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It’s the new year, we’ve all heard about self care and how important it is to find some “me time” in our everyday lives. Let’s be real for a second; that’s not how it works. It’s not as simple as just “finding some time for me”. There are always things that need fixing or finding or fetching and half the time it’s the kids themselves. In my life, and I’m sure you’ve been here too, there’s not a lot of real life “me time”. Instead of getting upset about it or running myself ragged, I use these quick tips to make the most of my time so I can enjoy a little time by myself.

How to Find Real Life “Me Time”:

Figure Out What Makes You Happy
This is probably the hardest part of enjoying time alone without the kids. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what they enjoy and just go with the flow. One of the things I try and do is set some time aside during school, sleep, whatever it takes, to just relax and unwind. Isn’t that what all mom’s like? Quiet moments of sitting still! During those few quiet moments I try and think of something that I’d really like to do. Make a list if you have to, I know I’ll forget half of them if I don’t put it in my phone or write it down somewhere. Now I know what to do when I come across some free time. It’s impossible to schedule it so I have to be ready when the time arises!

Read a Book or a Magazine
Do you ever get to feeling like your brain needs something other than just social media to consume? Between work and personal stuff I feel like I’m on social media all day long. Sometimes my favorite thing to do with “me time” is just indulge in a good book or a magazine. Next on Scene is a new local magazine that’s reached national exposure and it has everything from Celebrity stories to Boston events. When I have a few minutes to myself it’s the perfect way to unwind and focus on something other than Instagram photos! The travel articles are great and they feature products, style topics, and even food. It’s a great mix of stuff that is perfect for unwinding in the bathtub or on the couch.

Speaking of Bathtubs…
I firmly believe that soaking in the bathtub is good for the soul. It’s oddly refreshing, just a short time of soaking in bubbly hot water can make a big difference. It’s a “me time” staple for a lot of people because it works! It relaxes your body and your mind at the same time. You can take the chance of dropping your phone or table in the water or you can go straight for the classic book or magazine. I always lock the door because who really wants company while they’re in the tub trying to relax?!? Next on Scene and a glass of wine and I’m all set for some physical and mental relaxation.

Get Out of the House
There are so many things that always need done at home. Sometimes the most relaxing thing in the world is just getting out of the house. It’s never a bad time to head to the salon and get a pedicure. Who care’s if you have to wear shoes all the time…you will know how pretty those toes look! It’s more about the process than anything else. If you don’t like to get a pedicure maybe a movie is more your speed? I swear, the most underrated thing in the world is seeing a movie by yourself. It’s not a lonely and awkward as you might think. It’s actually kind of nice and did I mention not sharing the popcorn?! You get the picture, go out and do something fun. Relaxing isn’t always just sitting on the couch or soaking in the tub. You can relax by treating yourself to a couple of hours out of the house.

Show Binge!
This should go without saying…If you have some free time and you are behind on your shows, catch up! There’s always something you want to watch without the kids or without any distractions. I know it’s not going to get you any closer to your health and fitness goals, you probably won’t really exercise your mind at all either, but it’s enjoyable and that’s what “me time” is all about! There’s probably a way to make this better as well: ice cream. Find the hidden ice cream that you didn’t want the kids to know you had and dig in. No judgement here, I’ll be right there next to you.

If you want to check out Next on Scene Magazine for yourself, and I think you should….head on over to their website to subscribe.

How do you sneak in some “me” time?

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  1. I’m with you on the social media. I feel like I’m on it all the time because of work. On the weekends, I try to totally unplug from social media. It’s so refreshing to read a book, watch a little TV or just do nothing at all.

  2. These are great ideas. I particularly enjoy a nice bath with a good book. We have to take care of ourselves.

  3. I love to do a show binge when I am all on my own! There a few shows that no one in my family likes. That is my favorite ME time!

  4. I love reading a good book. Sometimes I’ll read it a few times. I’ve also been getting myself out a little more instead of staying cooped up in my apt. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Everybody does me time differently. Somedays for myself me time can be different. Long walk, bubble bath, reading a good book or magazine, cup of tea.

  6. I have such a hard time making time for myself and unwinding. I love that these are so easy and simple to do, while making life a little less stressful 🙂

  7. These are great tips for finding me time as a mom. I like to read a book when I have some time to myself.

  8. Why not read that book or magazine in the tub filled with soothing salts, bubbles and fresh roses while listening to instrumental jazz? That always seems to soothe my mind and body.

  9. I am currently Show Binge’ing on Grey’s Anatomy. Eating ice cream and crafting are two of my favorites.

  10. Finding me time as a mum has been an important goal for 2017. I find I can get so burnt out otherwise. I love a good bath, with a glass of wine! Pure bliss.

  11. Love these ideas.. Finding me time is very important. I like to read a book or spa at home.

  12. These are all great ideas for how to find real life me time. It is important to get the me time when you are a buxy mom I believe. Know what makes you happy and write it down is a great idea along with a hot bubble bath. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  13. These are all great tips. Too many times, we moms forget that we have to take care of ourselves if we want to take care of anyone else.

