffle that they’re holding.  For $10, you get 5 entry tickets to win amazing prizes including a set of genuine World Championship Rings from  2004, 2007 & 2013!  I got a chance to try on all three of the Sox Championship rings while I was at Fenway last week and it’s amazing that they are giving fans the chance to win a set of their own.  You can read more about the Ring Raffle here.

Be sure to stay tuned throughout the season for more fun activities and events that are being held by the Boston Red Sox.

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  1. I saw some of the photos from this event on Instagram and it looked like such a blast! We took the kids to Fenway last year and they were in awe of it. (Plus, they got to see their former favorite Phillie hit two homeruns and a double.) I wish the Phillies ran a program like that here!

  2. Holy cow! What an awesome event. I saw a few of your pictures on Instagram last week, but it was great to hear all about the whole day for you mamas. Super fun!

  3. I did see this in your Instagram feed last week and truly looked like so much fun. Wish they would have one at CitiField here for us 🙂

  4. Oh this is awesome. Exciting you got to participate in it. Good pictures

  5. Yoga at Fenway is such a great concept and for a wonderful cause. Looks like you ladies had an awesome day! Congrats. on being selected a #Redsoxmom! 🙂

  6. You look great and how much fun was that??!?!?! So jealous of all the interesting things you get to do in Boston!

  7. I would love it if the Braves did something like this! Looks like a load of fun!

  8. What a cool way to really immerse yourself in the fan experience! The yoga class looked fun and the price for the public isn’t bad.

  9. That looks like a fun day! I am just now getting into yoga!

  10. My husband would be so jealous if I got to go to that. 🙂 He’s a huge Red Sox fan!

  11. Oh my gosh, how fun! Yoga is awesome. It can definitely be a hardcore workout!

  12. Maybe your visit there will bring the Sox some luck this year?

  13. Looks super cool! I can’t believe I have never been to Fenway!

  14. How awesome to be able to do yoga at the Green Monster! I grew up 10 minutes outside of Boston, been to Fenway for games but think this is such a cool opportunity to do yoga there!

  15. That’s such a cool experience! I have never been to Fenway which is strange since I grew up only a few hours away in NY. I married a die hard Met’s fan 🙂

  16. That is a really neat experience. I’ve been to Boston twice but have still yet to visit Fenway.

  17. oooh how exciting! That’s an incredible view, too. I don’t live near there, but if I did, I’d hang out there, too lol. It sounds so fun and I’m definitely at a beginner level, too, but I’d love to become more experienced.

  18. I lived in Boston for approx a year back when and I will attest to the fact that that is a sports oriented town! Of course being a New Yorker I kept my opinions to myself-not that I’m actually a sports fan–That sounds like a great thing to be involved in!!

  19. What a blast!

  20. That would be totally awesome to do that!!! Hahaha not everyone can say they did Yogo in Fenway Park!

  21. That is awesome! I have never done yoga before!

  22. Wow! Go big or go home! No yoga in the living room, you went straight to the biggest venue in town! I love that!
    You go girl!

  23. How cool is that! I have been to Fenway park and it was amazing!

  24. What an incredible backdrop for yoga! I bet it was an amazing experience to do yoga at such an important venue.

  25. Wow! It looks like you had an amazing time! That has got to be the neatest experience to practice yoga at the stadium. So cool! 🙂

  26. Looks like a great time and an amazing experience! What a fun opportunity!

  27. I’ll bet it was very cool. I know that Fenway is an institution to you Boston folk

  28. It looks like you had so much fun! I love following along with your RedSox mom events!

  29. That looks like a fun place to do yoga! A change in scenery is always welcomed.

  30. how fun!!! I would have so much fun doing yoga with other bloggy mamas!

  31. That sounds like SUCH a great event. Definitely something I’d do if I lived in Boston. Haven’t been to Fenway since 8th grade!

  32. This is such a cool experience – especially for Red Sox fans! I mean, how often do you get the chance to practice yoga at Fenway?

