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How to Embarrass Your Child This Halloween

Embarrassing your child is fun and Halloween is the perfect time to do so. Are you looking for some ideas to start embarrassing your children? I’ve done all the hard work for you by giving you the following ideas:

#1. Talk Loud

There’s nothing more embarrassing than a parent who talks really loud and there’s nothing your child can do about it. When they ask a question, just talk as loud as you can. Talk especially loud for the really embarrassing questions.

#2. Don’t Match

Matching your clothes this Halloween is easy, go on your Halloween adventure wearing the craziest clothing you can find. It’s Halloween so you need to really try extra hard to make this task embarrassing.

#3. Ask for Candy

At the last minute, whip out a grocery bag and ask random doors for candy. This is hilarious because your child won’t be expecting it. The key is to make sure you keep your face as serious as possible.

#4. Hand Out Veggies

If you want to be the mood killer for Halloween then pass out veggies to all of the trick-or-treaters. I’m warning you now that you are going to get some crazy looks. It’s all in good fun though, don’t forget that!

#5. Dress Like a Clown

There is something equally amusing and freaky about dressing like a clown over Halloween. If you’re really trying to embarrass your child go for the extra weird clown look or the freaky Friday clown look.

#6. Treat Your Child Like a Baby

Yes, this will totally embarrass your child. If you want to really make them cry this Halloween, then treat them like a baby. Wipe away their tears, pat their bottom, and give them the coochy-coochy-coo.

#7. Hold Their Hand

Mom, there’s nothing more embarrassing than holding your older child’s hand when they are trick or treating. All you have to do is threaten them to not take them trick or treating if they don’t hold your hand. It’s a small price they have to pay to get candy.

#8. Fart Noises

You don’t actually have to fart, but you should bring something with you to make fart noises. This is one of my favorite ways to embarrass my kids. I just bring along anything that will make the noises at my leisure.

It’s fun to embarrass kids, but be nice about it. You don’t want your kid to be sobbing the whole time you’re trick or treating. Hopefully your kids will enjoy the ‘fun’ and will laugh right along with you!

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  1. All great ideas and usually, the kids deserve the treatment.

  2. These are great and need to remember these as my girls get older 😉

  3. hahahaha…I can’t wait to try them :)…such a hilarious list ..and it’s gonna be our first Halloween hereee..olalaaa…

  4. LOL…this post made me laugh. I have done some of these things to my little cousins when we went trick or treating. They swore they would never go anywhere with me again. LOL

  5. OMG the twinkie suit! I still love that so much. It’s a good thing to kid around with your kids!

  6. My kids are normally too wrapped up in candy sugar to be embarrassed by me on Halloween. I will holler at them to grab the Almond Joy’s.. tho.

  7. This list is awesome. My daughter’s only 5 though, so she would think we were totally cool if we did all these things. Maybe in a few more years…

  8. Robin, you seriously crack me up! This post has me wanting a kid just so I can embarrass them!

  9. I would be worried about the neighbor kids tee peeing my house if I gave them veggies. My husband does the loud talking bit to embarrass the kids. The other night he sat there at the Disney Dance Party singing “Let It Go” at the top of his lungs. The girls were quite mortified 😉

  10. I guess #2 should be “Match your costumes”?? hehehe..
    Can’t wait to hear all about your trick or treat experiences later in the week :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  11. I actually bought whoopie cushions today for Halloween, lol. My oldest is going to be embarrassed, my youngest will just think it is funny.

  12. My 13 year old has decided that he doesn’t want to go trick or treating this year because he’s too old for it. This would have been fun to try with him.

  13. Great list of ways to embarrass the kids. Embarrassing them is so much fun!

  14. This is just so cruel and hilarious! It actually takes very little to embarrass kids. Simply being near them in public is often enough. lol

  15. What a great lists 😀 I wish you have fun upcoming Halloween…

  16. that’s one of the reasons to have kids–to embarrass them. i love it.

  17. I’m just happy that mine are still young enough that they don’t mind holding my hand… I think. I guess we shall see this week!

  18. You are totally crazy, lol! Don’t dress up as a clown. No one dress up as a clown. Clowns are just wrong on so many levels. Other than that, hilarious!

  19. hahaha I think my daughter will never want to bring me to events if I do those stuffs!