  14. Love it, love it, LOVE it! Somehow, our society has gotten it into its head that moms don’t need any time to recharge, and that’s just NOT true.

  15. I’m so guilty of spending my alone time on social media. I have gotten better with finding more books to read and spending time writing things outside of my blog. Alone time is more important than we think. Moms need breaks, too!

  16. In my 12 years of living here in the US, I have never been to a salon to have pedicure lol. That would be nice but I prefer to dig on my own nails.

  17. My ideal alone time is getting some undisturbed sleep. What I mean by undisturbed is not being bothered by an alarm clock, a phone ringing or the thought of a missed appointment. I’d also love an undisturbed soak in the bath tub. 🙂

  18. It’s so important to find ways to get away and relax. I always love to take a book or magazine and take a relaxing bath.

  19. Me time is so important! Reading always helps me out. I love to do it.

  20. I hope one day when I have kids, I’ll find time for me. Otherwise hopefully I will some of your great tips.

  21. I definitely need to get out of the house. I have no trouble finding me time because my kids are a little bit older, but I spend it all indoors. I need to get out and enjoy the world! I need to connect with real people again! Thanks for the reminder.

  22. These are al great ways to find me time whether you’re a mom or not! Great post!!

  23. COFFEE!! Yes, I feel you on that one. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed by the weight of life’s problems, a Dunkin run fixes everything. I haven’t had a good soak in the tub in a long while– maybe I’ll make some time to do that later. Thanks!

    • I don’t drink coffee, so I make my me time with Diet Mountain Dew. It’s the same thing, right? Haha!

  24. I agree me time is so important. I love now that my kids are older and I still stay home because I get lots of me time. I also started a new tradition to take a mini trip alone once a year. My friends think I am nuts but maybe that is way I am so calm when they are stressed out!

  25. My “me time” is reading on my back porch when the kids go to bed. A mug of hot tea and a good book!

  26. I don’t really get much “me time” unless the kids are sleeping, in which i just clean or work. BUT sometimes i will binge watch my favorite shows and eat ice cream. But thats maybe once a week. I really do miss reading.

  27. You know, I have found that when I take the time for me, I am just a better mom, all around. LOL. After a really nice hot bath, I tend to be more patient and understanding with the kids. LOL

  28. These are great ideas and a great reminder that I have to find some “real” me time every once in a while.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  29. Baths are my jam! I love them so much! Of course, I don’t have children. But when I am near family I try to do lots with the kids to give the parents are break so they can do these things!

  30. Oh yes, Netflix is one of the best ways I get some ME TIME. I love to binge watch shows just to unwind and relax.

  31. My me time has always been in the bath with a good book. It was harder to get that time when my kids were little, now I just have to stop working long enough to schedule that time in, but I do because I need it.

  32. Oh that bath tub and ice cream are the real sweet treat. My always go to realistic haven when I needed some me time. They’re amazing!

  33. I completely agree with you. Sometimes I feel like my life is being consumed by too much social media and all these apps

  34. Me time is so hard to find sometimes! This is definitely a realistic way to find just the time that you need.

  35. I don’t find a lot of time to get out of the house, but the few times I go shopping alone, I enjoy, even if it’s just for groceries or a Target run. Reading a book is my “Me Time” each day.

  36. I usually end up binge-watching Netflix while laying in bed if I have time off. I used to feel guilty for this but then I realized, it’s something I like to do and it’s relaxing, nothing wrong with that. However, I truly do need to branch out and find something constructive hobby-wise to help with my alone time.

  37. These are awesome ideas. I do need a decent amount of me time every day. The articles in Next on Scene could be fun to read.

  38. I usually like to run with my extra time. I can’t say I don’t enjoy chilling with a good book but running just seems to clear my mind.

  39. These are all fantastic ideas. I love relaxing in the bath for some me time.

  40. I find that as my kids get older, I have less and less time to really do anything that is remotely for just me. I have taken to staying up really really late, of late, to just get some time to myself away from my family. how bad does that sound??

  41. Great ideas for sure!! A book and bath sound great to me!

  42. It is so important to take some time for yourself as often as you can. I like to book a massage once a month for myself.

  43. I like to have a hot bath with a good book at the end of the day. It is just one of the ways I like to treat myself. It is so important for Mom’s to take care of themselves as well.

  44. Hi, Robin. Yes, 2017 is the year for taking care of ME. I’ve been led to so many posts this year about this topic. I think the universe is trying to tell me something…

    I’m a natural workaholic so this is a challenge. I do press on, though. I’ve even implemented Friday’s as admin days (until Noon). I take Saturdays and Sundays off and for the most part am screen free.

    I say for the most part because on the weekends I do allow myself to binge watch a few Korean Dramas. ^_^

    I stumbled this post for you. ^_^

    Enjoy your day,

    Sara @ Saraduggan.me


  45. I love binge watching a good show to take me away! It is so fun to lose your problems for awhile and live vicariously through a character on television!

  46. I love my me time, even if it’s an hour or a full day, I make sure that i do whatever it is that I want for that day. It’s refreshing to have a me-time especially if you’re a mom who maintains a household! I love these ideas!