  33. This is so cool that your a red sox mom! All of my friends in Boston are die hard fans! I do the mets mom thing here and it is really such a nice experience for the family. Your yoga experience looks amazing!

  34. How cool is that! Congratulations! It looks like you had a lot of fun with those awesome ladies. Have a terrific day!

  35. What a fun event! I need more yoga in my life! and, those rings are HUGE!

  36. It looks like it was a truly amazing experience! YAY for being a Red Sox Mom; so fantastically awesome.

  37. Looks like a fantastic event, love the yoga pic!! 🙂

  38. I love my yoga. What a great location that takes you outdoors.

  39. Looks like a great time, how fun that you got to do yoga there!!

  40. So fun! I am not a big sports person, but I love to travel. Boston is pretty high on my list! What a fun opportunity.

  41. HaHa!!! I love it!! What an awesome place to do yoga!

  42. What fun! I love yoga and that would be such a great, fun place to do it 🙂 Sounds like a great opportunity!

  43. Do you have any details? Like childcare, maybe?!? This looks like fun!

  44. Sounds like an awesome event. I would love to do something like this even though I’m not a Red Sox fan. 🙂

  45. Jealous is an understatement this looks like so much fun! I wish they did this in Denver too

  46. I have tried yoga a few times and just could not get into it. I need something more faced paced to hold my interest. But I think that is freakin’ awesome that they are doing this event there. I suspect there is going to be a very high turnout of people rushing to sign up!

  47. Too bad I’m not closer I live in timbuck two Michigan with almost nothing cool ever happens lol
    I love yoga so this would be something I would jump at to get a chance to do.

  48. As a Yankees fan, I may need to do yoga to relax after seeing the words Red Sox here!

  49. I loved visiting Boston. Thank goodness I was the driver for the event. Having drivers pass you on the shoulder took a while to get used to.

  50. OMGosh I would love to do something like this. How fun! I have been doing yoga at home lately but meeting up with a group of women to have conversation and friends to do yoga with would be amazing.

  51. I love yoga! This looks like such a fun event.

  52. that is pretty cool….yoga in Fenway park. I have never been there but I know it is a great landmark. I should get into Yoga

  53. Oh my this is just so awesome! What an awesome way to spend time at Fenway!

  54. This sounds like a really awesome experience! I would love to do yoga at the local MLB stadium.

  55. Wow – very, very cool. Looks like you had a great time – and it’s an awesome way to try yoga in a popular stadium.

  56. To say I’m jealous would be a gross understatement! While I’m not a big sports enthusiast, I AM a big yoga enthusiast and this would be one heck of an awesome experience for a great cause 🙂

  57. Oh how exciting! Congrats to be part of that amazing group!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  58. What a fun experience! I can’t believe you’ve never done yoga prior to this! I always figured that most people have done yoga in some way.

  59. How fun! If I were going to do yoga I think it’d be fun in a historic place.

  60. That’s very fun, I love Yoga.. Great opportunity, Beautiful pics!

  61. You are a confident woman to post pictures of yourself doing Yoga. The one class I attended years ago…fell on my face at one point.

  62. What a cool opportunity! Would love to do yoga there!

  63. I would have never thought of practicing yoga in a ball park. Looks like a lot of fun though. What a great space to practice in !

  64. How fun! That would be such an awesome experience. You’re so lucky!

  65. This looks like a ton of fun. What a great way to get moving and have fun with friends.

  66. I am incredibly jealous right now! Looks amazing!

  67. That is s awesome, what a fun event!

  68. What a super cool event! I’ve been making the effort to more regularly practice yoga but this would be a cool way to do it!

  69. OMG what a great opportunity it looks like you had a great time.

  70. What a fantastic opportunity! Yoga IN Fenway Park is not something everyone can say they’ve been able to do.

  71. what a great idea!! I so suddenly wish that I lived in Boston! It seems like such a cool city.
    I’ve always wanted to see Fenway.