  20. Your husband is such a great sport! Love it! Love your tips! Gotta try some of them this year!

  21. Actually my husband IS dressing like a Killer Klown from Outer Space this Halloween with my daughter’s blessing. (She’s doing his makeup.) I’m staying home because I’m too embarrassing, I guess.

  22. Fart noises wouldn’t embarrass my daughter and nephew, they would think it was hilarious. Then again, they are 3 and 6 so anything is funny to them.

  23. That’s what I miss most about my children being grown is the fact that I can no longer embarrass them! I still try though and now I have a new generation to eff with!

  24. Chris’ picture is funny!

    My Dad was the best at this. My sister was a popular girl. She went to a lot of parties in high school. One night she needed a ride. My dad picked her up in his bright yellow Datsun 210. It was all rusted out. It looked like Swiss cheese. He dressed up. He wore the hat she hated. Then he proceeded to sit in her friends driveway, and honked the horn over and over again.

  25. LOL! I have a teen so all I have to do is say hello in front of his friends to “embarrass” him. Handing out veggies to his friends on Halloween would be quite funny especially if I include a healthy food lecture : P Enjoy your Halloween : )

  26. LOL this is SO true. I’m glad my kids are still young enough to not be embarrassed yet 🙂

  27. Hahahaha….. Sometimes you can embarrass them without even trying. I can remember wearing a summer hat that my Grandkids hated. They wouldn’t even walk beside me..

  28. I thought this was going to be more about shaming. Instead it was fun list!

  29. Hahaha – this cracks me up. My son is 4 years old and handing out veggies would probably upset him. 😉

  30. Hilarious, and something most of us do naturally! Love the Twinkie costume!

  31. You’re mean … I love it 🙂 What a fun list.

  32. haha I love this post 🙂 Makes me feel sorry I do not have small kids anymore

  33. These are great! I don’t have kids, but I’ll be passing this along to a friend of mine. He LOVES to embarrass his nephew.

  34. Asking candies from them can really catch them offguard. Handing them veggies would also surprise them on Halloween.

  35. what a great list. We’ll be doing some of these for sure

  36. Ha! This is by far the best thing I’ve read today hahaha! What a great list. I’m not sure if I’ll be allowing my oldest 3 to go this year they’ve been really naughty but maybe I should and DO ALL THESE THINGS! So awesome!

  37. Oh, this is the most fun post I’ve read in awhile! There’s nothing more fun that embarrassing the kids! Their faces get so red! I love it. >:D

  38. Everything is embarrassing to my oldest these days! I think I just have to exist!

  39. These are some great ideas! lol I know some parents where most of this comes naturally lol

  40. So many great options to embarrass the kids, I do not know which is my favorite. I embarrass mine every chance I get!!

  41. thanks for the laugh, I am having a bad day with site issues. UGhh.

  42. Hahahah,this post cracked me up! Love that Twinkie suit!

  43. These are all great ideas. Never thought of them but can sure ship some into shape!

  44. Hilarious ideas. Funny thing is except for treating them like a baby, I don’t think my kids would be embarrassed if I did these things. LOL

  45. These are hilarious! I will definitely be embarrassing my children this Halloween!

  46. I always tried too hard not to embarrass my children. Let us know how this turns out.

  47. Ha, these are awesome! TRICK or treat! lol

  48. This makes me laugh! Yes our kids would probably be so mad at us if we did any of these to them!

  49. This is a great list! lol…My favorite is the “hand out veggies” payback. LOL

  50. Our kids are still a bit too young to get embarrassed by us, but our time will come!

  51. hahaha I love this! I can always count in your for a real dose of laughter and some GOOD ideas! 🙂 Halloween embarrassment..here I come! 🙂

  52. Yep, my kids would definitely be embarrassed if I did any of these! Especially if I dressed as a clown.

  53. Fart noises. In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing funnier. The best part is, the kids ALWAYS get a kick out them.

  54. Dressing as a clown would scare the bejeezus out of me. LOL I don’t think these are necessarily about embarrassing kids but about ribbing them a bit. My kids would laugh at this stage but be mad as they get older I know.

  55. hahaha those are awesome! i may download a fart app to get them going in front of their friends!

