Sep 022011

I love getting comments on my blog.  Who doesn’t? It makes my day if I check my WordPress app on my iPhone while I’m out and about and there are a bunch of new comments on my posts.  It’s really, really nice to know that people take the time to read whatever I’m rambling about on any given day and it’s a huge compliment when takes the time to leave a comment.

I know I have a whole bunch of lurkers out there and I’ll admit it, I am a lurker, too.  A lurker is someone who stops by to read your blog, but never (or rarely) leaves a comment.  

1.  First and foremost, make it easy for people to actually leave you a comment.   There is no need to make people jump though hoops to leave a comment on your post.  Right now I am specifially referring to the captcha feature.  You know, the box that pops up that forces you to type in some randomly absurd word before you can leave your comment.  Captcha gets me all fired up and I even posted about it once before.  There’s simply no need for it.  It’s your blog – if you don’t like a comment, just delete it.  But for god sakes, get rid of captcha.

2.  Visit and leave comments on other peoples blogs.  Thoughtful, sincere comments.  Nine times out of ten they will stop by and visit your page.  Not always, but often times they will.   I am 100% guilty of not visiting & commenting enough and let me publically apologize for that.  I try, I really do.

3.  Engage the people who are leaving you comments – even the critical ones.  When responding, think out what you’re going to say, especially if you’re responding to something you perceive as negative.  I don’t respond to every single comment that I get, but I do respond to many of them via email (or on twitter).  I think people like to know that the person on the other side of the computer is real and in my case, I am.  I love to interact with people, so don’t be shy.

4.  Sometimes I will leave a question at the end of my post to spark a conversation and I think that’s a good starting point for someone to leave you some feedback.  For me, I actually really want to know what you think.  Sometimes I learn new things or I’m simply just looking for another point of view.

5.   Create a group of comment buddies.  You know, you leave comments on all of their posts and they leave comments on all of yours.

So, I am hoping for lots of comments today 🙂

And speaking of questions… you have any tips for getting more comments to add to the list?

  17 Responses to “How to Get More Blog Comments”

  1. TtSometimes I honestly can’t think of what to say, but usually if I am there, I comment. I think the only real way to get is to give. I stopped commenting on blogs and therefore no longer receive comments. PS I hate captcha!

  2. Sorry I am a lurker/stalker will try in the future to leave more comments.

  3. Wanna be my comment buddy? Lol no I know what you mean I’ve written a similar post about captcha hate those! I’m often guilty of being a lurker!

  4. So how do I become a comment buddy?

  5. I am such lurker. 🙂 Thanks for the tips! Especially #1. I LOATHE Captcha.

  6. I tend to have boughts of both lurking and the I can’t shut up where ever I go thing. 🙂

    I may not always comment but I definately read, I also always try to reply to the people who leave me comments on my blog.

    One of my comment pet peeves is people who leave comments but have a ‘no reply’ email address. If they want to interact by leaving a comment why are they cutting off a chance for conversation? Makes no sense to me.

  7. I’ve found a lot of new e-friends simply by visiting the blogs of people who leave comments on my posts – some are blogs that I LOVE that I never would have discovered if I didn’t take the time to check out the person who left me some comment love.

  8. I’ve lurked here some time, but I try to comment! And I DO love your blog — or else I wouldn’t stalk you! LOL!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hey buuuuuuuuuuuuuuddy 🙂 I do admit to being a lurker sometime – but I usually won’t leave comments because of that silly captcha stuff.

    Hope you have a wonderful weeken!!


  10. I’m also a lurker, but love your blog! 🙂

  11. I completely agree with all that!! I try to comment back to everyone that leaves a comment!!

  12. Really enjoy reading your blog and SU many of your posts because they’re awesome! Try to comment when I have something constructive to add to the conversation, but admit, I’m a lurker way too often! It’s true, we all appreciate comments though and ditto – can’t stand CAPTCHA, but do wish more people would add CommentLuv to pay it forward!

  13. Howdy! I try my best to think of witty comments but half of the time I fail.

  14. I leave comments when I can, sometimes their are some interesting topics.

  15. I find commneting back (spec. to the commenter) in the commenting stream is helpful. But then, they have to reguarly stalk you for this to work.

  16. i love bloggers that comment back via e-mail. 🙂 and i hate it, when i ask a certain blogger some questions (especially if i write a long post) and they don’t bother to answer. :/ it discourages me of following the blog.

  17. Hi Robin, thanks for sharing such amazing tips. I’m going to give a shot to some of them.