  72. This is awesome! I LOVE Boston too, there is a chance we could be moving there next year for more schooling, my fingers are crossed!

  73. I live next to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium! I wish they would do something like this!

  74. This totally looks like something my hub and kids would enjoy. They are all huge sports fans.

  75. Good food, good company, good cause! Looks like you had an all around good time!

  76. I saw all the pictures coming through on your social media channels and you all looked like you were having so much fun! I love what they are doing to support such a great cause and kind of feel bad all those years I would joke with one of my co-workers – he was a huge Red Sox fan so I had to always tease him and tell him they were horrible – I had no clue though because I rarely watch sports!

  77. Wow!This is an awesome, fun and healthy event to join. My MIL is a big Boston rd Sox fan, she will love to join this event 🙂

  78. That is pretty cool. My husband is from Boston, and is a Sox fan as well. I can think of worse places to practice yoga lol.

  79. My husband said he wants to play with those rings too lol!! Sone day I’ll get to FenWay!

  80. Feeling a bit ignorant right now. I never realized yoga could be strenuous, LOL. I always thought it was a peaceful meditation and stretching type of thing.

  81. This is kind of amazing. I am so jealous you got to do yoga inside Fenway!

  82. how awesome! my husband would flip if i was a red sox mom. maybe sometime in the future! yoga at fenway, don’t have to ask me twice! what an awesome experience.

  83. Yep, that’s an awesome thing to do. And the lunch looks like it was healthy afterwards too (hurrah). I hate when you’re at a fitness event and they offer chips/subs/soda pop for lunch, lol

  84. OH, how fun! I want to do yoga at Fenway! Sheesh, these days, I’d be happy to fit in some exercise almost anywhere. I just have no time away from the kiddos!

  85. Wow, that would be so fun. That is an amazing experience.

  86. What a cool opportunity! I have never been to a yoga class or to Fenway Park- more things to add to my ever growing bucket list!

  87. How awesome you got to hang out at the field and with other awesome moms.

  88. How fun to be in there with out a huge crowd! Not everyone can say they did yoga in a baseball stadium. Very cool!

  89. How cool! I have taken pilates classes but for some reason yoga intimidates me. I have never been flexible. I might try it if offered in a stadium though lol.

  90. I have only ever done yoga in my living room by my self where no one can see me. But would love to do it as a group

  91. Oh what fun! I’ve only been a living room closet yoga user. LOL No one needs to see my downward dog, iykwim. lol

  92. Looks so fun! What a super cool event!

  93. My husband’s Dad grew up in Boston and a lot of his relatives are from there. Wish we can see his Dad’s ancestral house someday. That is good that you are surrounded with cool Moms there 😉

  94. This is cool. How blessed you live in an area that can do something like this.

  95. thats so awesome! you’re gonna have so much fun all baseball season

  96. That is so cool! I want to do yoga at Camden Yards by me!

  97. I think it’s really cool that they’re working with moms to promote yoga. Wish they would do something like this in Philly!

  98. Red Sox? You mean SF Giants, right? 😉
    But honestly, what fun that looks! I’d love to do something like that at AT&T Park 🙂

  99. WOW! That looks like a ton of fun. I would totally enjoy that if I still lived in Boston. I used to work right across the street at the old Avalon!

  100. What a great event, looks like fun! How great is it for the stadium to offer yoga to the community! Love it!

  101. My husband has really been into yoga lately. I think it is great for the body and mind.

  102. Wow! This is awesome– going to suggest they do it here at Jacobs Field, too… Wish I’d have known about this one at Fenway…have been wanting to get there for years.

  103. Okay, that is seriously the coolest thing EVER! What a great opportunity!

  104. That looks so much fun! And the pics are amazing!

  105. What a cool spot for your first introduction to yoga!

  106. i am not a fan of yoga, but I do think the location could make it more enjoyable for me, very cool!

  107. Oh, how exciting! I’d love to visit Boston someday. 🙂