  56. Haha what some great tips – honest I remember my parents doing most of these to me 😉 x

  57. This reminds me that my husband loves to be crazy for Halloween and embarrass the our boys as best he can. I always just sit back and laugh. You’ve got some great ideas here.

  58. Hahaha, hand out veggies! I could imagine the kids faces!

  59. LOL! What a way to get back at your kids with these crazy embarrassing ideas for the Halloween. How hilarious! I can imagine the looks on the faces of the kids receiving veggies, except of course if the kids like to eat veggies. But then again, LOL!

  60. OMG, you’re the devil, and I love it! What a great post.

  61. I LOVE THIS! LOVE! I also like to dress up in “matching” costumes! It’s SO MUCH FUN!

  62. Hilarious costume. Kiddo has a pretty good sense of humor so it would be fun to mess with her, but she trick or treats with her siblings.

  63. Your too much! Poor kids! My kids do not like when I even accidentally wear the same clothing they do!

  64. I wish my daughter were younger – I’d have to try several of these tactics on her!

  65. Ha too funny. My kids are still too young to understand embarrassment lol. Can’t wait until they do!

  66. LOL You are not right LOL But you are so funny!

  67. These are hilarious! If I had kids, I probably would have to try very hard to embarrass them. Lol

  68. Growing up I was constantly embarrassed by my dad talking loudly in public. So I agree wholeheartedly on that point…I remember thinking “can you just lower your voice?” but never said it because I would most likely get grounded for being so rude. LOL

  69. Too funny! My son is only 15 months, so I don’t think he can really be embarrassed yet. I’ll keep these in the back pocket when he gets a little older.

  70. This is hilarious. My second oldest got embarrassed when he was a Senior in high school and we dressed up, hahaha It was all over his face, but he didn’t say anything, which made it even funnier. 😉

  71. This is awesome! I don’t think my kids are old enough to understand embarrassment yet, but when they do we will be all about it!

  72. This is a great idea. I never thought about embarrassing my son when trick or treating. I love the twinkie costume.

  73. This is too funny. I just can’t do it!! Would love to go trick or treating with you and family just to see your antics! 😉

  74. Surprisingly enough I think my daughter would love for me to try most of these things! I would probably be more embarrassed than her!

  75. OMG your husband. I just choked on my wine. Seriously. Bwa ha ha!

  76. LOL, kids have a way of embarrassing us when they’re young so definitely follow these tips on Halloween. They deserve it. hahaa!

  77. My oldest is 9 but if i kiss him on the cheek or hug him in public he gets embarrassed.

  78. This is just wrong… ha… I could totally see my parents doing things like this back in the day. HA!

  79. I love this! My daughter would have a fit if we did some of these..

  80. Hahaha, this is awesome! I especially like #3 and 4. We were teasing our daughter that we were going to give out little boxes of raisins. I think she believed us for a second since I eat healthy most of the time. I don’t even like raisins…I like chocolate! I don’t want to be THAT lady!

  81. You are absolutely evil! =D I can totally see you holding you doing all of these!

  82. I think that Twinkie costume alone is good enough!

  83. Hilarious! But I think making far noises would make my kids laugh. They are strange 🙂

  84. It can be so fun to embarrass your kids. Mine are teenagers and i love to honk and wave goodbye to them in front of there friends when i drop off my kids off at the mall or at school.

  85. Wow, I’m glad you aren’t my parents…lol

  86. You are a mean mom lol!! I’d run away from you if you were my mom! Jk..these are hilarious.

  87. LOL Words cannot tell you how much I love this post. I plan on doing at least half of these this Halloween. It is even more fun when your kids are teens and pre-teens.

  88. If only my son were still trick or treating! I would TOTALLY do some of these. I might do ALL of these. 😉

  89. Love the costume, It’s absolutely an embarrassment winner!

  90. I’m a bigger kid than my kids on this day. Cute list.

  91. Oh man I LOVE this post haha It’ll make for an interesting Halloween 🙂

  92. Those are some hilarious tips to embarrass my kid cousin.

  93. I never thought about embarrassing my kids on Halloween. I bet you have fun.

  94. This is hilarious! I love doing things like this to my daughter LOL!

  95. Oh my gosh, I surely hope they go along with your prank… and I hope it doesn’t back fire on you! Wouldn’t want those kids doing something similar back. Whoa!