  47. Every weekend I always get out of the house to pamper myself with my friends. It’s how makes my “Me Time”.

  48. Glad that you shared it I don’t know how will I find my me time I’ve been so busy every day. I think my me time is reading a book series.

  49. Show binging is my FAVORITE! I also love a good book, but haven’t made time for that in the last….2 years, eek! Maybe it’s time! Thanks for the tips!

  50. 2017 has so far been the year that I have decided to really put my needs first –and remember to indulge myself whenever possible. Thanks for these tips! I will be sure to incorporate them into my me time!

  51. I sneak in time by taking long baths at bedtime. Or I will go out while they are in school and do something for myself.

  52. It is so hard to find me time! My boys don’t understand yet that Mom needs some time alone! My go-to favorite mommy time is taking a nice long soak in a hot bath! So relaxing! I catch up on the news or pick up a good book. Every mom needs to find time! Need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of everyone else in the family!

  53. I think it’s as simple as a nice cup of coffee and a couple of dogs snuggling up to me to make me happy. I really get relaxed and catch a second wind then. That’s some serious me time.

  54. Show bingeing is my favorite! There is nothing more therapeutic. Also, getting out of the house is huge!!!

  55. I think that is one of my problems right now, I am not sure what really makes me happy. I need to find something I can do and just relax.

  56. I had such a great plan for “me time” last week, and it all fell through! Got to reschedule because it’s so important.

  57. I would love to do any of these! So important to make time for yourself especially when you are a mom.

  58. I close my door. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. I often feel like it creates a little cocoon for me to read a book, binge watch or just take a nap.

  59. This is so necessary for our well being. I find that after a gruelling day of work, I can’t seem to find any real happiness in anything I do. Great post

  60. I am with you on the tub. That is high quality time if you ask me. I have not heard of this magazine. Thanks for the intro

  61. Me time is important for moms! It’s a great time to unwind, rejuvenate, and just do the things that you want. I like your ideas!

  62. Great tips, these! Everyone has the same number of hours in every day, it’s what we choose to do with them that counts.

  63. It’s definitely important to refresh your mind, body, and soul. I love to get lost in a good book. My issue is I hate to put the book down, so I end up staying up way too late reading. It’s worth it though. I do enjoy binge watching shows as well. What I watch totally depends on my mood. Great post!

  64. This is really what I need! Life is crazy busy and we sometimes forget to stop for a while and give a little time for ourselves. Definitely trying your tips here.

  65. Bath salts make the house smell so good too! I love to use them but rarely do. Crazy, right??

  66. soaking in warm water bath tub is really refreshing, I do that when I feel so stressed out! i already give up my “me time” but i will never give up giving myself some time on the bath tub!

  67. It really is good to reflect on yourself from time to time. I have so many friends with children who hardly give themselves any thought (for likes and dislikes, etc), as they are so busy focusing on their children! Perhaps either very early and very late night windows of time would be useful for this.

  68. It is definitely important to have some me time but like you said it can be difficult to do. I like to read as well!

  69. This is really helpful! I love all your tips! I feel like I’m not giving much attention for myself. Will try your suggestions here.

  70. These are great suggestions! I really like reading and going to meet a friend for lunch, shopping, or a paint night to re-charge 🙂

  71. it would be so nice t have a me time for a busy mom (like me) I just have that time for me when I take a trip to the supermarket LOL

  72. finding me time is so important for everyone especially moms. need to take care of yourselves also.

  73. I totally feel you on the social media side. With tech. as it is, it’s so easy to stay connected but sometimes it’s nice to just unplug. Thanks for sharing.

  74. Finding me time is so hard. I work at home, so I’m here all day. I homeschool my 6th grade daughter. So she’s always with me. I wake up for only about two minutes before the dogs even start needing me. I need some me time asap!

  75. It is so hard to find time for yourself when you are a mom. I go to the gym when I can. It’s like my therapy!

  76. Reading is definitely the perfect escape when you need a little “me” time. I wish I had more time to enjoy a good book because I’ve always loved reading.

  77. I’m not a mom, but I do find “me time” very often. I love going thrift shopping, reading a book or going to the spa. Thanks for sharing your tips too.

  78. Great me time suggestions!!! I’ve been all about reading lately when I get a minute to myself!

  79. Yes it can get tought to take out time for yourself and I agree with you. Joy can be found in little things. 🙂

  80. Bubble baths are my relaxing and calm times. Sometimes I get them, other times the kids are banging on the door, or yelling or coming in – my husband does a bad job of keeping them away from the bathroom… but when its quiet and I can relax, oh its the best me time!

  81. Great tips.. Finding me time is very important.. I schedule my own solo travel once a year

  82. It can be real hard finding the me time we speak about in real life but there are moments we can use as me time. Lovely post

  83. I love a good show binge every now and again. It definitely helps me to unwind!

  84. I love reading my favorite fashion magazines as a way to unwind and enjoy some me time.

  85. For me getting out of the house is the only way I can have real mommy time. If I’m at home there is always something to do or clean. The list never ends at home.

  86. I will keep these tips in mind. I am not a mom yet but hoping to be one in the near future.

  87. These are great tips. I need more me time. Lately it’s hard to find that time.