  96. Sounds like some good pranks! My oldest would melt into the ground! He is painfully shy!

  97. LOL! Funny post! My kids like to embarrass themselves anyway. Haha! They went last year as matching hot dogs.

  98. I really enjoyed this post. I would like to follow these ideas all year lonf – especially after trips to the supermarket.

  99. All good ways to embarrass your child no matter what day it is. Hey, why wait for Halloween for some of these. (ie: fart noises)

  100. These are fantastic. I think fart noises and handing out veggies are my favorite.

  101. So glad that my kids aren’t at the age of embarrassment yet. Too funny for everyone else 🙂

  102. These are flippin’ hilarious! I’d totally do this to my future kids 😛

  103. This is a great list to embarrass the kids indeed. The parents just have to expect the embarrassment back in return. lol Thanks for sharing.

  104. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing such great list! Must try this

  105. lol These ideas are too funny – but that’s the best part of being a parent. Embarrassing your kids!

  106. Lol. Hilarious – what a way to embarrass them indeed, lol…

  107. These are too funny! I know I would have been super embarrassed if my parents (my dad, namely) did any of these things! Now it’s time to embarrass my daughter when she’s a little older!! 😀

  108. haha I love it! My husband went as a whoopie cushion one year. My daughter was not thrilled!

  109. Hahahaha I love it! I am ALL about embarrassing the kiddo!

  110. This is hysterical. I love it and as my children get older I can totally see myself doing some of these.

  111. Oh wow! These are sure ways to embarrass the kids!

  112. oups, I guess I did some of them like asking for candies.

  113. What a fun list, lol!! Asking for candy is always expected LOL

  114. This sounds like stuff my parents would have pulled with me! My girls aren’t quite old enough to be embarrassed by this stuff. I think the trick-or-treating myself would actually backfire at this point and they’d try to make me do it at every house because more candy for them!

  115. This crazy weird stuff makes a family happier and stronger. This sounds fun too! hahaha

  116. Fart noises?! That’s hilarious. What a fun list!

  117. Oh no! Too funny! As parents we do have to embarass them sometimes to keep them in line

  118. I find that kids will laugh at almost anything. Your list is a great way to keep them in line so they don’t get too cocky.

  119. Ask for candy…Hahahaha! I’m dying. Too funny!

  120. This is too funny! And these are things I would totally do, too 😉

  121. Handing out veggies is hilarious! I remember a lady used to hand out pennies. It was… odd.

  122. These are very clever and fun ideas! I may have to try a few of these out!

  123. Hand out vegetables. I have to say, I laughed out loud at that one. Really, funny.

  124. ha, ha, these are all super fun ways to embarrass your kids.

  125. I would loveto do all of those. lol. i do the hold their hand a lot.

  126. LOL – I think I would be shocked or caught off guard as a child if my parents had asked for candy when trick or treating. That would have been a good laugh!

  127. This is waaay to funny! My kids won’t let me near if I do this! hahaha

  128. Hilarious! We all have it in us to embarrass the kids. Let’s all do it! Love the passing out of veggies!

  129. Lol, too funny. I think most of these would work all year round.

  130. Ha, Ha, Ha yes all of these would totally embarrass any child. I think at the age my son is at he still embarrass me more than I do him…lol

  131. These are great ideas! I am definitely have to use these this Halloween with my own kids!

  132. My kids would love it if I handed out vegetables for Halloween! lol

  133. LOL – Love the twinkie costume!! that is awesome – what a good sport. I dress up every year because I go door to door with my kids. This year my son is old enough to go with his friends … and he’s very thankful because he doesn’t want his friends to see mama in her Black Widow costume. LOL
    my girls think I am way rad tho.

  134. Much as my son LOVES to embarrass me, I should totally do something like this! Haha.

  135. Harrr love it, Love to dress the kids up so much fun.

  136. Love the costume and the list 🙂 My oldest is pretty much embraced by everything I do right now, so it doesn’t take much!

  137. Love the twinkie costume! What about a giant hot dog will that work?

  138. haha these are funny and I can see why they’d be embarrassed. Love that twinkie. Don’t forget dressing sexy, wearing an oversized diaper.

  139. haha….love the list! You are too funny!

  140. # 7 only works if they actually want to go trick-or-treating.